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  1. thats okay go to bed, tag everyone (copy/paste, dont quote your post), start tommorrow with a night 1 on monday and its all good
  2. we starting today or nah @wolfeyestrk
  3. i am down with trading up next round (my pieces arent as valuable now) i have a bunch of people nobody is going to pick, but they are perfect for my movie. i got my favoured picks thus far and i dont see that changing
  4. What movie are you watching?

    Ready or Not is my favorite movie of 2019 oscars are stupid
  5. Which conference do you generally prefer watching?

    whoever team you are a fan of dictates that because of stakes.
  6. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    i share your hope. unless it means the packers get the calls.
  7. i saw with mine own eyes, Rodgers QB Sneaking. THE WHOLE PLAY BOOK IS NOW OPEN!
  8. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    they are fish. vegas gonna clean up
  9. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    i agree america wants chiefs and packers and thats whats gonna happen on the 100 year anniversary
  10. NFC Championship: GB@SF

  11. dammit Gonna need Williams to carry the load, and mix it up with some WR tosses