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  1. Martha Ford steps down as Lions owner; daughter to take over

    It ain't Stafford being good or bad, healthy or injured. It's the defense. He was brought here to be a genius and his defenses have been putrid. OK, you say he doesn't have the players. He has a GM who's been there for four years and keeping the seat warm for Matt for the first two, and has done things like draft Hockenson over Ed Oliver.
  2. Greatest displays of individual toughness

    Kellen Winslow (Sr., not the knucklehead) in the 1982 playoffs v. Miami
  3. What makes Prime Barry Sanders better than Prime Jim Brown?

    I didn't see JB live. I saw Barry's whole career live. All I can say about Barry vs. anyone else, JB or anyone, is: What do you watch sports for? Is it to see guys be consistently great? Or is it to see guys, in their best moments, do things that are beyond just being fast, or strong, or big? Things that make you wonder what you just saw. Both are good things to watch. But Barry did that second thing more than any other pro athlete I ever saw. Maybe Jordan in his super-athletic years before the championships was on that level, too.
  4. I'll keep it to football - Brees has mortally insulted many of his teammates to the point where he probably can't be their quarterback any more.
  5. Can a small-market, low payroll NFL team win a Super Bowl?

    Tell me, what team in the last 20 years is most known for not only signing high priced, name free agents but also for signing many free agents and making a splash early in the FA period? It's Washington. Hasn't helped them much, has it. And what team always has players wanting to go there for an exciting city to live in and no state taxes? Miami. See Washington. Prudent use of free agency, getting the right couple of players at the right time, is very important. But no team has much of an advantage over any other. Only a couple, like the Patriots, have a big advantage in players wanting to go there to win (and for all that, FA's aren't the biggest factor in the Patriots' dominance). And only a couple, like my Lions, have a big disadvantage with top-shelf players not wanting to go there. But we all know that's got nothing to do with market size or payroll. It's because of good, or bad, organization and leadership.
  6. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    Well, if this doesn't get the thread locked, then I don't know what will
  7. Strangest careers

    David Boston is a good one. Through 3 years he was on pace to be an all time great. Then he just decided he wanted to be Hulk Hogan instead of a WR.
  8. Rams Jersey Leaked

    I love the bone color. Looks great with the blue. The designs are crappy. NO GRADIENTS FFS HOW DUMB ARE YOU
  9. Rams release New Uniforms

    Love the colors. Everything else just screams "design firm doing too much to justify the incredible money they're getting paid" Didn't anyone learn anything from the Jags? No gradients, no where, no how. When a designer in the brainstorming meetings says, "how about we put a gradient right" then you fire them and throw them out the window before they point and say "here" I predict the Rams are back to their real, correct helmet style by 2024. Now if they had used these colors, kept their helmet design, and done everything else like the Bucs did with traditional numbers and simple design, this would be a home run.
  10. How are those Draft Picks Doing?: 2017 Edition

    No one else has done it so here goes: Detroit Lions 2017 draft: 1-21: Jarrad Davis, LB: Given the starting MLB job from day 1. Can't cover, poor run defender. Has speed and often uses it to run himself out of position on plays. Pretty good at blitzing the QB with 10 sacks in 3 seasons. Overall, he's mediocre at best. Team drafted his MLB replacement in '19. C- 2-53: Teez Tabor, CB: Probably the worst single pick of GM Bob Quinn's Lions tenure. Quinn claimed to have personally scouted him extensively, which is why he drafted him despite his precipitous fall based on a 4.7 40 time at the combine. Turned out not only could he not run, he also could not cover at the NFL level. Only significant playing time was at the end of the '18 season, when he was ranked dead last by PFF among qualifying defensive backs. F- 3-96: Kenny Golladay, WR: The saving grace of the entire '17 draft. Star-level, #1 WR who has improved every year and has a possible All-Pro ceiling in the near future. Showed he had it from the very beginning of his career, and has never taken any steps back. A+ 4-127: Michael Roberts, TE: He caught a lot of TD's in the MAC. F 5-165: Jamal Agnew, CB: They got a Pro Bowl returner out of this pick, so that ain't bad for the 5th round. In his rookie season, he looked like he might be able to play slot corner, but hasn't been very good in that role since. B- 6-205: Jeremiah Ledbetter, DE: Stuck with the Lions for a year. Current NFL practice squad fodder. D- 6-215: Brad Kaaya, QB: Took a flyer on a somewhat prominent college name. Out of the league. F 7-250: Pat O'Connor, DE: See Ledbetter, Jeremiah. 6 career tackles in the NFL. D-
  11. Predicting New Lions' Jersey Numbers

    I think Swift would look good in 28 I dunno if Okudah would want to take 23. I don't think Walker would give up 21, unless Okudah pays the freight. But he might. Maybe then Walker could take 26 or 29. Okwara can get his college number 42. Likewise with Cephus and 87. The guards, who cares.
  12. Lions decline 5th year option on Jarrad Davis

    No, it's saying that there's actually nothing he's been really good at. He's got 10 sacks in three seasons. And those sacks came with him rushing the passer rarely, and almost never being expected to rush. On some of his sacks he faced no blocking at all. He has good speed and was able to find good blitz angles sometimes when no one knew he was coming. If he ever lined up regularly in a rush end, on-ball position, where someone was assigned to pass block only him, he would get trashed.
  13. Lions decline 5th year option on Jarrad Davis

    I maintain Davis would be far worse in some kind of rush-LB role than he will be continuing as an ILB. I'd give him more of a chance of finally becoming a good player as a ILB than having any kind of success, like, taking over for Kennard. He'd have tire treads across his face on a weekly basis if they tried that stuff.
  14. Predicting New Lions' Jersey Numbers

    If the Lions had any guts they'd give Okudah #20. Give Lem Barney a DB partner to balance out Billy Sims and Barry.
  15. Round 4, Pick 121: Logan Stenberg

    He does keep those feet moving