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  1. I think only Rodgers can answer that. I'd venture a guess that it was a play coming in. Now that we can hear a lot during the game, it looked to me like MVS was doing a lot of talking on the field. And I dig it. Regarding where the route should have been run and possible mental lapses from MVS, it now looks like those things are simply being let go by Rodgers. No need to dwell on it. My guess is that the club will deal with those kinds of things in the film room. Not the playing field. And I dig it.
  2. Got it. I didn't even look at him coming out due to size. Happy Gute didn't stick to that standard. So yah, I think he rolled the dice a little there, just like he did with Gary and Savage.
  3. Wish I could agree with this, but I can't. It isn't about the player, it is the position. Martinez is tearing it up in New York, after being a whipping boy here. Kirksey has a poor PFF score. Our scheme is not the Baltimore scheme, for ILB's. Until that changes, it won't really matter who is in our middle. I hold out hope for Kirksey because I think he's gonna be a huge pest in the middle against the passing game, where Martinez simply was not. But make no mistake, if Queen were here, we'd be lamenting that pick right now.
  4. Lost in the back and forth regarding Jones is the FACT that he was not the player then that he is now. He slimmed down. He got quicker. He wasn't this quick or fast when he was heavier as a rookie. Credit to the kid for changing his body and ultimately, his game. No fault to Mac for not playing him over Williams who was more pro-ready right away.
  5. For me? I understand why P hasn't shown up much. Dude is dropping waaaayyyy too much for my liking. I don't think he's regressed or anything like that, I just think he's not being put in position to impact plays. Yet. Savage? Ungh. Haven't seen him flash yet. And to be fair, Amos is quiet, too. Both have been far too quiet. Not happy with Savage's start. I hope to not see him as the nickel back for a long time.
  6. I think he was better than fine, but he was not as good as week one. To be fair, I don't think anyone could be better than Rodgers was in week one. Maybe equal to, but not better. Lions were jamming and holding the WR's all game long to disrupt timing. Rodgers didn't force it, just took what was there. Adams wasn't fed the ball when he was out there, Rodgers spread it around. And without Adams, he was still just fine. His on field mannerisms were great, too. He celebrated, he smiled. He kept throwing to guys, even after drops. And he was super PO'd when there was a timeout called when he had a sure fire TD play coming. I absolutely loved how he acted on the field. He was in control of that game, and he knew it. About that MVS play in the end zone....I watched that a few times. It honestly looked like MVS thought he was on the backline and was doing some funky things with his feet. Could have been a better ball to him for sure, but something wasn't right on MVS's part either.
  7. He looks like a locomotive out there. Playing fast. Hands/feet still aren't perfect, but his energy and power is there on every single snap. Yah, he's got his sacks, that's easy to see. But, he's also got some hurries and he's crashing the line and getting in on some tackles, too. The light might not yet be fully "green", but it's gone from red to yellow for sure. He did take a pretty large leap in year two.
  8. I'm not opposed to a trade and would love to get JJ Watt in town. Nothing would be better. But....I don't think you have to trade to get better. Make Snacks an offer he can't refuse the week before our bye. Don't play him that week, let him watch and learn. Let him learn and get into some sort of shape in the bye, then get him out there fresh. That's the wise play. And if you want some help at LB...can't help but wonder if Clay wouldn't come back for a few games. Get him in at ILB, let him rush, let him drop. That's more of a reach than Snacks but something worth entertaining.
  9. I watched a lot of the Saints/Raiders game. Here is what I saw. We know all about Brees and his arm strength. Here is what what wasn't mentioned. His "senior moment" when he threw to a LB in the middle of the field at the end of the first half, well, that was due to pressure right up the middle. He threw it quicker than he wanted and couldn't step up into it. Some wise man once said on here that you need to pressure aged QB's up the middle. And he's right. And he is..... @Outpost31 Sanders didn't have a catch until the end of the game. Cook got a few and looked good, but not as fast when he was here. Smith was their "go-to" Wr. Malcolm Jenkins got wedgied by Waller. Waller is going to do that to a lot of guys, but Jenkins looked terrible in coverage. We don't have a TE that can move like Waller. Maybe Deguara, but probably not yet. If we can get Jenkins matched up 1:1 with a WR, or Aaron Jones, we gotta feast on that matchup. Saints defense. Was underwhelmed by their DL. I thought they were better. Didn't see Davenport out there, maybe he was injured. The Saints ILB's are very aggressive. They don't tackle, they want to injure what they tackle. Talking about Davis. With how aggressive he is, we gotta use the jet sweep and some misdirection to keep him from teeing off on guys. Or, let's let him tackle Dillon a few times to take the starch out of him. Corners. Jenkins and Lattimore. No real sense of urgency from them. Grabby. Thought they were better. Kamara is the stud on offense. Running and passing. He's gonna get his, but somehow we need to limit that. I don't think there's a guy at safety or linebacker for us that can bottle him up. I'd almost drop a DL on passing down to try to spy on him at the LOS, then pass him to the linebacker/safety level. Thought the Saints are very beatable, but, you gotta have the right weapons on offense. Namely a quick tight end, and we do not have that. Gonna need to scheme guys onto Jenkins and take advantage. Defensively, we really need Kenny Clark up the middle. And that is where Z should do the majority of his rushes.
  10. Vegas/Rodgers eyeball test. 1) Threw to guys not named Adams? Emphatic check YES. Even when 'Vante was in there, he was spreading it around. 2) Controlled the tempo? Heck yes he did. 3) Took shots downfield within the play? Yup. 4) Took what was there instead of always extending plays? Very emphatic YES. 5) Did extend a few plays? Yes. Just the right amount. 6) Showed emotion on the field, as in celebrating? You bet he did. And...he showed a little anger/rage out there when a timeout got called and he was set in the perfect play. Lions were trying to hold up those receivers on the line of scrimmage, so it took away a little bit of the timing stuff, but Rodgers adjusted and was great. Not outstanding, but great. I think he was a 10 out of 10. This week wasn't quite as Godgers as last week, but it was at least an 8.5 out of 10.
  11. It's really cool to come to a thread and have some fun, even it is making fun of ourselves. #2-0 problems
  12. Could be addition by subtraction. He was not playing well.
  13. That is totally gimmick infringement against @Norm
  14. This Covid year is weird. You want to win? Have a veteran QB with vet talent on offense. For the Vikes? That's two check marks for "yes". You have that. At least you have enough of that. Every defense is going to struggle when facing a vet qb with vet guys around him. No noise is to the QB's advantage. You want to "win" on defense? Better have great corners and a pass rush. Vikes have no such corners (yet) and the best pass rushers are either injured or getting into shape and up to speed on the defense. So of the 4 things you need to win, you have two right now, and will likely have 3 at some time this season. You are going to struggle early, and then be tough towards the mid to end of the year. Corners need reps, rushers need to be healthy. And it helps if you can face QB's who aren't legends like Rivers and Rodgers. Though Rivers is old and not mobile, he's gonna read every defense out there and put himself into good plays against any defense right now. Same goes for Rodgers, though his skills are much better than Rivers at this point. This week? Tannehill and the Titans. While he's gotten better, Tannehill isn't going to pick you apart with schemes and plays like Rodgers or Rivers did.
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