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  1. Hasn’t bought in yet? We watching the same games? Defense already looks miles better and we are talking about none of this and are off to a 2-0 start if the league/refs knew what the hell a proper tackle looked like.
  2. NFL News & Notes

    Despite the Seahawks looking like hot trash so far, I still expect some BS from Wilson to pull off a miracle win tonight. I’ve seen it too damn much to not think he won’t do it again. Of course, he needs to be able to actually throw the ball for that to happen and can’t really do that when he’s scrambling for his life every play.
  3. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    ^^^ Textbook PI? No flag! Textbook tackle? “Roughing the passer”.
  4. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    Diggs didn’t do **** until King went out. First half proved without a doubt we now have the secondary to shut them down. House isn’t long for this team after that second half.
  5. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    When King is saying flat out it’s an awful call, you know you dun goofed.
  6. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Eli being a statue plus that Giants OL is a disastrous combo. Rodgers on one good leg looks better.
  7. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    Refs don’t make one of the worst roughing the passer calls ever, there is no “collapse”. God these dumbass hot takes get worse every single week.
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    I get being pissed with a disastrous game and a half but pulling himself from the game and declaring he’s done...wow.
  9. Pack were screwed out of a win. There is no other discussion to be had. Refs did all they could and the Vikings still can’t beat the Pack when Rodgers plays the whole game. Had no clue that bull**** roughing the passer call against Clay until a solid minute or so after the play. **** this league. If that clean tackle is roughing the passer, end the NFL. Those kinds of calls will be the nail in the coffin for this league.
  10. Aaron Rodgers' Knee Thread

    Wearing the sleeve to hide the cyborg enhancements he had installed this week.
  11. Let’s hope your 30th post is better than this.
  12. Wk 1 postgame: GB 24 • CHI 23

    All these Mack highlights right from the tail end of the first half. How about something from the second half ESPN? Oh right.
  13. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Lions also just aren’t very good.
  14. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Stafford with his fourth pick. Going full Favre tonight.
  15. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Somehow, I’m pretty sure this beatdown of the Loins is a result of the Packers and the refs. A Detroit fan is no doubt cooking up that theory somewhere.