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  1. Survivor 37

    Survivor 37 starts tomorrow at 8 pm on cbs. This may be the first Survivor that I watch since season 1. whats the typical show format that i can expect in the first episode? There appear to be two teams, david (underdogs, think shady slim) and Goliaths (behemoths, think et80). i assume there will be an immunity comp, where 1 team will win, and the other team will go to tribal council and evict one of their tribe members. anything else that might happen?
  2. Week 4 Picks

    Vikings @ Rams Jets @ Jaguars Dolphins @ Patriots Eagles @ Titans Texans @ Colts Bills @ Packers Lions @ Cowboys Buccaneers @ Bears Bengals @ Falcons Seahawks @ Cardinals Browns @ Raiders Saints @ Giants 49ers @ Chargers Ravens @ Steelers Chiefs @ Broncos Record: 20-22 - 3
  3. What current NFL Coach is best at scheming receivers open?

    Whenever I watch the Packers it seems that the receivers are all constantly covered and only make catches because Rodgers has perfect ball placement. yeah, thats my point
  4. plus helps with "player safety"
  5. What current NFL Coach is best at scheming receivers open?

    bizarro mike mccarty
  6. damage has been done, just like the fail mary getting rid of replacement refs
  7. Something Is Wrong With Everson Griffen

    how do we know that someone isnt after him?
  8. Are the Redskins criminally underrated?

    Adrian Peterson
  9. Packers sign CB Breeland

    we got our guy! also, screwed NO over. this will have ripple effects!
  10. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    yep, he got a half a sack
  11. Packers DE Wilkerson out for the season

    I actually said it as Morgan Freeman. but i read it as Cleveland Brown
  12. DC Movie Universe

    To each their own, I suppose, but I didnt like ANYTHING about that version of the Joker. It was embarrassing IMO. hey man, he was damaged. So damaged that he tattooed damaged on his forehead
  13. DC Movie Universe

    Leto was bad. But the reshoots to make it more like the avengers killed it.
  14. What are you reading? V1

    best book title ever!