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  1. How many delay of games did he have? How many snaps were fumbled? How did the feet look? Jittery and nervous? I didn't see much evidence to the fact that he was not poised and knew what to do. And that's my issue with him. He was robotic. He had no game flow to him. He didn't really cut anything loose, except for one throw to Cobb.
  2. Yah, no. The league changed prior to Rogers taking over. It changed prior to Favre taking over. It always changes. It's like you are looking for reasons to bag on Love. And that's fine. But the guy didn't know he was starting until mid week. His #1 target practiced with him on Friday. That was it. And that lack of practice showed when you look at Love's rating when targeting Adams versus everyone else. I didn't think he looked very good either. Also, he was not terrible. He wasn't even bad. He was just...."meh".
  3. Looks like he was around 31 when traded. Good comp.
  4. I'll weigh in. The term "respectable" is, to me, the perfect word to describe Love's first NFL start. He didn't poop his pants back there. He look poised. He didn't get the job done, but he was not an unmitigated disaster. And he was set up for that due to how his first start happened. I thought he was too robotic. I thought his accuracy was sub par. But in terms of a first start? I've seen much, much worse.
  5. Orlando Brown. Traded along with a second round pick and a sixth round pick. That package fetched first, third, fourth and fifth. Brown was 24 when he was traded. Again, the best comp I have out there for Bakhtiari is Trent Williams. Which means the value for LT pushing 30 or over 30 is not what it is for LT's who are pushing 25. And even Brown had to be dealt with a second round pick and a 6'th to get back a first, third, fourth and fifth.
  6. @incognito_man You have any other tackles that have been traded? It doesn't happen all that often. Williams, I think, was 31 when traded. Bakh is 30 right now. I think Williams was injured, or dealing with that cancer diagnosis when traded. So they are similar in many regards. And maybe the cancer thing hurt that trade value much more than a knee. Tunsil was much younger, and we know how BoB ran things.... Peters. I think Peters was around 26 or 27 when traded. To be clear, I don't care who is "wrong" or "right". Bakh is ours for quite some more time. It's ju
  7. Trent Williams got a 3rd and a 5'th...in different draft years. That's about the closest comp I can get. Tunsil was much younger. He, Stills and 4'th and 6'th got two firsts and second. Jason Peters. Not sure if he was injured, but I think he was of a similar age, maybe a year or two young, but he netted a first and a fourth.
  8. We are coming off of a bye. Guys that left town are coming back to the coldest temps of the year so far. It will be different for some of them. Rodgers hasn't practiced. I don't know how we will be "crisp" for a while in the game. But your point stands, run the ball. No Mack, no Hicks. Smith is looking like a better player to me this year, but he's small. I don't care who their QB is. Neither are very good. We are going to be heavy zone against either QB. Only difference I see is the need to mirror Fields with someone as opposed to dropping everyone into coverage a
  9. We are going to face a very hyped and motivated Bears team for at least the first 2.5 quarters. We will have to match their energy and be surgical on offense. I worry about us after a bye. But, if we play "our" game and they play "their" game, we win this one easily. It's a night game. It's gonna be cold. We need to run the ball early and often.
  10. I too am optimistic about Love. But looking at our wins this year? I'm not sure we are 5 wins right now if Love were to be under center. We will take our lumps for one or two years if he has to start. It is almost inevitable. But with this defensive scheme, and Rodgers under center, I think we would be a contender for as long as he wishes to play.
  11. This is actually pretty simple. If Rodgers wants to play for 2-4 more years. Awesome. Get that commitment, sign a deal and push money to the back end of that thing and maybe even put a voidable year or two onto it. If Rodgers wants to play it "year by year", then you have an issue. And yes, then you may want to consider moving on. But moving on will be a 1-2 year step backwards with the hope of getting back to this point after that timeframe. If you want to win, and win now, just ink Rodgers already. I don't much care for the guy personally. But on the football fie
  12. We have an o-line...with depth. We have RB's. You gotta retain Rodgers unless you basically want to give up one or two seasons while we see if Love has anything special in him. You can move on from the Smith's if you have to. You can even move on from 'Vante if you have to. If you have a line, running backs and Rodgers, you are going to win games.
  13. Travis Fulgrum, right? Or something like that?
  14. I want to say he was "hiding" in the closet.
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