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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    They’re looking at sack totals. Kyler was skittish early on and made the OL look bad. I’d still rate them as a below average unit lacking young talent so I wouldn’t be against drafting OL if Brown/Okudah are out.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Edit: Already saw the names corrected... Neither are long term tackles but quality-enough stop gaps to draft BPA. If Brown and Okudah are gone I would think they go tackle but Keim is feeling himself so I wouldn’t rule out a WR. If one of Brown/Okudah is available I believe they’d be the pick. I don’t see a scenario where both are gone because it means only two QB’s go before us.
  3. Official 2020 WR Thread

    How many first rd receivers since Cooper were as much or bigger guarantee to be productive than Lamb is? Not necessarily the highest ceiling but as safe as Ceedee is to be productive?
  4. Opening Day to be Pushed 2 weeks RE: COVID-19

    Ole’ Rob was a screwballer not a junkballer. (I have no idea)
  5. Give Bowles a beast like Kinlaw
  6. Opening Day to be Pushed 2 weeks RE: COVID-19

    New York Mets: Rob Gardner (Oct. 2, 1965, versus Phillies) Pitching line: 15 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 7 SO (Game Score: 112) The 50’s and 60’s started having a a lot of elite hitters and not guys that were part time roofers so I’ll go with Gardner here...
  7. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

  8. Opening Day to be Pushed 2 weeks RE: COVID-19

    If it means Mookie never plays for the Dodgers then cancel the season.
  9. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    Needs to be a trenches pick on either side... Humphries just played a full season for the first time ever. Pugh played 12+ games for the first time in 3 years. Shipley is a FA and Cole his replacement is unproven. Sweezy overachieved which you can’t expect again and Justin Murray (6 teams in 6 years) is battling at RT with Marcus Gilbert (knee is duct taped together at this point). On the flip side outside of Jones it’s the least talented front in the league. How Phillips follows up a career year is a question mark.
  10. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    Someone is going to steal Thomas.
  11. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    Dread it. Run from it. Draft Day Keim still arrives.
  12. 2020 Arizona Cardinals Off-Season

    Gilbert re-signed even though his knee is toast. Sounds like they’re gearing up for Isaiah Simmons or Derrick Brown.
  13. Just as conversation based on Lance Zierlein’s terrible mock. He had Miami trading #5/#18 which obviously wouldn’t be enough. What would it take if you’re the Bengals? Dolphins available picks... This year: #5 #18 #26 #39 #56 #70 2021: Own picks plus 1/2nd from Houston
  14. Redskins overpay a 5th rounder for Kyle Allen

    They must’ve watched the AZ game film.