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  1. The Cards have had some playoff doozies between, Plummer, Lindley, Palmer and now Kyler.
  2. You’re missing Jonathan Cooper #7 in 2013. That was Keim’s first draft. He’s only signed 4 draft picks to second deals with the team during his tenure.
  3. Kliff was a Bidwill hire. It was the classic hire-the-exact-opposite-of-the-guy-you-fired move. Kyler/Kliff are Jameis/Koetter. One is too flawed to be an elite QB end the other should’ve never been more than a coordinator. Keim needs to be the first one to go. He’s made a living off Trades/FA.
  4. Had the center not set the ball down more than a yard past the start of Dak’s slide all the ref would’ve had to do is tap it and they get the spike off. He had to move it back to where the line judge was.
  5. There’s no defense for it unless Dak was hurt and couldn’t reach the EZ from there.
  6. Making Jay Glazer where a 3-piece suite is just mean.
  7. So he’ll be good for the 08’ NFCCG rematch?
  8. How many teams besides the 08’ Cards have played a home game after a road game in the playoffs?
  9. Booker getting that Giannis treatment from the refs wow.
  10. That graph makes me think 14 playoff spots are too much.
  11. Cost us the #1 pick but Eli would’ve demanded a trade and we’d get Larry anyway. Extra picks would’ve been nice though. Vikings started 6-0 and missed the playoffs.
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