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  1. How would Andre Patterson look as head coach?
  2. I don't mind defensive minded coaches, but he doesn't manage analytics at all. Some basic game theory would help him immensely, but he is too obstinate in his ways, so he should be shown the door at the end of the season.
  3. The coaches made great 2nd half adjustments. Zimmer still needs to manage his timeouts better. Next season I want Breeland and Barr gone. Get rid of Cousins as soon as possible without inducing a huge cap hit. He cannot play improv at all. The LB was hit with the loss Kendricks, but the team made better plays in the second half. If we would have won, it would have been a great momentum game, but blah. It is too bad Zimmer is married to the hip with Cousins. He goes with Cousins. Conklin looked great and he might be a better TE than Smith being that he is a legitimate b
  4. The injuries and absences on the D-Line caught up with us today. SF has a great OL and we couldn't stop them on the run. Two turnover differential is 80% of the time a loss for any team. Udoh should be replaced by Wyatt. Don't be so aggressive when 2-20 or 3-20. Only bad things will happen. The special team KR looked great. It could be a great change of pace against Mattison if Cook misses extended period of time. The punter was decent, but anytime the kicker miss an xp you can feel the doom it overcasts for the rest of the game. The offense opened it up a bit in
  5. I had a great add-on to this scene. Suzabelle sits at the lunch table and starts pounding her fists on the table shouting ,"California! California! California!"
  6. Don't try to push for more points at the end of the half with less than a minute left. I don't trust the D or the O enough in crunch time. There was a hold against both teams, so I don't hate either missed call. Jefferson is NUMBER 1. Thielen is good and lucky. Patrick Peterson is getting a big contract next year, but I don't know if we can keep him. I don't like the long bombs with clock management a priority. I am curious how Lynch is doing in terms of player ratings. Watts is great. Clark owned own center. I was tempted to put Bradbury, but as long as the team
  7. Other misc thoughts. We have had the Chargers number these last few years, so I was anticipating a win. The Chargers deserve better than LA. There were so many purple jerseys there. Minnesota fans travel pretty well, but that was absurd.
  8. Better play calling by Kubiak. It still isn't perfect, but it shows how much better the Vikings play when they use the pass to open up the run. I am fine letting Kirk Cousins run out his contract, but I still want somebody else after that. He is so terrible at improvising and although he took more risks in this game, I am still unsatisfied. Thielen is losing a step, but still a great route runner. We need to target Jefferson more often. Like I said last week, we need to let go of players who cannot stay on the field. It sucks, but that is why every team avoided Clowney. It is si
  9. Ah yes, I was going to say the team needs to learn how to do a 4 minute drill.
  10. Zimmer does game plan for opposing teams' quarterbacks pretty well. Take that into consideration when debating his job status.
  11. They held in there well considering that they had depletions all over the defense. Barr is good but probably isn't worth his salary. It was sad to note that the best secondary player they had was Breeland, and he stinks. The safety was alright in place of Smith. DON'T RUN THE FOOTBALL WHEN IT ISN'T WORKING. I think the center today might be better than Bradbury. Kirk doesnt' have a pass rush clock in his head. But we already knew that. Side note for Minnesota sports in general. We shouldn't try to keep players who cannot stay on the field due to injuries. Tra
  12. Worst offensive coordinator in the league. Can we fire him midseason? OL looked terrible on some plays, but Cousin had enough open pockets to make better throws. The D was great, so you cannot really fault Zimmer. Breeland was by far the weakest link. Too bad we don't have a better second option for DB right now. The special teams performed admirably as well.
  13. I have the hunch we will win this game as we play Dallas particularly well and the game is at home, but the key factor will be how Dantzler performs in the starting role.
  14. He needs more seasoning as a coach to be OC. He shouldn't have gotten the job right away as he is too predictable. He made better playcalls this last game, and hopefully he can keep it up. But if you are looking at him as a possible HC replacement, I would wait a few more years as he wouldn't be prepared to do it.
  15. I didn't notice anything that bad about the OL which is great.
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