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  1. If it were me...and GB hasn't called in a while...I'm putting King on Dez. Dak isn't a consistently accurate QB yet. He will look out there and see a long 6'3 corner that Dez can't run by. He will throw it elsewhere. If he doesn't, King will battle and get his hands on the ball. House needs to stay on the other boundary WR. Burnett plays the slot and takes on Witten and/or Beasley. Hopefully the R&R boys don't sniff the field. I'm pretty much hoping that GB makes Randall inactive this game. Let him learn from his mistakes. Play Hawkins, Pipkins and Rollins, in that order. Hoping we see the traditional 3-4 front in this game again. And Daniels really, really has to play.
  2. Is that what her name is now? Souvenirs?
  3. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Gurley looks pretty amazing this year. He's bigger, stronger and faster. I think that Hunt looks the part because Reid uses motion and misdirection better than any other coach in the league. He truly is an offensive genius. He's motioning Hill to keep the defense at home and that give Hunt an advantage, and even some cutback lanes. While is good, I think Reid is helping him out tremendously. Not sure if that happens without the motion end around threat of Tyreke Hill.
  4. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    4 weeks since I had my left hip replaced. Walking around without a limp, cane or walker. All good. Being very diligent with my physical therapy and exercises. All of my back and hip pain is gone. My wound is still a little swollen, but that is about it. I felt so good that I was able to get in a boat for 3 hours this morning and everything was fine.
  5. 1/4 season brief thoughts

    So, I've given up on him in the slot. And I thought he would be outstanding in the slot or at safety. He's awful in space. No instincts. Very low football IQ. On his TD, I think there were two guys lined up outside of his guy who was inside. Randall was about 12 yards off at the snap. All the help in the world was inside, and still he played straight up. In that situation, you have to defend space. There was a ton of space to the outside and when the outside receivers ran in (and the corners ran with them), there was even more space. He looked thoroughly confused after that play, like he was expecting help. Here's the thing...he lined up deep enough to be a safety on the hash, if there was help to be had on the play, he WAS THE HELP. So, I've given up on him and the mental part of the game. He will always be beaten mentally with any scheme thrown at him. If you are analyzing film of the defense and how to beat it, he's the guy you attack over and over with different looks. Like a sucker at a poker table, if you can't spot him, then guess what...you are the sucker. That's Randall in the defense right now. I think he has some coachable qualities outside, 1:1, man on man. But his confidence out there is shot. Truthfully, I think he needs to sit and watch for a few games. Take in the game and see if he learns something from that. Because right now, he's a liability out there.
  6. The Curse of having a Franchise QB

    He's had a great anchor all year. In Seattle (with Daniels next to him) he showed outstanding chase ability. Since Mike's been gone, he's still had his anchor, but no real movement off of it. Most of the time when I see him, he's being doubled. I haven't seen him really collapse a pocket since Daniels went out. And even though I'm not his biggest fan, I think he will once Mike is back. Adams will help that out, too. I think he is still 21 years old. He's doing really, really well for a kid that age. If he continues to improve, and I think he will, he will be pretty special in the next 2-3 years.
  7. The Curse of having a Franchise QB

    It is a mistake to take a DT in the first round with no pass rush skills. Those guys can and are found later. He was drafted because he can do both. That pass rush isn't showing up yet. I'm not a fan of his, for where he was drafted, but the kid has gotten better since last year. I think it is a matter of time because his pass rush kicks in. Having Daniels next to him will help.
  8. I'm hoping we don't even take Adams on the trip. Let him stay at home and recover. With the depth of our WR corp, there really isn't a need to bring him along.
  9. 1/4 season brief thoughts

    There it is...that's the one! Good ole JR.... OUTTA NOWHERE!
  10. Defense Discussion [2017]

    I'm seeing a lot more zone than I thought I would . I'm going to be really happy and interested to see what we do with House outside with King. I"m hoping to see some press man with zone principles underneath. Josh Jones has proven to be a nice addition to the defense already. I"m looking forward to seeing what Adams and Biegle can bring to the defense as well. Point being....the D is playing some pretty good football, even without Daniels. And it could get better when some new/fresh legs get in there. It is coming together.
  11. The Curse of having a Franchise QB

    QB is without a doubt the one position that wins you games in the NFL. If it is a curse to have a franchise QB, then I'm happy that GB is cursed. I'd love a defense to go with him. And we are kind of getting there. If you have a franchise QB, you change your draft philosophy. Defense, defense, defense. Find a pass rush, find corners and hope your franchise QB puts you up a few scores and turn it into a passing game.
  12. 1/4 season brief thoughts

    I'd be thrilled to go 3-1 in the next 4. Betting we go 2-2, though. Saints look like a W on paper, but you watch, we will take them lightly and have a slobberknocker on our hands.
  13. Jordy Nelson and TD's

    I don't think he has the longevity of an elite receiver to get in. He sat early and didn't put up yards, then had a few great years and if he doesn't get his speed back, he's going to be a possession receiver moving forward. Packer Hall of Fame? You bet. Canton? Sorry, love Jordy but that isn't happening.
  14. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    I'm happier now with Jones in line for more carries. He showed that right now, he's the better runner between him and Williams. Williams dreams of being able to use a jump cut like Jones does. That being said, I think that Jones left a lot of yards out there yesterday. Hope Monty is okay and can play in a week or two.
  15. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Detroit was a playoff team last year...and with those 4'th quarter comebacks, it was easy to be skeptical of them. Still is. They've sold me, though. I'm a little more interested in them this year, enough to really watch their games in depth, just because Lang is over there.
  16. GDT Week 4 - Bears @ Packers

    It isn't just Aaron, Pugger. In some games and in some instances, there are guys sitting about 5 yards from the LOS wide open just staring at him. And he refuses to throw them the ball. Eyes downfield looking for the big hitter. Other time I'd seen the D man up everyone. And our ideas on beating man coverage is to run right at the defender and make a move. 1:1 stuff. No real thought or philosophy behind the play, just depending on the receiver to beat his man. That is the one that we fail at miserably. Some of it is Rodgers. Some of it is athletic ability at the skill positions. Some of it is offensive scheme. I haven't done it yet, but I'm tempted to put on the 2010 Super Bowl and check out the offense. I'm guessing I'd see more precision plays. More plays with philosophies embedded into them. Timing routes. Not all of this sandlot garbage offense we've been relying on lately.
  17. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    Great point on run blocking and softer fronts.
  18. GDT Week 4 - Bears @ Packers

    Guessing no one has called because of what is between his ears, not because of athletic ability. He's the only one making sense to me because of not giving up picks and getting a guy whose played at a high level before. After seeing the list, I'm not so sure that Cherilous couldn't get you out of a game or two as well, probably for less coin. I'm not talking about a guy who will give you 6 quality starts, just a guy that will spot start for Bakh or BB and not be a turnstyle. And for the record, I'm pretty okay with McCrary at RT. LT is what worries me. And I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about our practice squad kid we called up or the new guy we got from the Cardinals practice squad. If those kids fail...then I think you call in a vet that's played before.
  19. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    Remember the name Jonathon Franklin? He wasn't ready to play either...till we did due to injuries, I think, in a Bengals game. And he played great. Sometimes the kids just need an opportunity. And opportunity is there this week. I'm actually excited to see someone else back there. If not for the production and awareness, certainly for giving Monty a rest so he will last a few more games.
  20. GDT Week 4 - Bears @ Packers

    Albert is starting to make sense. Get a vet in there for backup. He's the only one that is making sense.
  21. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    Only they aren't. 7'th are drafted, UDFA's are not. 7'ths are not first shots are UDFA's. And...Odom wasn't ours as an UDFA. But am I happy then? Yes. But overall, I'm a pretty happy guy these days.
  22. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    I dig chatting with you about these things... I looked it up...Cooter got promoted in 2015. So, we've got 2015, 2016 and a couple games of 2017 to look at compared to his other years, talking about Stafford here. http://www.nfl.com/player/matthewstafford/79860/careerstats So, here are his averages from 2015 to current...working with Cooter. Not taking into account a Calvin Johnson effect.... 1293 attempts, 855 completions. 66%. 9267 yards. 10.82 per completion. 63 TD. 24 INT. 2.58 ratio. Here are his averages prior to 2015. 3 years prior so as not to take rookie data. Keep in mind, full 3 years, versus 2 years and 3 games. 1963 attempts, 1169 completions. 59.5%. 13874 yards. 11.86 per completion. 71 TD. 48 INT. 1.54 ratio. To me, it looks like Cooter is doing an excellent job of putting Stafford in plays that help the team. Much better completion percentage. Significantly better TD to INT ratio. Yards per completion are down a yard. Given the much higher percentage, I'd say that is a win. Looks like JBC is doing great things with the QB he has to work with. Just for fun, I'll run Rodgers numbers....last 2 years plus 3 games as an average. 1316 attempts, 837 completions. 63.5%, 9216 yards. 11.01 per completion. 77 TD. 18 INT. 4.27 ratio.
  23. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    You got any of that stuff on Rodgers? Because the Stafford I see now is better than the Stafford I've seen prior to last year. Makes me wonder if a different offense, or different philosophy could make our quarterback better than what he is today. Less sandlot, more precision.
  24. GDT Week 4 - Bears @ Packers

    ...and you know why the bride was smiling when she walked down the aisle....
  25. GDT Week 4 - Bears @ Packers

    Oh, it was in jest. You'll soon learn the real meaning of happiness..... When I got engaged, couple of phrases stood out to me...one I can't post on here. But here's the other one. You've heard it before, now you will live it. Happy wife, happy life. Sounds easy enough, but nothing could be farther from the truth!