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  1. You can’t take central Florida out of the man apparently.
  2. Well it’s clear Houston’s owner was sticking it to Morey if it’s true Simmons was available. Trading for picks that far down the road has to be an ownership move cause no GM makes it that long.
  3. They wanted the picks over Kyrie and you can’t blame them.
  4. If Kyler ran with the same ambition as Lamar they would be. That part is hard to put on Kliff.
  5. and I thought going 8-0 against us was mean!
  6. He’s Coach Bro, bro... No discipline whatsoever and gets routinely out coached. Players coaches have a longer leash because they’re not hard*** whereas the team quit on Wilks right away. But that last only so long if they know you’re in over your head. It was a bold move by Michael Bidwill overlooking his college record but he overestimated the fit with Murray because they were in the same conference. If Kliff is going to be a success he needs a better coaching staff or Kyler to be generational. Neither look to be the case going forward.
  7. Make it a 23’ unprotected which would be the year after he might leave... It’s funny because Beal would’ve been a FA had he not signed that two year extension. He could’ve easily been on the Heat or Mavs right now contending.
  8. Throw in Kingsbury last week which was essentially a playoff game.
  9. Has a QB’s career ever ended after a better throw?
  10. Curry is a top-5 guard in nba history. So glad he’s back to being Steph again.
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