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  1. Its like you went pokemon hunting, and came back emptyhanded but exclaimed "you guys, I saw sooo many pokemon" "did you catch any" "well no"
  2. good game everyone! was nice working with ya @Whicker in the discord bummer we couldnt save ya @Pickle Rick (i tried) but it all worked out!
  3. Bruins are just as bad as us! same number of goals scored at this point in the season
  4. yeah especially since orca was basically trolling anyway. scum would likely want to keep him around longer matts was the deciding hammer on that mwil lynch and i think he took his shot to get rid of a strong player when he had the chance. Then matts votes orca the next day and basically ignores me. Doesnt mention me at all. Now when orca flips town, forgets about the mwil votes and is tunneling on me. this right here isnt town matts
  5. The realigning has spread out of NFL general and is now everywhere!
  6. In Stand By Me, hes narrating a book. the wonder years, i believe hes thinking back to years later In this movie the narration is given by a dead guy. its a little corny and especially coming off fresh from watching the sopranos, it cheapens the impact of the show
  7. Wow, a tribute. name some reeally good tribute bands. those are always quality
  8. Hey now. Dont feel too bad that your masterplan is transparent as hell It might still work. dont give up on your dreams!
  9. @Daniel @Whicker @Matts4313 @JoshstraDaymus lets all give a list of 4 in order of your thoughts from most likely to be mafia to least mine. I think daniel is scum inside the chat with pickle, and matts is scum outside the chat 1. daniel. came in last minute to save himself a couple minutes after i voted him. isnt reading up or scumhunting at all. feels like hes just trying to survive the days 2. matts. did vote pickle day 1, but pickle didnt call attention to him at all until he abslutely blew up on matts, or went for thr distance. i could see matts being the scum outside and ju
  10. what is this "goals" thing everyone keeps talking about? anyway, on to carolina
  11. im waiting to get all our guys back, and for the ones we do have to get good. just wait
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