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  1. my stream went south right before the start ugh
  2. Hunter Henry

    Unless a miracle new cba goes into effect immediately where we can punt some of ben an cam money down the road i think vance is gonna have to be our guy next year. As for rb in the 2nd i am a fan of dobbins there. I know swift and taylor may be better rbs but they are so similar to conner thst i dont think it really adds more than a healthy power option all season long. Dobbins is more splash plays and the part i think our offense lacked most outside of a healthy ben. Akers i would rather have a look on the 3rd, but once again the splash plays are that guys flavor.
  3. Make The Case: KEEP DUPREE

    Chickillo, Ola, Skipper. the defense rest
  4. 2020 Draft to be held in Las Vegas (Renderings page 6)

    Flights already booked and got a house on airbnb for me and my buddies
  5. MMA Thread

    Talk with anyone on the team and they all say the same. DC, Luke, any top grappler they bring in and khabib has his way with them. If you haven't seen anything about it before its because you didn't look.
  6. Offseason Work to do

    He has always had drop issues but can really impact the passing game over all. Absolutely would be an upgrade to our pass game but he does not block. He only runs about 1/3 of his snaps as an inline te. Im curious to see who throws money at him this offseason.
  7. MMA Thread

    ya that is not what i have been seeing in some of his fights in bellator. He looked great against Daley and won another war against Lima before jumping up to fight Gegard(big mistake). His fight with Fitch wasnt great and then lost a decision to lima. That is a pretty killer lineup and he has done very well and still looked very good in most. I still think he is a top 5 ww in the world and could beat anyone in any org in on any given day. PFL has just changed things up in that a guy like him can go in and be a big favorite to win a mil. Not a bad business decision imo.
  8. Mock draft

    not sure we have the money for either but hooper or ebron could be very good in our offense. I would love either and then address rb in the draft to get a more dynamic guy with some speed ala travis etienne. I like our rbs but there is no game breaker between them and our best cant stay healthy. If we have a 80% Ben, a good te(hooper or ebron) and add a different type of rb to force the other team to play to the sidelines instead of just loading up the box, I dont think we need to do anything to the wr group then. All the things going against our offense this season is that teams dont have to cover the entire field. They crowd the line, stack the box because we have aqb who cant stretch the defense with his arm, or a rb that can get to the edge. Over the last decade the reason our offense was so potent at times is because it could threaten any part of the field at any time. 1 lapse and we were putting up points. We are only a couple pieces away from getting back there imo
  9. Week #15 GDT Steelers at the Jets

    that 1st half was basically our entire season in a nutshell. Lots of things go wrong, lots of complaining by the fans, make a couple of adjustments and still playing from behind the 8 ball. Then to have 1 or 2 splash plays and we are better than expectations again. If Mason really is back to his early season play then we have a shot not just this week but next week as well. also this notion from some that we need to gut part of this team in the off season is absurd. Yes we need to add another piece or 2 on offense and secure some of the pending free agents on defense, but with how young our skill players are and what they are doing and learning this year we are not way off of title contention next season with a healthy roster
  10. Week #15 GDT Steelers at the Jets

    2 drops on 1st drive for mason..... atleast he showed a lil something. Now if the team can give him a little help
  11. Week #15 GDT Steelers at the Jets

    it really has been a fun run with Duck leading the team but that was not just a bad int, it was even worse situational awareness. we had atelast 3 pts and he gave it away
  12. Week #15 GDT Steelers at the Jets

    still true 5 mins later
  13. Week #15 GDT Steelers at the Jets

    if duck doesnt lead us to atleast 3 what do we have to lose by putting in Rudolph? Neither is going to lead us to a superbowl but Mason does have better abilities and his biggest issue was his confidence post concussion. Why not?
  14. Week #15 GDT Steelers at the Jets

    I disagree with letting it get that bad. Duck has about 1 or 2 more drives to get some points and cut out the turnovers. If not I am more than ok going back to rudolph
  15. Fans are at Times Very Fickle

    id rather draft etienne than give a 2nd contract to either rb.