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  1. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    Maybe Nick Collins is in that 2nd round stuff. And maybe he's a good comp for Cook if Cook retires right away..... Just defending Pat Lee a touch here, but he did play in the Super Bowl win, and played well, along with Jarret Bush. And I'm still bummed about Josh Jones.
  2. 2020 Schedule Release- Thursday May 7th

    Isn't that what Holmgren preached back in the day? Win at home, split on the road, get a bye. It may be different now with only one bye, but still. That's a record I'd take in an instant.
  3. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    Not even remotely true man. I make my own opinions. I just don't have an issue with anything that Favre said. And in the past, I have had issue with things he's said. It is a non issue to me. Agreed that it's media fodder and something to talk about.
  4. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    Who documented Rodgers "funnest" year? Media "knobs"? Guess I didn't see it as Brett pooping on the Packers. I saw it as he was asked a question and answered it. And...if it was Rodgers "funnest" year....he certainly didn't show it much on the field. To me, it looked like it was "work" and not "play". When he "played" the game, we saw grins, smiles, belts, celebrations...etc. That wasn't around much last year. But who knows, he's been there, done that so many times that maybe he doesn't feel the need to be that outgoing on the field anymore. And that is just fine. And to be fair to Rodgers here, he did do some nice celebrating with Pettine and others after the defense closed out a few games. That was cool to see.
  5. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    Move on as in onto "his" quarterback that may buy more into his system.
  6. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    I don't think you are right about that thing, either. Bert. Which....well....I don't like that either, but I'm a Favre guy. Always will be. Favre is part of the media, he's on Sirius XM all the time. He was asked a question and answered it. I don't have any problem with anything Brett said. Also...I don't feel like Rodgers much cares. It is what it is. He knows he can control the outcome, just like Favre knew he was in control of the outcome when Aaron first came around. It really isn't much different, except that Brett was talking retirement for a few years before it happened. Rodgers talked about wanting to play until he's 40. But...if we are playing the cute picture, meme game...I've got one for you.
  7. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    Let's keep liking this post. From Ray....above....
  8. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    You think that installing the running game is more of the team going "All in" with Rodgers or going "All in" with their young, successful head coach? I see it more as MLF getting his guys to run his scheme. And that may end benefiting Rodgers, if he allows it. If not, it allows our coach to move on. Which is also a possibility. As far as Maddux and Greise go....Greise was drafted in Elways' last year. Thinking he even said it was his last year, that made sense. Maddux was drafted in Elways prime. Rodgers ain't in his prime and he's also not in his last year before he retires, which is why I see Love more as a "MLF guy". I honestly feel like MLF was tired of watching film of Rodgers doing it "his" way over and over and wanted to be ready to cut ties and not be bound to a QB who wasn't buying into the system. (And obviously, Rodgers can overcome all of this by buying more into the system.)
  9. Random Packer News & Notes

    If Gruden is still with the Raiders........
  10. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    No. They didn't. Lane Taylor is still on the team counting against the cap. Could have re-done Z to free up more money. With that, they could have added another player, maybe two. Maybe. And...did Shanahan draft a Qb in round one when Elway had 4 years or so left on his contract? Or towards the end? No doubt we are building towards something, but we did not not "All in" for Rodgers. And I get it. Don't mind the Love pick at all. Just think that you picked a bad analogy.
  11. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I feel yah. I had an enormous old oak in my backyard. Thing was getting hollowed out from the inside, dropping branches...etc. Had to take it down. I had a service come in and do that one, guessing the trunk was also thirty inches, maybe a touch bigger. It was one of two trees in my backyard. The service did grind the stump out, along with the roots. I dug out all of the wood chips and found that they ground down about 8 inches. I got the biggest drill bit I could buy, put it in my Milwaukee Fuel Drill and drilled about a thousand holes into that thing, ground it down that way. Used the Sawz All to get out some chunks and in about a day and a half, I was down about 14 inches. I poured in some Stump Rot, let it sink in, then tried to light a fire. Nothing. Now I had a dilemma. Cover with dirt and seed? Naw. I got a bunch of granite boulders and built a gorgeous firepit. Two levels of stone. And it is gorgeous. And very large. Now I burn leaves in it, sticks and have some nice wood fires at night. Taking that tree out was great, grass improved and the fire pit really improved the look of the backyard. It was one of the rare times that something I see in my head I'm actually able to nail in reality....landscaping wise.
  12. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    So...tell on yourself. How many f-bombs are dropped before that thing moves? Every time I fight a stump, I feel like the old man in "A Christmas Story" fighting with the furnace. And...I've got one I need to get out yet this spring...not looking forward to it.
  13. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    Very much agree. The only reason I didn't want Love is because I wanted to go "All in" with Rodgers. Man, two big "if's" here, but if Gary develops while Love develops, we could be pretty set for a while. Similar to when we had Prime Clay and Prime Rodgers. That would simply be delicious.
  14. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    That's a covid haircut!
  15. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Not when done properly in the beginning! That came to me from one of the best chef's in Milwaukee. Great guy, Chef Michael Feker. It's cool if you think otherwise, but I guarantee you that any chef worth his, uh, salt, is going to properly season meat before they cook it. I love to eat the fish that I catch. Nothing better. I told him about it and he said just hit the fillets with a touch of salt, pepper and whatever seasoning I like and cook them a fry pan, medium heat, little olive oil. Darned if he wasn't right. It is even better in most cases than my homemade fish batter that gets deep fried. If you want to try it at home, just a touch of sea salt, coarse pepper, touch of garlic, touch of celery salt and then a little bit of oregano. Get that olive oil on medium heat, get the fillet in there, flip once, and serve. I like mine with a little fresh lemon on it. And now I've taken to doing that to most fish that I catch or purchase...only I'm doing them on the grill. Even better.
  16. Packers QB situation

  17. Packers QB situation

    Speaking of getting coached into circles....
  18. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    First lesson I learned at a cooking school that I attended. Salt and pepper are your friends. Prior to that lesson, I never salted food before cooking. Now, I do. And it isn't that nasty table salt, it is the good, coarse sea salt. I even squeeze a little lemon juice onto it from time to time to add just a little zest.
  19. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    My wife does this all the time to me. And many times will complain that something is too salty. Drives me crazy. And I take extreme pride in my cooking!
  20. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Something ain't right there. Looks like Andre the Giant is shorter than Wilt. Wilt is listed at 7'1''. Andre at 7'4''. Must be a downward slope on that concrete.
  21. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I've taken out 4 stumps in the past two years. Pain in the you know what. Best thing I've found is a shovel to dig around the stump, pry bar (the big/long one) and a Sawz-All with a wood blade. Get under the roots with the pry bar, cut them as best you can, then lift it out. I've tried that Stump Kill stuff, not a fan.
  22. Packers QB situation

    One of the great sins of the draft is to reach for a perceived need, especially in the first round. There were no receivers left in the first round that would have helped Rodgers in the next year or two. GB took the guy that had the best value and maybe, just maybe set themselves up for another 12-15 years of quality play under center. Is it a crapshoot? Yes it is. Love is not a sure thing, but he gets to sit for 2 years or so and learn from his young head coach and maybe even Rodgers. He is in the ideal spot to succeed. Those Wr's taken in the second round were no sure thing, either. I'm pretty happy they went QB. If you want to talk about others that could have been taken, maybe Queen, I liked Josh Jones. There were corner there. But...when you look at those guys, I guess I'm feeling like they too would not have offered immediate help. So...yah...I'm still good with the QB. And for the record, I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT I DO NOT HATE THE PICK.
  23. NFL News & Notes

    Probably have to put William Perry and BJ Raji on that club, too.
  24. NFL News & Notes

    I'd only take him if we can get Damon Harrison, Floyd Womack and Bill Parcells to coach the team.
  25. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    I don't agree. He had 790 yards twice in his 9 year career. Not that it matters one bit. I think he was a top #3 receiver, but I won't split hairs with someone who feels he was a #2. I can get on board with that. And...if Fun or Laz can get even 750 yards this year, I'd be thrilled.