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  1. Insane Mock With Trades That May Not Be So Crazy

    Some of this ain't bad. I'm in favor of keeping Marvin, tho. At his best he's damn near being a #1. And he's 28, with 2-3 years left to be at his peak, which he just reached last year. Who needs to sign Nick Boyle when you can just hold on to Toilolo? This is the one year I'm not in favor of trading down. I want a Pro Bowler or better on defense at 8. The other FA's look good, though I don't think the Lions are getting Mosley. Guys like that don't come to this team.
  2. Early Offseason Mock UPDATE

    I think you're out of your mind. A couple of OK games in late season garbage time when no one cares doesn't amount to anything
  3. Pre-SB Mock Round 1

    You're just goofing on the Lions, clearly.
  4. Picking 8th

    I just want a star player. Identify the players who can be impact stars and get one. I don't care if it's Deionte Thompson or even Kyler Murray. I want a pass rusher desperately, but the Lions need star players anywhere on the field much worse than they need any one position.
  5. Early Offseason Mock UPDATE

    Kerryon, Zenner and a fourth round rookie don't constitute a solid backfield in my opinion. I don't want Gary at 8. Using 3 of the first 4 picks on offense also doesn't work for me.

    Bob Gase?
  7. Picking 8th

    If they take a safety at 8 I will be pissed.
  8. Picking 8th

    Would have been 5th had they lost to GB. Honestly I'm not too upset that they beat the Packers 31-0 in Lambeau. If they'd been picking 5th, they still would have missed out on the the only two players at this point that I consider clearly head and shoulders above, Ferrell and Q. Williams. They still have quite a few DL's to choose from that are pretty close, it's only a matter of what flavor you want, from a plus-size interior tackle to an edge-bending speed rusher, and anything in between. Only problem is, both teams that potentially need a QB jumped them, so the chances of trading down just went from slim to none. Also, the chances of drafting Haskins or any other QB you'd want go from almost impossible to totally impossible. We'll see how the Senior Bowl and combine shake things out, but if the Lions want DL help, any of these could be worth it (assuming Bosa, Williams and Ferrell are gone): Ed Oliver, Josh Allen, Jeffery Simmons, Rashan Gary, Derrick Brown, Dexter Lawrence, Christian Wilkins, Montez Sweat, Raekwon Davis. And even if you take Greedy Williams or Devin White at 8, there's still guys like Zach Allen, Brian Burns, Dre'Mont Jones, Jerry Tillery. If they don't get a immediate-impact defensive lineman in either round one or two, it's a complete disaster. Edit: On the other hand, both QB teams jumping them means that if Haskins and Drew Lock can show well, both the Giants and the Jags could take a QB, meaning the difference between 5 and 8 is one player, realistically speaking.
  9. The Airing of Grievances

    My #1 grievance is that Patricia looks like a disaster. He talks and looks like he's Lionized after only one season and that's no good.
  10. Generic Gameday Thread

  11. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    I didn't "post insults." I said people were saying dumb things and I said what they were and why they were dumb. And then some pollyanna is going to tell me "this is a conversation about football, you don't have to reply if you disagree," well you know what, I know both of those things. I can also choose to reply and tell you all you're saying dumb things if that's what I very well please to do. Get over it
  12. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    Nothing says I can't call you all dumb either. I chose that option so get lost.
  13. Thanksgiving off-season

    I like the focus on the DL. Brandon Graham is up there in years but I'd take him on the Lions just bc he's always been a favorite of mine. What a great Wolverine he was. As a senior, after his last Ohio State game, buckeye players lined up to shake his hand.
  14. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    To be a little nicer about it, I'll say this: although Stafford will be the Lions qb in 2019 without any doubt, I would consider trading him after that for only a $40 mil dead cap hit. $80m is completely out of the question but $40m could be doable. Only problem is this. If after 2019 the Lions are in a place to trade him, that means they're coming off another bad season. That means that Quinn is a failure and him and his handpicked guy Patricia need to be out. So then we're starting all over (if Martha and Sheila could even be convinced to do it that way, which is a stretch). Oh and starting a rebuild with a $40m anchor around their neck. Sigh. Maybe Dan Gilbert can convince the ladies to sell.
  15. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    What is this dumbness Guess what you'd need all that $70 mil plus another $10 mil to afford the dead cap hit you'd take in 2019 if you traded Stafford Why are you people doing a three page thread talking about this like it could happen. I thought people here were a little smarter than that