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  1. This makes the depth of the OL pretty great. I’m glad the young guys like Allen and Lawrence can learn from one of the best to ever do it.
  2. Arizona isn’t in cap hell. They can release Robert Alford and Justin Pugh to save $15m. Extend Chandler Jones to lower his cap hit to re-sign or tag Reddick. This definitely means Peterson is gone unless he takes a haircut.
  3. I don’t get Kemba. He looks healthy one night and crippled the next. I wonder if there were discussions with OKC for Paul last offseason. Their contracts are similar but Boston had 3 FRP’s and could’ve traded 1-2 for the better PG.
  4. The Colts were expert chokers as well. 05’ and 07’ they were top-3 in both offense/defense and lost to young Ben and injured-Rivers/Volek... 08’ was bad luck having to play SD on the road with a better a better record. That was the Mike Scifres MVP game. The NFL needed 16-win Pats vs 14-win Colts in the AFCCG and we got the banged up Chargers because Indy choked at home.
  5. Are they keeping the other DJ? Cutting him frees up 6.5m...
  6. This right now is Caserio’s mindset because he doesn’t want to be the first ever GM to trade a superstar QB in his prime. But, he’s smart and knows this can’t drag on into training camp. Being a rookie HC is hard enough when you’re not dealing with an epic distraction. I’m sure we’ll get the Shefter tweet about 2 weeks before the draft that they’ve starting to field calls.
  7. I hope Kyler is as good as Watson one day therefor I’d make that trade+
  8. Based on Peter King’s column today teams would trade their firstborns for Watson. I think they pull the trigger leading up to draft day.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nfl.com/_amp/qb-index-ranking-the-59-starting-quarterbacks-of-the-2020-nfl-season
  10. Imagine if Joker wins the French.
  11. Imagine declining Reddick’s 5th year option then franchising him. Could be a reality.
  12. This seems like the type of draft where there’s 3-4 guys that would be great #2 picks.
  13. Whoever’s idea it was to take a shot drafting Hurts last year:
  14. Easy to say from our keyboards.
  15. Man if CP3 were a few years younger cause we ain’t going anywhere with a Booker/Ayton core.
  16. Man how does Minnesota not borderline forfeit every game not to keep their pick?
  17. Does anyone who fell out of the lottery last year (Anthony, Quickley or Achiuwa) go top-5 this year if they came back to school?
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