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  1. Ted drafted well and paid his own. Gute will be that way as well. Love is as polarizing now as Rodgers was then. The similarities between the two of them are crazy.
  2. I thought TT's second draft was one of his best ones. Then I saw what Gute did in his second draft. It may even be better. I think I can safely say that both had pretty promising drafts early. Also digging their "first" picks in Rodgers and Alexander. S.T.U.D.S.
  3. I'm not so sure that the two GM's aren't similar in their first 3 years. I just started that thread. TT's first pick. Rodgers. Gutes. Alexander. It gets scary after that, concerning their second draft. That 2006 draft for TT is pretty amazing. And the 2019 draft for Gute is looking every bit as good, if not better.
  4. Little chatter about TT versus Gutenkunst. Who yah got? Let's look at their first three drafts. Gute: 2018. Alexander CB, Jackson CB, Burks LB, Moore WR, Madison OL, Scott P, MVS WR, ESB WR, Looney DE, Bradley LS, Donnerson OLB. 2019. Gary OLB, Savage S, Jenkins OL, Sternberger TE, Keke DL, Holloman CB, Williams RB, Summer LB. 2020. Love QB, Dillon RB, Deguara TE/HB, Martin LB, Runyan OL, Hanson OL, Stepaniak OL, Scott S, Garvin OLB TT: 2005. Rodgers QB, Collins S, Murphy WR, Underwood S, Popinga LB, Coston OL, Hawkins CB, Montgomery DL, Bragg W
  5. I think you have unrealistic expectations concerning rookies joining a team that just competed in the NFCCG. In 2005, only Nick Collins started from that draft class. Arguably the best draft class TT had. This past year, Runyan started. Krys Barnes started games. Martin started games. Deguara played and started a game when he was healthy. Dillon had the Titans game. I'm trying to think what position will be open this year for a rookie to take. Or start. No offensive skill positions. Maybe center. Doubt any DL comes in and starts over Keke, Lowry, Lancaster.
  6. Packers found a role for an old, slow, blocking TE. If Lewis retires, Rudolph could fill that role pretty easily.
  7. Agree about Britt. Looks pretty stiff. Good run down player, good instincts. Bad lateral movement. Didn't even see much of him on passing downs.
  8. I think he has an older position coach that is on staff with the Cardinals. I think he has a good relationship with Hopkins. And they offered a ton of money. Sprinkle in a little courtesy regarding his wife and it was a done deal.
  9. Heard the Cardinals were the only team to do one little thing for JJ during his free agency tour. They invited both him and his wife to the facility for the meetings. Smart.
  10. Of course not. But there is reason for optimism. And it hinges on the development of your corners.
  11. Heard Kirwan on Sirius XM talk about draftable centers. He said there were 5 draftable guys. We've done well mining centers in the draft. Flanagan, Wells, Tretter, Linsley. I'm sure we will look for one later in the draft with smarts. And if not, we have Jenkins who was a very good looking center in college, Hanson and Patrick on the roster. Jones will be missed for his big play ability. But he's a RB. We will be fine. My guess is that we will take one in the mid rounds, and we will see who looks good in camp. We have some interesting guys on the roster now with Williams, Weber a
  12. I believe I'm in the minority here on this board concerning Minnesota. I think they are going to be much improved next year. Corners will have a year under their belts and Hunter returning to hunt QB's. Jefferson with another year should be better, too. I think you get a good DL back from the opt out list. If the Vikes solidify that o-line, I think your club is well positioned for a good year. Despite possibly losing Harris at safety, Rudolph at TE and Barr or Wilson at LB.
  13. @squire12 Toss up for me. I like Trill Williams at corner and I love Carter at RB. You already have a very capable backup RB with Breida. Corner is looking suspect. I'd give the edge to corner over RB here. Only thing that could sway that for me would be the jet/scat back stuff that I think Carter would be perfect for. He would be a weapon. From the few mocks I've done, though, I think there are quite a few of those gadget guys that can be had in the 4'th round or later.
  14. CB, Melifonwu would be my first choice. Followed by Joseph. Then Carter at RB, St. Brown at WR. I'm hoping for corner.
  15. Rolled my eyes at this thread. But...it....is....interesting. Then there's the financial reality. Packers are over the cap. Trading Rodgers doesn't even get them under the cap. Talk to me in a year, throw me Chase Young, a first in 2022 and 2023 and we can talk. Or...simply give me a second round pick for Jordan Love right now.
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