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  1. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    Cool. See you next season then. Bye loser.
  2. Week 12 Games

    ...are you serious Slye?
  3. Week 12 Games

    Saints have one timeout left.
  4. Week 12 Games

    Loins lose to 1-9 Washington. Not a chance they let Stafford come back this season, no point.
  5. Week 12 Games

    Carolina football after fourth down stop and already pretty much in field goal range to start the drive.
  6. Week 12 Games

    Two games you would've thought the Saints win easily at home, Falcons and now Carolina, they could end up losing both.
  7. Week 12 Games

    And our win over Carolina looks even better, as they are giving the Saints all they can handle in a game at New Orleans. Any given Sunday.
  8. Week 11 Games

    To any Bears fans still brave enough to show your faces over here: LMAO **** you, you one year wonders
  9. Week 11 Games

    Damn they already pulled Trubisky
  10. Week 11 Games

    Bears on their way to 4-6. You just hate to see it.
  11. Week 11 Games

    Man, Goff finally with a great throw deep for a touchdown and it gets taken off the board.
  12. Week 11 Games

    Bears have run like 65 plays and have 7 points. That seems impossible to do but here we are.
  13. Week 11 Games

    They'll be feeling all warm and bubbly from a game they should've lost. Good. Now wreck 'em in primetime next week.
  14. Week 11 Games

    Looked like lots of jersey was pulled by the Minny DB there.
  15. Week 11 Games

    Holy hell Denver. You got the first down, run up and spike the damn ball.