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  1. MMA Thread

    well I think i might be one of the older mma fans here since i have seen every pride and most of them i watched live.(loved staying up late for the NYE and OWGP cards). The explosive reversals is one of the biggest tools that Fedor has used his entire career. I know a lot of guys on his record are just meh but he also beat the best of the best at HW and in large they were in their primes when he did it. If you want to see a great example of how fedor could go from losing to winning check out his randleman fight. Should have had a broken neck and then subbed him 1 minute later. I love Cain and Stipe but he is the goat at hw imo.
  2. MMA Thread

    you need to go watch some pride fights.
  3. MMA Thread

    Matt Mitrione= parks and rec season 1 Chris Pratt
  4. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

    will check back for the tig ol bitties
  5. MMA Thread

    we get it Conor is innocent and Khabib is guilty of everything so lets get past this and let the authorities settle this. Now back to the fight itself, so Khabib did exactly what he said he was going to do and more(clipping Conor on the feet was the extra)
  6. MMA Thread

    Al Iaquinta is just trolling Conor on his performance lol
  7. MMA Thread

    Al Iaquinta🗽‏Verified account @ALIAQUINTA 2h2 hours ago Hahahaha 1 day notice McGregor you tapping *****
  8. MMA Thread

    Al > Conor Change my mind lol
  9. MMA Thread

    Where exactly did i say he was beating a top 5 or 6 guy?(he has already beat Kevin Lee but that was early in his career) I specifically said he had holes that make any top 7 or 8 fighter too much for him. I dont consider a fighter who is correctly ranked 9th in the deepest division in the UFC to be a journeyman.
  10. MMA Thread

    This is intellectually disingenuous at best. He has had contract disputes with the ufc and that is the single reason why he has not been very active. This would be like me saying Conor only has 1 win in the last 2 years. 155 is the most stacked division in the sport and he currently ranked 9th which is about right. He has holes that cause too many problems against the top 7 or 8 guys but holds his own just fine against anyone in the 9-15 range.
  11. MMA Thread

    Ugc 230 main event = weak sauce
  12. MMA Thread

    Just listened to some of his podcast and the golden snitch even told him the amount was so small it has to be tainted supplements.
  13. MMA Thread

    Rda was on a 6 fight win streak when he lost to khabib. Once again i disagree. And tony has pulled out of 2 fights as well as khabib. That fight has been made 4 times
  14. MMA Thread

    Im gonna disagree with RDA was an easier fight for khabib. He lost to Khabib and then went on to win 4 straight and the 155 strap in 11 months following his loss. 3 of those wins were KO of benson henderson, working over Nate, and just running over pettis for the belt. That year was about as prime as RDA has had.
  15. Bell contract 2018

    i was talking about this earlier today and if we could do it i would jump on it in a heartbeat. I think we would have to add to that situation to make it happen