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  1. Kenny Golloday is becoming a great player in the league. This just cements that in my head. Great WR.
  2. Look, I'm a fan of the "Eye in the Sky" judge for every game. Head official in the booth looking at everything who can overturn anything they see fit. Do any of those calls or non-calls get reversed by an Eye In the Sky? No, it isn't whining, but it is borderline. Do us all all a favor and beat the Bears and Vikings. Prove your worth. Do that and I"ll invite your perceived "whining".
  3. @Striker, let's say for the sake of argument that there is an "Eye in the Sky" ref. Head official who can overturn any call that is blatantly wrong. Do either of those calls get overturned?
  4. It is probably that you continue this narrative of being wronged. You seem to try to argue a point that isn't going to end well for you,, as every team has been wronged. Crap happens in the NFL. Go watch the Fail Mary enough. Heck over here we still say JERRY RICE FUMBLED! It happens to every team. It's how your team deals with adversity that counts. Move on. Go get the next one. And if you want to make a point? Try burying GB in your house. Which is what I'm watching for. Will the Lions get mad and elevate their play? Or will they wither away, again, and lose their season because of a couple of questionable calls. My hope is that you rebound and crush a few other division opponents and line up a great game on your field later in the year.
  5. No disrespect to MVS, as I do really like him, but... Rodgers showed more confidence in Lazzard in one half of a game than I think he's shown MVS in a season and 6 games. In all honesty, MVS should be getting a jump ball bomb at least once a half. And...I'm not knocking MVS here at all, again, I dig him. But...Lazzard has that swagger that you gotta love. He may even have "it". Ah...what the hell am I saying. I'm as drunk as @Norm. I'll cool it on the Lazzard love-fest for the night.
  6. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    The amazing thing there is that Rodgers trusted him enough to throw him that ball right away, no hesitation. It was pure trust in the play, the player and the timing. It's something we usually don't see out of Rodgers and a new WR right away. I found it very telling earlier when Lazzard enters the game and immediately gets a jump ball bomb thrown his way. Just tells me....Aaron likes Allen. Aaron likes Allen.
  7. This here is interesting to note..... Rodgers loves 'Vante. He appears to trust Lazzard. He did trust GMO, though I don't know why. Kumerow can't get open against my mother. Yah, there's a spot for Ryan Grant, especially if 'Vante's recommendation rubs off on Aaron. Whatever you do, Grant, don't drop that first one or you might as well run to the tunnel and catch an Uber to Austen Straubel.
  8. No. Not in other words. What I'm saying is...crap happens. Deal with it. Just like every other team that is on the short end of the stick. It happens. It stinks, but it does happen. It's not like anything that is said or done now is going to reverse the decision. You can't take the human element out of the officiating. Or else there will be a flag on every play. If you are that up in arms about the non-calls, boycott the NFL. That'll show them. Or...just maybe....keep watching and see how your team reacts from the prior week. They should come out hot and heavy.
  9. Look. You slow the game down via replay, and go frame by frame, you can call PI on most every play...or holding. I get the frustration. I do. But look at the bigger picture and ask yourself why couldn't the offense generate yards and points. Honestly, you had the chance to bury us. Dropped passes, flukey bounces and a fumble went against GB. Our offense was a backup running back and undrafted free agents at WR.
  10. Bad calls happen all the time. Fail Mary comes to mind. So does our Eagles game when WR was flat out mugged on a slant in the end zone. You deal with the results and move on. We didn't lose to the Eagles because of a bad call. We lost because we couldn't punch the ball in during the other 3.5 quarters of the game. And we couldn't stop the run. Lions are a nice team. You will tell if it is really a good team by how they bounce back from the loss. Telling yah, that game in Detroit is going to be a really, really good one!
  11. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    Lazzard. To me, it looks like he plays with confidence. Like he knows that he can do, athletically, and he knows where to be. His catch on the "out" was a great play. Simple, but the timing was excellent and his effort was great. I think he will work in nicely, even when Adams comes back. Also helps that Rodgers seems to trust him already.
  12. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    You got it man. And...congratulations! You can now be as "happy" as the rest of us married men! Just kidding, enjoy your day...err...I mean her day!
  13. NFL News & Notes

    Cobbs been banged up since week 2. I don't think he's practiced this week, either. They should just cut him, right? He can fair catch a punt or two and be our 4'th WR....
  14. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    ...especially is someone like Patrick or Madison make that jump and get close to his level. But right now, they aren't there. In fact, PFF has Taylor graded much higher than Turner. I take the wait and see approach to Lane. Much depends on development and Bulaga's contract status.