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  1. Thought it deserved a thread, RIP Michael...
  2. Pretty cool to get some insight, thanks...
  3. Why Ex-Seahawks First Round Pick Germain Ifedi Doesn't Deserve Bust Label https://www.si.com/nfl/seahawks/news/why-ex-seahawks-first-rounder-germain-ifedi-doesnt-deserve-bust-label
  4. Arlington Hambright 6'4"307 lbs Colorado Pre-Draft Analysis Hambright is quick with average size. He has lined up at guard and tackle. He projects best at guard. He gets set quickly and flashes a strong punch in pass pro. He fires off the ball and gets good initial push in the run game. -- Steve Muench
  5. Lachavious Simmons 6'5"304 lbsTennessee State Pre-Draft Analysis Simmons has good size and long arms. He's a versatile offensive lineman who has lined up at left guard, right guard, left tackle and right tackle. He's not a finished product, but there's a lot to like about his upside. -- Steve Muench
  6. That would still be considered a plan, just trust it...
  7. Not any two offensive lineman, two that they really wanted...
  8. We need to trust the plan, whatever it might be...
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