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  1. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Couple weeks ago I thatch raked my yard, picked up about 300 pounds of debris and dead grass. Then I got the big aerator out and aerated the yard. Then threw down some fertilizer and seed. With the rain we've gotten in southern Wisconsin, my yard is going nuclear green right now. This will officially be my "Covid Yard" year. But...I got out in the boat for a couple hours before the rain yesterday and finally got on some crappies. Got a nice meal out of them. Fun times.
  2. Green Bay Packers Draft Grade

    I don't know how it isn't an A. We got a franchise type QB. As of right now, everyone is a hit, so getting a franchise QB where we did is a lockdown A grade.
  3. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    UDFA versus second round pick. Funchess has a lot more upside than GMO. I mean, if looking at the two, the first time Funchess hit the market, he got a 1 year, $10M deal from the Colts. GMO got 1 year, $910,000. That should tell you about the talent level between the two. Don't get me wrong, I"m not excited about this receiving corp. But, with how the draft fell, I get it. And resigned to having to hope, again, for a big time jump from ESB or MVS. Guess I feel like Lazard is pretty solid and that Funchess at least has production in the NFL. I really wish we would get someone different in that WR room, but right now, we have to have the biggest WR corp in the NFL. Now we have to see if it works.
  4. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    When you've gotta dig into "he said/she said" concerning J'Mon Moore, you have too much free time.
  5. 5.175 - Kamal Martin [LB; Minnesota]

    I'm gonna laugh so hard when his first tackle is for no gain or behind the line of scrimmage. Or cry when it is 6 yards downfield after going for a 3 yard piggyback ride.
  6. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    No. You said he was Eddie Lacy. Clearly he is not. It is a bad comp. It does disservice to the feet that Lacy had and the physical shape that Dillon is in. Honestly, you are box score scouting again. Pointing out something that may not even be a flaw. Derrick Henry had 17 receptions in college. Sometimes you let your guys do what they do best.
  7. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I'm heading to Green Bay for walleyes, so I won't be around, but if you want rod bending fun around here, let me know and I'll shoot you some spots to try on Pewaukee. Very happy to hear that you are improving!
  8. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    @Packerraymond How yah doing these days? Everything good? Opening weekend will be here fast. If you want some spots for eyes or crappies, just let me know. And...I'm getting muskies on crappie gear. Got a 32 and 40 on 4 lb test.
  9. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    He caught a couple balls and turned up nicely in his highlight reel. Anyone concerned about Derrick Henry's receiving ability? We should be more concerned about our third round pick. If he can't catch, he's pretty useless. If Dillon can't catch, he's still a physical running back. And...if he's in there to run, there's no one saying we can't put Jones out there as a WR. With that third round pick. We could get pretty creative with that bunch.
  10. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Aw hell....eff it. Here are some pics. Tell me he's Eddie Lacy.
  11. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    He's no Eddie Lacy. Lacy had incredible feet. Add that to his size and he was a freak. You see a picture of Lacy coming out? Remember the training camp picture that was just awful? Google it. Then take a peek at Dillon. They are kind of physical opposites. Rip on him about the no lateral ability stuff. I get it and I agree with it. Rip on him about being a poor receiver. I think you are wrong, as there is a difference between being bad at something and not having the opportunity to do something. But I get it. But please, stop with the Lacy stuff. This kid has a much better body, with much heavier feet. He's more Brandon Jacobs than Eddie Lacy.
  12. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    And....who else was in the Alex Smith draft class? Who was drafted to replace Smith? In the first round? Finally....who was the player comp for Jordan Love? (Not that I like that comp, just that it fits.)
  13. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    14-4. With a rookie head coach....with dreamy eyes.
  14. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    You could have ended that statement 19 words sooner.
  15. 2020 Supplemental Draft

    Just a question here.... If someone isn't truly eligible for the supplemental draft due to eligibility, can't they just hire an agent and be ineligible for collegiate games? Wouldn't that make them eligible for the supplemental draft? Just curious is this is a work around.....and I have no clue if it is.
  16. Post Your Hindsight Draft

    In my PFF mock draft, I traded the entire draft for pick #2 and selected Chase Young. That would be my re-do. They say it's foolish to trade an entire draft for one player. I'm not so sure it is foolish given this draft. And I'm only kidding a little bit here.
  17. Thinking you gotta subtract the dead money from that season. We will eat that. The reality is, Rodgers may cost someone around $22.6 for 2022. And $25.5 for 2023. If the guy can show that he's still a top 1/3 QB with glimpses of Godgers, someone should take him. EDIT: See that AG#20 beat me to this.
  18. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    I like this. So don't think I don't. I too felt like the trade up was unnecessary, but it was just a 4'th round pick and it secured a guy that has the tools to succeed. And given how enormous the smiles were on Gute and MLF's faces, this was clearly a guy that was high on their board and wish list.
  19. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    I don't know, man. I've read your stuff for a long time and it almost always comes back to what Zeurlein thinks. Then when asked about Love, you went back to him again, only posting negatives, ignoring his grade and how it compared to the #6 overall pick. And you said that you watched one game. Then it bounced to three. I'm not spinning anything here. If you truly did watch 3 games, guess I feel like you would have said that initially. Or it could be that you are just so dead set against the pick you are doing anything you can to talk poorly about it. Which I get. I understand why some may hate the pick. I don't agree, but I do understand, because it is exactly how I felt about Rodgers. Honestly thought this time would be the same for me, but it isn't.
  20. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    He would be a Packer. All those tackles would be 8 yards downfield.
  21. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    No spinning, just watching you backpedal when challenged about what you think you know and what you read on the internet. So now we are up to three games from the one that you originally referenced.
  22. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    I would I were you, too. I said they aren't the end all be all, but they apply their grades uniformly.
  23. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    Yes, you said you watched Wake Forest. So, you busted yourself there. Again, citing other people... Which tape of 2018? Odd that you left out specifics. Remember, there's only so much out there concerning him, so when you do the research to respond to this post, make sure you reply with a tape that actually exists.....
  24. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

    Tremaine Edmunds. PFF grade of 58.3. #51 on the ILB list for PFF. Rashaan Evans. 47.7 PFF grade. Good enough for #74 for PFF. Devin Bush. 62.9 PFF grade. Good enough for #36 for PFF. For context, Blake Martinez got a 57.9 score and a rank of #53. I know PFF isn't the end all be all, but their scoring is consistent. EDIT: @Outpost31 beat me to this.