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  1. ESPN NFL Playoff Machine 2017

    I mean, this isn't my prediction or anything
  2. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Very entertaining mnf game
  3. Management Firing Poll (Results on Page 10)

    Promote Capers to head coach then
  4. ESPN NFL Playoff Machine 2017

  5. Walking Dead season 8

    Yeah i think it was definitely the best ep of the year, especially like 18 minute cold open. Didnt like the rick/daryll part, but liked the rest
  6. Post Game Thread: AKA how high can our draft pick be?

    I had to do leaves in the yard, which took 4 hours. Better than watching this.
  7. Post Game Thread: AKA how high can our draft pick be?

    We all knew we could go 1-1 in our next 2 games and have a good shot for playoffs (if rodgers comes back for the car game) We are on track. Just gotta beat pitt.
  8. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor for rookie qb Nathan Peterman

    Someone thought this would be like Madden
  9. @LionsFTW better play too. A rematch would make the audience crazy
  10. I still find it hilarious that hockey won without getting into a fight.
  11. But of course. Maybe after the holidays tho
  12. I was actually more stressed being a civ this game than mafia last game.
  13. Thanks @domepatrol91 and everyone else who played to make this game really fun. The smaller games are more intense than the bigger ones