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  1. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    you still have a chance to come back into the game at the halfway point
  2. everyone? even mafia? also, i think we may be looking at multiball (multiple scum teams), because of the 20 person setup. so scum should scumhunt too. and @The Orca share your theory, no matter how dumb you think it might be, unless you think it could reveal a PR
  3. way too on the nose. i bet mafia would be looking for this opportunity to try to lolclear themselves, when swag most likely has cover roles james and i am very confident in this read
  4. another thought.....Jesus needs to be lynched to win or get some power. ns922 is a perfect vig hit if we have one
  5. i have a theory. NS922 has a strong mafia role, but the catch is that swag give him a post that NS922 HAD TO POST which outted himself to us all. this could be one of those postgame moments where its like "haha, he admitted his exact role and faction of the go, and NOBODY lynched him!" would be a very clever role. notice, the font is red here. watch for more posts like this start of day 2 if ns922 survives
  6. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    more like a soft reboot though. set in the same world as the original, but with new protgatonists. and they are teens. ugh https://screenrant.com/new-ghostbusters-sequel-teens/amp/
  7. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    good game, man.
  8. lock all the rest of em up thread of the year right here!
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    similarly, Kurt Cobain got it down to the minute.
  10. sanchez - 2 (dome,ted xmad - 2 (touch, james tk3 - 1 (kotn md4l - 1 (ksj pickle - 1 (malf pickle @Pickle Rick
  11. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    i just hope im around when we are both in the losers circle. then the real battle will occur and either me or you dies. and if i meet my end, i will shake your hand and say job well done. i am biding my time before that. now i can rest
  12. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    havimg fun man!