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  1. Bears sign TE Jimmy Graham, 2 years 16 million

    Source: QB Marcus Mariota agrees to deal with Raiders
  2. Bears Reportedly Seeking Dalton

    Hear, hear...
  3. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    When did I ever say that?
  4. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    I agree with all of that. I am not sure Mitch has been given a fair shake yet.
  5. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    But based on your quote below you do think it's one or the other: "That's really question isn't it? How much of an improvement would Carr be over Trubisky given Bears personnel?"
  6. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Hmm, if you believe the problem is the personnel then why is everyone down on Trubisky?
  7. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Give them one of our 2nd's....
  8. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Same could be said about Packer fans and Rodgers.... Mack's birthday is Saturday, post most likely a shout out....
  9. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Prob nothing but Carr just posted a photo of him and Mack on Instagram... " Something else that might make him an attractive option is his relationship with current Bears’ superstar, Khalil Mack, who has not hidden his “bromance” with his former quarterback. And If Carr’s current IG post is any indication, he clearly feels the same way. Now there is no way to know whether Carr is trying to cryptically tell us all something, or if it was just an innocent post, honoring his close friend. The reality is the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, with Carr sending a not so subtle signal that he would be more than open to the idea of coming to Chicago to be their starting quarterback."
  10. Around the NFL Thread

    Packers always crap the bed in the playoffs. It's their identity, who they are, their destiny. It's funny but their window has been open for what, 20 years, and they have little to show for it. Unless of course division championships makes you happy. Everyone and their brother knew their 13-3 season was sketchy, except their fan base. With Rodgers in decline I just do not see how they get back to a SB anytime soon.
  11. Just stop! You have a top 5-7 QB in the NFL. He is not the problem.
  12. And everyone in Chicago would take him no questions asked!
  13. Great year for the Packers, I expect more of the same next year. Until AR is gone its your division. Congrats and goodnight.
  14. Don;t get me wrong, this is all in fun. Obviously the Packers have owned us for the last 20 years. I'm just not sure what the problem has been wit hsuper bowls, sure they are hard but you guys have had the pleasure of two HOF QB's for 20 years. We have not come close to that.