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  1. You want to get in on this luxury comp guys. reward protects you from eviction in the current and subsequent cycle (effective whenever game ends) deadline is 5 min before the mlb game you choose hard deadline: (around 3 pm cst sunday) post your pick in thread that i linked above you can duplicate others picks, but its like nfl survivor. you can only pick a team once no punishment for not competing but its minimal effort 3. @jasonwbantle 5. @Shady Slim 6. @Dwight_Schrute 7. @Pickle Rick 8. @mission27 11. @JoshstraDaymus 13.
  2. sigh...game of thrones i guess. hard to forgive the last season, but a good ride before it got dumb
  3. 23. Can shoot out my eye! but dies. Saves bow and arrow man. Dies anyway. Cyolops and Quicksliver both die unceremoniously Jason got this 24. They would probably sit there all day playing chess with themselves. Magneto and Prof X do so at the end of their movie literally. Jason got this 25. They are the whole world to you, and loves whips and chains. Ego = is a planet. Whiplase from Iron Man 2 has whips. Jason got this 26. Has two naughty boys (well, one is worse) and is also rivals and challenges a panther but now they a
  4. 22. This character will lament the untimely deaths of both and Doug and Peter. Will there be a new Doug? Will he be able to turn back the clock to save Peter? Korg lamented Doug in Ragnorak Deadpool lamented Peter in Deadpool (2) and actually saved him later. nobody got it
  5. 21. It gets lonely in your soul just waiting for people to visit you. Luckily you can make your own hourglass filling to measure the passage of time. Soul Stone and lonely --> Red Skull. hourglass filling = Sand ---> Sandman jason got it jason - 9 josh - 5
  6. 20. just a really very intelligent system. and also happy too. J.A.R.V.I.S stands for "just a really very intelligent system". And I told you "Happy" Hogan was the other guy. Jason got it jason - 8 josh - 5
  7. Buzzzzz was the noise as they flew off in their flying armor...yes... another one who does that. Bzzz = Bee = The Wasp. The other guy with a flying suit = War Machine Jason got it Spoiler: ET doesnt get any more, so he stays with 2. jason - 7 josh - 5
  8. 18. Very good eyesight, and can control emotions by touching people. Vision - play on words Mantis- literal ability. Josh got it! jason - 6 josh - 5 ET - 2
  9. 17. Don't throw water on them, they might melt. OR drop a house on them. Because this character is a real dear. Scarlett Witch (Witch stuff) and Hela's helmet looks like antlers jason got it! jason - 6 josh - 4 ET - 2
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