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  1. 2020 Offense Outlook

    Eh. If the bruising running back helps tilt the time of possession in GB's favor....yah, it does. Totally get your point of wishing we had better DL/ILB, though.
  2. NFL News & Notes

    Honestly? Best post I've read on here since COVID. And I'm serious. If there is no football, I'd love it if you or someone else could set up our roster and schemes as realistically as you can. Hopefully with some input from the board, and let the game play itself out. Post scores and box scores. Auto-simulate other games and post that. See where the chips fall. Looks like they fell pretty nicely in your write up! Found the Runyan for Turner tidbit interesting.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    Too lazy to look it up, but I'd bet that @jleisher has already posted one. Or two. Or three. Or four. Or five. Or six. Or seven.
  4. NFL News & Notes

    All but one of us keeps threads open. Only one does not. It's like a loose thread on a shirt. Cut it right and everything is fine. Pull it and the whole shirt is ruined. As far as football goes...I nominate @Outpost31 to set up our team on Madden and run simulations every week. See if he can post a few highlights, box scores and see how the season goes.
  5. I was not curious as to where you would put Ervin. But since you posted...Davis was a WR, not a RB. I believe you know that, but your posts says otherwise. Please do not reply to this post. I'd rather not have another thread locked.
  6. Packers Mount Rushmore

    Especially folks who think Rhodes was hired as head coach before Holmgren. No doubt he was great, but we've got that covered. And...if you want to get specific, you could argue that Harlan had as much to do with the resurgence as Wolf did. It gets really tough when you talk about GM's/Administrators.
  7. Packers Mount Rushmore

    You might want to check your timeline for head coaches.
  8. 2020 Offense Outlook

    Man. I'm going to be really sad when we let Jones walk. It's just a tough spot to be in as a franchise.
  9. I know you were. I was curious where you would put Ervin on the roster.
  10. Packers Mount Rushmore

    Wolf hired Rhodes.
  11. Do you consider Ervin a RB or ST? I think that is how to you get to 4, if you count Ervin as a RB.
  12. 2020 Offense Outlook

    Yah. I'm sorry board, but I can't let this go. 1998 Eagles had Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor at corner. Back when third corners were not as widely used as they are today. 1999 Eagles had both Vincent and Taylor again. 2000 Eagles had who at corner? You guessed it Vincent and Taylor. 2001? Same duo. 2002? Same duo. Talking about multiple Pro Bowls and All Pro Selections in those years for Vincent...and a single season in that fashion for Taylor. They weren't just starting corners, Vincent was elite. Taylor was a click below elite. And yet Harris managed to start 31 games over that timespan. 7 interceptions. 140 tackles. He may not have been a finished product, but the dude could play when he came here.
  13. Packers Mount Rushmore

    Tough, isn't it? I mean, it's the Packers, so Lambeau has to be on there. And Lombardi. So 2 of 4 is taken. Then you have so many to choose from. Hudson was Jerry Rice before Rice came along. Favre won 3 MVP's in a row and was a key to the turn around in Green Bay, which has led to Titletown being what it is today. Starr won how many Super Bowls and Championships? Add in Reggie White. Willie Davis. Hornung. Taylor. Nitschke. I mean those guys are legends and when you say their names, you automatically think of GB. I could get on board with Lambeau, Lombardi, Starr and Favre. But really, we are talking about two Rushmores. Lambeau, Lombardi, Starr, Nitschke Wolf. Favre. White. Rodgers. And I only add White because he got his title here, and his free agency decision kind of paved the way for others to consider GB. Could see Woodson in his place.
  14. TAPT Version 70.0 Steve Dowden follows the rules

    I fed an outdoor cat once. Then it came inside and didn't leave for 14 years. She was a really good one. As much as I adopted her, she really adopted me. Man, no joke, my life changed the minute she took over my house. Jobs got better. Found my wife. Bought a house. It was a very sad day back when COVID hit when I had to say goodbye to her.
  15. TAPT Version 70.0 Steve Dowden follows the rules

    My wife let one last night that scared our cats. It was hilarious.
  16. 2020 Offense Outlook

    King isn't strong enough to really bump. With his size, though, he could be. Seems to be that a lot of more recent corners are in that finesse/athletic mold that more or less "mirror".
  17. Packers Mount Rushmore

    Boy. This is tough. Hard to argue against anyone you have up there. Considerations to.....Wolf. White. Rodgers. Matthews to a lesser extent. Woodson to a lesser extent. Apologies to Willie Davis. Gregg. Taylor. Nitschke. It's tough when your team has so many all time greats!
  18. 2020 Offense Outlook

    Yah. I can kind of see that. He's physical, that's for sure. Maybe more of a zone guy now, but in his prime, yah, I'd probably put him in the "physical/bump" corner listing. Nice one!
  19. 2020 Offense Outlook

    I can see Williams going either way. As in kept now and in the future, or cut this year. Case against Williams.... He's limited athletically. Roster. He's an average to slightly above average #2 RB. High end #3. Drafting of Dillon. I guess I don't think you draft a RB in round 2 and not give him RB#1 or RB#2 snaps right away. He may have a little trade value. Case for Williams.... Cheap insurance policy. Pass protector. Can catch. Tough as nails. Brings a ton of passion to the field and probably the locker room. I guess I'm feeling that it is Jamal or Dexter as RB#3. Ervin is a lock as a specialist. Jamaal needs to clearly beat out Dexter in camp. And I hope he does. He's got such great passion that it would be a shame to lose that.
  20. 2020 Offense Outlook

    Name me a bump and run corner in the league right now. I can't come up with one.
  21. 2020 Offense Outlook

    Al Harris was caught in a numbers game in Philly before he came to GB. He was good prior to coming here. And that was totally a different era. Tramon was an undrafted free agent who played well when he got opportunity. Kind of like Shields. Sure they all got better, but they all showed that they could play early in their careers. I hold out hope for Jackson, but, he should have showed something in two years. At least enough to get on the field to be noticed, be it good or bad. Even Holloman showed some good stuff in pre-season last year. Think back just 5-8 years. What corners have come out of nowhere after two years in the league to be legitimate players? I don't follow a lot of the teams, but that kid Bouye kind of did that. Thinking that Chris Harris, Jr. really elevated his game. I'm sure there are more, but it just doesn't seem like corners pop later in their careers like some other positions.
  22. TAPT Version 70.0 Steve Dowden follows the rules

    This post frightens me.
  23. 2020 Offense Outlook

    So...Tonyan wise. It takes TE's years to become good in the league. Very few come in right away and perform at a high level. When they do, they are the exception and not the rule. Corners. There may in fact be a learning curve, but either a corner can play, or he can't. It seems like most of the good ones are pretty good right away. In regards to Jackson, I believe he's a bust. I hold out hope that he will improve, but man, if he were any good, I think he would have seen the field already. Inside linebackers. Very few spots are as easy to produce in like middle linebackers. Maybe running backs are similar in that they can come in and play right away. Burks is a huge disappointment in that regard. Defensive tackles. Not quite as easy to produce in like RB's or ILB's. But still, he should have flashed more. Adams. Pretty disappointed in him. But if I were to rank the disappointments, 1A) Burks. 1B) Jackson C) Adams.
  24. 2020 Offense Outlook

    What you just described is mostly every tight end drafted over the last decade. I get what you are saying, but in Tonyan's case, he's an undrafted free agent who changed positions. It takes time. To get any good reps from him in year two is a good thing. But yah, he needs to take a pretty large leap forward this year. It is time. No doubt.
  25. NFL News & Notes

    My word. The next contract for Jordan Love is going to MASSIVE!