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  1. And they have at times done things on the field that made a lot of people claim they are not fit to start... two weeks ago Dak was supposedly a fluke... point is don’t be so quick to uplift or dismiss especially if you see some flashes and progress.
  2. true and there were reasons where russel wilson was dratfed in the 3rd and dak drafted in the 4th.
  3. I have too thought about this... his leadership qualities are extremely important.
  4. I am not surprised that Brett has kept the packers in the hunt despite all their other holes also... I considered him first round talent coming out... raw but talented and very smart good arm and so on. If a team invested in him they would be pleased but I don’t see packers letting him go with Aaron’s injuries coming up every other year.
  5. Kizer is foolishly trying to carrying the team by forcing throws it’s so obvious... but as the season goes on the arm remains a live cannon and he does better... but you can see his flaws also... they are very correctable. The browns have many holes but they also have two first round picks.. ... this is of course a first round that is prime for QB disappointment. Sam is the king of inconsistency and Rosen is the guy he can’t beat him. Mason and Josh are living off of way too early Wentz comparison ..... and they truly have 3rd round grades. The browns problem is not that they pa
  6. No... in the red zone .. I mean when we get to the 20 or 10 ... 2 pt is a different situation.. most are passes
  7. Run the ball in the red zone! I am sick of these screens and red zone slants ... we do them so much that they are not surprising anyone.. red zone slants are awesome... if they surprise the defense!
  8. The surgery was was two days ago... no updates? I just want him to walk again.
  9. Finally... someone who knows something about football. Also ... sophomore slumps are expected in the nfl.
  10. We are talking a 10 percent difference ... so you prove my point since the eagles are far more then 10 percent better in he wr and te areas ...as they should be. The eagles went out and got better players and did a good job addressing needs and depth... Cowboys didn’t
  11. Yes and they all agree Nelson is a much better target and explosive player than Beasley is.
  12. Not impressive at all when you compare angolor to Beasley as a number 2.
  13. You have Dak ... ranked in the Top Ten in qb rankings is what you have.
  14. That’s the point.. Dez and ashlon are not interchangeable... ashlon is the wr Cowboys should have gotten as they have known they have needed a real no 2 wr for a while.
  15. As you just proved it is possible....you could take any LT in the game right now and say smith is playing just as good...
  16. He is missing the best online man in the game also the defense is horrible... meanwhile Goff and Wentz teams made huge free agent signings as weapons for their QBs.
  17. So a comment about Brady offended you. Hears a thought... how about not being a coward and address that poster and that comment.
  18. Here are the rankings ...notice the excuses made for the overrated QBs ... Mason Randolph is a 3rd prospect being hyped up and truth be told as a true third rounder he is probably just as good as the even more overhyped sam and Rosen. Looking at the numerous holes The Browns have to fill .... a qb with any of the first two or even a 2nd pick is laughable... but if they do ....lol 1. Saquon Barkley | RB | Penn State Don’t let the box scores fool you; Barkley is still one of the most complete, dynamic prospects in all of college football. Despite playing a position that may be devalued
  19. Big Ben has all day on the goal line because the packers D was getting carved up by the passing game... thus they backed off expecting more passing ... and what does Haley do? More passes. Smh
  20. Nathan Peterman just threw a party and somehow it ended up at my house...another INT.
  21. Im saying draft a mid round to bottom round if he struggles next year..thus i mean in 2019..... i didnt say get rid of teddy because i am sure if they would be able to keep him or not.
  22. you keep Case ...if he shows any signs of regression next year you draft a mid to bottom round back up to spark competition. Scouting.
  23. <iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/3oEduTElttOJ1bJlSM" width="480" height="320" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/afv-3oEduTElttOJ1bJlSM">via GIPHY</a></p>
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