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  1. I'd be shocked if Kobe picked #8.
  2. Last player to hit for at least 100 XBH and draw 100+ walks in a season?
  3. Agree with the Rex that this is an important series for both teams.
  4. Me too but he might be slightly further along at his 3rd year in college. Of course RG had a senior season for the ages and had a better body. Jackson is listed at 212 but he's probably closer to 200. Apparently he's up significant weight from last year.
  5. No. Make the professional athletes run the bases.
  6. Wasn't sure the guidelines were the same with the new format.
  7. If they break the A's record does Chernoff get a movie?
  8. His fumble completely changed the game. If they lose to Indy might as well see what Blaine has...
  9. Rams getting up for non-division games is every Cards/Hawks fans nightmare.
  10. 80% - hot take 20% - often injured, ineffective when healthy, draft red flags and Keim early misses. Ok maybe 15%.
  11. Robbie Ray since taking a 109-mph liner off the skull: 25.1 IP, 2.15 ERA, 45 K, 6 BB
  12. He hasn't been playing better. That was local spin based off a good quarter in preseason. It is early and I do hope you're right though.
  13. Good on y'all who called it. Poor evaluation by Keim when 28 teams pass on a "top-5 talent".
  14. None of them can throw a lick but Tate should've been starting all along.
  15. Jackson's awareness and accuracy is bad but he has the most effortless explosion in his legs that I can remember.
  16. Had the D'Backs not signed Tomas they could've brought back JD. That contract should've been the first clue that TLR/Stewart had no idea how to evaluate young players.
  17. Diamondbacks have made up 12 games in 13 days in the NL West and still trail by 10 games.
  18. https://mobile.twitter.com/nickpiecoro/status/905308145123291136 That stat is real.
  19. First ever off 4 different pitchers. Only problem is the Dodgers will sign him now.
  20. Diamondbacks straight up broke the Dodgers.
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