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  1. Actually anyone with half a brain would understand that Antonio Brown is the only narrator that matters since only he can tell us what's going on in that head of his...furthermore if he tells us it's the relationship between Tomlin and Big Ben and on top of that he shows this to be true by his actions towards big Ben...common sense should prevail...yes..that's a huge problem that AB has. As far as antics ...this happens on every team... Tomlin got on him about the FB live and he got on him about sideline antics and AB will yet again face punishment... nothing new.
  2. Actually AB is pissed at Tomlin because he always punishes him and calls him out. He also tends to side with Big Ben...which is actually quite normal for any coach. Disgruntled players talking trash and telling half truths and whole lies is not being exposed...its proof that Tomlin is even more of a hard nose then would could ever dream of.
  3. AB hates big Ben even more...you dont get rid of players or personnel just because AB doesn't like them. That's actually what would happen it Tomlin didn't have control over this team.
  4. Trading brown only focuses on one part of the cancer. The other half is ben... who is pretty much running his own offense out there and its leading to great stats but game killing ints. This is not an uncommon problem... Peyton manning and Harrison hated each other ....peyton has been known to throw players like Jeff Saturday for example under the bus. Tom Brady regularly berates his teammate and acts a fool on the sideline and it is usually called "moxy" ...if a wr does it it's called "entitled " or "selfish" ...... none of this is new.... it's just usually swept under the rug until later....
  5. both egoes clashed and we saw bad results. AB is at fault for handling the situation between him and ben so badly. Ben is at fault for literally being the situation...Ben is a vet and a legend here....he has the OC he wants... He calls the plays he wants...it has lead to amazing stats and broken records...but also to record ints....that is pretty much the number 2 reason why we had a bad season behind boswells break down and bell's not returning would be the 3rd. Both need a reality check...Moss got all the stats...but the ring he doesnt have crushes his legacy.
  6. Tough season. Bitter...i know..especially since we were literally a few easy to complete field goals away from not only the playoffs but damn near being undefeated....Time to regroup and improve. Going heavy on D in the beginning of this draft. I am actually satisfied with Offense...i think connor and jalen could actually make for a kamara and ingram type of combo ...our OC would have to be good enough to put them in those positions and schemes though. I am concerned with the age of Foster and the RT position. We haven't pick this high in a while...here is the bad news..its really not that hig
  7. The silence after this comment ended this troll of a thread.
  8. That holding call ? That's a holding call?...he was doing thAt to watt all night! Sick and tired of us not getting those calls
  9. In regards to the last INT "That was all gillmore...he stop Rogers from running his route" - Announcer... exactly that is illegal and the refs have been calling it all season everywhere...never missing it...except here....gillmore is literally tackling Rogers...literally pulling him down by the arm...no call..........ridiculous......
  10. He said "thinking about?" so that is not a definite yes. it's simply a possibility so anyone who gets dishonest journalist from someone saying "thinking about" is a moron..period.. Shaun King is an american writer, political commentator and civil rights activist so his work is focused of that. Just because someone talks about the reality of racism you may not have the courage to confront it doesn't mean they are not trustworthy..it just means you are a coward or worse perhaps. The tweet said "thinking about" ..it is a possibility and no where near a fact... calm yourselves. lol
  11. knowing that those two 3rds or a 2nd and a 3rd could have gotten us edmonds in the bottom second or the top of the third...i just want it to be over.
  12. i hate it with our future qb right there....i just dont want to scramble for a qb when ben is gone....lets continue to be not like the other teams...it works for us...and then the ravens? damn...that stings..for a 3rd round package player?
  13. I feel like i am one of the few steeler fans that want to keep him. I never trusted our OC with having the ability and know how to use 3 great WRs....he was placed as a decoy much of the season...i am proud of his ability to stay out of any real trouble so far.... if it happens ...for what team? what do you think the steelers would recieve? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/steelers-reportedly-listening-to-potential-trade-offers-for-martavis-bryant/
  14. We have one of the most successful young coaches in the league...getting rid of him is pure stupidity... it’s down right cowardly to abandon the steeler method at this point... grow a pair seriously. ... we are one the winningest teams in the league and the only team near us is a documented cheater... the head coach stays the decision around staff is the question... oc and dc. Man up...I hated that we lost but grow a pair and think clearly ... we are not about to go through what every other team is going through... coach carousels and such....that is for the spineless. We are almost there.. de
  15. It’s possible but all are stop gaps at this point.... Lamar will sit for two years .. Steelers are patient ... thus only three coaches in the last 5 to 6 decades
  16. Big Ben has been talking retirement for 2 years now....unlike Brees he doesn't seem keen on playing into his 40's....Thus if Jackson Falls they would take him.
  17. There is nothing to love about getting 6 to 8 chances at The goalline and not running on any of them.
  18. That was terrible coaching and play calling... first and goal twice and didn’t run it smh
  19. I love the excuses for Bortles inaccurate throws.. “It’s windy!” Lol ...must be nice lol
  20. So the Bills WR don’t know where the first down is?
  21. He looked like a rookie who was raw and needed a ton of work... but not lucky... he is on the team because after making huge mistakes he didn’t fall apart ... he got up and made plays and produced...Landry has also produced on the field but during the season..... when it counts... due to his experience I have no problem with him being a stop gap.
  22. Clemson has Both of their OLB's going in the first round along with LSU...and all three are not top ten picks..thus at least two will make it out of the top ten...that leaves a lot of LB's available depending on how flexible our players can be...could either TJ Watt or Dupree move inside and be just as effective or even more effective? If so..skys the limit...if not ....we would need a lot of luck.... These OLBs 1-2 round like Sam Hubbard, Dorance Armstrong Jr., Harold Landry combined with ILB's ranked 1-2 rounds like Josh Allen, Roquon Smith and Rashaan Evans ...one if not some
  23. Landry is in no way a franchise QB...it is however possible that he is a decent stop gap manager QB. He won against the browns last year too... but he has performed decently many other times... so I could not consider him “crap”
  24. OMG...He literally almost just slipped and bust his knee in this video at 0:07..smh.
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