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  1. Do we still not know why he was benched for the SB?
  2. I was literally listening to Jackie and Bill talk about it when I saw that lol
  3. Robert Alford is damaged goods. They will draft a corner before R3. Simmons and Thompson “popping” are where this defense could take a significant leap.
  4. Looking past it being another 3rd rd flameout by Keim, yeah, not a bad deal considering better players have been unable to draw picks lately.
  5. Orlando got a lot of poop back unless those Bulls picks convey around 5-10.
  6. That was 2009. Conversely the Suns not trading Amare for KG in 2007.
  7. Damn I didn’t know Jalen had negative value .
  8. Chet Holmgren looks like he’s got malaria or something. His body is going to have problems.
  9. Vucevich plus what pick protection gets Ayton (asking for a friend)...
  10. Tua #3 #36 #82 22’ first rd pick Still leaves Miami with a 1st and 2nd this year..
  11. Can we get him for Kyler straight up now?
  12. So they were going to surround him with a much worse roster than Seattle? Their only logical offer would’ve been going overboard with picks like Mike Ditka trading for Ricky Williams.
  13. Much better than the AJ deal. Keim still obsessed with marquee names.
  14. He’s washed but he’ll have performances where you forget he’s washed. That’s the best way to describe him. I wish him nothing but the best. He’s probably on the Cards’ Mt Rushmore.
  15. Keim is the worst evaluator of WR’s I can recall. He lucked into Hopkins.
  16. From maybe the worst center situation to the best. He could fall off a cliff though.
  17. Even though passing Haliburton was a big mistake Payne has been so good it wouldn’t matter that much right now. It sure would’ve been nice having CP’s future replacement though. I wasn’t a fan of drafting STIX.
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