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  1. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    Add in scheme value and yah, those online boards don't mean much. I liked the draft format this year, it was cool to see the reaction of MLF and Gute after the picks. They certainly got guys they wanted and are excited about. As a fan of the draft...and using those public rankings, I hated the draft. As a Packer fan, I'm happy that the guys in charge really seemed excited about the guys they got. And that could be the change in personality from TT to Gute. I think I would have hated to play poker with TT. Happy, sad, mad, constipated, it all looked the same.
  2. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    Could be Richard Rodgers. Certainly a chance. Also...could be William Henderson. He was a 3rd rounder as well. That one turned out to be pretty darned good. Thinking he could have been a 7'th round prospect on some NFL boards. Was certainly a 3rd rounder on at least one board. It may have something to do with scheme fit.
  3. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Could have been partially injury related. Who knows. But Lazard clearly had the trust of Rodgers when Rodgers asked that he get a chance, maybe it was the Philly game. As far as getting more snaps? Maybe another factor was run blocking. And I only say that because Kumerow and Lazard were amazing run blockers. Many times Kumerow stuck his nose in there as a lead blocker. Guess I don't know if MVS is much of a run blocker or not. But Kumerow and Lazard were very good at it.
  4. UDFA showcase showdown 2020 (MNF)

    "This is how Coughlin beat us in the 2011".....What about 2011 is in any way related to 2019??? "Our offense got up by quite a margin, don't you think the other team is going to feel forced to turn to the pass?" Isn't that what we want to do? Stop the run enough to get up and then play the pass? You cited power running teams "running it down our throats". No better running game than the Cowboys, given their o-line and their RB. Yet we took it to them at their place and won. They did not run it down our throat. Not hardly. Neither did Minnesota despite them wanting to really, really bad. "You're going to be sore about how bad our run defense is this year whether you want to admit it or not..." Again, Packer fans aren't happy unless they are unhappy about something. But that's cool. You have your narrative. I have mine. Mine is 14-4. Beaten by 3 teams. Beat quite a few teams who tried hard to "run it down our throats". Failed against two teams that did it. Again, I don't consider Philly a "run it down your throat" kind of offense. No doubt 49ers are and did. Twice.
  5. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    God. I love spring. I've had two trips to Door County and absolutely pounded on the walleyes. Took a buddy up there and we got 40 fish the first trip. 25 the second. Kept nice limits of 17-23 inch walleyes to eat. Got home, went out looking for crappies and found them. Wife and I are going to get pretty fat eating fish!
  6. UDFA showcase showdown 2020 (MNF)

    I think you are reaching for straws that aren't there. Jones outrushed Zeke. Zeke was held to under 75 yards on the ground. Dak, though, threw for over 400. Yet the concern is over the rush defense? Tell yah what, just give credit when it is due. We got up 17-0 and played to run out the clock. Which happened. If you want to cite a game when power running beat GB, point to a game that was actually lost due to he power run. Both 49er games. Because then we get to look at scheme and see how outmanned we were on the line. And how pathetic our offense was, which was typical for our west coast road trips. Concerning the Chargers? Look at the Rivers stat line, 21-27 for almost 300 yards. Sure RB's got 150 on top of that. But that was another total collapse, not just the run D. Then look at those two Viking games when they wanted to run it down our throats. And lost, twice. Again, I feel like you are reaching for straws that simply aren't there to support some narrative you have come up with. Seems like Packer fans just aren't happy unless they are unhappy about something.
  7. UDFA showcase showdown 2020 (MNF)

    Eh. Beat Minnesota twice, despite them becoming a rushing offensive team. Beat Chicago twice, despite them wanting to run the ball. Okay, that may be a stretch, their offense was terrible on every level. No more feared running game in the league than the Cowboys. Great o-line, receivers, great running back. And they lost. At home. We did lose to the Eagles. Not sure I'd ever call them a running team. Beat the Panthers and McCaffrey with a goalline stand. Stuffed that run. Raiders sure liked to run it with Jacobs....and lost. Not sure I'd call the Chargers a running team, but I'd call them balanced. So pretty much, what you mean is that we matched up poorly with the 49ers. Hopefully our DC learned how to count gaps this off-season.
  8. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    I thought he was over drafted too. And I actually like it. For years I've been mad when guys I like are slotted under us, but are gone by the time we pick next. Kendricks and Hunter immediately come to mind. I don't mind overdrafting a little for a guy who is a "fit" and I guess I feel like this kid is a "fit". We shall see. And when you pick late in rounds as GB was this year, well, that's fine in my book. As long as the team got their guys. And from looking at the smiles on Gute and MLF's faces, they certainly are happy about who they got.
  9. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    I tried linking to that throw, but NFL rules wouldn't allow it. And...if memory serves, I recall hearing a Steeler talk about that play. It was either Clark or Polamalu. Said they knew it was coming. Had the perfect defense for it. Rodgers just put that ball in the smallest window ever and there was nothing they could do about it. And...after I was re-watching highlights from that Super Bowl, I realized just how many drops Jordy had that game. He hangs onto the ball and that isn't a close game at all.
  10. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Saw that and it made me both happy and sad. He was such a great actor. I typically watch a little King of Queens before falling asleep and he really was the one character on there that bumped that sitcom from good to excellent.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Skinny post from the left slot to Jennings in the 4'th quarter of the Super Bowl will always be my favorite Rodgers pass. Huge moment. Biggest game ever. Throw was made exactly "on time", very tight window. Back breaker.
  12. 5th Down Depreciation Thread

    Can you even hit those numbers in Madden with him? Like I feel the program would legitimately not allow you to throw that many incompletions even into coverage.
  13. 5th Down Depreciation Thread

    Eh. You need a rockstar defense to win the big game with this Rodgers. His risk aversion gets exposed in the spot light. This is not the same dude that tore the Steelers hearts out with that skinny post to Jennings in the Super Bowl. No way he throws that ball now. And I say that while still being a Rodgers fan because he still shows enough "Godgers" to let me know it is still in there. He just needs to trust it more. In all honestly, in the bigger games that we've been dang near blown out in, he gets a lot of padded stats when the game is all but done against a team that is just playing out the clock. Makes his stuff look better than it really is. I think AG#20 kind of highlighted this once by posting his stats through 3 quarters, where it counted in those game.
  14. 5th Down Depreciation Thread

    The shallow middle led to a hit on Adams that knocked him out a while (Trevathan). He does take shots down the middle, but you have to think that he doesn't really trust MVS. Later in the year, he did hit Lazard on that post, and Lazard does high point much better than MVS, or at least he did last year.
  15. 5th Down Depreciation Thread

    It is gross. I remember that game well, started thinking that Rodgers has FINALLY seen the light and will start throwing darts over the middle. But nope. And to be fair to Rodgers, he hates middle short, dislikes middle intermediate, but he does have love for deep across the middle on a post route. Sure does seem that he hates dropping linebackers. And maybe that is due to not wanting to hang his receivers out for another big hit like Trevathan laid on Adams. That could be part of it, I don't feel like it is all about protecting his rating, I think some of it comes from protecting his guys, too.
  16. NFL News & Notes

    I could see JJSS for either King or Jones. Probably leaning towards Jones. But if you are telling me the cost to re-sign Jones is going to be near the cost for Ju-Ju, then I'd lean Jones. (And really hoping Jones for less.)
  17. 5th Down Depreciation Thread

    You know, it's funny. My old man really knows football, coached it, understands it. He didn't see the middle of the field thing until I told him last year. And once you've seen it, you cannot unsee it. And this is on Aaron. No doubt. Too many clips out there of him seeing a guy breaking open in the middle, intermediate, and he just won't throw it. If the guy can get over that, his numbers could really soar. Now...if you are looking at the middle of the field data, look at the Giants game. He carved up the middle of the field against them. Could have been defensive scheme/offensive gameplan. So...if you remove that game from the data set and instead use an average of the other 15 games, that number gets oh so much worse. At least that is my guess. Not statistically correct to do that at all, but it is telling.
  18. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Have you ever met your mother's husband? Or pooped standing up?
  19. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    I hadn't looked, but that doesn't surprise me. 2nd round pick versus 5'th rounder? I just credit Jones with transforming his body and running style over the years. Swear he's long line faster and short space quicker now than he was as a rookie.
  20. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    Not that I really get that much into it, but..... I do find myself thinking about how to utilize Jones and Dillon together, and then Deguara. With motion stuff, like jet sweeps, Jones is a weapon. Then you can flank him out like a WR and run some play action stuff. 5 OL. 1 QB. 2 RB. Deguara, Adams, Lazard. Or throw Jace in there for Deguara, either case I think both those dudes can be a fullback, H-back, tight end, or flex out at WR. I know DC's will figure out tendencies and stuff, but I can see going 4 wide in that set. See who it pulls out...or in.
  21. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    The Jones we have now is not the Jones that ran at the Combine. He's quicker, smoother and more explosive. He's got great football quickness and speed right now. And I love how he runs, he kind of glides out there and then can hit another gear when needed. It's fun for me to watch, because I can't remember GB having a runner like him in my lifetime. Best I got to see was Ahman. And he just had a different, more physical style. I'm pretty excited to see the pairing. Especially if it means we can motion Jones out and see who goes with him. In the highlight clips, he absolutely feasted on linebackers who tried to cover him.
  22. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    I really like the Thunder and Lightning approach. Jones will only be more effective if Dillon wears the D down just a little bit. And he should be healthier. I watched a great highlight clip of the 2019 squad. Came away thinking that MVS needs more targets and that GB should bite the bullet and pay Jones. He was just so impressive in both the running and passing game. Jones is a gamebreaker.
  23. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    I don't feel like you need to over think Dillon. He's a north/south runner. You give him the ball, he runs it between the tackles. You fake him the ball, he goes into the line and hits someone. On obvious passing downs, it should be Jones in there, or split out wide with Williams as the protector. Dillon should be the back that wears down the defense so that they are a touch slow when Jones gets the ball.
  24. Random Packer News & Notes

    Did a little Covid You Tubeing today.... Found this fun watch... Came away thinking....we didn't need a rookie WR. What we need is more Scantling. For a highlight clips, he pops a lot. Let's hope for the third year progression here!