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  1. he asked me if i would be willing to entertain utley so it is still there. is this the only reason why you are voting orca? if so, you should unvote if not, why else are you voting him?
  2. see, i told you. if everyone would have just stand pat and voted ksj, we would be better off today. even if he flipped civ that sanchez vote made no sense and if something makes no sense, there was something sinister behind it. even if it existed to set up ksjs lynch for today. which might mean mafia was on the sanchez train still, i think the game would be easier to solve with a ksj lynch today and i am standing by that 100 percent.
  3. maybe, but ultimately i dont think it changes much whether mafia or civ used the move. i certainly dont want this to be the primary debate today i am guessing mafia has a factional hit because usually they do.
  4. a bad read isnt an abysmal civ game. stop this false narrative as the game goes on, it becomes easier to solve i will likely be hit before then, but if not, i will solve the game. i dont care how bad your lynch would make me look. it would give me more information. for instance, mafia might have been more likely to stand pat during the sanvhez bandy if you are mafia, it gives evem more info
  5. seems like an antman power or something nick fury....power doesnt match
  6. mafia wouldnt sacrifice their hit to start a new day 2 this is a town power
  7. who did sanchez take someone somewhere they wouldn't want to go? which player did he take?
  8. i might be convinced to vote dome. but thats about it dome is buddying me too much for my liking
  9. i dont care about my own scumminess. i care about lynching mafia and if you arent mafia, it tells us much about what happened at the end of day 1 if you are civ, it also tells us info
  10. but thats not the way it happened quick lynch ksj then we know whether the train was civ-civ or mafia-civ . after that, we can make connections. it is systematic. sanchez lynch changes nothing. we cannot let him off the hook