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  1. Kyler Murray vs Lamar Jackson

    If you ignore the fact Lamar is more proven he’s still got 4” and about 25 lbs. He looks like a strong safety out there.
  2. I would’ve traded them Peterson for a 2nd tbh.
  3. How your team rookie have looked like week 2

    Without considering positional impact Byron Murphy has been our best rookie.
  4. I’m seeing him as four games over .500 (whoops sorry I was including postseason).
  5. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton have a PG
  6. Week 2 GDT

    Don’t feel too bad about that L on the road vs a contender w/ MVP candidate
  7. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Worst defense in FBS shutting down Tech as expected.
  8. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Noel Mazzone is probably the worst OC for him. RR was smart enough to hide his flaws. Gunnell and Mazzone will be good.
  9. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    The really scary thing is Spencer Rattler will have a year in the system plus 4 years eligibility. They’ll have to pay out the butt to keep Riley.
  10. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Pierce is dead to me
  11. Tennis Thread

    You can do the same thing with all three to some degree. Nadal has been the most dominant on clay, Federer grass and Djokovic hard court. Next year’s Aussie Open is a big one because we know who’s winning the French in May. That would tie Nadal with Fed depending on the Aussie. I hope all 3 are healthy because it could be the most dramatic tennis season ever.
  12. Tennis Thread

    It’s been over ten years since Fed won the US Open or French Open. That’s crazy.
  13. UCLA giving away tickets to Oklahoma game

    People consider USC to be one of the more underachieving programs in the country yet they’re not even the worst in LA. There’s no reason UCLA shouldn’t be a perennial top-15 program.
  14. Jameis Winston - What should TB do?

    For the first half of Carson Palmer’s first season under BA he was awful. Everyone thought he should’ve been benched. They need to stick it out this season and if he turns it around they franchise him.
  15. Heroes! Week 1!

    T-Sizzle had two sacks and a strip. Still got it.