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  1. No, just the one who had to come in here and say "I had nothing to do with this" in typical self important fashion. I don't see any Chiefs fans doing the same thing
  2. Ooo I made the peanut gallery mad lol who cares
  3. Well, good arguments. Between you and me and everyone else, I wanted more picks, and I like Gallup, and I want to get rid of Bob Quinn's mistakes (which I consider Okudah one because of how badly he mishandled that pick), and I probably didn't insist on Dallas' 2nd round pick as hard as I should have. I do, however, stand by my opinion of Okudah, no matter who his coach was last year. He doesn't impress me and I'm not optimistic he'll ever be a plus starter.
  4. Frankly I wasn't impressed by his athleticism. He didn't look fast to me and I came to believe early on that he was drafted too high. Comparing him to Xavien Howard is silly unless you take it for granted that Okudah will inevitably reach his level. I don't believe he will.
  5. Detroit's FO is betting on their impression of Okudah based on his play last year, that he was a mistake by the previous regime
  6. I pulled the trigger, what the hell. We get a good young WR and a day 2 pick
  7. I think you're assuming too much. There were things I saw from him this season that went beyond bad coaching. I think he was slow. It's possible that he gets better but it's also possible that he proves next year that he was drafted too high in the first place and the Lions never get offered very much for him again
  8. Dallas is making overtures about Jeff Okudah, I'm inclined to listen
  9. You mean like Desmond Howard, he of the 123 career receptions and 7 career receiving touchdowns
  10. All these are decent points but it's just fun to crack on em
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