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  1. Nah, those two are staying on through this season unless they totally collapse like losing 6 in a row or something. They'd have to basically burn the stadium down to get fired before season end
  2. Hooray we beat utter trash. Minshew sucks tailpipe
  3. My Week 6 pick is New York Giants Got to take the big swings if you wanna win
  4. Patricia is completely floundering. He should be gone, but the Lions are known for hanging onto guys way too long... uh unless you're Jim Caldwell I guess.
  5. I take my trusty pencil and draw a nice picture of someone shedding a block and another one of someone making a tackle. Then I post them in the locker room and hope someone gets it
  6. okudah could certainly turn out to be a good player but the case is about 99.9% closed that drafting him at 3 was a criminal waste of draft capital.
  7. The other thing is, the longer the Lions keep these jokers, the higher the chances are that they'll stumble into 6 wins and Sheila will keep them around
  8. I wouldn't mind either way. I think odds are less than 50-50 the season gets finished anyway, so there's no real value in firing him now, except for the value of saying "you're a loser, hit the bricks," which i wholeheartedly endorse. But to the overall organization, not much difference. One thing I will say: if you fire Patricia, now or later, Quinn has got to go at the same time. I don't know how you could think its a good idea to let him make any more moves, if you decide they've got to go.
  9. Preaching to the choir brother. Believe me, I'm not howling for them to be fired right now. But I wouldn't complain. Besides, we know Rod Wood ain't getting fired and the basic nature of the Ford Family Detroit Lions Organization isn't changing, so what's the difference.
  10. Stafford is absolutely an issue, not the only one by far but one of them
  11. well, fair enough, i'm just saying that there is some point in firing them now. also points to be made for waiting a little longer. no argument to be made for keeping them into the future
  12. On the other side of that argument, what is the point of keeping them? At least by firing them you might send the message that failure isn't tolerable forever
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