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  1. We know who Foles is, I am not sure we quite know yet who Tru is....I know, 4-years blah blah blah....I am still not convinced....
  2. Brilliant, I take back everything I have said about Nagy in any thread!
  3. I am fine with Pace other then that he blew the biggest draft pick in the last 20-30 years. I have given up on Nagy, at least as a play caller, I think he is in over his head. As for Mitch, I just don't know, biggest fear is they cut bait and he balls out with a competent coaching staff.
  4. The problem with Bears always leads to the same place: GM and coach. Pace had the right idea but he hired the wrong guy. AND, because of that we are in the same place we were when we brought Pace in. Without a franchise QB this franchise is stuck in mud.
  5. Wouldnt mind seeing Nagy use Mitch like Taysom Hill. There were a few times today where that crossed my mind.
  6. Rodgers, and the Packers as a team, seem to crumble on nationally televised games. Looks to be another wasted year with their HOF QB. As frustrated as Bears fans are I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for them.
  7. He's not going to be the QB in 2021? Really? The plan is to draft a QB and start him? Doubtful.
  8. And they both have one thing in common: Matt Nagy
  9. That's because he is a college level head coach at best....
  10. Rob Demovsky - Aaron Rodgers was pressured 12 times in the 38-10 loss, the most he's been under duress in a game this season. He went 2-of-7 for 10 yards (with 4 sacks and a scramble) on those plays. The Bucs blitzed him 17 times. He went 5-of-14 with two sacks and two INTs. That's tied for the most times he's been blitzed over the last two seasons, per ESPN Stats & Info. Chuck, you listening?
  11. Packers got exposed today by a TB team that looks legit. GB defense is not very good.
  12. If we have a QB that is good to great in another offense then I subscribe we build the offense around his abilities, not the other way around...RB/TE is different...
  13. Yes, perhaps Burton wasn't a good example. As I have mentioned before, my fear is that Mitch leaves and becomes something special. That would be a disaster.
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