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  1. 17pt favorites got to be a franchise record.
  2. 1. Franchise QB 2. Young talent on defense; Budda, Murphy, Simmons, Thompson, Marco, (Zaven hopefully) 3. A coaching staff that’s learning how to not get in their own way 4. A division that’s long term future isn’t as bright as it looked 5. A GM that is finally hitting on early draft picks
  3. Maybe we’ll just keep Kliff at home like today.
  4. I’m expecting a strain or pull but he’s been great.
  5. Had missed one game in the previous six years. Gotta have him healthy for the stretch run.
  6. Surprised only one Card has tested positive since Fri
  7. The Nuggets and Hawks are +4000 to finish with the best record. So if you bet $100 the payout would be $4,000?
  8. Tebow was the best of the bunch among those QB seasons and Suh was more dominant than anyone.
  9. I won’t even post the numbers but no.
  10. You sure? The finalists were strong that year; Ingram, Gerhart, McCoy, Tebow, Suh.
  11. Actually his previous season might have been better. Both TE’s were rookies and Welker was coming off the ACL. Not one 1,000 yard pass catcher but they traded for Branch in season… #1 scoring offense by 5 points that year but flamed out in the playoffs.
  12. Unless he’s secretly like 23 he’s going #1.
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