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  1. I would like to say I am surprised but I am not... I am only surprised he is not doing any better .. I was one of the rare fans that felt he was worthy of a bottom 1st it top 2nd round selection just based on what he was able to do in college and his play making ability... I would love for the Steelers to give him a look
  2. The first round QBs are barely first round QBs at all really...so none of them are worthy of trading up for...Rosen and Donald both have some great skill sets and size but overall they rarely dominate against really good teams...and at some point we gotta stop blaming the teams around them. Jackson is great and probably being overlooked because unlike the first two i mentioned his team really does suck...but still his style of play has question marks. Mason is a third round prospect being touted as a first round to fill qoutas...i do like what i see at times...his arm strength is not good espe
  3. This is merely speculation . ..especially since you could have tanked with kessler ....it doesnt change the fact they saw him in practice and everyone saw him in preseason...and you simply do not understand football if you use decent in the same sentence as couch he was horrible and a bad pick..he played in a dink and dunk system in college and got exposed... he was inconsistent and medicore.
  4. I meant weeden not Anderson ... .... there has been a long line of disasters at the QB position in Cleveland so I’m sure you understand me getting a few names mixed up. And yes you can look at past regimes if they are following a similar pattern of hire and fire and picking overhyped qbs too high or giving up on them quickly. You said WR is a hole as is you need one... you desperately need two... you need a safety and a CB .... you need all these 4 positions filled way more than QB ... and you guys have the picks to do it... my post was in response to someone saying the browns are idiots if th
  5. yes and they saw him in practice and decided he should start...so there goes that theory. The cleveland front office has been an idiotic laughing stock for almost two decades....they didnt pass on couch anderson and manizel or quin...look what it got them....they are worse now than even...in fact in the last came against detroit the only bright spot they was Kizer....they are about to go 0-16...qb is the least of their worries..they have far too many holes.
  6. i dont see how anyone can make a judgement on kizer right now....given the circumstances. Seriously.....your best WR just might end up being Sammie Coates...and thats saying a lot.. As steelers i love me some coates....but honestly...i forgot he was even gone. All I know is that he performed well in the preseason and was tough as nails in his debut against the steelers..he takes too many sacks because he is forcing things and trying to make things happen...like a rookie. if they take another qb anywhere near the first three rounds its laughable....and sad at the same time.
  7. devante kincaid GSU. Impressive..on and off the field.
  8. ups: 1. Tomlin...The Defense and Harrison especially really played their hearts out for him...way to rally. 2. Butler...another guy on the coaching staff that has his finger on the pulse of the team. Great game plan. 3. Bell/Oline...dominated. 4. Ben played better at times...he is getting there...the focus on the run game opened things up. 5. Brown/Bryant/JuJu... made some plays downs 1. We marched down the field and tried to throw on first and goal...even though it was bell that got us there...that has haley written all over it...horribl
  9. I am calling the plays ......before they happen. 3rd and 10 ...1st and 5.....2nd and 2 ...1st and 10 after a 20 yard run by bell untouched... 1st and goal ...3rd and goal...it doesn't matter....i am calling out the plays and they are running them. i call two to three plays the same ones every time.. WR screen and shuttle pass..I make these play calls when they are needed the less...i make them at times when they are the most predictable. I make them so predictable that a defense playing zone can run all the way back underneath and shut them down before they even start. i make the defense look
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