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  1. I forgot about something i notice when doing VCs yeterday xmad shifted his vote from one alternative lynch wagon to another one that cropped up. feels like he has done this a few times
  2. Counselor Kotn liked this post for some reason has to be a reason right?
  3. i think i might no what you are talking about
  4. swag went hard after me in i think orcas game. he was scum and i was civ. i was amused and a little annoyed by all the wordsmithing and semantics i was grtting thrown back in my face.
  5. i feel better about mwils posts. in case some ppl werent aware still, i did make up the bit about the slip
  6. not the terrible logic part but the severe pushing of a player. the terrible logic is usually a mafia thing. i dont know whether this qualifies as that though
  7. yeah, he would do this as scum or town. the excuse thing too. leaning civ fttb
  8. i confirm i am not a bluejay
  9. what do people make of kotns posts?
  10. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    One thing you and I can agree with, haha. Okay, now that im in the clear on that from being warned by webby the other thread, i can post more game stuff Mason Rudolph was the first Steelers QB to throw 4 INT vs Browns since Cleveland re-entered the NFL in 1999. Is Mason the future, or is he the worst starting qb in 20 years (if he wins the job next year, because lets not count starters due to injury) Was Tommy Maddox better? Gun to head, I would still go with mason because of rookie deal and he has upside
  11. The Myles Garrett incident

    [Inappropriate/removed] Youve lost me. He was the only mature one attempting to de-escalate. How in the world would he get suspended? he meant Fidel.
  12. The Myles Garrett incident

    Not sure, but I will post a link when i find out!
  13. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    If they were playing in Miami, it would probably be okay
  14. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    and just to be clear @drd23 he said childhood