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  1. MMA Thread

    When asked if he could make weight on short notice for khabib he was 181. Tha is why Dana wants him at 155 cuz that is the cut he makes every time
  2. War's 2019 Offseason plan

    @warfelg I saw your suggestions about signing Barr but am just now able to post on it. I too am a fan of his and do agree he is a better blitzer than how he is being used in minny. But the more i watch him and see how versatile he is I start to understand why they try and use him the way they do. I still think he is miscast as a 43 SAM. He reminds me of a larger version of another miscast 43 SAM that we signed to quarterback our defense and play the 34 BUCK about 15 years ago. What are you thoughts on him playing next to vince. like farrior used to lineup next to foote? Obviously he is not a shazier when it comes to being an athlete but I think he has more than enough chops to be successful and bring a pro bowl potential play back to the inside. anyways thoughts?
  3. MMA Thread

    lets not forget that Max broke his foot in that fight either. And im not sure why some of the comments tend to refer to Max as the smaller guy if he moves up. He walks around at 180. He is bigger than Conor and at 145 or 155 I think he gets it done in the 3rd or 4th when conor starts slowing and he begins to push the pedal to the floor.
  4. MMA Thread

    And lets not forget max broke his foot
  5. MMA Thread

    I made a bit of money on blessed tonight. Props to ortega for being a savage and putting on a great fight. I want max to see conor next and i think it goes to max this time. If conor wants it at 145 or 155 either way i see it for max. For t-city how about mendes? I think thats a solid rebound fight for him maybe in may or june.
  6. MMA Thread

    Hmmm same card as rachel ostovich. Not the best optics imo
  7. benjamin

    Is oroke again
  8. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    watching AV and Feiler shut down bosa and ingram, I am prepared to offer Munch grudens contract to stay as our assistant HC and line coach lol
  9. MMA Thread

    Only time wonderboy was on the ground with Woodley was when he got clipped. Usman is no where near as explosive or have the movement to do the same. Like i said i think wonderboy lights him up because unlike RDA he knows how to move laterally.
  10. MMA Thread

    Wtf? What judge called that 48-47 lol
  11. MMA Thread

    I think wonder boy lights him up
  12. MMA Thread

    I think this is the 1st time that anderson will lose the striking battle in the UFC. That is saying something if it does happen, even if its not prime spider
  13. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    if we won that game she stays
  14. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Well done my good man!
  15. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    I will say i have heard a former rb coach mention very similar preferences about ben. It was kirby wilson if you have to have a name from my conversation