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  1. I think Jackson is a stutefish. Compared to the others that we have behind him, he looks good. He's no King. King is much, much better.
  2. Great picture...and THANK YOU for what you DO! Regarding the off-season. Any off-season that does not include cutting Lowry just doesn't work for me. I'd be thrilled with the first 3 selections. Especially the first selection. No argument from me. Lazard and MVS are here, but I don't know how much you invest in them long term. I put Funchess in the "easy to cut if you have to" boat. And he's a one year guy if he stays on the roster. So yah, we need to backfill that position. Hadn't thought about bringing Taylor back. But that makes a lot of sense. Hadn't thought about moving on from Crosby. He's been very, very good. But if your thought is that he could retire, then yah, I get the kicker selection. Nice job.
  3. About a year ago, I had a back issue and it spasmed on me at work. I walked around just like Cory did. It's almost like you are walking on black ice, or barefoot on a floor full of thumbtacks. Took me about 6 sessions with a good sports chiropractor to loosen that back up. Not a lot of adjusting, more deep stretching than anything else.
  4. Add "on field body language" to that list. That has changed considerably as well. This is not the Rodgers we have seen for the past 2-3 years. This is the guy we always wanted him to be, and knew he could be. I'm of the opinion that if showed like this last year, we would not have drafted Love in the first round. Big time credit needs to be given to Aaron for taking to the scheme and the coaching. He's going to make that Love selection look very poor over time. Right now I have a hard time seeing GB trading Rodgers before he decides to retire. He can play in this type of offense, at this level, for many years to come.
  5. This game is going to be so tough to watch. Their defense is going to lock down our offense enough to get me frustrated. Our defense is going to allow their putrid offense to actually put together drives. And in this game, against that defense, field position is going to be huge. We won't be able to have multiple long drives that go 70 to 80 yards for TD's. And I do not feel like Pettine will allow the defense to stop their offense with 3 and outs. I'm probably going to need a little bourbon during pre-game to get me through this one.
  6. Regarding MVS.....I thought he had a great day on Sunday prior to that fumble. I saw him running deep routes and getting open. Rodgers took the easier stuff in front of him, but MVS was doing a great job out there. I saw a few run plays where he was more physical when blocking, too. Guess I consider him WR #2A or #2B, depending on how you view Lazard. Either way, if those are your top 3, you are fine. And days later, I'm still not over this loss. It took a lot of different things to happen for us to lose, not just a fumble in overtime.
  7. It would help if we actually handed the ball off enough for that o-line to wear down a defense. It's sad how little we run now.
  8. I'm sitting there on the couch, seething in the second half. Every big third down play, or fourth down play I'm praying that Alexander says "Enough of this bs., here is what we are gonna run." Someone needs to stand up on defense.
  9. I'm gonna vent. Apologies in advance. I despise Pettine, and whomever our Specials coach is. Shepherd doesn't belong in the NFL at all, let alone getting snaps on offense and return man duties. We give next to zero effort blocking on kick off returns. I watch the guys, not the ball. Our effort out there is pathetic. And that's on the coaching. Coverage teams? At least we sprint. We don't have a lot of lane integrity, but at least we run fast and try to swarm the ball. Pettine? He's laughable. He gave Rivers the easiest throws on the planet. 8-10 yard in breaking routes. Rarely had a linebacker under those. Safeties were usually over the top. It was just sad to watch. Over and over and over again. Our offense? Running game is more or less done. We don't hand it off enough for the line to get into a rhythm. We use Jones like he's expected to break after 10 rushing attempts. Third and short is a shotgun dive, or a bootleg. It's sad how unphysical we are. MLF has gotten off to a fine record/start. We don't play well on long road trips, our effort after our bye this year was pathetic. After our mini bye wasn't much better and halftime of the Colts game might as well been another bye. In my eyes, we are Aaron Rodgers away from having a top 10 draft pick. Dude is literally that important. And that is it. Again, apologies for the rant. But I feel better now.
  10. With how pedestrian our run game has been, I see no harm in giving carries to Dillon. We've been utilizing Jones like's got an expiration date for touches. Our line is not opening up those big holes anymore. Add to that the fact that we come out after halftime flat and our defense is just so easy to complete easy passes on and I've now come to a conclusion. This is not a championship level team. Maybe we have enough players to really make a run. We certainly do not have championship level coaches. And I'm not sure Gute has it in him to get us over the hump. I got way too worked up during the Colts game. And I'm done with that.
  11. I'll be impressed if we hold Rivers to under 16 points in the first half.
  12. Who has been good? Aaron Freakin' Rodgers. Linsley. Jaire. Who has been bad? King/Clark...injuries. WILL REDMOND. Lowry. Who has surprised? Barnes. Turner. Who is the player of our own we irrationally hate the most? It's Pettine if you remove the word irrationally. Otherwise...it's MVS. What is our final record? Who cares. We WILL win our last game. Postseason awards? Rodgers. Going full God mode in the playoffs. Discuss. This year so far has been about two things. The evolution of the MLF offense/Rodgers. And the despicable Mike Pettine.
  13. 2019 is calling, you picking up the call?
  14. And....found it funny that our announcers missed what happened there. They were really focused on talking about how "soft" the Packers are. And I'm actually agreeing with that. But, they failed to talk about the few instances when the Packers turned it up a notch and were not "soft". That instance being just one of them. There were more. Clearly they wanted to get that note out there early and often.
  15. Even my wife noticed it. I don't KNOW why it happened, but my GUESS is that MLF rammed his foot so far up Pettine keister that the 3 fingers he was holding up morphed into 4 because of said foot.
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