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  1. Agree, it is delicious. I mean seriously, how they can have one of the GOAT's and consistently **** the bed in the NFCC is beyond me.
  2. Maybe, maybe not. The writing is on the wall, it's a matter of when.
  3. PLEASE!!! ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk Top potential Aaron Rodgers destinations in 2021: 49ers, Patriots, Steelers, Raiders, Colts, Saints.
  4. You can blame the defense for that TD but I would put most of the blame on Pettine...
  5. from the outside looking in, this loss is on your coaching staff. that needless TD that TB got right before half was the difference in the game.
  6. Just listened to the Rodgers presser, he is devastated. His future is uncertain for sure.
  7. Agree, shocked he decided to kick a FG there...
  8. Hilarious reading all the "refs suck" the "refs gave it to them" quotes. A new year, another choke job by GB.
  9. Defense underperformed, good move Chuck, enjoy your retirement.
  10. That's fair, I just was hoping for a better effort. Tired of the piss poor pass D and giving up 1sts on 3rd and whatever yardage. It's just my perception and admit I am probably wrong.
  11. Trubisky made some nice throws and didn't suck. The running game was non existent but the play calling in general was not good. I wonder if Nagy was at the helm again.
  12. Yes, I agree and said the playcalling sucked too...
  13. I suppose I am over critical but they could not get off the field in the second half. They couldn't stop the Saints on 3rd down, which has been a problem all year and the pass D overall just kind of sucked. Maybe I expect more but a couple of turnovers don't equate to a good showing in my book.
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