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  1. Lions @ Bears

    Man it's not even worth the effort to get upset about this nonsense anymore
  2. Week 8: Seahawks @ Lions

    Can we officially stop the "let's trade Abdullah for a fourth round pick" s***. You couldn't get a rancid jockstrap for him.
  3. Lions cut DT Sylvester Williams

    A'Shawn has been better the last couple of games and has been in the rotation more. Hand is playing inside more than outside, PFF has him ranked in the top 10 interior linemen so far this season. Francois has been his journeyman self though he did just have two sacks against the Dolphins. Seems to me like picking up Harrison might pave the way for more use of 3-4 looks. It's hard to play 3 down linemen when you don't have a reliable run stuffer in the middle. Now they do.
  4. Giants trade Harrison to Lions

    Man tell that to the Lions who are currently 30th in the league against the run. If this even shaves their run yds per game from 140 to around 100, that's going to win them some games
  5. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Ok, so it's not the best in the league anymore, middle of the road maybe. It might still be enough unless we just assume the Lions have taken a permanent step forward last week. We'll see.
  6. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Elliott might still beat the Lions. You cannot ignore that the Patriots played a uniquely awful game. The Cowboys have real defensive and offensive lines. I'm skeptical that the Lions OL will come close to protecting Stafford the way they did last week. The one factor which could really give the Lions an edge is Kerryon, if he matches Elliott or is close, the Lions have a good chance, but will Blount get half the carries or more again? Cowboys 19, Lions 17
  7. Week 3: Patriots vs. Lions

    Read the game thread in NFL General. Most impartial observers agree the Patriots played like hot garbage. It's nice the Lions showed some improvement, to be sure. The team that played the Jets wouldn't have beaten anyone. We'll see if they can sustain the improvement
  8. Do The Lions Fire JBC?

    Let's face it, it goes even higher than that. When WCF died there was a brief window of optimism, then when it turned out Martha was taking over that was like a bucket of cold water. Then when they fired Lewand and Mayhew there was hope they would hire a football guy to run the whole show, instead they hired the guy who ran the Ford family's tax write-off. Those were red flags, but it wasn't till last night that it became obvious and undeniable that WCFs dysfunction was never excised and has now re-infected the whole organization.
  9. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    I was being sarcastic. I think you're acting like you're dispassionate and logical as an excuse for looking through rose colored glasses to an illogical degree.
  10. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    Ok, tell you what. You're so darned reasonable and level headed, why don't you tell me what their record is going to be at the end of the season. You must think they're still going to be in the hunt for a playoff slot, right?
  11. MNF - Jets vs Lions

    This statement by itself is irrefutable proof that you have no idea on this EARTH what being a Lions fan is like
  12. Training Camp and Preseason

    Even with their collapse, the Bears looked fifty times better than the Lions looked tonight.
  13. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    We're headed for 2-14. The OL, as I feared, is no better than it was and the DL is much much worse than I even feared.
  14. Training Camp and Preseason

    Haha and there go the Bears passing us again. Good thing we kept those picks in 19 and 20 that we'll use on guys who might be good by 2023. Either that or they'll be traded for a 5th-6th round pick swap.
  15. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    I promise, if the Lions get the ball first they will turn it over either directly for a TD or for a very short field which results in a score. If the Jets get it, Darnold will lead a TD drive featuring at least one completion of 40+ yards. After that, I still feel the Lions will probably come around and win the game but won't cover the 6.5. Bad offense v bad defense, pretty good offense v pretty good defense. Result: low scoring game. Lions 19, Jets 17