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  1. You could justify Mobley over Cunningham for Minnesota.
  2. The guy literally couldn’t pronounce Kliff Kingsbury’s name for an entire offseason. He’s washed.
  3. That’s a good point. They could trade him after next season but the savings are minimal.
  4. DirtyDez


    Who would you like, love and hate?
  5. Atlanta won’t be in SB contention in the near future so there’s no reason not to take Fields or Lance.
  6. I think the premise is projecting their rankings 2 years from now. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if LaMelo is top-3 of that group by then.
  7. Azeez Ojulari seemed like the kind of prospect that would be a top-5 pick had he went back to Georgia and had a huge year. He’s still 20.
  8. Trade down with Denver. Get an extra day two pick and you can rebuild your OL in two days. Burrow has really good feet for a big guy but you can’t ask him to be Russ or Rodgers evading pressure.
  9. It’s going to be Damon or Muss.
  10. Never fails. The undefeated season is always a burden.
  11. Hardcore settle hire like Bill Guthridge but he had a dream team coming backfire bridge the gap.
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