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  1. Im gonna run through the rest of the 6 games when i get home at 9 or so, and upload em all at once.
  2. KJ Hamler on a run play Close. Hamler was the 2nd player injured. On a pass play
  3. looks legit armstead, ruiz, mccoy,peat, ramcyzk https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/NO
  4. lol and you were the only one it happened to the whole tourney
  5. @The Orca vs @Counselor up! https://youtu.be/6f31Wrhq95s
  6. OPENING GAME @MWil23 v @Forge https://youtu.be/9QPKZ6f4vIA
  7. yeah, i gave everyone enough time to find issues. i will incrementally post games as i sim them. with deadpulses suggested software, files upload in minutes
  8. You guys all sign off and post games tonight?
  9. fine. all 15 weeks tommorrow then!
  10. again, week 1 will be simmed and posted Wednesday. going forward, I will try to do a week per day, but there are times when i may do a half week per day or some days i will have to skip
  11. i went through everyones rosters again, and i think everythings good now. once i start simming games, i will correct things going forward for subsequent games, but wont replay games i already did
  12. fixed another mistake: in @Forge roster, the RT and LE were incorrect. all sorted now
  13. i think rb2 goes into the first wr spot, which i think is slot
  14. I think the first position in a 3 or 4 wr set plays in the slot, not wide