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  1. Would hate to lose him... Great Oline coach’s are hard to come by... “Five days after the 2013 season ended for the Steelers, head coach Mike Tomlin made his first offseason move by dismissing offensive line coach Jack Bicknell, Jr. after one season. "I have decided to go in a different direction with respect to the coaching of our offensive line," Tomlin said in a statement. "I want to thank Jack for his contributions during the 2013 season, and I wish him well in the future." The Steelers regressed statistically in Bicknell's one season as the team's offensive line coa
  2. I also like Lamar's Poise but i love the fact that he has it against teams like NC State and FSu and players like James and Chubb...he put a total of over 400 yards and 3 tds on them...i really hope this steal falls our way but i doubt it...
  3. our WR coach Richard Mann has over 30 years of WR coaching experience.
  4. of course smith is much better than Teddy..teddy has only played a year or two...right? Meanwhile Alex as you mentioned is possibly on to his next team....it took alex 5 years to get to the playoffs...he was horrible for half a decade...and it took teddy one year to break some franchise records and by the second year he took the vikings to the playoffs...so yes...alex is better now...but i am not making any conclusions. And do we know if alex smith is being cut for sure? what if Mahomes stinks it up? what about Coach Reid...what's his say...i'm not so sure...but hey...it wouldn't be the first
  5. That's the problem...in our fear of being mediocre or average we completely forget the teams that go big every three to 4 years...Blaine to Blaine...From Tavaris to Ponder ...Bradford and so on..over 50% of first round QB's don't pan out and that's including the ones picked in the top 3...We don't want to be them either. I would never want to have a bad year to get a QB since your chances are still slim...Stop Gap and patience and development got us this far...no way we become like the..."others" lol i wont even call them teams lol...Cowhers rosters were not failures...he made it to the super
  6. I feel bad for the guy ....what a freak injury on his knee...I do like him as a prospect....i wonder if he does declare where would he go...could be a steal..a guy to develop
  7. Do You think Goedert will last to a mid round or do you think the hype will take over and his stock upwards towards a High 2nd? this is why i never mentioned Dallas goedert..i think he is great but might go early
  8. Kind of sort of...lol "- Notre Dame is entering its fourth year as a quasi-member of the ACC in football, playing five games per year against league teams while still maintaining its independent status. ... " Personally i think they should keep this set...stay independent ...do quasi membership and i agree with you that teddy could be a game manager..much like Alex smith who also limited by his arm.
  9. When speaking about the ACC you can't forget Notre Dame also...we are talking about the defensive talent you are facing...and in the acc you are facing a ton of first round talent specifically on Defense. the are on the level if not close to sec in terms of nfl defensive talent. 3 DE's and a DT off the top of my head alone...not to mention DBs (Boston Clemson and NCS) .... Watson was not ok..he was a beast as i figured he would be ...but it's still early..Luck looked great at first too...Still early for him also in terms of a bonce back.. Bridgewater was far from a scrub...his arm is
  10. they both are mobile...that's where the comparison ends...dobbs had poor delivery and mechanics...it lead to bad placement especially on deep throws...jackson with a great delivery and mechanics is the anti dobbs almost...this lead to his improved passer rating in a pro style with no help against in the acc...no disrespect to dobbs as his flaws can be corrected and he seems like a lunch pal type of guy with the work ethic to be better.. you like Fumagalli..but where do you rank him and if he is not there..what do you think about the TE out Pen state..Mike gesicki?
  11. yeah..were aren't going find that in a RB in this draft...in fact bell was not even known for his pass catching ability coming out of the draft..we kind of got lucky....kerryon johnson is compared to bell and that will get him selected in the top or mid 2nd...but we all know not to trust those comparisons really.
  12. if you are picking at the bottom of the first...technically you are picking in the 2nd round talent wise...There is a huge chance...especially after a good combine and bowl game Lamar could go top three top 20 easy...i hope not though...thus he is far from a wr/kr marquerading as a QB.. .Louisville has him under center more with a pro style O and he got even better...the same things were said about Watson. The fact that he shows the ability to development this quickly with little to no talent around him and compete and dominate in the ACC speaks volumes...hopefully teams let him fall like the
  13. he is lackluster at times...i think we have a problem based on selection...it's hard to get the splash talent we want on defense especially in regards to rushing the qb but also DB....and consistently pick where we pick...Dupree is decent and perhaps still has room to grow ....i say let us focus on true holes like FS and ILB ...and QB replacement and TE...and OL is needing some depth...age is creeping at the LT position...The reality is TJ ..if we are honest with ourselves is no more a threat to the qb than Dupree is and i am sure we got TJ with the mindset of QB pressure and sacks..he has li
  14. If we don''t sign bell that changes the draft completely...as with most drafts there is plently of rb talent to be had in the 3rd to 4th rounds. This is a horrible year for safeties though.
  15. two mocks... Round 1 Pick 30: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville This is if he falls and the Pats dont get him. It’s possible we saw deshaun fall and we are seeing Josh Allen rising…he could sit behind ben for a year or two or a stop gap we aquire. He approved on his passing average …much better than allens….he is still raw and needs development…could be a great steal Round 2 Pick 30: Armani Watts, FS, Texas AM watts has his flaws but he could be an elite saftey Round 3 Pick 30: Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin I do not see a TE going in the
  16. Big Ben has been talking retirement for two years or more..and now so are many of the fans. I don't see Pittsburg passing on a chance to snag Lamar...If ben comes pack he sits for a year or two tops....if ben doesn't he still sits for a year or two behind tyrod or even Landry Jones...Steelers might approach the QB situation the same way they do everythig else...development and patience....rather its coaching or front office or players. Remember...Big ben was not suppose to start his first year..he was to learn behind Maddox...Maddox took a freakish hit to the arm and there you have it. I do n
  17. not in this draft...no QB is worth it. The Draft is a multi-million dollar industry within itself....it's like a soap opera and QB's are the leading ladies....they like to have a certain number of leading ladies in the first and most watched round for drama purposes...so pushing the hype happens. This year it's a lot hype...almost all the leading ladies have under performed this year so they are hanging their hats on the hype. Sam is not even top ten....... Josh Allen is the look a like...The next Blaine (Bortles or Gabbert)...baker is the new look a like...as his size is now accepted due wil
  18. And we got another one during the bills game.. that’s like 4 on the season... That’s pretty ridiculous.
  19. love lamar falling...would help steelers are smart enough to pick him instead of settling for mason.
  20. yes! and no...if the steelers are looking at best value it would be lamar...best fit..lamar since ben has been talking retirement for 2 years straight...
  21. The defending of the Brandin Cooks catches throws out all integrity in the first place... let’s get that straight first. That is proof you can’t even be honest about the discussion
  22. you beat me to it lol..i have been seeing this...lamar falling to 2nd ...teddy bridgewater style...i was going to call it the "mcshay threw up in his mouth a little " mock as he did when trying to convince us that mayfield is wilson..lol and that josh is wentz...thus pushing lamar to the second..i would love it. ...i hope scouts lose it ...like when Johnny maziel had his pro day and had a guy run at him with a broom while he passed..lol they lost it lol "guys are coming at him with brooms..whats teddy doing? not that !" lol....one can dream..but i can see it.
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