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  1. There wasn’t Twitter or hot take morning shows on every station overreacting to the nth degree. He was lucky in that regard as were a lot of guys, lol..
  2. If Houston decides to blow it up they should create a bidding war between AZ and SF. In reality there’s maybe 5-6 teams that shouldn’t be interested... Cap hits if he’s traded: 21’ - $10.5m 22’ - $35m 23’ - $37m 24’ - $32m 25’ - $32m
  3. If Elway comes back Terrell Davis doesn’t tear his ACL trying to make a tackle after a Griese interception. We could’ve seen Elway vs Manning in the playoffs.
  4. Imagine the Manning takes at halftime of that game if social media were around... Also, do the Pats still transform the offense if they win it that year?
  5. I remember Dirk going thru something like that and it affected his play.
  6. They should’ve waited another year but wanted to get out in front of the Wentz deal. It didn’t really come back to bite them too bad.
  7. Kelly has to be going thru some stuff in his personal life. You don’t go from really productive to doodoo that fast.
  8. 8 vs 5 and still took them out. Playing Dallas is so annoying with the calls.
  9. Houston trading Watson increases their 2021 cap hit plus they’d get a picks and/or players. They’re already over the cap and may have to trade Cooks.
  10. Which city cares less about having an NBA team. New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta or Minnesota?
  11. Shocker that the Rams get another QB that owns the Cards... That said I have to point out we got Palmer for a 6th. 😛
  12. The team that trades for him is getting hit with a $28m cap it. We’re talking about a mediocre QB at best (unless he’s playing Arizona). How high a pick are they getting when you could probably get a journeyman type stop-gap for less than half that... https://overthecap.com/exploring-the-costs-of-trading-star-qbs-in-2021/
  13. It’s up to Watson how serious they get. James Harden can half-*** it for ten games to force their hand but you can’t do that playing quarterback. I’d imagine he wouldn’t show up to avoid a circus. I think if it’s their mindset to see if he’d miss game checks they’re only hurting themselves. They should do right by him cause he’s a good person. It’s a lose-lose.
  14. Maybe they’re bluffing but I didn’t think they’d give up draft capital for less than a significant upgrade.
  15. If the Rams trade Goff for Stafford it only increases their cap number by $8 mil. They’d have to overpay with picks for Detroit to pay Goff $28 mil next year... How many would it take?
  16. When I think of empty/inflated stats it’s taking what the defense gives you considering you’re trailing in most games and can’t keep the opponent honest with the threat of running. The defense keeping you in front of them might explain dump offs and high completion % but not the vertical efficiency he had. It’s not like his weapons were the GSOT either.
  17. So they were playing a lot of prevent defenses yet he led the league in YPA??
  18. 70%/4,800/9YPA with no running game. He’s ELITE.
  19. Keim has history of trading for future hall of famers in their prime out of Houston. Let’s keep it simple.
  20. I think several writers are making Bonds and Clemens sweat until the bitter end. The thought of Bud Selig in the HOF and Barry Bonds not makes me queasy. This guy was promoting the hell out of the 98’ HR chase between two inhuman looking hulks.
  21. Monty completely out coached by <insert OKC’s coach here>
  22. How smart were the Knicks not going after Westbrook? Knicks?? Smart???
  23. Maybe it’s just timing but every time I see Duke the Hurt kid goes Dirk mode.
  24. I got my rule changes mixed up I thought the illegal contact stuff came later. But, Favre was too careless with the ball for stretches of his career. He peaked higher than Brees but it’s not like Brees didn’t have a great peak. The MVP are media voted accolades and Brees should’ve won two maybe three.
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