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  1. Deadpool 2

    when i was going into this movie I thought, Do I really need more Deadpool? The answer was yes i think its much better than the original now that the origin story was out of the way, they had free reign
  2. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    The best part in Jurrasic World I was when the pterdactyls got loose and starting terrorizing the park. Otherwise though, it was a bunch of people in a jungle. I wish they would have explored that first idea though, instead of having everyone in the park just being safe after that.
  3. And with that, I believe I have answered all the questions. Im going back to bed now
  4. You are on a ship that has wrecked on an island in the middle of the Caribbean. It is close to sunset and there is no chance for immediate rescue. One of @Pickle Rick or @The Orca are there with you. Which one do you want there? I always saw Pickle as the more calm, collected, and level headed twin, and Orca as the fun-loving rambunctous one.Im not sure if this is true irl or not, its just my forum impression (are you the older twin by chance, pickle?) Thus, in this dangerous position, Id pick Pickle, who would help to keep me calm. sidenote: Thanks for jinxing me now. If my ship crashes, I will know whos to blame lol. 2. Out of the jury members and whichever of PR/Orca you don't want on the island with you, who do you want searching for the Survivors of the shipwreck? I will say Ted because I believe he would want to fully make sure everyone got out alive. 3. What is your first task on the island before the sun completely sets? Fire. the first task would always be to get a fire going. Fire means clean water, warmth, and safety from predators. We could always half-*** a shelter at least for the first night. 4. You can't find any food on the island, do you resort to cannibalism? Not unless someone legitimately dies. It sets a bad precident. But if someone dies through natural causes, why not? 5. Do you want others to eat you if you go first? Yes, at least I could be of some use after my death 6. While out looking for food one day you find a buried treasure chest full of GOLD. The chest appears to have been buried by pirates centuries ago. Do you share this information with the other survivors? I definitely would. When i run into something valuable, i cant help but to share. I would share this info with everyone. 7. All existing water and food sources are exhausted on the island. You see 2 islands in the distance. There is a large mountain on the middle of your island that you haven't gone over to explore. What's your next move? I would expend less effort exploring the mountain first (though not climbing up obviously). Then, building a boat and sailing to the closest island migjt be needed. 8. Your finally rescued, is PR or the Orca still alive by your side? Id like to think both. Orca with his positive spirit, and pickle with his careful planning 9. Do you share the buried treasure with the other survivors? With PR/Orca? of course. we have been through hell. everyone gets a cut. 10. What is the first thing you do when you get home? log onto FootballsFuture and make a thread about our experience _______________________________________ 11. Are there any moves or votes in this game that have caused you to lose sleep? yes, plenty. of the top of my head: voting to evict tyty the first time. playing the comp in such a way that jfins team lost, and then he got evicted, and mad at me forever. evicting my good friend Naz not trying hard enough to save Shady, who was my very good friend throughout this game evicting pickle, and trying to explain myself to a disapointed orca (not to mention pickle himself). 12. Who on the jury would you want to meet IRL? Its on my bucket list to have a few brews with et80. 13. Which of the members of the jury do you wish would have not made the jury? Ted, but only because I think hes a possible vote for hockey (obviously, ted fully deserves to be here) 14. Do you feel any of the moves you have made will result in you losing someone's vote? Yes, that is a possibility.
  5. 1. How do you think each one of us played? et80 - You were everywhere, yet nowhere. You came back from the dead time and time again. Won challenges when you needed to. I needed your buy-in with the Ted lynch, and I appreciated you willing to jump in and take a shot. I cant explain why you are such a scary player, but you are. You did a great job in being very helpful, and controlling your own destiny by being a useful weapon for many players in the game. You were a key cog in the flux/malf/touch/hockey alliance and also the twins/touch/malf alliance. plus, you were damn good for ratings. when you and i were on opposite tribes, you really contributed to the fun factor. touch - I believe that you played a near perfect game. You were on the tribe that was decimated every single immunity comp, yet you never came close to being evicted. You never needed an idol to save you, and you shared your idol to save your friends in the game. You seemingly effortlessly immersed yourself with multiple alliances, and was a valuable strategic member with all of them. I dont know for sure, but i cant recall a single tribal vote against you until the very end. 2. What do you think did us in, ultimately? et80 - how did you not get more than 7 likes in 3 posts? I won that challenge that you could have easily won, which would have put you in the final 3. From there, that could have meant being in the final 2. touch - losing that last final challenge. 3. How would you vote if it was your current opponent vs one of us instead of you? et80 - Your game impressed me. I vote you because you would have had a tougher road to get to the finals, and more agency about it. touch - I believe you had the best overall game in Survivor II, so I would vote you
  6. sorry, cruise festivities have taken their toll. as soon as i wake up tomorrow morning, i will crank out the rest of this.
  7. yep. i will be on that later tonight and pickles too
  8. That said Did you ever consider evicting me? when it was between you and et80, no. i knew keeping you around was the best thing for my game, and you endeared yourself to me by throwing everything out there on the line for me and being really open and honest. I knew it would blow things up, but i wanted to see the look on et80s face when he was surprise lynched. i wanted to keep you from the start. earlier in the game, maybe. but i considered evicting everyone and the pros and cons Did you think about not confessing to ousting Pickle? no, i confessed right away and i never thought twice. lying to you would have been so obvious, and it frankly would have destroyed our relationship in the game. i remembered back to when you were ltbf, and when i surprise evicted bcb, you told me if i wanted to make a game move, you were down. i was hoping you would look past it and forgive me, and we could move forward
  9. i have to do et and touch later. my ferry is leaving
  10. 1. How do you think each one of us played? ted - really good at comps. loyal to a fault. sticking to his guns with something he feels is the right thing to do (evicting mission before jury and not budging on that) shady - i think surviving the fated tribe speaks volumes with how well you played. i cant speak to how you did it, but you did it well. i liked working with you because we werent afraid to rock the boat pickle- probably the best comp player in the game. you did very well considering the twins are a huge target flux - you played very well. under the radar. playing both sides. i personally trusted you never to evict me, so i wanted to protect you. won some comps orca - started off by taking in more information then you give, which doesnt help to build trust. however, by the end of the game, i was fighting hard to keep you over et80. you were a nice underdog story, and i hoped you would have moved on. its one of only a few things that didnt go my way this game. also, great at comps 2. What do you think did us in, ultimately? ted - after bcb left, you outwardly expressed your displeasure to me too much. also, trying to do too much with the eviction, like trying to sell a touch vote to the twins and the funky bunch alliance when some of us had ties to touch shady - this one is hard to pinpoint. i didnt want you to leave because you were a good ally. at the time, there were several alliances going on, and i knew et80 was going to use the idol. so it was either pickle or you. that time, you got the short straw, and there wasnt much you could do because pickle played the idol too pickle - a key to a good social game is sharing information. if you shared with you that my clue netted you an idol, i would have trusted you more, and enusured that you survived. i helped protect you in the previous 2 votes (even though you used the idol, you didnt need to). but after that, i felt like there were other people who trusted me more. flux - i think you know, lol. orca throwing the comp so we couldnt get rid of et80. orca - if you didnt throw the comp earlier, et80 would be gone, and touch would be more apt to keep you. i dont know if i could have convinced touch to save you in a better way, but maybe i could have 3. How would you vote if it was your current opponent vs one of us instead of you? ted - if you made it to the end, i would vote you to win over hockey. you scared me this game, and were good at comps as well. if you made it to f2, and i was in jury, it would mean you got one over on me shady - if you made it to the end, i might vote you depending on your testimony as to what happened in the other tribe. how you survived. i might give hockey the nod on this one because whicker gave you an idol that provided 2nd life. however, if your story wowed me, i might change my mind. however, you were like teflon don and kept surviving amongst all odds, so i may have no choice but to vote you to win pickle- for your comp play, id pick you. flux - i might pick hockey on this one, but if you made it to the end by successfully integrating with the twins alliance, i would definitely choose you. i would pick the person who had the toughest road, and you were trending in that direction orca- for sure, you.
  11. and et80, touch, and malf were really on the twins side, as evidenced by the ted eviction. all 3 of us voted to evict ted we also worked to keep pickle alive the next round too you were in the dark on a lot of these shanananagans
  12. hello, i get back from the cruise on august 27. i would like to create a team as long as there are no activities between now and then that demand my attention. i am guessing that the next season is in february anyway so i have time to pay more attention to non-packer football players, so im not selecting anquan boldin or something in round 8. game on!
  13. yeah, that was an intense period for sure. you and i were doing a lot of work behind the scenes that eviction. we eventually got the vote swung around on you. you were probably my favorite direct foil in the game. a hard fought battle indeed. i am interested to hear if they were going to make a play against me. i wouldnt begrudge them for it. last year, i got evicted right after the merge
  14. i will let them answer for themselves, but i think i know the answer
  15. lastly, i love you all and i had a lot of fun playing with you. and my confessionals will speak to the agony of some of my decisions. it was often brutal, and the DR sessions put me in a dark place often. its worth the cruise ship wifi $$$ to be able to express this, lol. thanks to @Outpost31 for an excellent game thanks to all the players for taking it seriously (but not too seriously) excellent questions were posed. ok, bye for now
  16. 1. what was your big baller move? My baller move was leading the charge to evict Ted. Sorry, Ted. I had to do a preemptive strike. Not only did i have Ted evicted, i did so without my shady/hockey alliance even knowing. Hockey even said that the consensus vote was pickle, but somehow ted got evicted. That "somehow" was partly me. The hinky vote got blamed on Flux, and because of other moving parts, flux later admitted to voting out ted. this allowed me to operate in 2 alliances and take out a major threat. 2. if you had your time again, what, if anything, would you do differently? i would have thrown the comp that got jfinley mad at me. i feel like he was legitly hurt, and it put me in a dark place 3. out of the entire jury plus yourselves, who would you most like to be sitting next to right now and why? theuntouchable. touch and i planned a large percentage of the game. It would have felt right with him here in the finals. i think touch played an unbelieveable game as well, and it would have been a great final matchup. 4. in theory, there is a time rewind to before ted’s eviction, ie, before jury. you are given full autonomy over every vote - what order do you evict everyone in? you can say you’d pow wow each other if that’s the truth There are a lot of options here, but off the top of my head, i will go with these slight changes. im not changing things too drastically, but im just looking at little moments where things could have gone the other way. TedLavieShadyPickle ET hockeyFluxOrca touch and me in finals 5. how in to evicting me were you, did you even know it was coming, and were you a vote for me? sadly, yes i knew that there was a high probability. the plan with the twins group was for us to throw an idol on et80, and vote you out. the plan with everyone else was to vote pickle rick out i voted et80 that round to hide my vote and intentions. i decided to let the votes fall where they may, and i would be good with either group. i knew that if everyones vote was exactly as planned, you would be voted out. so you could say that i was culpable pickle didnt even need to throw the idol there to save himself 6. in terms of “factors that got you to here”, give me a percentage weighting to your social game, your strategy, and luck strategy: 60 social game: 30 luck: 10 7. and here’s the big one, and this is the most important one. convince me why the guy sitting next to you should win and not you hockey made it to the finals without needing to get his hands dirty. He was efficient. He didnt need all of that other crazy subterfuge to make it here. On the whole, hockey was way more honest than me about where his votes were going to be placed, and as to where his intentions lied. hockey came through in the clutch in the last endurance challenge. That was a tough challenge against a tough opponent and he nailed it. hockey was the guy i trusted to never evict me. Hes a more trustworthy guy in general than me. hockey can probably sleep at night with all of the choices that he made. hockey never angered the fin hockey isnt a cacapoopoo head like the other candidate. if you are voting for the more honest and upfront candidate, vote hockey.
  17. 1. Did you vote me out? no, on the day you got voted out, i voted to evict et80. i was trying hard to convince touch to vote out et80 as well. subtley though, by going through the pros and cons. at that point, you had spilled all your guts to me about your game, and i completely trusted that you would take me to the end. remember when i said i had an evil plan? i was trying to convince touch to give you a sympathy vote by placing a single vote on et80. he said he was going to, but i guess he had a change of heart. it would have been glorious. 2. Did you ever vote me? yes, i voted to evict you instead of flux. flux ended up going though. after the evict et80 plan fell through, i decided to go with you because i felt that you might be harboring a grudge because of pickle. 3. Were you serious that you wanted a final 3/4 with me and pickle? yes, especially with you. the cards certainly could have fallen that way. i soured on that idea when i found out that pickle won the idol with my clue, and didnt tell me (i spend a lot of time looking for that) 4. Is hockey correct that I had no chance? no, hockey is speaking solely from his point of reference in the touch/malf/hockey/et80 alliance, which turned out to be the final four, but it didnt start out that way. Follow up, did me and pickle have no chance at the merge unless we kept winning? you had a chance. i felt like i was giving you guys more information that i was getting back. if there was more quid pro quo, you definitely could have been there at the end. again, hockey has one point of reference with his comment. 5. You said I have a good social game, can you explain further cause I thought it was awful especially given who made the final tribe? because even though i evicted your brother, you completely won me over that everything was under the bridge, and you wanted to move on with me. you then completely opened up to me. i went to bat for you hard because of this, and its because of your social game 6. Did Flux not winning the challenge change your mind about anything? yes. i knew you and flux were getting in close. the plan was to evict et80 and then form an alliance with you, me, touch, and flux. when you threw it for et80, i was a little baffled because we talked about evicting et80 because he was the scariest. 7. I maintain the best 4 players overall were Myself, Malf, Pickle, Touch (No order). Would you agree or disagree? i think the best players were touch malf orca et80 (no order) your comp game is on point, and you have a better social game than pickle imo 8. What did you know about my ousting and when? i knew i needed touchs vote to evict et80 instead of you. i knew where the other votes were going right away 9. Did you ever lie to me? yes If I made the final 3 with you given any number of people as the 3rd....would you have taken me to the final? It depends on who made it there with me. I would have taken touch as my number 2. otherwise, it would have been a tough choice. i would have weighed the pros and cons. i would like to think id take you in many cases but....thats moot because there was no way youd be losing that endurance comp lol
  18. thats because hockey is coming from only one point of reference. there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than hockey realized.
  19. - hockey said 12, so i will say 14. -i will shoot dwight in the kneecap so he can no longer kick his brothers *** -i killed fins emotions -no answer - dome. mookie should have lost survivor I to a far superior opponent -yes!! with a new character because mine sucked - hmmm....paris hilton? - you never asked? - because we already got enough ratings!!! - best as in ability wise? sadly, vike daddy. but you bring the fun factor! - yes. what the hell else am i going to do with my life - HAGS
  20. first, let me comment on hockeys post this is undoubtably not a lie on hockeys part. He probably does believe this. But its 100 percent incorrect. If flux had won the survivor board instead of et80.......et80 would have been voted out. surprise! at that point in the game, orca and i had reconcilied after pickles demise, and i knew flux was getting in good with the twins. i myself had a great relationship with flux as well, so i wanted to help move him closer to the end. and touch was right there with me every step of the way. i knew et80 was a more legitimate threat than hockey. predictable hockey with his predictable game. et80 though is a boss, and a boss needs to be dealt with. so after et80 was voted out...the main alliance would have been touch malf flux orca hockey would have been the next to go. after that...who knows. flux, depending on how the comps went, you could have found yourself at the end. i would have had tough choices had it come to that final four. but sadly, orca threw the game, causing et80 to win, so we had to improvise.
  21. Its nothing personal, pickle I was deftly playing two alliances at the same time, and i was trying to hold my place in both. there was an alliance of malf hockey touch et80 flux (and a smaller subset of malf, hockey, touch, et80 but we will get into that later) and then malf, touch, orca, and pickle most of the other side wanted a twin out, and when you used my idol that you won (nicely done by the way), it gave me an excuse to vote you out, while still perhaps trying to salvage the relationship with the other twin. On the emotional/strategic side, it is 100 percent true that i felt betrayed that you didnt share with me that you had the idol. if you did, things could have been much different. i felt like i was fairly transparent to you guys, and the fact that the info wasnt shared with me signified that you didnt trust me. That said, i knew a twin had to go, so i put my energy into making sure orca stayed, which was the twin i was closest to in the context of the game (we had been talking for a long time) so, thats why when we were splitting votes for the twins....i was the one who assigned people who they should vote for. With pickle getting eliminated instead of orca. I also came up with the idea to vote pickle out, but say we were voting orca out to flux. We would say we were voting: flux: orca touch: orca malf: pickle et80: pickle hockey: pickle but we would tell flux we are doing: flux: orca touch: orca malf: orca et80: pickle hockey: pickle i assigned the votes in the group pm without flux, and then we told flux we were voting orca out when we really voted pickle. hockey thought we were doing this because we didnt trust flux. that wasnt the case for me. i knew flux was talking with the twins, and had plans for that later for flux and orca to come together and join forces with touch (more on that later). I came up with that idea so that i could control votes to save orca. so in other words, if you would have been honest about winning the idol that came from my clue right away, i would have probably came up with a plan so that people with idols stick together until the end because voting someone out with an idol is risky
  22. okay, actually i am going to try to power through before breakfast