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  1. note to self if you slowplay something, and are way off, nobody will know UNLESS YOU WRITE A CONFESSIONAL ABOUT IT
  2. i feel for you, man. you got over only for it to be yanked away
  3. i would stop the game and give us all trophies if i could, but alas, the game must go on
  4. i wonder how jasonwbantle is going to feel being in a literal popularity contest
  5. so....the next evictions will happen and then the players will vote 1 of the 3 back in is that right, J. Night Shamalyn?
  6. good. i want you to move on. if you didnt selfishly vote yourself, i would be disapointed. in fact, thats what i liked about you in the first place
  7. i have to say, i did relish our teams role of choosing who got to be saved or not we were on every successful train of the game
  8. thats definitely true. the game could have definitely went either way
  9. hahaha, yeah i just voted for who i thought was mafia and we won!