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  1. Edmunds has been playing great for the most part this year. Like others have said his football IQ is starting to matchup with his athletic talents. I was always curious how so many wanted to write him off last year with an up and down season and in the same breath talk about how it was so nice to see Bud finally start having splash plays that lived up to his athletic talents. They were very similar prospects in that their football skills were very raw but their talents had big upside. Lots of credit to the coaching staff to develop players like they had hoped when they drafted them, even if it didnt happen as fast as us fans wanted it to.
  2. and that was a pretty nasty sub from bottom.
  3. Canello is the biggest draw boxing has and everyone knew mma had passed them up when they saw this https://images.app.goo.gl/nHfBksg7uGwpcfTa8
  4. I agree with ya here. I would love to keep Juju, Chase, and Dionte as our 3 wr for Bens final years. Too much potential to break up right now and we are going to need some picks to go towards other spots the next couple of years. I wouldn't mind the right OT if one fell to us or TE.
  5. and keeping it at 155 at that. Felder is absolutely gangster
  6. If anyone missed it check out the 3rd round of max griffin fight. Gnarliest ear injury i have ever seen. Even worse than leslie smiths eay vs jessica eye
  7. So Canello is a free agent snd wants to fight Plant on dec 19th. This is crazy news
  8. Fingers and toes crossed that we stay covid free now that Marlon Humphrey tested positive today
  9. I doubt they feel comfortable with gilbert or Allen being the 3rd backer on the inside the rest of the year. Cheap quality guy to give bince and spillane a breather if need be or god forbid either go down for extended time
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