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  1. How did nobody trade for him before he was released?
  2. I’d like more burst off the edge but you can’t argue with the value.
  3. Top-5 QB in Dolphins history just by taking the physical.
  4. Was close to going Conley. He’s higher than Mitchell in Ortg, DRtg, WS, WS/48, RPM, BPM, VORP. Metric God this year.
  5. Bender over Murray Chriss over Sabonis Jackson over Fox Ayton over Luka Smith over Haliburton
  6. 100% if there were no positional stipulation.
  7. Each team should get two bye weeks during either weeks 6-7 and 13-14. So you’d get about half the normal amount of games for four weeks of the season.
  8. (minimum 20 games played) Curry Lilliard Lebron Giannis Embiid - Harden Kyrie Luka Kawhi Jokic - Paul Brown George Simmons Gobert
  9. Predicting Russ to Miami. I think he’d waive his NTC and Seattle would prefer the AFC
  10. OTC.com is definitely on my most viewed icons page. I looked at 2023 and Dallas is currently $30m under the cap. The next closest are Philly and KC who are just under $100m. Cowboys are also the only team over next year.
  11. PG is one of the 15 best players in the league right now. Still trade rape by OKC.
  12. It was a bad play but the #1 offense in the league scored 21 points and Brady had a 57 passer rating. It was on everyone.
  13. The Bears need to pull a Ditka and trade their draft for one of these guys.
  14. The best Giants team of that era went one & done in 09’. They were top-5 in PPG and opposing PPG and lost at home to Philly. So much is luck and timing.
  15. People talk about that play like it would’ve iced the game. There was still over 6 min left. The Chargers made a lot of mistakes that day.
  16. Patrick Peterson replacement
  17. A lesson in not waiting to sign your franchise QB.
  18. That’s three first rd picks including two in the top-3 if you include Q.
  19. After the way he played I figured they’d be forced to keep him.
  20. Like last year having the #3 pick is a great place to be.
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