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  1. I also like Akame ga Kill! and Elfen Lied
  2. Love Death Note. i literally did not like any anime and then i watched this, and found it to be absolutely brillant and entertaining (now i like several anime, but still selective)
  3. just need @Dwight_Schrute and @gopherwrestler to submit R2 bets
  4. I knew i was due for a bad blowout one of these games and your team is much better than their record
  5. DEALER BUSTS AT 22. everyone wins their bets! gopher:8 outpost: 6 jason: 6 dwight: 6 orca:5 ted: 4 PM your R2 bets! (can bet 0-Max) @gopherwrestler @TedLavie @jasonwbantle @Dwight_Schrute @The Orca @Outpost31
  6. gopher drew a 5. gopher has 16. dealer showing 3. hit or stand @gopherwrestler
  7. Actually, thats a good idea. because theres no point in standing at 11. i will go ahead and do this
  8. Cards are flipped. PM me hit or stand. If you have a number you want to stand at, feel free to pm me a strategy. cards/totals Gopher: 11 8,3 gopher hits because he has 11 or less. gopher draws a 5. gopher:16 jason: 20 K,J Orca: 21 (blackjack) @The Orca wins! outpost: 17 8,9 dwight: 19 Q,9 Dealer showing: 3 moves needed from @gopherwrestler @jasonwbantle @Dwight_Schrute @Outpost31 Hit or stand!
  9. a couple notes 1. I will flip both starting cards for a player at once for readability 2. if you got blackjack, theres no 3:2 payout, you just win the match and double up.
  10. All bets are in gopher - 4 dwight - 2 jason - 2 outpost - 2 orca - 1 ted - 0 (the game rules dont say that you cant bet 0, so im allowing this move) I will deal cards soon and tag folks when i do
  11. just waiting for @Dwight_Schrute to PM me how much he wants to bet (currently you have 4 chips)
  12. Just need bets from @Dwight_Schrute and @TedLavie Also, happy birthday Dwight! (and Naz)
  13. while the veto is going on....shady and swoosh have a Movie night! big bag of popcorn, drinks, and Mortal Kombat!!
  14. 2/5 bets are in needs to submit bets @TedLavie @The Orca @Dwight_Schrute @gopherwrestler
  15. We will shuffle every other round 1 2 shuffle 3 4 shuffle (if needed)
  16. COMPLETE STEP 1 for round 1 Each player gets 4 chips. Step 1: PM me how many chips you wish to bet for the round. There are 4 total rounds max. @TedLavie @Outpost31 @Dwight_Schrute @jasonwbantle @The Orca @gopherwrestler
  17. Veto 10: Blackjack NO WORKING TOGETHER You have 24 hours to submit your move when your action is due or you will be punished. Please submit moves in a timely fashion though, and don't arbitrarily pad the game length. players @TedLavie @Outpost31 @Dwight_Schrute @jasonwbantle @gopherwrestler @The Orca The Game: We will be playing in the Discord channel, using a freshly shuffled deck. DO NOT FLIP ANY CARDS YOURSELF OR YOU ARE ELIMINATED FROM THE VETO. Each player gets 4 chips. Step 1: PM me how many chips you wish to bet
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