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  1. Monday Mock

    Epenesa is rapidly becoming my #1 player I don't want. Enough with the versatile ends who can kick inside and have a real good motor. I want the best pass rusher.
  2. 2020 Free Agency

    Why would they need any more WR's now? They shouldn't use a draft pick before the 5th round on one imo.
  3. 2020 Free Agency

    Lions sign a couple of linebackers, Reggie Ragland and Elijah Lee. We'll see if they can beat anyone out
  4. Chargers release "new" logo

    zzzzzzz the fon't isn't bad i guess, otherwise not much to see here obv
  5. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    In the eight years Millen was GM, here's how many games the Lions won each season: 2, 3, 5, 6, 5, 3, 7, 0 They wouldn't have won a division of Conference USA During this time they had a four season stretch of failing to win a road game I remember multiple times that fourth round picks failed to make the team and got cut never to be seen again. Not practice squad, simply cut O'Brien has so so far to go.
  6. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    The Texans made the playoffs last year, correct? BoB isn't in the same continent as Millen.
  7. slay traded

    Are you really asking this? Then why is he mentioning it now? Just for fun? Because they traded him? He begged for the trade and he's psyched as hell about it! Because he's got a grudge against Patricia? If so, why?! How does it somehow not reflect badly on Patricia that a relationship with one of the best players on the team went that bad? It doesn't matter how! It's not like Slay is some career knucklehead, he's hard working, great talent, never gets in trouble, has always been passionate about being a Lion. If you lose a relationship with that kind of guy, that's a monumental screw up. Monumental. Your ability to come up with ways to lick the Lions boots never ceases to amaze.
  8. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Please not the Lions, not, not, not the Lions.
  9. Ah I'm just messin with ya. I told you they'd trade him tho
  10. Yeah, well, you thought he would re-sign with the Lions, so
  11. He didn't really have that down of a year. No CB in the league is going to play press man with the team rushing 3 guys 85% of the time and not get beat some. He's in his prime for another year or two if you ask me. I dunno if he's worth that contract but he isn't on the decline just yet imo.
  12. Lions sign CB Desmond Trufant (2 years, $21 M)

    Oh I'm not denying that he'd probably re-sign if they gave him the right deal But they won't. They will trade him. Patricia thinks he's Belichick and won't take any backtalk. That's the relevance
  13. Lions sign CB Desmond Trufant (2 years, $21 M)

    Oh, it's real. They traded Q. Diggs for a 5th-7th rd pick swap for the same thing - questioning Patricia. They're not offering him crap. He's gone. And if they get a 2nd, they're lucky
  14. Thoughts On Free Agency

    All this is shuffling deck chairs, really. They haven't lost anyone or added anyone who would make a real difference, based on how they performed last year at least. Trufant isn't bad, Shelton isn't bad, but Slay is on his way out and Snacks is gone so that's a wash at best. They'll find another DT, certainly. The real issues, exactly like you said, is how are they going to improve their coverage and especially how are they going to improve the pass rush?
  15. Trade Alert!

    "Some" of them isn't that bad. Almost all of them is the thing we're concerned about