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  1. squire now hes got to be hammered. thats like 20 votes
  2. we have to kill one of you to resolve the sitch
  3. so nacho cant be voted whats up with that @TheKillerNacho
  4. this is how squire acted when he was redlettered that one game too i think he fooled a couple people as well.
  5. me because rng doesnt mean you have to use your night move with rng. and you typically dont
  6. you roleblocked me, your jump on mol, and nacho says you are mafia. we need to decide between you and nacho essentially. why did you rb me?
  7. i meant the rest of us when you are dead. if squire is town, nacho/swag are scum. but i think squire is mafia
  8. scum rolecop isnt going to put himself out there at that point, unless to save swag. if you are town, vote out nacho and swag
  9. squire i will trust you. squire is trying to talk his way out of this. town squire shouldnt rb me
  10. @TheKillerNacho its time to explain your move
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