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  1. Superb Owl LIII Game Day Thread

    I mean, if our QB was Goff levels of mediocre, sure be worried. McVay got to the big game with this level of QB play. He had a QB of Rodgers caliber like LaFleur will have, not much to worry about.
  2. Superb Owl LIII Game Day Thread

    That effort from LA isn’t even worth a participation trophy. Did Jeff Fisher take over McVays body for the day? Just...awful.
  3. Superb Owl LIII Game Day Thread

    Also, Rams shouldn’t even be in this game so them not finding the end zone even once is pretty perfect.
  4. Superb Owl LIII Game Day Thread

    What a **** Superb Owl. Though I guess it’s fitting that the Rams were explosive all year right up until the biggest game.
  5. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    I also look forward to the inevitable silence from everybody who has suddenly been “bold enough” to call him out, once he rips this league a new one (again) starting next year. Not to be too giddy, just really, really looking forward to him shutting people up and reminding them who the best truly is after these last two frustrating years.
  6. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    He isn’t the most perfect QB to ever play the game. He’s made mistakes, bad throws, maybe more so than ever this season. Is that good enough? He also was clearly, like everybody else, bored with McCarthy and his play calling. Is it ok to admit that too? Cool. Because it’s a fact. You won’t see any of that with new challenges starting next season. God bless you for being one of the ones to see the light and call him out though. Nobody anywhere was doing that so it’s good you brought it up.
  7. Conference Championship Games

    Way to waste the interception, Reid. Good grief.
  8. Conference Championship Games

    Edelman was that wide open because the Chiefs defense is *** for the most part. Nothing to do with how plays were or weren’t called in Green Bay. Goddamn the desperation lol
  9. Conference Championship Games

    Chiefs were ready for the possibility of that play.
  10. Conference Championship Games

    Yo, Chiefs. The game HAS started. Might want to actually start trying out there.
  11. Conference Championship Games

    Payton was actually told by the refs that the refs thought the ball arrived at the same time as the tackle by Coleman. LMAO. I’m sure these refs will totally be punished for blowing a call that ended a teams season. Anyways, go Chiefs!
  12. Conference Championship Games

    Can easily see Brady picking apart their secondary.
  13. Conference Championship Games

    Lol the Rams are going to the Super Bowl because the ref somehow didn’t see Coleman straight up tackle a receiver a full 1-2 seconds before the ball got there. Not because of anything Fowler did (which was also a roughing the passer call under the current rules, also not called).
  14. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Nah **** that. Dude is a piece of trash. Pass
  15. Divisional Playoff Round

    Oh I agree. But diehard fans gonna diehard.