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  1. sorry' an hour after I signed up I posted I couldn't put the time in this, it was more than I thought it was. again I sorry for the mix-up.
  2. I wanna be the waterboy, you can call me BB.
  3. I agree with TeH, last year the team gameplan was to run the ball and let the offense to win the game, defensive gameplan was play safe, do not lose game, not totally Joe Woods call.
  4. Njoku and #26 for Hunter and 2021 2nd and 3rd. With 2 2nds, 3 3rds and 2 4ths we have plenty of ammo to target pick in teens and have some left for more.
  5. Hunt and Njoku will get alot of time at WR, Hunt will lead team in targets.
  6. relax, TE's will have at least 2 TD's, Hunt will have over 100 yds recieving, Chubb will have over 150 yds and Baker will keep getting better. elfman
  7. with NFL a passing league 2 free safeties would work.
  8. 5th is highest you go, this is buy low time.
  9. Football weather would be fine, this is Cleveland.
  10. would love to see the ELF on the uniform just not on helmet
  11. It would be nice if we signed someone who could play LT, BPA at #10.
  12. 3-1st's, 4-2nd's FA Jarvis Landry WR Terrell Pryor WR Josh McCown QB Carlos Hyde RB Kyle Fuller CB DRAFT #1- QB Sam Darnold #4- #4 & #64 to Jets for #6 #37 #49 & 2019 2nd #6- #6 to Arizona for #15 #47 & 2019 1st & 3rd trade #33 #65 & Arizona 2019 3rd to Buffalo for #22 we now have Darnold,#15, #22, #35, #37 ,#47 & #49 look at the top 50 players, take the top 14 out. we can have 6 of the next 36. would you do it. who would you take. #15- Vita Vea DT #22- Josh Jackson CB #35- Derrius
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