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  1. DRAFT GRADE 14Rashawn SlaterT • NorthwesternA 78Jamar JohnsonS • IndianaC+ 90Kendrick GreenG • IllinoisC+ 119Tay GowanCB • UCFB+ 125Milton WilliamsDI • Louisiana TechC+ 134Josh PalmerWR • TennesseeC+ 143Jamin DavisLB • KentuckyB+ 157Benjamin St-JusteCB • MinnesotaB+ 168Khalil HerbertHB • Virginia TechB+ Overall Minnesota VikingsB LOAD IMAGE Pick Grades are based on PFF consensus projections. The user's pick is compared against what the simulation would do.
  2. Put jokes about Ryan's mom to music. Here I am at, Camp Granata. Ryan could I, clean the pipes of your mother. Tony getcha your, mind out of the gutter.
  3. Anybody here an actual inventor? I have an idea that should go through, but both the places I sent it, it fell apart.
  4. Mods, feel free to add this to the draft thread, but I thought this might merit a thread by itself. 1st-Gregory Rousseau, Edge Rusher, Miami. I feel improving the D will be the primary goal of Zimmer after getting embarrassed multiple times last year. We don't need a DT or CB with the recent signings. Alternatives- One of the lower tier OT after Sewell. 3rds-Safety/CB/Whatever wasn't draft round - Harris is gone. I thought he was overrated after one good year of production. Need a smart replacement. Hughes is not reliable enough to depend on. 4ths- Developmental WR, OL,DL. Thiel
  5. A funny Titanic like spin-off. An elderly lady would be recounting days from her youth to one of the nurses. But you make the scenario insane. "I'm telling you, it was Brad Pitt. We spent long nights together #@#@#." "But Mam, Brad Pitt was born in xxxx." " I'M TELLING YOU, IT WAS BRAD PITT ON THAT ALIEN JACUZZI."
  6. Well, now I want either Rousseau or the best OL prospect available.
  7. I had another nightmare which I thought would make for great short story material. The last night janitor bids a tired greeting to the hunched night security as he leaves the school entryway. A bit woozy from the afternoon of light drink, the security guard murmurs a farewell, thankful the custodian doesn't pause to chat. After taking a quick glance to ensure the janitor left, he heads straight for the supply closet, where an unused cabinet stashes away a small assortment of booze. Before grabbing a half empty bottle, a thought enters his mind. He grabs a small security camera and heads out
  8. More gold dialog. "Tony, she is old enough to be your mom." "Well then, I would kinda be like your dad. Let's practice. Ryan, get me a beer."
  9. I had an interesting nightmare which I thought would make for a psychological horror story outline. Or at least, some of the elements. A student attends a college two hours away from home. Every weekend the student calls their parents on the phone to relay the week's events. This past week, one before break, the student is unable to reach them. A bit worried, the student realizes a semester break is just around the corner, and a simple mishaps must have occurred. Arriving at home around evening, no house light is visible through the windows. A bit perturbed, the tired student sits in the
  10. Conservative humor. A professor is lecturing a history presentation and a SJW student notices that some very important historical figure said something that might be construed as offensive. Their eyebrows furrow for the remainder of the skit. In a total apoplexy, the student decides to build a time machine in order to assassinate said figure. Entering the historical era, the figure is in the middle of accomplishing something great for humanity, and won't utter the phrase which ignited the student's rage for another decade. Still driven by agitation, the student attacks. I was thinki
  11. I am not sure how to link it up entirely into a skit/Sunday newspaper comic strip. The idea would that McDonalds and other similar businesses advertise that they encourage their lower income employees to go onto college and make something of themselves by offering tuition etc. Employee, "I got into x college. Yes. Now to major in art history and turn my life around." McDonald's "Ok, here is 1,000 dollars for tuition. Have fun with art history...." Slight Bwhahaha sound. Employee returns after 4 years with 100,000 dollars in debt. McDonalds is still Bwahahahahaing louder, f
  12. Any good sites for a starter? I wanted to invest in airliners as they can only recuperate from here.
  13. I also had a funny scene involving Ryan play out recently. I was cleaning the top of a pop machine and Ryan comes in and says, "Hey Tony, you want to come over later and clean my house too?" "Only if I can clean your mom's pipes too." Ryan's mom isn't much of a looker, so I just wanted to see how he would react. "Get your mind out of the gutter!" With an urge to kill rising expression rising across his face.
  14. I have not written here for a while. Here is sitcom/ comic joke that came to recently. I am friends with one of the cart pushers I used to work with on Facebook. He is a big slow-witted guy. So the hackers decided to clone his account/photo and ask "You need to text me at x number. It is extremely urgent." So I thought, wait a second. Dustin would never have been able to write something that coherent. It must be a hacker.
  15. My thoughts right now are- Barmore or bust.
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