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  1. I’m speaking in terms of focus. Of course physically it’s not comparable but you’re saying it’s just a skill. What does that mean? We’ve seen the best golfers ever have complete meltdowns.
  2. Golf is the most pressurized pro sport. Not only are all eyes on you but you could pretty much seriously injure fans on any given day. Besides Tiger was playing thru torn ACL’s and broken bones. He was a different breed in the borderline psychotic MJ realm.
  3. I’m not a hockey guy but Gretzky is right there along with MJ, Brady, peak Tiger, Ali and Rafa Nadal. But that’s for another day.
  4. SB MVP’s and Finals MVP’s are a poor accolade to boost or diminish legacy but there’s nobody else they could’ve given it to. The defense was so great as a unit that noisy one guy stood out above the rest.
  5. Last 3 MVP’s have been easy calls.
  6. It only takes one desperate sucker. Remember the Vikings trading for Bradford?
  7. Celts look smart for not making short sided trades.
  8. Lebron was definitely robbed in 2017. He wasn’t “robbed” last year but could’ve easily won it. I think 18’ and 19’ were when he completely quit on D.
  9. I’ll go in the dirt thinking they should’ve gone Billy Volek.
  10. There wasn’t Twitter or hot take morning shows on every station overreacting to the nth degree. He was lucky in that regard as were a lot of guys, lol..
  11. If Houston decides to blow it up they should create a bidding war between AZ and SF. In reality there’s maybe 5-6 teams that shouldn’t be interested... Cap hits if he’s traded: 21’ - $10.5m 22’ - $35m 23’ - $37m 24’ - $32m 25’ - $32m
  12. If Elway comes back Terrell Davis doesn’t tear his ACL trying to make a tackle after a Griese interception. We could’ve seen Elway vs Manning in the playoffs.
  13. Imagine the Manning takes at halftime of that game if social media were around... Also, do the Pats still transform the offense if they win it that year?
  14. I remember Dirk going thru something like that and it affected his play.
  15. They should’ve waited another year but wanted to get out in front of the Wentz deal. It didn’t really come back to bite them too bad.
  16. Kelly has to be going thru some stuff in his personal life. You don’t go from really productive to doodoo that fast.
  17. 8 vs 5 and still took them out. Playing Dallas is so annoying with the calls.
  18. Houston trading Watson increases their 2021 cap hit plus they’d get a picks and/or players. They’re already over the cap and may have to trade Cooks.
  19. Which city cares less about having an NBA team. New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta or Minnesota?
  20. Shocker that the Rams get another QB that owns the Cards... That said I have to point out we got Palmer for a 6th. 😛
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