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  1. I seem to jinx players on my fan duel teams. Should I take Goff and Gurley this week? Maybe the Rams defense? That is about the only chance I see GB as having. Even when the Rams take GB lightly, they will still win by 2 scores and GB will make it look closer in the second half than it really is....
  2. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    I'll try to sway you with Adams. He's special. His quickness is elite. His route running is excellent. He is flat out killing it this year, his first year as the featured WR. He's everything you want from a WR 1. I'm higher on Martinez than most. He's on pace for like 150 tackles and 8 sacks. He's a very good player. Graham is quietly putting up a very nice year at tight end. And he's been open a lot and been missed. That part about getting open is what I like.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    First off, I agree with you and thank you for the time you've spent putting the list and your thoughts down here to read. I'm trying to play Devil's Advocate with your list above...humor me. I'll cherry pick Doctson, Davis and Njoku. Those are easy ones. Given the broad scope of systems and schemes, I think these three would have excelled in the Green and Gold. Doctson has been an injury bust so far, but when he's a free agent, I'd love to kick those tires...if healthy. I had a man crush on Davis, still do. He went where receivers go to kill their careers. He would flourish under a real system with a good quarterback. Njoku...putting up decent numbers despite being in Cleveland. He would rock it out here. Conversely...any of those defenders would stink here because our defense has been just bad for a long time. Shaw wouldn't have a position to play. I dug Anthony, but he's a bust. I think Lee would be delightfully average in GB. Reddick...well...I liked him. I think he's miscast in the desert. He might have done okay here, but not a true first round hit. Davis/Foster, you made that ILB point with Martinez versus all those guys. Cam Erving...nope. Garnett...I'd argue he'd be starting right now and fine, but not what you want in the first. Perriman was going to bust wherever he went. Dorset...I don't get him. I like him as a receiver, but no quarterbacks do. Called White a bust right away. I think Parker would be good in GB.... Agholor, meh. I'm shocked that Coleman isn't on a roster, must not be able to comprehend a scheme. Fuller is a nice player...but I see only a vertical threat. We don't use our WR's that way. Treadwell was a bust, called that one right away. Ross...still shocked he isn't producing. He ran too good of routes to be this bad...maybe he'd have a chance here. Mike Williams....nope. Engram...I don't like small tight ends. So really, I agree with you, except on a couple guys who I think would have hit nicely with our scheme...and even then, I can take Doctson off due to injuries and that leaves me with a man crush Davis and a nice looking tight end. Not a compelling list.
  4. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    For the most part, I agree with you. The coach, though.....Too many times I've seen guys running wide open and Rodgers just plain doesn't see them. I'm no Mac fan...and Lord knows his teams do not play with energy, urgency or passion. But...as a play caller, I think he's been quite good this year. He's called man beater and zone beaters at correct times, his QB has just failed to execute. Probably a function of not practicing as much as he would like. Running game. Far too often we are two scores down and in passing mode. That puts Jones on the bench. Let's see what happens if the club actually gets up by two scores sometime. I too want young receivers to play more...but...if you want to win now, you integrate them slowly. Rodgers with Adams, Cobb and GMO is better than Rodgers with Adams, MVS and ESB. Agree on the three young corners being 1, 2 and 3. I'm not sure if they've all been healthy at any one time this year, though. Breeland needs snaps when he is healthy, too. Amen to Rodgers getting the ball out of his hand.
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    They want to trade him...absent a new contract, what do you give for him? ...assuming you want him. I'm curious what value that first round WR has right now. Guessing it is round 4 or worse. Maybe round 3 if he agrees to a long term deal relative to other WR's who have produced numbers similar to his...so in other words, a low end #2 WR contract.
  6. Fun Bye Week Game

    Mine was Eddy Lacy. I wanted him in round one as I thought he was the perfect, physical back to compliment the GB finesse offense with Rodgers. And...he kind of was...until he ate himself out of the league. Great feet on that man, tough. Not too many guys his size have/had feet like that. Still sad that it didn't work out for him. My other one was/is Spriggs. I loved him coming out, thought he was a steal for GB. And he has just been awful.
  7. Green Bay Packers Depreciation Thread

    Very nice post. I enjoyed reading it! I liked the Alexander pick, especially since we got another first round when getting him. It was a great move by Gute. I didn't like the Burks pick then and I still don't like it now. He's small, not physical and lacks instincts. To me, he does not look like he belongs in the NFL yet. It is going to take a year to get him physically ready for the game and possibly another year for him to see enough of the NFL to react to it in an appropriate manner for a linebacker. And that is kind of my point in being in a "can't win" situation. The Rodgers clock is ticking. I don't think GB can afford to wait 2-3 years for rookies to truly "get it" and develop enough to help him win a Super Bowl. I'd advocate for free agency. Not in an "all in" manner. But...the right linebackers can help out any defense. Let's stop relying on the raw rookies, like Burks and go get a true and test ILB to pair with Martinez. Not a Colt castoff, but a bonafide starter. Let's get a safety like that as well. Just solid starters who can play NFL ball. We can back them up with rookies, but let's get some good solid vets in there. I think that Mac is an issue...not the issue. This team plays soft football. They lack energy and enthusiasm. They are playing tight and as if they don't really care. That is on the coaching staff. Those guys need to loosen up and have fun. Take a lesson from the Brewers, perhaps! And...with all that, I'm very, very encouraged by the young corners. If GB can find an edge kid or two next year that can play as well as Alexander and Jackson, then I'll feel much better about things.
  8. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Probably because he's ticking YOUR doll with a feather!
  9. Green Bay Packers Depreciation Thread

    I truly think that GB is in a "can't win" situation concerning Rodgers and McCarthy. There isn't enough talent currently to legitimately make a run at a Super Bowl. Now, if the sun/moon/stars align and our rookies develop quickly? Well, then there's a chance...with McCarthy at the helm. And that is if the star QB will listen to him...which is not a given. If they move on from Mac, then there is a new system to get installed, the coach needs to earn the trust of #12. To me, that is a rebuild and will take probably 2 years to get through. I"m just not sure if there is enough time, either way, to get Rodgers another title. About the only variable that I can see if is free agency. And even then, you gotta find the right guys to come in and immediately make a difference. That isn't easy and it is risky. Takes me back to the "can't win" situation. Best case scenario is that the young WR develop quickly, with the young corners (which could happen). GB hits on an edge or two in the next draft to actually give us a pass rush. Rodgers and Mac have a meeting of the minds and get on the same page. Then...possibly in 3 years GB has a good chance. Hope I'm wrong about that, but that is what I see.
  10. Josh Jones & Montravius Adams?

    Jones couldn't be any worse at LB than Burks is.... I'm surprised they haven't used him there. If Burks had that physical mentality that Jones has, he may be All-Pro.
  11. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    Can you elaborate on the bolded part? Do you mean have him be a rover/blitzer ala Woodson, or do you see him being a coverage safety playing the back third? I ask because with the way he sees things...and how he can still move forward, I think he could be a good deep safety. Pair him with Dix. Let's Dix play up more. Get King, Jackson, Alexander and Breeland on the field as the true corners.
  12. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    So, I was going to type a post...then I read this and that was pretty much what I would type...here's what I would add. 1) I'm not Ha Ha fan. However, I think that line of thought..making him play for another deal is very interesting. My rub against him is that I think he can be so much better than he is... maybe that tag will bring it out of him. Very interesting point and one that I had no considered. 2) I'm good there. Need veteran depth. 3) Yup. 4) I let Clay go. Any money spent on him is bad money at this point. He's a guy who will go somewhere else, have a bounce back year, then be done. 5) See yah Monty. Been real. Been fun. Hasn't been real fun. It us, not you. 6) Agree. 7) I like the rookie WR's a lot. Didn't we have a sig bet on them? I can let you off the hook on that one, if it pans out, because injuries have forced the rookies onto the field. Still, I'm happy that you like them too, as I know your philosophy on taking a WR in the first round! 8) Need a better right guard. Maybe even better right tackle. I disagree on the market for HHCD...he will have the INTS and the INTS will get him paid in that 6M+/year range. Earl Thomas is going to be expensive, if he is $6-7M/year. Do it. If not, find young, fresh legs. Has Mathieu done anything this year? 8) Another 8. Let me ask you this. Demarcus Lawrence. Is he worth the two first round picks? He's a game changer on the edge. If no, then the draft....And...I'd argue that there is going to be good depth on the edge in this year's draft. Before I definitively say I want to trade up for one edge kid, I want to see the pool of talent. I'm not opposed to grabbing two edge kids as we are just that weak at that position. Would you look at trading a third or so for Fowler or Ray this year? Nothing higher than a 3.... 9) With all the holes on the roster and the lack of overall talent, I'm really looking at BPA at any position except QB and corner.
  13. Josh Jones & Montravius Adams?

    double post
  14. Josh Jones & Montravius Adams?

    How bad must you be in the locker room and practice field to not earn snaps over Brice and Whitehead? Cuz that is how horrible Josh Jones must be. I loved Adams in pre-season. He played some when Mo went down right away, but then hasn't seen much PT. Must have not been assignment sure. It'll come for him. Point taken though, those two look like busts right now and they really need to turn it on.
  15. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    I'll give this a quick overview... This Green Bay Packer team isn't as talented as the ones we've had for the past 10 years or so. Compared to other teams in the league, this is a middle of the pack team, no pun intended. Two blue chip players. Rodgers and Adams. And Rodgers can be very good....or very bad. We have a few other very good pieces. Clark. Bakhtiari. Martinez. Then we have another tier of good guys. Graham. Bulaga. Jackson. Alexander. King. Daniels. Then we have a whole lot of average guys. I'm probably forgetting some, but you win with your best players. You win more when younger guys elevate their play to very good and blue chip. We just don't have those ascending younger guys.