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  1. So Mayweather vs Logan Paul? really? I just dont get how there seems to be much better talent in the sport than we have seen in years and this is what we are getting. ugh
  2. wow mike rodriguez just got screwed out of a tko in the 2nd
  3. He is not paid nearly enough for what he brings to the table. I want to see that fight as bad as anyone else but he should be getting a lot more than what he got paid for his last fight.
  4. not that recent but james harrison comes to mind
  5. agree completely. I dont think the guy who has his teeth gathered up in between rounds and gets off the stool for the next round has toughness issues. He is a good fighter in a really tough spot. He is kinda too big for 185 and according to his own words is not strong enough for 205. Probably never a champ at either but will be a strong gate keeper for the foreseeable future.
  6. This would be insane but honestly I want Tony and Dustin to headline a card so they can get 5 rounds
  7. I am always going to root for my home town kid in O'Malley. I have watched him from his 1st pro fight and see the talent. He lost and it was kinda fluky even if that kick did hit the nerve but take nothing away form chito cuz he is a very good prospect himself. Obviously im a bit biased but was not a fan of how he acted afterwards but he won so do what you please cuz you earned it. I dont see an immediate rematch but I do see them meeting up again down the line. Both will pushing for top soon enough and if Sean can get the next one there will be a triology in time. Chito is onto a top 10 challenge and Sean will need to heal and keep getting better like he did over the last couple years he wasnt in the cage. 135 is going to be legit for a long time with they youth of all its talent.
  8. Luque is a crazy active fighter and in lots of good fights finishing a ton. I hope his following starts to grow but i doubt it because he doesnt talk a ton of ish.
  9. He did not have a long career but his work on the 92 season with foster and the rest of line was pretty special. RIP to one of the most unheralded lineman of the early 90s
  10. Its similar to khabib. When he was struggling to make weight he was up around 205 and would start camps north of 190. Since he got his nutritionist a few years back his heaviest out of camp weight now is closer to 190.
  11. Minkah deal looking amazing right
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