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  1. Which team do you think is overrated and will underachieve?

    I've been watching the Packers all off season and thinking they are going to continue to be mediocre or maybe even worse. Rodgers will still win them some games but it's going to be rocky with him and Lafleur this season imo.
  2. Lions sign Josh Johnson

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27361106/qb-johnson-signs-lions-13th-nfl-team Can I get a take on Johnson? And can someone give me an idea about how he'd be better than Landry Jones, who the Lions also brought in?
  3. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    I mean, he just had knee surgery... Plenty to criticize him for, but that's kinda petty
  4. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    Sounds like Brady whooped em in the first day of joint practices.
  5. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    There are a lot of ways to define who's the best, but I'd rather watch Barry than those guys any day. Obviously a lot of ppl in this thread agree.
  6. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    To this day haters say he couldn't pass block and did nothing in the passing game. So what (and they aren't really true anyway). By "best" I'm going to say who's the most fun to watch, and it was Barry by a mile. Guys I remember seeing him destroy. John Lynch. Rod Woodson (faked him out of his ACL). Hall of Famers. I remember him dropping a spin move that would knock your *** off on Cornelius Bennett in a preseason game. So much wrong here, I can't even say. The Lions ran the "run-and-shoot" for three years with Barry, and the first year they ran it was 1989 - his rookie season. They didn't build it around him because they didn't even know what they had yet. And then you're going to mischaracterize the Lions offense during his time as the run and shoot, but criticize him for not running behind a fullback. For the years the Lions ran that offense, they didn't have a fullback on the roster at all - or a single tight end. So don't talk out of both sides of your mouth. Rodney Peete was ok for a few years in Philadelphia but did not fare a lot better. Ware was just an idiotic pick, period. He was not an NFL quarterback in any offense. The Lions had I think 5 winning seasons out of Barry's ten years. By Lions standards, they got the most wins in the last 60 years of their franchise when he was on the team. (And by the way his offensive line was pretty good, way better than anyone wants to remember, but that's another story)
  7. Fixing the NFL's worst uniforms

    Sorry, but to give my honest opinion, all of this is amateurish or worse. The only thing I like at all is the pattern on the Jags jersey but that logo you drew up is godawful
  8. Supposedly great players you never notice/d on the field

    Ndamukong Suh after his third year in the league
  9. 6th round or < that starts for your team in 2019 - Go!

    6th round RB Ty Johnson has attracted attention in Lions camp, not only fast and quick but has shown unexpected ability in both pass catching and pass blocking. I doubt he'll challenge for PT right away, but I think he'll be on the team, and if you make any team as a RB you have a fair chance of being pressed into starting duty at some point
  10. Training Camp Buzz

    Orlovsky is an absolute honk. Just a butt kisser of the highest order
  11. Lions release RB Theo Riddick

    Well, there's another thread for that Anyway, the tone in this thread is too negative on Riddick. He was a really good player for a few years and would have been a decent to good runner on a team with any semblance of a functional OL. He also would have been a pretty good slot receiver on a team that used him as such instead of pigeonholing him as a backfield player only.
  12. Detroit Lions sign DT Mike Daniels

    Local radio made the point that the Lions must have put together a good pitch to him, like hey here's our defense and here's where we see you as a fit and what you will be doing for us. I hope that's the case. I felt all off season that they needed one more piece on the interior DL.
  13. Bad Reputation Mount Rushmore

    Rae Carruth?
  14. Former Bucs, Giants, Broncos DE Robert Ayers retires

    What an afternoon that was
  15. Should We Make A Run At Chris Jones?

    I just hope Harrison plays for us this year.