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  1. Luque is a crazy active fighter and in lots of good fights finishing a ton. I hope his following starts to grow but i doubt it because he doesnt talk a ton of ish.
  2. He did not have a long career but his work on the 92 season with foster and the rest of line was pretty special. RIP to one of the most unheralded lineman of the early 90s
  3. Its similar to khabib. When he was struggling to make weight he was up around 205 and would start camps north of 190. Since he got his nutritionist a few years back his heaviest out of camp weight now is closer to 190.
  4. Minkah deal looking amazing right
  5. sick knee bar. next fight prolly doesnt make it out of the 1st.
  6. ya still not a fan of the meat head but he is 2-0 with his new corner
  7. fight of the year candidate. no clue how shane is awake
  8. Hall is going to be the dog in this for sure but as soon as i saw it announced it feels like it could be that wierd flash upset that Hall has had before. If the odds are really deep on him I will probably put some down on him.
  9. With O'Malley being a home town kid you wont find too many tgat are bigger fans than me, but lets be honest on his next fight for a sec. He was an unranked fighter against an unranked opponent last night. He should crack the top 15 for sure after his performance. I know his coach was talking about facing cody on Twitter after last night but why rush this? How about a fight like rivera next to see hiw he handles a top 9-12 guy before he jumps into the top 5 savages. I agree he is a special talent, I just dont see the need to rush the process.
  10. In the back and forth between the 2 Dana claimed to have texts that proved he was telling the truth and Jon was asking for a ton. Then Jon responded that go ahead and release the text, contact your lawyer and release them. Since then Dana has gone silent in the back and forth. Both are liars but the appearance this time around is Bones called Danas bluff.
  11. the self proclaimed best ww ever just lost the last 10 rounds of his career.
  12. burns is being slept on. he looks like he is starting to hit his stride as a fighter
  13. well i think im taking burns here but he needs to survive a burst or 3 from woodley with that bomb he throws.
  14. It is far from the best ppv ever by a long shot but the bantam weight fights added are gonna be pretty good. sterling vs sandhagen, assuncao vs garbrandt, and o'malley vs wineland all add some nice quantity to the card that was lacking.
  15. i remember thinking neither would be the same after that. Another one is Chris Leben after Anderson Silva. Not sure who remembers that but leben was the betting favorite and was like 15-1 going into the fight. after that beat down he finished his career like 7-10 or something crazy. He was 1 fight from a title shot and never sniffed it again.
  16. Chuck Liddel after 2nd rampage fight. He went like 1-5 or something like that with a bunch of ko losses after Jackson knocked him out.
  17. DC wasnt wrong when saying his corner should throw in the towel. No need for Smith to go out there for the 5th and it could have been stopped in the 3rd or 4th without much argument
  18. Ever fasted for a month? It takes about a month to get back to normalcy. August will be fight month.
  19. I saw this earlier. I think we get Conor vs Masvidal for international fight week
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