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  1. I will say this - I'm happy or at least ok with the coaching staff hires so far. The thing that was the very biggest red flag on Patricia was the coaching staff he hired. All of the Syracuse guys, hiring Pasqualoni out of retirement. Sure, Glenn comes from NO too, but he's young and has juice in the league outside of just being Campbell's guy.
  2. Dorsey is a great move. A good pro personnel guy to help Holmes, the good college scouting guy. Everyone saying 'too many voices,' I mean there's two ways that can go. You can get guys disagreeing and turmoil, or you can get a team that knows when to take the best suggestion in the right situation. Depends a lot on the team members.
  3. Whoever said it got it perfect - if the Lions send him to the Bears it better be 3 #1s or something else over the moon before I'll accept it If the Niners offer #12 and some other pick that would be beautiful. 12 is about as high of a pick as I expect them to get. I really wouldn't consider Garoppolo or Lock any kind of value in return. The only player I'd want in return is Watson. If the Texans would take Stafford and #7, the Lions better do that.
  4. Both of these posts suggesting using Stafford to move up are intriguing. But I don't see it. You've got rebuilding franchises who are excited about getting top young QB talent about to come in for low money. I don’t think they give that up to get a 33 yr old veteran. And Jacksonville most certainly won't do it - I'm sure that starting off with Lawrence was a top factor in hiring Meyer in the first place.
  5. I would tag him. Whether you've got a rookie or a vet, it's a new guy in a new system and someone with golladay's size and talent could really help. Then you've got a year to decide if he works with what you're building going forward.
  6. Now that we can assume we'll have a young QB, I'm excited that the Chargers did so well with Herbert this year.
  7. Couldn't care less where we trade him or if he gets a chance at a championship. He's a professional and that’s that. Only way I trade him for any player is if it's Watson. Other than that I want picks. I'm enthused to see that general consensus in the NFL News forum is that the price starts at a 1st rounder and then the winning bid will probably include a 2nd and a 3rd this year or next. That sounds pretty good to me. Absolutely no to any NFC North team. There's so much QB demand, it doesn't have to even be thought of.
  8. There are 359 Krispy Kreme franchise locations in the US
  9. I wonder if they'll lose the stripes and go with an actual logo. I'd like to see it.
  10. I just pray this guy isn't a complete trainwreck because if he's even a little bit of a winner, he will be the next media darling coach.
  11. I'd trade Stafford as long as we get at least a first round pick in return. And if Wilson is their guy, I'd be in favor of using that extra pick to move up.
  12. yeah, especially when it comes to the criteria of games and seasons played, it's a different world from when Parcells' day. QB's who make it to their senior season do so, generally, because they weren't good enough to play early on, or good enough to leave for the draft if they did. It might still be fair, though, to think that the Lions would lean as far toward experience as they can. Wilson would be the guy, then.
  13. Solid as it can be for someone with no track record whatsoever
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