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  1. OK JURY its time to cast your votes. try not to tip your hand too much. It ruins the suspense. PM me your vote to WIN if you havent already lets shoot for Wednesday at the latest. but hopefully tommorrow @ET80 @Dwight_Schrute @gopherwrestler @The Orca @jasonwbantle @TedLavie @Shady Slim
  2. @swoosh @Outpost31 how you doing with question answering i get my 2nd covid shot wednesday, so if you guys are prepared for me to call for votes either today or tommorrow, i would like to do the finale tuesday if possible
  3. screenshots arent explicitly cheating, but i will disallow them in future games
  4. Send me your ballots! dont make me tag you, which i will do tommorrow evening if i dont get the ballots!
  5. @TheKillerNacho do venom and I pick the sliders for the all star game? or do you use the default?
  6. For your nacho bowl consideration Jalen Ramsey [16 GS]: 68 tackles (3 stuffs), 55 coverages, 4 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, 1 recovery, 1 touchdown.
  7. DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS Norway over moose rio over rey venom over papermakers RC over squirrels conf Norway over Rio Venom over RC nacho bowl venom over norway @TheKillerNacho
  8. next year, i will look through 10 years worth of stats and try to find the metrics that are the best nacho bowl predictors, and see what we get with those
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