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  1. Cardinals sign Sam Bradford

    10m cap hit this year. 312k for every game played. They structured it better than initially thought. 2019 is a team option but he’s guaranteed 5 mil regardless.
  2. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Kentucky would’ve smoked our guards anyway. The Allonzo Trier era were some of the most insignificant years in AZ basketball.
  3. NCAA Tournament Midwest Region Discussion

    Who is coaching MSU Sean Miller?
  4. Sam Bradford????

    Bradford’s knee is a ticking timebomb. I’m not sure why we should expect him to make it thru training camp/preseason quite honestly.
  5. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Franchise RB over franchise QB? Bold stragedy, Cotton...
  6. At least two more losses than anyone in the league. If the season ended today we’d be guaranteed one of Ayton/Bagley/Doncic.
  7. NCAA Tournament West Region Discussion

    Free throws...
  8. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Excellent job by Ballard holding out for three 2nd’s. I think most GM’s would’ve been good with one of them bring a 3-4th rounder. Chubb would be killer value at 6.
  9. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Damn. At this point the only way Arizona can move into the top-4 is trading PP21. Browns need a corner?
  10. Seahawks sign WR Jaron Brown

    Super underrated sign. Should be good from the ACL.
  11. Cardinals sign Justin Pugh

    Games missed last year: Mike Iupati: 15 DJ Humphries: 11 Justin Pugh: 8 Andre Smith: 5 Good thing our new QB’s isn’t made out of Seaweed.
  12. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Well you deserve it. Arizona 5’9” PG and would’ve been the worst defensive team in the history of Kenpom to make the F4.
  13. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Hopefully this season will be vacated.