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  1. again...this is why you dont over turn it..for example..you fail to mention his other hand which is pushing the ball upward into his hand...but is it also pushing the ball to the ground? possible...and thats the point...since his hand is pushing the ball his fingers don't have to be that long...you circled black...this tells me nothing ..you are saying it would be amazing or (fantastic) if he kept that ball from hitting the ground...yes..but thats the point..this means you don't over turn it...i have seen micheal vick levitate inches off the ground into the end zone...i have seen a td run caus
  2. not only do you see his hand under the ball..you see the ball tilting upward in his hand...the question is under the ball...which is black...how much of his finger is under the ball and is it enough to prop the ball up..and once you start asking that question than you have no business overturning the previous call.
  3. i would love the lamar to fall...the steelers would not pass on him...we would draft him. Big Ben has been talking retirement for almost 2 years now..lamar get sit for a year or 2 at the most ...we dont have many holes...a solid saftey can be had in the second easily are could be attained through free agency
  4. All that matters is the awkward pause and look on his face.
  5. No. I know this because Matt mayock threw up in his mouth a little when trying to compare baker to Wilson thus making his argument for baker in the first. I do hope some teams believe this though I hope they all pass on Lamar Jackson so the Steelers could grab him and sit him for a year or two.
  6. Jesse caught the ball at its highest point... he landed on his knee then lunges foward ... if it isn’t a football move neither is cooks
  7. up 1. juju 2. byrant 3. tomlin timeout call 4. davis on . gronk...like pretty much every DB in the nfl he was out matched but he did stay in his face ...and made gronk miss some key passes 5. man to man and dline pressure down 1. bad call on TD...although the ball moved there is no indisputable proof that it hit the ground...his left hand remained under the ball.. 2. Our OC struck again 3. another bad holding call on artie burns by the refs 4. brown injury 5. special teams
  8. also he never lost control..the ref said he didn't survive the ground..he did...he kept his hand under the ball.
  9. tjack was the checkdown king so he was the very opposite of showing flashes and progress. Ponder couldn't even get more than 2 wins in his first season...brett gave us the packers still in the playoff hunt...Ponder gave us Joe Webb. both tjack and ponder should have been given the draft round grades that wilson dak and brett recieved.
  10. the knocked on everything from his throwing motion to accuracy to inconsistency... “I have two concerns about Wilson’s potential. The first is that his upside might be as a backup capable of helping a team for stretches as a starter, but he’ll never demonstrate that he’s good enough to be the guy a team will build around. “ – The fifth down Again, this is a day of practice one day after a different day of practice. "(Wilson) is not a legitimate NFL prospect." "He's got a little money in his pocket, which helps." "He can play in the NFL, but I don't
  11. He had way more knocks on him besides his height even though we all found out those to be falsehoods... height should have been dismissed as he played behind a huge nfl style winsconsin oline thus he displayed the ability to play behind despite his size...
  12. And they have at times done things on the field that made a lot of people claim they are not fit to start... two weeks ago Dak was supposedly a fluke... point is don’t be so quick to uplift or dismiss especially if you see some flashes and progress.
  13. true and there were reasons where russel wilson was dratfed in the 3rd and dak drafted in the 4th.
  14. I have too thought about this... his leadership qualities are extremely important.
  15. I am not surprised that Brett has kept the packers in the hunt despite all their other holes also... I considered him first round talent coming out... raw but talented and very smart good arm and so on. If a team invested in him they would be pleased but I don’t see packers letting him go with Aaron’s injuries coming up every other year.
  16. Kizer is foolishly trying to carrying the team by forcing throws it’s so obvious... but as the season goes on the arm remains a live cannon and he does better... but you can see his flaws also... they are very correctable. The browns have many holes but they also have two first round picks.. ... this is of course a first round that is prime for QB disappointment. Sam is the king of inconsistency and Rosen is the guy he can’t beat him. Mason and Josh are living off of way too early Wentz comparison ..... and they truly have 3rd round grades. The browns problem is not that they pa
  17. No... in the red zone .. I mean when we get to the 20 or 10 ... 2 pt is a different situation.. most are passes
  18. Run the ball in the red zone! I am sick of these screens and red zone slants ... we do them so much that they are not surprising anyone.. red zone slants are awesome... if they surprise the defense!
  19. The surgery was was two days ago... no updates? I just want him to walk again.
  20. Finally... someone who knows something about football. Also ... sophomore slumps are expected in the nfl.
  21. We are talking a 10 percent difference ... so you prove my point since the eagles are far more then 10 percent better in he wr and te areas ...as they should be. The eagles went out and got better players and did a good job addressing needs and depth... Cowboys didn’t
  22. Yes and they all agree Nelson is a much better target and explosive player than Beasley is.
  23. Not impressive at all when you compare angolor to Beasley as a number 2.
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