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  1. Who's responsible for this unwarranted attack on my person? Now looka, I say, looka here. You gents are more mixed up than a feather in a hurricane
  2. no there isn't or you wouldn't have posted that
  3. Why hullo thar citizens of this here town. Yor sherif sent me this here letta, hopin I can help. I don't know much, but I do reckon theres been some aweful suspicious folk in these parts. You may not know me, but I was in this here saloon when that poor ole boy and mayor hisself got murdered. Now I aint much for politics myself, but that mayor aint so bad, as far as those guys go. I knew he love this here city. a damn shame they killed him. I overheard that sheriff talking, and it seems as though we gots two different bullets for two different folks. Now, anyway, barkeep pour me a bit o that whisky, and folks don't be ascared, because I mean ta help yall with catching that mean ol so-and-so who done gave fear and death to this town. Now leave me alone while I have a couple shots because its been a long day
  4. thats a good thought ltbf perhaps your brother isnt clearly the smarter of the two as we thought
  5. but you find out at 11 pm which centaurs you are even fronting.
  6. no now jfin heads the smug team and you front the centuars
  7. @HorizontoZenith when we done with 4 tribes can we merge into 2? instead of a complete merge. and pretend its your idea if you have to change
  8. I didn't read that in your tone. ****, now youre playin the game
  9. and i say this with only a hint of jealousy
  10. if you read jeffs tone, you will know that this isnt the case have fun being stuck with tyty forever
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    about what i expected from something called lol esports
  12. ive got a read on jeff. i bet you get to pick your tribe pick mine
  13. well, centaurs....any last things you guys want to do before our tribe is broken up?
  14. hey man. you are on my team now. we have nothing to worry about
  15. if my theory is right, here are the other teams team 1 jfin dome whicker swoosh et80 nazgul team 2 mission utley hockey ted ragnarok pickle Rick team 3 tyty bucs dwight flux bcb mookie
  16. also, fin is going to kill me if we arent actually moving tribes
  17. let the hats fly in celebration of our new tribe! we would never take last place
  18. so if my theory is correct, my new tribe would be shady mathman gopher lthf touch
  19. everyone who is paired up is "trading".