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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Makes you wonder if perhaps his mind was on, uh, something else before that Detroit game.
  2. WE. THE PEOPLE!!!! I liked him in the WWE. Always thought they used him incorrectly. Happy to see him having success outside of the WWE.
  3. Very much agree. Except that I want to see if Leonard's stats are sustainable. Blakes are...and I think given his second year in the system, we could see more splash plays out of him.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    He's been linked to Moss before, I have no issue with that, as posted the GB coaches will get him running routes.
  5. "Solid but not spectacular". I think that is a great definition of Martinez. Spectacular means he needs a couple more "splash" plays, right? INT's, caused fumbles...etc. Look, I dig him. I think he's amazing for a young ILB who wasn't a high draft pick. I thought I'd post these first 3 years worth of stats for the guy who I think is the best in the NFL, Kuechly, and Martinez. Through three years... Blake Martinez 2016- games= 13 Tackles=47 INT=1 SACK=1 2017-games=16 Tackles-=144 INT=1 SACK=1 2018-games=16 Tackles= 144 INT=0 SACK=5 Luke Kuechly 2012-games=16 Tackles=164 INT=2 SACK=1 2013-games=16 Tackles=156 INT=4 SACK=2 2014=games=16 Tackles=153 INT=1 SACK=3 Blake has a few tackles less, 5 less INTS, but one more sack. Playing in 3 fewer games. Yah, he's a really nice player, especially for a 4'th round pick, versus a high #1. Funny thing, when you start looking at Kuechly lately, his games per year are going down, his tackles are going down. Still showing good coverage stats. I think that Blakes best ability so far has been availability. He played through a tough ankle injury last year. Pettine used him nicely to generate pass rush, and he produced big time. I'm pretty excited to see what he will do in year two of the Pettine scheme. If the Kuechly stats showed me anything, it is that you can get about 4 really good productive years out of your ILB before he starts missing some games. So this could be a huge year for Blake. And...not sure if that is necessarily true for all good ILB's...just looking at Luke.
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    I know that Moss was always in tip top shape and heck he could probably run a sub 4.45 40 today. Working out with him to stay in shape is great. Asking him to train you on how to run routes is not great. I'm not worried, though, like at all. MVS will get that training from the coaches here and 'Vante. Kid has everything he needs to be successful. Now he just has to work to earn it.
  7. The offseason DL thread

    I don't see a reason to re-up Daniels. Take the younger, less expensive guy in Lowry who is solid. Then draft a DL or two to develop. And pray that the light goes on for Adams, though I fear that may not happen. Seriously, I think when you have one stud (Clark) you just need two above average dudes next to him and another developmental player or two to round out that squad. When you pay a QB as much as we do, you really can't afford to pay too many of those guys. And we invested heavily on the edge.
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    Do not like this. What is he running? The "go" route? The "don't move at the snap because it is a running play" route? Maybe a slant?
  9. The offseason DL thread

    Very true about Pickett pass rush. To say there was "none" might be giving him a little more credit than he deserved!
  10. Oren Burks

    I once thought he didn't like contact. Like he was playing a little scared out there. Then I saw him get smoked on a running play where he took a wrong first step. A guard just mauled and decleated him. I truly thought he would hang his head and be officially "done". Next play, he must have recognized something because it was a pitch outside, he read it right away, flew outside and blew the play up. Not an arm tackle, not a heat seeking missile type hit, but just a great hard sure tackle. Could have been for no gain or a loss. Tells me that you are right...it's the football part between the ears. He isn't afraid of contact. Obviously the guy has incredible athletic gifts. The game and position was just too much for him last year. I think the kid needs reps and hard coaching, which I think he's getting. Once the game slows down for him, I think he has a chance to be an impact player. And that's tough for me to say, because I too did not like that pick one bit. Even saying that, I'm not giving up on him. He certainly didn't give up after being pancaked.
  11. Team is a Plus against the run. Average against the pass. Pass rush should be spread out nicely, but we lack the "Man" to get it done. I'm okay with it, because i think the "Man" will emerge (Z) and that collectively the unit is going to be very, very good. But, as it starts out...I'd say average to average plus. End of year, I think we are going to really like this rush. Weak at corner due to health issues with King, age/limited athletic ability in Tramon and undetermined progression of Jackson and Brown. Weak at safety due to a wildcard in the rookie, Savage. Many of these weaknesses get eliminated with game experience and health. Gonna be fun to watch. Again, thinking this year it is all about learning everything and progressing together while being competitive. Next year we should be big time threats for the title.
  12. Not sure I'm buying that part. The best thing about Martinez is his brain. And he was handed the defensive helmet right away in his first camp. Hasn't let it go, either. Pretty big fan of his, so maybe I blacked out some of his rookie issues.
  13. The offseason DL thread

    Pickett was extremely good at controlling the interior. Very underrated guy. I'm not sure that Clark does it any better than Pickett did it back then. And maybe not even quite as good yet. That's how good I thought Pickett was. On that team, I also thought that Jenkins was on the downslide that year. I don't recall him doing a whole lot against the run. He'd flash in the pass rush situations, but that was about it. More or less I think that year he was living off of a past reputation. One that got him paid a few times over once he left GB. That being said...I'll take that DL over the one we have right now. That could change if a few things happen...like Adams actually developing and Daniels getting back to his old self. I think Lancaster is what he is...and that is perfectly fine. It's Adams that needs to elevate to get to a Lancaster level of play.
  14. Davante Adams Appreciation Thread

    I only vaguely remember Lofton...and Jefferson. I do remember Sharpe very well, along with Brooks, Freeman, Walker, Nelson, Driver, Jennings, Cobb, Adams...etc. Man, that is a fun list to type out... and I didn't even put Jones on there. For the ones that I remember watching? Sharpe was easily the best. I remember power, great RAC and when he didn't have turf toe, he was a deep threat. He was the whole package. If I had to rank them...Sharpe, Jennings, Nelson, Adams, Freeman, Walker, Driver, Brooks, Cobb. And maybe I have Walker too high, but pre-injury in GB, he was something special. Only have Cobb down there at the bottom (of an outstanding list) because to me, he was one dimensional, slot who excelled at broken plays. The other guys could move anywhere and win their matchup.
  15. Davante Adams Appreciation Thread

    May be dangerous to say this, but... What if you put #84 on 'Vante? To me, his game reminds me a lot of good ole Sterling Sharpe. I think, or I want to think, that Sterling had a little more breakaway long speed, but both have great quickness and a power element to their game. Sorry, but I couldn't help but see a little Sterling in those gifs....