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  1. Biggs: Donatell Interviewed, Pagano Interest

    I think our D will be better overall. Perhaps not as many turnovers but the D will be better. Book it!
  2. Jordan Howard trade rumors are back

    Told ya so....
  3. Packers Hire LaFleur

    I did find something here: www.LetsMakeExcusesForOurQuarterbackAsHeWhinesAboutHIsWideRecieversNotBeingGoodEnough.com/lol
  4. Packers Hire LaFleur

    Please provide a link to one of those reports. I tried googling it but nothing came up. Thanks.
  5. Checking in with Trubisky

    Nagy was very careful with Trubisky this year. He wanted to bring him along slowly so not to destroy his confidence. I expect that next year the training wheels come off and he takes a big jump.
  6. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    That was the case, they spoke a few times.
  7. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Finally! Thank you...
  8. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Speaking of, they just got all excited when the Fangio news broke. And then 5 minutes later they became depressed hearing Bowles was in play for the Bears.
  9. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Former Jets coach Todd Bowles is a candidate to join Nagy’s staff and a source said they already have spoken multiple times. It is believed Bowles will choose between the Bears and Buccaneers. It had been reported Bowles would join Bruce Arians in Tampa but nothing has been finalized with the Buccaneers.
  10. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Bears secondary coach Ed Donatell has had coordinator experience with the Falcons and Packers. But Donatell, 61, is coming out contract and will be a free agent. He previously worked with Fangio in San Francisco, and Fangio could look to hire Donatell with the Broncos. If the Bears don’t promote Donatell, one source said he likely will depart.
  11. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Donatell would be the logical choice, hopefully he is more aggressive though..
  12. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Congrats to Vic, that's awesome for him...and well deserved...
  13. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    I'm not confident in anyone but the defense performs better when we are getting to the QB....
  14. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

  15. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth....lol