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  1. I just wanted to observe that the market for this position is flooded this year. Free agents, draft..... Let the players come to us as the market favors the teams.
  2. 2019 Draft Talk

    OL- Won't be there- Jonah Williams Might be there- Cody Ford Jawaan Taylor Greg Little Beau Benz. If not OL- Devin White N'Keal Harry.
  3. 2018-2019 Offseason Thread (Season Concludes)

    For next year. Kirk needs better pocket awareness. I am not sure about how to implement that. Obviously the interior of the OL line needs help. I say let Barr and Richardson walk. Next year we get back our CBs. Mike Hughes will be a stud. An easier schedule next year. It was brutal this year. We lost a lot of games by shooting ourselves in the foot. Costly turnovers. Saints game?
  4. IE. 10 percent of the cap is spent of OL with further breakdown and compare and contrast it with success on the field in terms of wins and losses. I imagine there would be, but I wouldn't know where to find something like it. It would interesting.
  5. It is tradition that teams have their best starting pitcher face off and rotate downward towards your least effective starting pitcher. My idea was to have your worst starting pitcher face off against their best starting pitcher and then you could rotate downwards for more favorable matchups if simply concede that one game. Your goal isn't to win the individual matchups, it is to win the most games possible.
  6. Browns thoughts.

  7. Browns thoughts.

    Great. My line of reasoning too.
  8. Browns thoughts.

    How so?
  9. Browns thoughts.

    Would it be so crazy if the Browns didn't grab a QB? Grab two great players or one great prospects and trade down for more assets. Having a rookie QB isn't going to change the culture of the team and they are the most hit and miss prospects out there. They did trade for Tyrod Taylor and with support around him, he should make the team better. Or am I insane?
  10. It would be interesting to look at exact figures. Does it hurt any team when a team is compensated for free agents lost with draft picks?
  11. I suppose I would go at you like this. Have teams ever fallen apart after losing a coordinator?
  12. Well, Gruden got traded for picks. But something like free agency compensation. 6th rounders. The team getting the coach wouldn't need to give up anything.
  13. It seems like we frequently lose coordinators. I think teams should.
  14. Week 10: Other games

    The picture quality is terrible. When watching the AFC games, it is tons better.