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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Guessing that one out of ten times, Adams jukes him so hard on the line that Oco loses a shoe.
  2. 2019 NFL Mock draft (3 rounds)

    Great GB draft! Wilkens on the DL. With the first group of EDGES gone, this makes a ton of sense. Fant at #30. We need a tight end for today and especially for the future. Great pick! Burns at #44. Steal of the draft. Easy to put on muscle and bulk up. The key is whether or not it comes with loss of speed/power. Great value there. McGovern at #76. G/C. GB needs help inside badly and having one that can backup center is even better. While this isn't my ideal draft (ideal would include Ferrell), this is a great haul. I'm unsure if Burns will fall that far (think he'll blow up the combine), but great effort and thank you for the read!
  3. Last Mock offseason before the Combine 2-15-19

    I'll be there with yah. Difference between Polite/Burns/Sweat...to me...is that Sweat does not possess a single elite trait. Good power, okay bend, great frame. At #12 I want a kid with an elite trait or two. Polite has the speed/acceleration. Same for Burns. And Burns has that long frame I like. I'm not violently opposed to Sweat, I'd just like to see him elite as something if he is the guy at #12.
  4. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Been hurt 2 of the last 3 years. Pretty good ILB when healthy, though. He's a guy I'd wait on till after the draft, but if we don't grab another ILB, he would be a nice "value" guy to bring in.
  5. TCMD 2019 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    Honestly, 4M or so less for Clowney for Ford is a good deal. And that Barrett contract is pretty amazing.
  6. Last Mock offseason before the Combine 2-15-19

    Did pretty good with a third rounder too.
  7. Last Mock offseason before the Combine 2-15-19

    Wait. Does GB ever "hit' with WR's drafted from South Carolina?
  8. TCMD 2019 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    I would advocate to not go over 5M for a guard. I think the draft can offer an immediate starter. Round 3 or later. So really, you are buying insurance. I think that the best value at EDGE is Barrett. For safeties, 9M is a good get for Earl Thomas. I like the numbers for Anthony Harris as well. Grab two safeties, an EDGE and maybe G for insurance. If you get two safeties, cut Tramon. And if you cut Tramon, I like the number for Clowney. Let's say it is $38M to spend....after cutting Tramon. Get ET and Harris at a cap number of 16.25M. Another $15.5 for Clowney. $31.75 spent. Leaves GB with 6.25M. Food for thought.
  9. Random Packer News & Notes

    ESB reminds me of Jennings in that both are just so very smooth. Obvious difference is their frame/body, but both seem effortless as athletes.
  10. 2019 Draft Discussion

    He's a steal there. I think he goes top 30. Would love him at #30.
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Gotta love the loose hips! Great change of direction. Plus in acceleration. Paw placement is excellent. Tail works excellently with the head, which remains steady throughout the drills. Impressive vertical. Makes everything look easy. Loves the competition! Rcon...wanna throw those numbers into the spreadsheet? I think we found a great "quick twitch" in this one!
  12. TCMD 2019 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    You know I'm a Ferrell "guy", but if Polite measures nicely with the arms and can be 240, I can get behind him, too. He's the quick twitch guy that can wreck a play in an instant. And that isn't Ferrell.
  13. TCMD 2019 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    My feeling is that if he's smart...he does not do drills at the combine. Others will blow him away. Wait for the pro-day in a controlled environment that he knows. I think he's going to be just bendy enough with very good power. And you can't measure hand fighting at the combine, it's his best quality. Honestly, he should be there at #12, Polite and maybe even Burns should leapfrog him on the Big Boards.
  14. TCMD 2019 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    If Ferrell is there, move a 4'th for him. Easy decision.
  15. TCMD 2019 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    I didn't see the $9M price tag. Easy pass.