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  1. Amazing movie.. Lupita's performance was oscar worthy which never happens in a horror movie. The symbolism was great... Also, no I dont think Jason is a teather... remember...he is half... half teather half human because his mother is a teather and the Jason below is also half ...same for girl.
  2. Personally I think it's not going to happen... I believe the combine hype will carry both Devins into the top 15 with White going in the top 5 like the draft pundits and journalists aka paid hype-men, have demanded..."I dont care if white is a linebacker..the is built different... top 3 to 4 pick easy" ----- that's an actual qoute. But still a lot mocks have us getting Bush.. things have to happen though.. for one the top 5 white hype would have to be abandoned or not invested in.. the cards love fir Kyle would have to be real. So I made a few mocks w/ bush...
  3. Me too... his run stopping ability is hard to pass on..he is really good at pushing that pocket two....together they could cause consistent havoc and chaos on every down
  4. I wonder what is it exactly that he is saying. What did he do in Florida? Notre dame Jerry tiller is another guy with locker room and behavioral problems... I wonder how serious?
  5. I am guilty of it too... i was listening to their latest YouTube and one of them suggested a DT should be their top pick... something about moving d linemen around.. which we do..and adding an Oliver to that mix.. I like dexter actually... I have been looking at kahlen Saunders in the second...I know.. I know...he is short and the days of casey Hampton are over...his speed and agility is so impressive though.. would you pick a d linemen in the second or even 1st round?
  6. As I go back and forth about this draft and what our team should or should not do...more than anytime ever...i have come to the conclusion that we are at a crossroads. Our team, organization and front office is archaic ....... as we go through these troubles we flashback to the times of wanting CBs who can tackle instead of cover....in this new pass happy league in which the defense is purposely handcuffed ....our defense is no longer supreme....we thought it was just losing shazier....but it was always much more..we didnt notice it as much because our organization kept in step with times by l
  7. i see alot of people talking about saftey as a need...this places edmonds as a bust pretty much...or is he? good starting safeties can usually be found in the 2nd round and even third...much harder to fin CBs...this explains why players like derwin james fell last year...to pick 17...that being said...why? are you comfortable with not picking a safety until late or not at all..do you feel edmonds can fill in for morgan? or no? what are your thoughts...
  8. Why would Houston want a WR in the first? They have Hopskins and fuller will be back... so really they would take fant with our 20.. and an o lineman with the 23.. so about our picks and being realistic...we are picking in the 50s? So no harry will no be there... if we are picking in the 50s we are picking in the middle to bottom half of the 2nd...harry has a first round grade and so consider Chauncey that also... they both will be gone within the first 10 picks of the second.
  9. We tried the odd ball pick a 3rd rounder in the first thing last year.. it didnt work. I like pratt but no.
  10. I get that. This is how the board fell... at first I was using the prediction mode but they kept having the raiders pick rb Josh Jacob's with the 4th pick...which was ridiculous...so I went to the more common sense play ranking mode... two CBs were left both LBs and TEs are gone...Murphy and greedy.. I thought about it... but i wanted impact now. ....but or we in the rebuilding stage...or is Steve Nelson signed to be a nickel back? If the answer is yes than I would pick Murphy or greedy....if no...I want butler.
  11. 20 Hakeem Butler , WR Iowa State 52 Dexter Lawrence , IDL Clemson 66 Darnell Savage , S Maryland 83 Rock Ya-Sin , CB Temple 122 Terrill Hanks , LB New Mexico State 141 Max Scharping , OT Northern Illi
  12. Nah ...he is still a 3 down back. In fact can catch out of the backfield still.
  13. Lynch did pretty good last year despite running behind the worst online in the league..what happens if you put him behind the best. At 33 ... I still like him.. we could go back to running more with a committee of him Conner and Samuel's and quadree Olison (if we draft him ..late 6) . It would be a good way to preserve Conner too.. first year and he was already injured... let's learn from past and not run him into the ground perhaps. Thoughts?
  14. I'm under the impression that we will have multiple 3rd round picks... possibly 3? I was wondering how we could finesse our 1st and a 3rd into a higher first round...and who we would possibly want to or have to trade up for...and who would be willing to trade.. perhaps we could offer players too.. also wondering if we could use our 2nd and another 3rd to finesse our way back into the second..perhaps to grab a wr or CB or ilb... I have come to the conclusion that this draft is our fondation... no more dreams of free agency fairy tales..as of right now we are near the bottom in cap space rankin
  15. I'm not high on Clowney...he has never had over 10 sacks and he plays opposite of jj watt
  16. Was he not held out of this game? What about his fb live antics? Was he not fined? Yes. Do You have proof that he wasn't punished ? No you don't. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiQicij3tLfAhUSvKwKHT3WCV0QzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.si.com%2Fnfl%2F2017%2F01%2F22%2Fantonio-brown-steelers-facebook-live-fine&psig=AOvVaw1xciaHMWNJ0o5L654RUzZX&ust=1546643531467403
  17. This article over exaggerates it also, but makes some decent points https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwilidTa2NLfAhVPY6wKHZIlB_UQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.behindthesteelcurtain.com%2F2019%2F1%2F3%2F18163781%2Fantonio-brown-and-ben-roethlisberger-are-double-edged-swords-steelers-nfl-news-rumors-trade&psig=AOvVaw3xTZxmYdaNTQ5P5qmQsGq_&ust=1546642036396128
  18. Would the raiders really take another disgruntled WR from us though?
  19. Aren't we in control of this trade? If so...who cares where AB goes... he will have to humble himself
  20. It's called common sense. Who is defending Tomlin? There is no reason to defend him because he did nothing wrong. AB being a diva is not his fault... The team wanted to hide his antics is not his fault or call either. The hypocrisy of being mad at AB yet blaming Tomlin for his behavior is beyond ridiculous. AB is too blame...and so is big ben... but more AB. Tomlin has absolutely nothing to do with it ...the FO is also to blame.. but we have seen FOs hide antics by everyone from Aaron Roger's to randy moss as best as they could. The NFL and the chiefs did this with hunt just this year with mu
  21. Considering with what he has been dealing with lol yeah. But as a Steelers coach you have to learn to work around and under the FO more than any coach in the league...he does that well.
  22. I wonder if we went back to a run focused offense would that help settle things...take the power from all three...Ben and ab and even juju... it's a pass happy league...until someone comes and dominates it be running more.. I could see connor and Samuels being a running back by committee type of force.
  23. Yes the team. Not the coach. The coach has orders to follow too.... I dont have to pretend... if AB is coming for Tomlin is obviously because he has a problem with his authority... showing authority is the essence of leadership. It's not rocket science.
  24. I would want moncrief.... I dont see us trading him... the question we really should be asking is will Big Ben take a back seat and let the offense go through the run... because his control is what AB seems to be pissed off about... the Ints is the only thing I am pissed about.
  25. All those things...especially quitting on the team are meant to humiliate Big Ben as well.
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