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  1. Raider UDFA's

    Absolutely, intangibles is so vague a term, players put out 100% effort I believe on the field pretty much always its guys that have the mental intensity is what gives them the edge over players of equal ability, that is what athletes like Steph Curry have, they don't let the flow of the game affect their intensity, effort is one thing intensity separates. I think if I were an owner I would hire people that specifically find that sort of trait in my players, Tom Brady for a football example doesn't have much in physical tools than other players but his game time intensity is unflappable.
  2. Raider UDFA's

    Well if the scouting department does their job hopefully they can find that elusive "legit" player. The draft seems so predictable at times and then someone does that unpredictable pick like so many think we did.
  3. #2 Denver Nuggets vs #3 Portland Trailblazers

    This could not work out much better for GS
  4. #2 Denver Nuggets vs #3 Portland Trailblazers

    CJ wants this bad
  5. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I drove by the site today, here in Vegas for a few days of work. A lot more steel is up and taking shape, this stadium is going to be an epic venue no doubt superbowls will be played here. This move to Las Vegas is huge for the future of the Raiders Al would no doubt be impressed at what his son has accomplished the location is absolutely awesome with the strip only a few blocks away. At first I wasn't so sure about this move but now it makes loads of sense. The Raiders if ran well will again become a team veteran players will want to play for everything is going to be in place very soon for the resurgence of one of the greatest teams of the NFL.
  6. Are they better than the Clippers without KD? Is that even a question?
  7. Omg Curry ran away thinking Green was going to defend Rivers, yep the defense communication stinks right now
  8. If Durant continues to get one on one midrange Kerr should let him take every shot this quarter
  9. That too but KD midrange is unstoppable
  10. GS looking to close this series up next quarter 7 points is nothing if Steph heats up
  11. You gotta put it out there in order to see the ridiculousness