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  1. focus on this, guys remember how boring Wideright and wwhicock were? these owner upgrades in TL and karnage are much more entertaining
  2. he even has an asterisk by his win! Scalamania*: 168-173, 49.27%, 1 trophy
  3. Maybe if the nfl coaches pwomise to give them a lollipop, those little babies will be bwave enough to get a shot. I know they hate boo-boos, but they will have to be big boys today.
  4. I mean Durants been pretty cool about the Bucks winning, so lets try to not invent some wrongdoings here
  5. wow.... Eagles Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 44, RB1 Chance: 69, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 64, Defensive Ag: 60, Run D Priority: 50 Rammy: Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 36, RB1 Chance: 75, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 58, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 50
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