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  1. I'm a firm believer that all the Lions DB's were hung out to dry by the worst pass rush in the league, and one of the worst I've ever seen. But Trufant was also bad.
  2. I'd take him on the Lions over Jesse James
  3. Brad Holmes passes another test on this one by the way. The signing is a great value, a player who can really help if healthy, and if he isn't, then he's not costing much (up to $6.2m suggests there are some playing time factors in there). And then the timing of the deal as they come down to the wire with Golladay is smart too. Not like they're going to get him cheap now, but adding a possible starting WR doesn't hurt. Competent move all around.
  4. Guys I'm interested in include Rashod Bateman, Tylan Wallace, Terrace Marshall, Elijah Moore, D'Wayne Eskridge, Kadarius Toney, Marlon Williams, Marquez Stevenson, Josh Palmer, Austin Watkins. But there are another couple of dozen guys on various lists
  5. I don't count Agnew as a WR. He's a kick returner who doesn't really have a position. I expect Allison will play, so as of now it's Williams, Allison, Cephus. My instinct right now is, Golladay gets a long-term deal or they let him walk. I don't really expect them to tag him, for trade or otherwise, but I acknowledge it's around 50-50 that they will. I'm hoping they draft at least one and hopefully two WRs. There are so many receivers in this draft that I'm enthusiastic about rooting for.
  6. I'd say it's a 50-50 proposition at best
  7. I don't mean to derail the thread, but I'll pound the table for this: I hear lots of people saying they would devalue players who opted out in 2020, but I would go the other way. I look at teams like LSU, Ed Orgeron basically not caring at all if his players contracted covid, and wonder what kind of issues those players might have down the road with their hearts or lungs, versus players who sat out and stayed covid free and won't be risking those issues in years to come. I'd take the guys with less risk.
  8. I'm super intrigued by Trey Lance, I wouldn't go so far as to call him my guy but I am very interested. He's got obvious physical talent, obvious shortcomings, and factors that are unanswered mysteries. The thing I really like about him is he seems to be able to use his mobility to create a mobile platform to throw from. I think if a team drafts him with the intent of playing him this year, that will be a problem, but if he can get enough time to learn, he could be a star. Other guys: Ja'Marr Chase, Alijah Vera-Tucker, Rashod Bateman, Daviyon Nixon, Trey Smith, Elijah Moore, Marlon
  9. All the pre-draft stuff is crazy good. I can see the Lions wanting to do lots of trade downs like this too, wanting more and more picks, even on Day 3. I think I'll edit this later with a draft using these picks.
  10. Three wide receivers for the Lions? I would hope not. Two is ok, but maybe you could mix in a guard or tackle somewhere in there, that would be great.
  11. Don Muhlbach will be right there alongside him
  12. Did I get the right impression from all you Rams fans, that McVay dialed down his playcalling in 2020 and that was at least part of the reason the Rams weren't as successful on offense? I know, no one knows the whole story behind closed doors, but if Goff had a coach pulling the rug out on him, maybe he doesn't deserve as much criticism. I also wonder if maybe the league didn't figure McVay out a little bit. First couple of seasons, he's a young guy, people didn't know what to expect from him, but now maybe they know what he does a little better. I'm just so glad this trade happened
  13. We're not allowed on this site to debate whether it is right or not (imagine that), so I can't take the discussion any further. But if you think that the majority of NFL players don't see it the way I do, and you think the Lions will be just fine with their players, and potential future players, if they look at it the way you do, then you're wrong.
  14. Nice wall of text there. The more mental gymnastics one has to do to pretend it's just a "card," the more obvious it is.
  15. The answer is never. The Jaguars never win two SBs with him.
  16. Boy did I have a draft crush on Bailey. I thought he was gonna be great. He turned out to have a solid career, at least
  17. People saying "x would NEVER go in the 4th round" get proven wrong so frequently, year after year. Conventional wisdom is pretty solid when it comes to the first round, not so much on Day 2 and beyond. So don't sweat it too much. This is a pretty crazy good mock for the Lions, getting multiple picks to trade down when the QBs are all gone anyway, and then Tufele, Adebo, Roche aren't my draft crushes at those positions but they seem good value at their respective draft slots, bearing in mind what I said above. Cisco and Watkins in the 4th and 5th are lovely.
  18. Boy that Harbaugh, quite a quarterbacks expert isn't he Can't wait for Feb 2022 when we hear Cade McNamara is hitting the portal because he was terrible in 2021 and JJ McCarthy is going to be real good
  19. Those are fine, teal is fine I just came in to say that those front-to-back gradient helmets will go down as one of the top 5 worst uni decisions ever made. anything the Jags do for the next dozen years uni-wise will look great because it's not that.
  20. yeah the problem with doing a full roster mock like this is that typical lists of NFL free agents only contain the big-ticket guys, the washed up veterans, and the young guys who cost too much. I don't have the deep knowledge or the time to research all of the cheap, practice-squad and third-tier types who the Lions will probably choose from to replace all the guys they're going to cut this off-season. I am assuming that the Lions will sign a handful of guys I have barely heard of instead of, say, Carson or Reynolds or Awuzie. Flowers is one of the only guys who you might be able to get a
  21. - Bryant simply can't stay on the field. I expect he'll go into camp with the team, but in this scenario I chose Jashon Cornell to come back from injury and beat him out for the last DE slot - You sure Fuller will get the same money as Golladay? I was looking a WR representing the next step down in money, maybe $12m instead of $15+ like I think Golladay will get. If I was wrong there, then you tell me, who's in that range I'm thinking of - There are so many WRs all the way through this draft, you never know who will end up where. Watkins might certainly get drafted but then again, ma
  22. Get em Martellus. I follow the NFL because it's a pattern I've been in for 40 years, but I'm not always proud of myself for it. I think anyone who doesn't at least see or admit the really disturbing flaws in it needs to reexamine their heads.
  23. In conjunction with my QB Carousel Mock, here's a Lions mock based on a couple assumed premises: - The Lions don't see a QB (that they can get) who they like better than letting Goff have a year to show what he's got - Gregory Rousseau rises up draft boards in the workout process by reminding everyone that with his size, athleticism and production, he belongs in the top 10 TRADE Trey Flowers to Cincinnati for #150 Jamie Collins to New England for #241 CUT OR LET WALK Nick Williams Danny Shelton Chase Daniel Romeo Okwara Oday Aboushi Jamal Agnew Danny Amendola
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