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  1. College Football Coaching Carousel

    Got lucky. Everyone's first thought is he'll bolt for a better job if there's early success which is probably true. Maybe he'll like a town that's not a cult though...
  2. College Football Coaching Carousel

    It's a good thing nobody cares about Arizona football because they're pulling a Tennessee with their coaching search.
  3. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    Haley about to get Arians-level scapegoated after this one.
  4. They would rather face Blake Bortles. Next question.
  5. GWT: Week 19 Titans @ Patriots

    Amendola gave himself up, knee was down while Gronk was signaling a TO with a second left. First time Gronk has been the smartest player on the field.
  6. GWT: Week 19 Titans @ Patriots

    Dynamite drop in Jay. That broadcasting school is really paying off.
  7. GWT: Week 19 Falcons @ Eagles

    Don't know how you can't feel somewhat bad for Ryan and Quinn these past two postseasons.
  8. College Football Coaching Carousel

    Mid-major AD in over is head and doesn't have much financial backing. The last AD left the program in the ****ter. Multiple scandals in 4 sports and ran off loaded boosters like Arte Moreno. They will probably end up with Helfrich or Baldwin unless something unexpected happens.
  9. Bama should build a shrine of Feinbaum for stopping that deal.
  10. Great throw even if it wasn't for Ridley
  11. DUde went at Saban lulz
  12. 2018 Tank Watch

    Boston is getting the Laker pick wow.