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  1. Just my thoughts 1) I'm very encouraged with what I saw with Lamar. He's very raw so It's kind of expected he'd make some mistakes but I really was impressed with some of the throws he made. Dude has an arm. First pick wasn't his fault really, second one... Maybe he shouldn't have made the throw but I'm not mad at him for it. Overall good game for him to build on. If he can learn to more perfectly complement his amazing athleticism with his developing passing game I think we may be onto something. Look forward to seeing flacco back next week. 2) WTH was that about with Yanda yelling at the coaches? 3) Wasn't pretty but it was good to see the defense finally make some plays. What do you guys think of Gus Edwards?
  2. 2018 WEEK 2 Ravens @ Bengals TNF

    They're getting killed at the LOS in both sides. I wasn't expecting to shutdown the Panthers but did not expect the defense to get manhandled like this...
  3. 2018 WEEK 2 Ravens @ Bengals TNF

    That was one of the weirdest endings I've ever watched. You could see in the final seconds, Harbaugh didn't look like he understood himself. How do you just give up with 2+ minutes remaining?? They couldn't do the spread dink and dunk to start the f******* game?!
  4. Madden 19

    No changes to franchise scouting is a bit of a disappointment.
  5. Random Raven Remembrances "RRR"

    2007 Ravens almost beating the undefeated patriots on MNF. Sean Taylor passed away a couple days ago and Ray, Ed, Willis had that pep talk in the huddle. All of a sudden Kyle Boller was BALLIN out of nowhere. Next game we get absolutely destroyed by the Colts.
  6. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Guice would have been awesome! I agree though. Something seems rather off about him.
  7. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    I've never felt this good about a Ravens draft maybe ever. I wonder what running back Decosta was talking about that he got mad when he got picked before the Ravens. Looking through the picks, the only 2 running backs that were picked near their pick was kalen ballage picked right before us and Mark Walton who I liked was picked 4 or 5 picks before. If I were to guess it would be Ballage.
  8. Worst pick would be going way too far. He hasn't even put on a uniform and he's already better than Perriman. Better than Kindle and Ealm combined!
  9. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Man I'm not gonna be able to sleep after that pick!!! This year's Teddy Bridgewater. I don't think the Patriots really wanted him. They go the extra mile to decieve and I think Tom was in on it. It's a risk but you have to put people in the seats and our offense has been absolutely boring to watch the past few years. Suggs, Weddle, Flacco (wow do we not have any leaders on Offense?) please protect and humble our new savior... Lamar Jackson!
  10. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Per text from the Ravens we also gave up a 2nd next year. Oh well, don't care. But what a way to end the night with a bang! Never did I see that coming from Ozzie in a million years!!! I'm sure this kid has a chip on his shoulder. He's gonna work and get better just like he's been improving in college. I not many people may think it but I think he has the right people that can work with him. Bust potential is there but I can appreciate the aggressiveness! What a night!!!!
  11. I'm surprised that some of you guys are this surprised at picking Hurst. I honestly think they'd take him even if Moore was on the board.
  12. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Or Trade back 3 more times and exchange all our day 3 picks for day 2 picks. Then....we pick the backup plan of the guy we wanted.
  13. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    What a moment bringing out shazier! Wow.
  14. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    If NE doesn't ****** Lamar Jackson I believe he can slide to us in the 2nd. It would be perfect! Not like we are money on our 2nd rounders so why not take a chance? Edit: wow lol the word I used is a synonym of take .
  15. I heard he dropped only 1 pass his whole career in college.