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  1. Gonna admit to thinking a lot about a Dillon jersey.
  2. Look, the Aaron Rodgers thing is going to hang over the club for a while. Every time a player does something, it is going to come up. This situation though, is financial. Only so much money to go around. Not everyone can be the highest paid at a position. And in 'Vante's case, he deserves it, but he's also a little older. So, it is complicated. My take is this. This organization is at a crossroads right now. Everything hinges on Rodgers. Everything is going to related back to Rodgers. The Bucks Title makes this a lot easier for me. I'm of the opinion that the club sho
  3. Your point about trading is because he's "butt hurt". That I disagree with. I'm not trading him now. No way. You trade for a contract, the player comes with it. His contract is nearly up. If I were to trade him, I'd make him play this year, see how negotiations continue, then franchise tag him and shop him to the league. Let them figure out that next contract. And if you don't get what you want, play him on the franchise tag. So long as the cap allows.
  4. I'll be going to GB for the Packer Experience. Pro Shop, Tour, Hall of Fame....etc. I've got $200 in gift cards to the Pro Shop and no idea whose jersey to get. Leaning towards Love.
  5. I've got no problem with one of the best WR's in the game wanting best WR in the game money. In relation to a "regular" job....plenty of people jump jobs for more money. Especially people who are in their prime and excellent at what they do. Just like "Vante. It's a same that our cap situation won't allow for him to be the highest paid WR.
  6. Yah, plenty of folks on here have a very deep understanding of how the salary cap works. @CWood21 @Packerraymond I mean, these two post early and often about how contracts work and how they fit into the cap. Cwood did an amazing breakdown the year we signed P, Z, Amos and Turner. Concerning KC.... Look at what Mahomes is costing under the cap right now. I think it is like 4%. Then look at GB with Rodgers, 20%. No doubt we retain 'Vante if Rodgers reduces his cap hit by 16%. Then look at KC on Spotrac. They aren't paying any o-lineman anything. Heck, Frank Clark is their bigg
  7. No biggee. First, he's a WR. Second, we can't be giving "best contact at position" money to everyone on the roster. Third, he's under contract this year. Fourth, GB can franchise him if needed. Also....MVS is still my target to get a deal done during the season. Lock him up and get a little continuity in the WR room for a few years.
  8. You are welcome. And yah, it is toxic at a certain level right now. But nothing that can't be fixed, on both sides. But both have to want it to happen. There are so many possible outcomes here... Rodgers reports, all is good. With or without a new deal, and regardless of who is in the front office. Rodgers is traded in the next few weeks. 5 QB's were drafted, there are fewer QB needy teams out there than there were before the draft. Future picks have to be involved, and those picks will be worse now than they were before the draft, because if Rodgers is on the team,
  9. If you think it's naive to think that Rodgers won't do everything he can to ensure that he makes the GB front office look stupid, well, then you haven't followed Aaron Rodgers much.
  10. You may be right. He had COVID going for him. No fans on the road. Defenses behind veteran offenses. ....etc. But if you look at our passing TD's compared to our rushing TD's, it is a good balance. If you think about our potential running game, you have to think it will open up more downfield shots. I think he can do it again and maybe do it better. But it is on him. Including offseason training in those legs.
  11. True. But those of us who have watched him his whole career knew he could be better than what he was. And if I'm being fair, he can still be better in this system than he was last year. He is that talented and this is such an easy system for him to run. Like, that's why I want him back. But I want him committed to the organization. Because he could dominate the league for the next 3-5 years in this system with what is around him. And that is the issue with Rodgers. He's got the GOAT skills, but hasn't played at that level for much over the last 4 years or so. And whe
  12. I don't feel like he will "also want the money" from a different team. He will do anything and everything he can to show up GB, including taking less to get weaponz.
  13. Christ. You can call me any name you want, but DON'T YOU DARE INSULT MY DANCING!
  14. I read that he is a 1% owner. He has 0% input on the team and how it is run.
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