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  1. No, just the one who had to come in here and say "I had nothing to do with this" in typical self important fashion. I don't see any Chiefs fans doing the same thing
  2. Ooo I made the peanut gallery mad lol who cares
  3. Well, good arguments. Between you and me and everyone else, I wanted more picks, and I like Gallup, and I want to get rid of Bob Quinn's mistakes (which I consider Okudah one because of how badly he mishandled that pick), and I probably didn't insist on Dallas' 2nd round pick as hard as I should have. I do, however, stand by my opinion of Okudah, no matter who his coach was last year. He doesn't impress me and I'm not optimistic he'll ever be a plus starter.
  4. Frankly I wasn't impressed by his athleticism. He didn't look fast to me and I came to believe early on that he was drafted too high. Comparing him to Xavien Howard is silly unless you take it for granted that Okudah will inevitably reach his level. I don't believe he will.
  5. Detroit's FO is betting on their impression of Okudah based on his play last year, that he was a mistake by the previous regime
  6. I pulled the trigger, what the hell. We get a good young WR and a day 2 pick
  7. I think you're assuming too much. There were things I saw from him this season that went beyond bad coaching. I think he was slow. It's possible that he gets better but it's also possible that he proves next year that he was drafted too high in the first place and the Lions never get offered very much for him again
  8. Dallas is making overtures about Jeff Okudah, I'm inclined to listen
  9. You mean like Desmond Howard, he of the 123 career receptions and 7 career receiving touchdowns
  10. All these are decent points but it's just fun to crack on em
  11. Chiefs end up trading up to #9 ...for DeVonta Smith? 🤔
  12. Now I don't know for a fact that Miami would have traded up to #3 to get Tua. I mean, he was their guy and all, I feel there's a good chance, but what I DO know is that the Lions threw away any chance at making that deal by completely ignoring Tua in the pre-draft process and then signing Chase "people pay me money for no good reason" Daniel like two weeks before the draft. Instead they drafted a CB at #3 who mostly looked like crap as a rookie. I don't know if this fits the thread since there's no verifiable offer the Lions turned down but that whole scenario was just complete malfeasanc
  13. He was straight trash for the Lions last year. He looked like a big blue bag of potato chips in shoulder pads and couldn't stay in the rotation (on a historically bad defense) over two UDFAs and a sixth-rounder. He sucked, plain and simple.
  14. By the way folks, if Sewell had been taken at 5 or 6: First option would have been trade down, but I probably wouldn't have listened much to offers going down to #16 or below I would not have drafted Pitts in any case, and if Cinci had taken Sewell and Miami taken Pitts I would have taken Chase If Chase and Sewell had been taken, as I expected and as the poll laid out, I would have taken... Jaylen Waddle. He's the fastest, can play inside or outside and is explosive as hell at slot WR, which would help us immediately I would have passed on Parsons because linebacker at #7 i
  15. Yeah, I was sweating both Cinci's pick and yours hoping Sewell would pass. I considered offering you a trade up. guess I could have played the game a little harder but I hope that in real life the Lions would run to the podium as fast as I did to make this pick.
  16. My take on this is, Sewell was my #1 player, above even the QBs. He's super safe and provides #1-3 overall kind of value at #7. Acquiring future picks is certainly valuable in a rebuild but what's even more valuable is getting those cornerstone pieces. The end goal of getting picks is to acquire great players. If Sewell had gone at #6 I would absolutely have discussed trades down, but I feel that Sewell was that player you don't pass on.
  17. The Detroit Lions walk Run CARTWHEEL up to the podium To select the #1 player on our board The highest graded OT by our scouting team since Joe Thomas in 2007 6'6", 330 pounds, out of the University of Oregon PENEI SEWELL In our rebuilding scheme, this is a cornerstone piece who will probably start out at RT opposite Taylor Decker, giving us an excellent pair of tackles, but in time will almost certainly be the anchor of our OL for many years to come. Size, talent, character, Sewell has got it all and we're overjoyed to add him to our team. @BringinDaPain you are on the cloc
  18. I'm giving my peeps a few minutes to get their opinions in if they so choose
  19. If any of you are paying attention right now and want to make a comment while we're on the clock, I'll give you a few minutes, but to me this is a no brainer
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