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  1. heat five @bucsfan333 @Shady Slim @ET80 @JBURGE holy crap, this was hard. sorry to all those i couldnt pick
  2. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    the premiere is right now. i am hoping that they dont incorporate "america" too much in this game. i prefer a more straightforward game. hopefully, these players are gamers and not just there to hang out.
  3. What movie are you watching v1

    i suppose. doesnt mean i have to like it
  4. What movie are you watching v1

    omg, watching father of the year( the happy madison production) david spades boston accent is the worst i have ever heard
  5. Also, I think it would add to the intrigue if you played less matches per day. That would give us a chance to hype things up for the next time we fight. Maybe: 1. 4 first round matchups 2. 4 first round matchups 3. all 4 second round matchups 4. 2 semifinal matchups 5. Final matchup Of course, I am good with whatever you want to do. This looks awesome! Thoughts?
  6. I think private until everyone submitted.Then, make them public.
  7. I'm in. Will PM my stats late tonight.
  8. I thought it was noon 8pm? mayne its noon cst and 8 pm for our viewers in Helsinki
  9. if the votes happen earlier, is the live auction taking place earlier? or is the live auction at 8 pm cst for sure?
  10. heat four @El ramster @MookieMonstah @MrDrew @Dwight_Schrute
  11. What movie are you watching v1

    the raptor saying alan was dumb, but at least it was a dream. the girl killing a raptor with a gymnast kick ruined raptors. plus, they ruined ian malcolms characters who lost 100 percent of his coolness in the lost world
  12. DC Movie Universe

    good move by Shazam in that the lame costume seems to be part of the joke. waiting for the Zach Snyder cut though
  13. What movie are you watching v1

    after a rewatch, jurassic park 3 is better than jurassic park 2: the lost world. both are dumb, but jp2 is sooo lazy jp3 has a lot more energy. it has a nice scene where it looks like a raptor head in the jar and then the eye moves and it was actually behind it. when the raptor breaks that guys neck though it was pretty dumb jp2 has one of the dumbest scenes in jp history with the girl kicking the raptor through the window. also, ian malcolm is a totally different character than the first jp movie. its jarring when you watch them back to back on how different his character is.
  14. the answer to this is @JBURGE, right?
  15. maybe it happened late pm central time. are you on est @Pickle Rick
  16. hot take. seahawks finish higher than the rams ill bookmark this page rams are set up to underachieve