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  1. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    Looks like this is all coming to a conclusion one way or another
  2. Preseason game one thoughts.

    Williams is a UDFA? Wonder how that happened
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    I'm sure there will be a thread for Cliff Branch, I actually met him at a Walmart of all places where he had a table set up selling autographed photos in Martinez ca, just a really nice guy you wanted to pull for to be in Canton. RIP CLIFF BRANCH #21
  4. Last Chance U

    Cant wrap my head around why someone would steal in a dorm where you can see the cameras in the hallways. Hopefully Bobby Bruce has a job waiting for him when he gets home so he can provide for his new baby but I think probably not. These kids need to be sold on the process of what they are there for cause cliche as it sounds football is not their future much past college but it's more than obvious the classroom is not something they gravitate towards. I realize talent wise most of them are div 1 level and may get picked up UDFA but then most don't make it from there also, it's just sad watching the struggles these kids are having from the upbringing they had.
  5. It will, the stadium is gonna be top 5 in the league and a superbowl destination no doubt. The strange part will be the amount of opposing team fans that will include a Vegas holiday along with catching their team play an away game.
  6. Yep the "Limbo" team of the NFL
  7. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Well its either brilliance or a complete flop bringing him to the Rockets there is no adjustment time regarding Westbrook he has one script as does Harden and the Rockets we will know rather quickly if this works.
  8. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Him and Harden are gonna be entertainment on defense
  9. Power Tools Thread & Hand Tools thread

    I wonder if Hilti might have something better
  10. Official: Track & Field Thread

    Lol yep I'm sure if I spent all my free time training to run faster I still would not have been even the fastest kid in high school. I don't know why some will only credit hard work and not give the fact they got gifted great genetics. Genetics alone wont take you all the way but they deserve some credit.
  11. Official: Track & Field Thread

    And apparently there are no real genetic traits through his family of fast runners, he just credits his work ethic.
  12. Full page congrats for Raptors on newspaper by GS very classy
  13. Golf Thread

  14. Official: Track & Field Thread

    All I can say is wow
  15. Golf Thread

    Ok 2019 US OPEN liking what I'm seeing with Tiger today the irons are there and hes keeping the tee shots in play, get the putter rolling and he may get this