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  1. Interesting on that Bullock move, if they go into the season with him as kicker it'll be the first time in my memory they don't have an icon at that position (barring injuries) Oh wait there was that time with Nate Freese, that went well 😛
  2. As long as they aren't paying him very much. For a first rounder he's pretty much a bust
  3. The Rams paid an additional $2.5m bonus to Goff on the first day of the league year, before the trade became official. Now that money goes on their cap, not the Lions. Just another little cherry on the sundae 😘👌
  4. In other words the bare minimum possible return to ensure the Rams don't cut him and he signs somewhere else.
  5. Easy there cha cha. Adding one good veteran to this defense isn't going to get them far out of the basement. After their cuts and free agent losses, the Lions have a ton of young players on defense who haven't been very good. Now, if Campbell and his staff are really that much better and Patricia was really that bad, they could show signs of building something, I certainly hope so, but the talent and experience will be expansion-team level on defense.
  6. Maybe you don't remember that Reggie White did the same thing for Green Bay only more so. Before he got there, the Packers were playing half their home games in Milwaukee County Stadium. The Lombardi days were 25 years in the rear view and Green Bay was a town where no one, least of all any player of color, wanted to go. If you acted like Lambeau Field was some legendary place to be, the way it's played up now, people would laugh in your face. It's conceivable that without him and Favre, Green Bay wouldn't have a franchise now. When White signed, it was the official signal for the league
  7. I was just coming here to say this, also LB Vince Williams and RB Damien Williams
  8. Good receiver, good guy. One of the few unquestionable players of this, or almost any, era of Lions football
  9. Bold prediction: Jashon Cornell will be on the roster in 2021
  10. I figured they might keep him. A few of these guys have to stay so we can field a team. Shelton was the one who had to go.
  11. We better get ready to have a near expansion-team level roster for 2021 outside of the OL and running backs.
  12. Well, seems like the Lions are re-signing a few of their own guys and then, to maximize cap space & comp pick value, signing only guys who have been cut. They're passing, or losing out somewhat on purpose, on the main wave of free agency and they'll be shopping from guys who are cut to make room for these various signings to fill out their team. For 2021 it'll come down to how many diamonds Holmes and the team can turn up out of that group.
  13. Oh yeah I forgot about that. Well, at least they can run him on some jet sweeps
  14. I don't love it or hate it, but I admit I'm puzzled by it
  15. I'm guessing that some genius in Jax thinks Agnew's going to come in and be a solid rotational piece at WR, or CB for that matter, who knows. 🤮
  16. Premium defender ahh hahahaha He's not much of either. Some Lions fans like to think he's a good pass rusher because it's the only thing he's ever done above the 'putrid' level. I'll be fair and say there's a non-zero chance he could be better now that Patricia isn't coaching him. But it isn't much higher than 0.
  17. Something tells me he's going to get some run at LB for the first time in a few years, but he's solid on ST anyway. 2.3 mil, boom, done.
  18. Jarrad Davis gets a prove it deal and if he proves it I'll be amazed - although I shouldn't speak too soon. I think a number of players who were on Patricia's defense the last two years will be better, either on the Lions or otherwise Agnew 3 years $21 m - in what world lol. What's he going to play for the Jags?
  19. That's ok with me because the edge rusher class in this draft isn't great
  20. this is right on the balance of where i would have signed him vs. letting him go, money-wise. let's see the structure of the deal, and what his number is for each of these years.
  21. I assumed he'd get more around $17m per from someone else so this is decent value, but his inconsistency still concerns me
  22. New England's culture had a lot to do with him, also a lot to do with Belichick
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