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  1. Sounds like you may be turning into Brando. Who was the biggest mafia of all
  2. Civs feel less pressure than mafia
  3. Speaking of, i think there is 1 survivor death
  4. This feels like mafia fin
  5. I think dome may be mafia. But the logic isnt correct because each of the 3 options doesnt have an equal likelihood of being true. 1. I am a pilot. 2. I am a doctor. 3. I am a non-pilot, non-doctor. Thus 66 percent chance that im either a pilot or a doctor.
  6. Please tell me you are being sarcastic
  7. Omg 66% chance hes mafia!!
  8. That sucks. Early tomorrow?
  9. @Danger if someone has the power to revive someone, do they pm you, or post in thread?
  10. Woz do you feel like you are sticking your neck out thus far?
  11. @Matts4313 come into the thread and lolclear yourself
  12. 8 unique players being votea Jfinley - 2 (touch, cwood Et80 - 1 (woz Rmib - 1 (math Beezee - 1 (bucs Sanchez - 1( ksj Ragnard - 1 (mission Mathman - 1 (lionsftw Dome - 1 (james
  13. So you agree that your posts seem canned? What else strikes you about any conversations thus far?