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  1. I think the premise is projecting their rankings 2 years from now. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if LaMelo is top-3 of that group by then.
  2. Azeez Ojulari seemed like the kind of prospect that would be a top-5 pick had he went back to Georgia and had a huge year. He’s still 20.
  3. Trade down with Denver. Get an extra day two pick and you can rebuild your OL in two days. Burrow has really good feet for a big guy but you can’t ask him to be Russ or Rodgers evading pressure.
  4. Never fails. The undefeated season is always a burden.
  5. Hardcore settle hire like Bill Guthridge but he had a dream team coming backfire bridge the gap.
  6. Seager ending up better than Bellinger wouldn’t be a surprise right?
  7. Surprised they didn’t trade for Darnold a few weeks ago... Given their current situation you keep Jimmy and draft Fields. As a rival fan I’m hoping for Lance/Jones
  8. Wish I followed them more instead of jumping on the bandwagon late. It’s not like the men were stealing their thunder.
  9. I’d be surprised if SC gives them a game.
  10. Had no idea Detroit had a worse record than Houston and with the new lottery system you can fall further than before. They better shut down Christian Wood.
  11. Mobley is going to be so good in about 3 years.
  12. I think Wilson has more arm talent than Rodgers had coming out but AR had incredible development physically while he was sitting. I think Wilson can get close to peak Rodgers in terms of physical talent eventually. Whether that means he’ll sniff Rodger’s caliber of playing the position...
  13. Suggs doesn’t have to dominate but it shouldn’t be held against him. He’s elite.
  14. Ryan isn’t Brady they need a QB to groom. Perfect situation for Lance.
  15. A QB with 16 starts from North Dakota isn’t going top-3.
  16. How many teams have picked top-3 twice in 3 with a SB appearance in between?
  17. Miami could trade for Russ sending out Tua, three 1st rd picks, one 2nd, one 3rd and still have a pick in every round that they traded a pick from. Miami’s GM going in dry on the league.
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