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  1. I’d be nice if Kershaw could get another good start in or finish game 4 if it a sweep.
  2. I don’t normally listen to generic talk shows but Cowherd predicted the Browns don’t pick up Mayfield’s 5th year option. Has it been that rough for him?
  3. Are his ball hawking skills still up to snuff?
  4. I thought I saw something special in Najee vs Ole Miss and ppl told me to chill. I saw more of an average back vs Georgia. Waddle looks like a complete WR who looks like Diggs type.
  5. Lawrence already is but does Fields have a chance to be the best Qb prospect since Jameis with another year of progression?
  6. Nice b2b recoveries after Carolina. That’s what good teams do.
  7. That’s Kyler Murray’s 7th win at AT&T Stadium in a high school game.
  8. Budda is going prime Polamalu tonight.
  9. Budda’s contract won’t be too bad once the next batch of safeties get deals.
  10. Devon Kennard, Budda Baker, Jalen Thompson and Chris Banjo have all missed time and he’s still not playing.
  11. Can Saddiq Bey be a stretch four by year 2-3?
  12. I remember when Randy came in relief in game 7 on no days rest. He threw 104 pitches the night before. What a freak.
  13. Why do two east coast teams play an afternoon game but when a west coast team travels East it’s a morning game?
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