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  1. Add in green, Norwood, Moore, and Harvin and you have one of our better drafts in the Colbert era.
  2. Norwood and Highsmith playing strong tonight. Wish the rest would follow
  3. Ben doesn't deserve this defense and it's second and 3rd chances
  4. It was Ben's fault. There were people in the end zone and ben chose to throw it 12 yards short. I don't think Canada is calling that play but ben sure is making that play.
  5. How many 1st do we give the packers for Aaron in the offseason?
  6. This. On that mixon run I haven't seen Harris get 1 play this season with blocking like that. We need an attitude like banners on the the line badly to even get to below average play
  7. The bengals are just more physical and aggressive than us. All phases right now
  8. Waller cam make the craziest of plays bit I'm with you in being pretty confident in holding him to a lot less than the ravens. They blitzed all night and left him singled up a ton. We generate a lot more pressure with only 4 rushing. The windows for waller to make plays will be much smaller
  9. 6 rookies contributed on the field yesterday. I have mentioned it before but with the free agents, pay cuts/taking less money, and draft this might be Colberts best offseason ever.
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