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  1. They’ll shoot for the 1-seed. I think CP3 has said he’s strongly against sitting out unless there’s no possible seed change until the final game or two. I’d like to have him get 5+ days off before the playoffs and playing the play-in winner might allow that to happen without sitting a game.
  2. Suns having their best season in a long time and they get the Lakers in the first rd. Basketball Gods like:
  3. Where does Rondale Moore go with a clean Bill of health?
  4. Imagine the LB athleticism had they kept Reddick. If Marco can give us anything and Jalen stays healthy I love the secondary.
  5. I think it was after the Jags win in the AFCCG. The comeback in 16’ was huge and everyone thought it was the peaking GOAT moment but he came back the next year and won MVP post Falcons SB and suspension. Even though they lost to Philly he was cemented.
  6. Disagree with both those posts because he was physically and mentally drained each time he retired. He didn’t take care of his body the way athletes do now and it would’ve caught up to him. I’ve always thought the 1.5 year retirement was one of the best things for his legacy.
  7. LVE with a non-glass sternum would be a pretty damn good LB.
  8. I don’t think he’s got room to sacrifice 20 lbs.
  9. Keim said Collins will be the 100% Mike backer. Not sure how I feel about that since it’s the QB of the defense and he’s a converted player. He’s not the freak Willis is, not the instinctual player Kuechly/Urlacher were and doesn’t have the burst Wagner has. Best case I think he’s a bigger, less explosive Wagner. Idk who that compares to currently.
  10. The Love pick was a mistake but my God get over it. If you think it costs you potential pieces to win a SB yet demand a trade to teams that are much worse than GB just makes him look like emotional hypocrite.
  11. Their 5th and 22’ 4th to move up. They had to given the need for a corner.
  12. Rodgers is one of the dumbest smart athletes I can remember.
  13. The Suns should get credit for what they did in the bubble but let’s not blow it out of proportion. They took advantage of some of the circumstances but before the league shut down there was nothing significantly positive about them. They went 8-0 and still finished below .500 and that was with Rubio playing really well.
  14. Nobody was talking about the Suns “depth” before this year... Nothing against Monty but CP is basically the coach out there. I do think Jokic had it in the bag and deservedly so.
  15. Not including guys who’ve missed 15+ games CP3 is a top-3 MVP candidate.
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