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  1. 1. the humor simply wasnt funny and was forced *the on hold thing with Poe at the beginning *rey and luke meet and she gives the light saber. cue the dramatic music and rey smiling, and then undercut by luke tossing it over his shoulder. that joke fell with a thud
  2. How so? What exactly have we gained from it? 4 saved civs
  3. hmm.....so far squire and tk3 are my biggest scumread i hope to do another full reread
  4. What movie are you watching v1

    thats what i would decide to do as well if my wife suggested watching a rom com
  5. yeah, TLJ went way too GotG on the humor just felt out of place in a SW movie
  6. See what I mean? He SCREAMS team red!!! He doesn’t really care about everyone’s safety! He voted for himself and said got to protect number one. #teamredbaby if slappy screams team red....why did you vote to save his partner squire?
  7. so that makes you civ? @bcb1213 who are the 4 teams you think are civ, and 2 teams you think are mafia?
  8. lay out your thoughts even if wrong, they are useful. also, why flip votes from squire to et?
  9. @Tk3 you are now the smartest person on the game if you take 30-45 minutes, and read the threadx im sure you can provide us with valuable insight
  10. What movie are you watching v1

    Jurassic Park again just excellent setting things up and paying them off beautiful
  11. I agree with you on pickle rick. Then I lean civ on Malfatron. So as a team, I am lost on them. MD4L very interesting why did you like md4l again @squire12?
  12. and also...what do you make of what happened now that we know gopher and et are civ?
  13. @Tk3 @squire12 why so quiet after the deadline?