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  1. Trade rumors and free agency thread

    I never thought he meant the Lakers wanting #6 directly. It would be a 3-way for a vet like Beal plus other stuff. I would take Ball only because the last thing we need is another 19 year old.
  2. 2019 NBA Draft Thread: Little Declares

    Little has a higher reach than Reddish and 15+ lbs. His max vert was 38.5” but Reddish didn’t jump.
  3. Trade rumors and free agency thread

    Knicks will offer something along the lines of the #3 pick and Mitchell Robinson. Griffin will ask Zion if he’s okay playing with RJ Barrett again. 😂
  4. Mock draft thread.

    Man the Garland hype is crazy. Cam Reddish and Nassir Little would’ve been so lucky to get injured after a few games in terms of their draft stock lol.
  5. Mock draft thread.

    Culver is still 2-3 years away from being a better/equal NBA player than Oubre, Bridges and Warren IMO, which is fine for a team not worried about taking the next step. I don’t think the Suns plan under Jones is more patience after last year’s debacle.
  6. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    That was straight respect. Should throw Friedman in there as well for not touching that deal.
  7. Mock draft thread.

    Thought Dinwiddie signed a longer deal than that. Scratch him off the list. Culver does nothing for the Suns unless they don’t plan on Oubre coming back.
  8. Trade rumors and free agency thread

    Lonzo but LA would need to add value.
  9. Mock draft thread.

    Whoever the team we’re picking for wants. Or roll the dice on Reddish’ upside since this draft is trash.
  10. Mock draft thread.

  11. Mock draft thread.

    The Suns aren’t adding a 20 yr old combo guard to this mess lol... We are trading for Dinwiddie or signing Brogdan to an offer sheet.
  12. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Yankee fans must feel blessed to have Hal and Cashman running the show.
  13. FF NBA Top 50 Players In The League: Who Is #1 Overall?

    Not really if you’re factoring availability.