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  1. MMA Thread

    i think this could put him a fight away from the title now. In all reality he is not a big ppv sales guy where as Khabib was getting better and better numbers leading up to his fight with conor. Max is about as popular as you can get for a 145 and does better numbers than aldo ever did minus his fight with conor. I think whoever wins the interim gets khabib in nov and if tony wants next after that he will need another win against another top 5 guy. It sucks because his streak alone says he deserves it but the way this is playing out i think it puts him back a bit now
  2. MMA Thread

    not only did he take the fight at less than 100 he never went to a rehab doctor after the surgery. He did all his own rehab without consultation.
  3. MMA Thread

    I am pumped to see Max vs just about anyone really. I would have him as a small favorite over just about anyone at 155 except for khabib. During the last fights me and a couple buddies were talking about who we always root for and for me i have been a big max and khabib guy since really early on. If and when the 3 of them face each other I will have to pull for Max. I think he beats everyone at 145/155 and is a toss up against khabib. I even think he is the most likely to take the title from khabib as well.
  4. My finalists are you and muncher. Dream scenario is if you would be the gm and him coach......or vice versa
  5. MMA Build-A-Card RESULTS

    I would kind of like if we just voted for opposite group
  6. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    With zona still the vegas odds favorite im holding out hope for Peterson
  7. MMA Thread

    I dont even care who gets the opportunity to lose to lima
  8. MMA Thread

    Well 2-2
  9. MMA Thread

    Anyone want to guess what mvp and my 4 year old have in common? Neither have practiced how to get up from a take down
  10. MMA Thread

    im about 80/20 sure this ends up being a lima vs rory rematch for the title..... MVP can fight but lima is too much for anyone not named rory imoi
  11. MMA Thread

    i have cro cop winning but im sure the crowd reaction to the take down at the end wins it for roy
  12. MMA Thread

    so in 15 mins of fighting kongo won about 90 seconds of it......... BS Bader is gonna put him on his back and smash the crap out of him
  13. MMA Thread

    Yes that's true. I dont know where i aaw it but rory touched on it in an interview
  14. MMA Thread

    Ya that came out this last week. Nothing official but looks like cowboy and conor trying to force a hand. I think they are fighting just not sure will have a belt involved
  15. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I play hardball with him the entire way. In his meeting with AR2 i explain we will trade you if we get a 1st. If you dont help us get a 1st you stay put. If you continue this then you will be suspended for conduct and fined. If you want out then help it happen but there is only 1 path and he is not making the rules for that path.