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  1. I would like to see him against chandler or atleast hooker next
  2. both guys ate just monster shots. leader for FON so far by a long shot
  3. congrats on her win and big props for her actually stepping in a cage unlike every other boxer who looks down on mma, but she has years of work to do to ever compete with anyone with a ground game. The girl she beat tonight was 3-6 going into this fight. I know she was a brown belt in bjj but she had no strength and had Shields mounted the 1st 2 rounds and couldnt even put up a 10-8 round in either.
  4. I actually think both conor and nate lose and that is the fight to make after
  5. this is really good value. We need c and cb but he was best value
  6. I like Humphrey also. We should get 1 of the 3
  7. Brwonies trade up and get JOK....... SOB
  8. Azeez just went to the giants
  9. Cosmi and humphrey fill needs best but JOK should have gone mid round 1 and is very tempting
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