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  1. If SC knew that Urbz would take the job they would’ve fired Helton after last season.
  2. I don’t recall any AZ player making a single play vs the Rams but Budda has turned into a complete safety.
  3. Sports betting now legal in AZ so don’t be surprised when I’m PM’ing y’all for loans when I’m down in the dumps.
  4. So Kiffin to FSU a guarantee at this point?
  5. Hardly a clear cut call at game speed.
  6. I don’t like defending officials but in real time that’s not PI.
  7. Brees is a natural. He’ll be really good by mid season.
  8. That wouldn’t been funny had they been able to challenge IG then the ball moves 10 yards back from the spot and it’s a 60 yard FG.
  9. Even if the arm is technically going forward I hate incomplete calls that aren’t intended pass attempts
  10. Texas teams playing conference games in Oregon/Washington would be weird but the P12 should’ve added TCU and Houston for the markets. BYU is a brand as well. It would’ve been quantity over quality on the field/court but they need the market money after Larry Scott nearly bankrupted the conference.
  11. I know we’re living in a pro-player echo chamber these days but is there a cockier below average player in any sport?
  12. They finally get a committed owner and still a dumpster fire.
  13. Have Chase and Sewell been as bad as Peter Schrager says on the Simmons pod?
  14. Would’ve traded Kyler and a 1st in a heartbeat about 6 months ago.
  15. Thomas and Bagwell’s numbers that year don’t look real. Thomas had a .500 OBP on August 2nd.
  16. Pretty sure he has the most TD receptions from different QB’s as well with 16. Edit: it’s Irving Fryar - https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/dy6gu1/who_has_caught_the_most_tds_from_different_qbs/
  17. Jedd Fisch hasn’t coached a game and I’m worried about losing him. 😅
  18. Has the #1 pick ever had to compete for the starting QB position? There’s been a few times they knew going in they were the backup; Palmer, Smith, Goff…
  19. There’s more pressure on Kliff but both guys need to have a great year.
  20. World class confidence/average talent.
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