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  1. By this logic the top 4 coaches are in Dallas, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Wow what a fall from grace after 1 down year for Belichick.
  2. No kidding. Feints from 6ft outside the pocket are just wasted energy.
  3. Ode Osborne with a great start to the prelims. 26 seconds lol
  4. i put a few bets in and like i have said before i have an app I do a pickem on. I am currently a brown belt 3rd stripe lol. I might jump in when i get my black belt over there this year lmao
  5. I am as much a fan of Olivera as any but im all for Dustin and Chandler going at it next for the title
  6. My journey continues. I parlayed both chandler and dustin to win by ko. I will be down and out soon enough but living in the moment tonight lol
  7. Im sorry to hear this. Tonight as I start my cigar I will raise my glass to her for being what sounds like a great person and fellow member of the steelers family.
  8. Was just coming in here to say that in 5 years Liam will be known as the 2nd best tackle in this draft. He is my upgraded prime version of Alejandro
  9. you left off the biggest hitter he has faced in Dustin. He took some bombs in that fight and didnt go down. I doubt he could win a title at 155 but he could compete for sure. I agree with what was already said though that he is getting that belt back at 145. The guy was already one of the stars for them but to do that on national television I hope gives him the extra push into the next level. Hard not to like that guy and how he is just a dog in the cage. Also his talking to DC and slipping punches while not looking at Kattar was just sick. I cant wait for his 2nd round of running the div
  10. I disagree some with how Juju should play this out if this is with us or not. With the cap not jumping at its normal rate he will be taking a hit on what his pay could have been. If he takes a 2 year deal betting on himself then he goes for 3rd contract at 26 which could pay a lot more with the assumption the cap is back to raising every year post covid. If he keeps that deal at 4 years then he is on contract 4 at 30. He could potentially land 2 monster contracts at age 26 and 30 if he keeps this deal to 2 years.
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