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  1. This dude just feels like Micah Hyde to me. Not an elite athlete, but will make up for it with smarts. Sounds good to me.
  2. I think Barry got the job because he wants less zone, not more. Straight line speed, to me, means man to man. Quickness means zone. No doubt we will play both, but I'll be surprised if we continue playing more zone than man.
  3. He attempted to "rent" players for a couple of games. That was and is the right thing to do. It was also the right thing to not overpay on the free agent market for those guys.
  4. You talking about the Fuller who is injury prone and who was caught on the juice by the NFL? Let's remember who was and maybe still is their strength coach, Brian Cushing. Yah, it was the right thing to look into renting Fuller last year. But he's super risky on the contract that he got.
  5. Just wanted to pop in here and congratulate you on nailing the draft! I thought you played it perfectly and found your QB. I didn't watch a lot of film on the QB's, but from what I saw, you got the second best QB in the draft. I hope your coaching staff doesn't rush him out there, because he has tons of talent. Then you turned around and still got a very good tackle. I did watch him quite a bit. Thought he could be an upper tier RT. Not sure about the feet to be a top tier left tackle, but it wouldn't surprise me if he does well over there, too. Just a very, very solid pick.
  6. I can't believe I read all these pages talking about a #2 WR and what he would do in this offense. In my eyes and armchair analysis, we have two #2 Wr's on the roster for next to nothing in Lazard and MVS. And let's not forget that Rodgers convinced the coaches to insert Lazard into the lineup and he's simply been solid since then. And I'm pretty excited about MVS for this year and the future. He's exactly the kind of guy you extend this year for modest money. His potential will exceed his next contract with us. He played really good playoff football and seemed to turn the co
  7. If GB signs a veteran FA quarterback before their next minicamp, then I'll believe that this could be what has happened. Till then? Meh. It is interesting to think about. But then there is the Stokes selection. Two boundary corners from this draft? Again, if we did have a deal in place, that pick isn't likely Stokes. But there is the chance that Jaire moves to the slot. Again. Interesting. It fits in regards to getting him out of the division and conference. Not an "easy" division either, and that is before you insert how Rodgers has played on the west coast.
  8. That was said about Favre, too. We are kind of used to this kind of thing. Only this time, we are in charted waters, not uncharted.
  9. Are you "wong"? Yes, Dave, as a person you are very wrong! In regards to that comp? No. You are not wrong. Stokes is a bigger version of Shields. What he lacks in some areas can be erased with pure speed. I haven't watched Stokes enough, but, maybe Sam was a better ballhawk. Maybe. Due to that RAS and who he covered in college, we really should have seen this pick coming.
  10. Yup. His 3 cone was amazing too. 4.46 40. 6.81 3 cone. 36 inch vertical. 10 feet 6 inches on the broad. And none of that showed up on the field.
  11. I don't know, and I'm too lazy to look it up. And I'm not defending Rodgers or anything like that. Just pointing out that Rodgers was on the roster when Driver had his farewell season.
  12. Just going out on a limb here. Rodgers was around when Donald Driver was cooked. And still on the roster despite being cooked and it was widely known that it was his last year. It is possible he felt that Jordy deserved that as well. Kumerow? That one I do not get. Rodgers didn't really throw to him anyway. That being said, it isn't like Malik Taylor was any better. I still have nightmares of watching him literally trot out of the endzone and get gang tackled at the 17.
  13. Here's what I think. Lists are fun. As are bullet points. Munn is a better actress than Woodley, and hotter, too. Danica is a better driver than Woodley and Rodgers. @ThatJerkDave yah, nothing, just wanted to tag you. @Normlikes to drink. Either Aaron Rodgers is the dumbest smart man in the NFL, or our front office is just as vindictive as he is. Feels like we are either halfway to heaven, or halfway to hell. So to hell it is, let's drink!
  14. You forgot one. Kicking a field goal in the NFC Championship game. That being said, dude is gonna drop some bombs here and there via different sources that never really reach back to him. It's going to happen right up and through August. Then he's gonna ride into camp like a white knight and say he didn't know where all the rumors came from. Then he's gonna play well, we will win 11 games, make the playoffs, bow out and he will be traded.
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