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  1. Uh no. Not one single play. Rison was a threat. Antonio isn't single covered if we didn't have another weapon out there. And...Favre missed him on another long TD throw. Rison was great in that game. Wish he could have hung around for a few more years with us and bought into the team and culture like Woodson did. But he wanted more...and ended up getting less. And I say that because Brown is much worse than Rison, so I have little reason to believe he could do much here.
  2. Your points about that Packer team are all valid. But, don't think for a second that the offense wasn't better with him on the field than it was when he wasn't there. Especially as guys got hurt. Rison was still a threat. And in that Super Bowl, Favre flat out missed him on another play that was a sure touchdown. He could still make plays. If I thought for a second that Brown could keep his head on straight for the remainder of the season, I have no doubt that he would add a lot to the team. But, this is Antonio Brown. I don't feel he is capable of being a good person or team mate.
  3. Immediately that came into my mind. I think that is the exception and not the rule, but dang that was a great exception to part of.
  4. I can't see him working out here, either. Just pointing out a name and someone who would run an aggressive defense.
  5. I'm an Arians fan. And I believe Rodgers would love his "push it downfield" philosophy. But, Arians didn't want to come here and made that widely known. And the Rodgers we have now, at his age, is best served in this style of offense. MLF has proved to us that he can win. Rodgers has shown that he has bought into the system. Let's let this train roll.
  6. He's nuclear, but Greg Williams and Gase are going at it for the Jets right now. If he comes free, at least we would have an aggressive DC. The more likely candidate would be internal. Jerry Gray comes to mind as does Mike Smith. ...if we are just putting names out there.
  7. Don't know what you are saying. Queen would have made that play.
  8. My main take away was that Pettine could not beat that offense.
  9. Almost like he got knocked a little loopy on that end zone dive.
  10. I'm big fans of both David and White. Neither one of them would look very good with our DL and scheme in front of them. Suh is not all world anymore. But he's still very good. Gholston, I feel, is very good and underrated. JPP is still a mean edge. Barrett is legit. Bowles blitzes a lot, especially early. They shoot in and take plays away from the offense. Once they saw that we could block the blitz, or beat it quickly, the game was over. To me, it isn't just David and White. It's all about Bowles, his scheme and that strong DL. Those ILB are so fast and instinctive that they "pop" on tape. But the dirty work around them is letting it happen. And that just ain't what we have going on in Green Bay.
  11. Thinking the recent posts sums it all up. Pettine was terrible in that game. All around. I don't mind seeing a DL drop into a zone. I actually like it. I hate it, though, when we drop MULTIPLE defensive lineman on a play and end up rushing 2. It only gets worse when you see your DL dropping and basically setting a pick on a linebacker behind him. It gets even worse when you are dropping Kenny Freakin' Clark into coverage on second down. Add to it the worst soft zone I've ever seen and it was just a joke. Third and 2. They have a WR right next to a tight end. We have one stand up cover guy near that group. He's playing inside and already 5 yards off, while in a stance that says he is dropping on the snap. Even an armchair idiot like me could see the flat was wide open. High school kids could have made that throw. They also would have known immediately where to go with the ball. The scheme was bad. The intensity was poor. To me, it looked like only Barnes and Alexander were there to hit someone. Telling yah, move on from Pettine now. Unleash the defense. Get aggressive and let them sink or swim. Other teams do much better with much less talent.
  12. 96 Packers lost 6-21 to the Cowboys. If my memory holds...I think it looked even worse than that.
  13. I thought that when he took that hit in the end zone. Eyes looked off. Then he missed Lewis on that little seam route. He doesn't miss that throw if he is "right".
  14. I thought Barnes had a good day. At the very least, he was physical and fast. Two things we haven't really seen from an ILB. Course, theirs were better, but they drafted and paid them as such. Totally helps to have a DC who will blitz up the middle to pressure the QB while having a great zone behind them. Our DC drops our DL, rushes 3, never sniffs the QB and the QB just picks apart the super soft zone.
  15. I watched M Adams drop twice in a row. One time he picked the linebacker who was covering Gronk. The next play he and the LB were standing shoulder to shoulder in the same zone. It was embarrassing.
  16. No doubt it is rare. Kind of like how rare it is to have quarterback like Favre and Rodgers back to back. I dare say that the 49ers had that level of success under Montana/Young. Maybe the Colts would have from Manning to Luck. But Luck retired early. I'm not going to bag on Mac. We know what he did, we know what he didn't do. Sure he was very successful. And he certainly had the quarterbacks to help him along the way. Guess I feel there is a very strong correlation between wins and elite QB play.
  17. They would be wise to do that. Odds are they take Lawrence and trade Darnold for whatever they can get. If they moved on from Williams, they can get good picks to try to build around Lawrence. With a new GM and coach who will have "their" guys. Makes sense.
  18. I've held off on changing my avatar for just that reason! I remember you saying it. So that has to count for something.
  19. Kirksey would help, no doubt. He's got the NFL experience that is very valuable. That ILB unit is better when he is in there. But, it does look like we have a few other players now at ILB. And that is exciting. If he (Kirksey) isn't helping on the field, I have little doubt that he is offering a lot in the film sessions and ILB room. Not sure if his future is with us, though. But time will tell.
  20. Gonna tell on myself here and say that I was hoping Gase would get a good look at our HC job when MLF got it. I said that because he worked with Peyton Manning, without much of an arm, and got amazing production. He got the best out of Jay Cutler, whatever that was. But....man, I was dead wrong about him. From those crazy eyes at the intro press conference to the way that players seem to hate his structure, well, he's terrible as a HC.
  21. That first draw was cringeworthy. Cousins wanted no part of that play call.
  22. Its already there, and a horrible take.
  23. My new political rule. For every dollar you put into advertising on television, you have to match that dollar and it goes against the federal deficit. Either we knock down our debt, or we see less political ads. Win-win.
  24. Yup. MLF has been aggressive while holding leads, not while chasing from behind. It's lead to a few 'hold yer breath" moments, and so far the results are great.
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