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  1. 1. It is good to have an accurate and game intelligent Quarterback. Therefore, I think we are good going forward. 2. The great defensive tackle(s) did not win or dominate the game. (Unless you mean Danny Shelton.) 3. Fast deep threat wide receivers did not win or dominate this game; a great possession receiver did. Could Duke be the Browns equivalent in the slot? 4. Great coaching overcomes a lot of everything else. To be determined, but we do know what it is NOT to have great coaching. 5. Protecting the winning quarterback was very important. Perhaps that is more important than a great defensive front. (I do not have the answer to that). Thank you for all wisdom and comments. Browns fan since 1964; Jim Brown fan earler than that.
  2. 1. Forget the non-call on the Rams pass interference. 2. Having an accurate well-coached passer is critical. (We do). 3. Protecting the accurate passer who is well coached is very critical. 4. QUESTION: Did we just see that excellent cornerbacks and safeties are more valuable than excellent defensive line players? Suggested after watching the Patriots carve up the Chiefs in OT when the Chiefs DL was gassed. Thank you; any comments and wisdom welcome.
  3. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    Well I personally can’t wait for Hue’s post game press conference. “We just need to keep getting better.” Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 3 years now.
  4. Rosen, Cleveland and Intellectuals

    One more question: If Sashi really wasn't trying to win, did he the intentionally pick the ideal Head Coach to execute that plan? Just asking.
  5. It took me a while to realize where this problem originated. Rosen must have watched too many of Hue's post game press conferences. Or just one.
  6. I don't think you can both trade 33 and pick 33, too.
  7. Please help me understand what we are looking at offensively in 2018. I am having a hard time combining Hue as HC and Haley as Offensive Coordinator. For example, if we have 4th and goal at the 3 and Hue wants to run a quarterback keeper again, is Haley supposed to design a Wishbone play with two halfbacks and a fullback for the keeper play? Also, if Hue likes to throw long often, is Haley supposed to design West Coast plays with 5 receivers and no backs? I am confused; please help me see what is coming. Thank you kindly.
  8. A related question which affects choices. How many years away from being competitive for post season play is this 2018 team?
  9. Blood pressure and pulse okay. Not picking up any bricks to throw at tv. Why? Because Ray Farmer or Sashi Brown are not in charge this year. The best truth is that real competent evaluators and scouts are, especially Alonzo Highsmith and Dorsey. We are no longer setting sail on Lake Erie in a cardboard box expecting to reach the other side intact. I will enjoy the process and expect good results, as long as Hue is not making the decisions Whoever is best should be chosen. If that is not true, then it is time to follow professional bowling.
  10. Pick 2: The 'Got-to-Have-'em' Draft Prospects

    Good point to make but two issues. First, I included tackles, too. Second, I don't know how much play Bitonio has missed during his tenure but it has been more than you would want. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Pick 2: The 'Got-to-Have-'em' Draft Prospects

    Quentin Nelson and Mike McGlinchey. Or Orlando Brown. We must be able to survive and prosper in an era of increasingly capable and devastating defensive ends and tackles, especially after Joe Thomas leaves. That also is true if we hope to run effectively.
  12. Obviously, get an interim vet first. Draft Josh Allen for his abilities and develop them properly through QB coach and OC. Finally, inform Cueball he is not permitted to speak to Allen without OC or QB coach or Dorsey present.
  13. INCREDIBLE IF TRUE!! For years Highsmith has worked to become excellent at talent evaluation and has that reputation among executives and his peers. This would be great for us!
  14. Draft Discussion 2.0

    Here it is guys. The event of 2018 everyone has been looking forward to… MOCK OF AGES! Very Excellent product MC. I do wonder about "learning the pro system " with our Magic head coach in charge. I fear Darnold would have to undergo deprogramming in year 2 to institute right thinking.