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  1. I'd rather Lamar be aggressive and throw an int than go conservative and rely on the defense.
  2. Terrible call but it makes up for bad int call I guess.
  3. If that penalty was on us i woulda shut off the TV.
  4. Non contact knee injuries are never good.
  5. He's gonna get crapped on tomorrow by Stephen A. and folks who didn't watch the game but he's been solid.
  6. He only shows up in the 4th when we're down that's the rule.
  7. I'm so sick of these freaking penalties I had to login just to say that. 😡😡😡😡🤬
  8. Total Control Mock Draft.

    IDK what his contract is like but you guys don't think we can trade Jimmy Smith? Honestly I thought he should have been traded last year.
  9. I would be shocked if he's not back even if we lost.
  10. CJ MOTHAF****** MOSELY!!!!!!! Way to redeem yourself big fella!!!
  11. Not this again...And of course Cincy is going to lose to Pittsburgh soon
  12. Of course they got burned by the bust WR they drafted.