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  1. True super teams need to have a super fit; 80’s Lakers and 17-19’ Warriors really come to mind. I think Westbrook is still top-20.
  2. The Lakers top end talent is all time but they could flame out 2011 style. How bout the teammates Westbrook has had; KD, Harden, George, Harden (again), Beal, AD, Bron.
  3. They shot 29% from 3 vs Phoenix. I was scared they’d get Hield hopefully that deal is dead.
  4. Nets won the trade but I get it from the Suns perspective. Carter and Moore weren’t really anything and it saves some dough.
  5. Toronto moved up in the lottery 3 spots and got their PGOTF. After spending half his youth development on football and one weird COVID year at Gonzaga I expect him to bust out as a full time pro basketball player.
  6. The top-4 teams really lucked out. Houston is getting one of the most exciting/intriguing prospects in recent years and Cleveland/Toronto are getting right below elite-tier players. Cade has questions but he’s a no brainer for that franchise.
  7. Hope the Suns take McBride if both are available. I think he’s a two way guy with starting 2G potential.
  8. Impressive but his shot is low and slow.
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