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  1. Well adding to the defense is the best course of action, but a better receiver can help the defense too. Witness all the dropped balls versus the Raiders which lost points and put the defense back on the field.
  2. A very great draft for the Browns. It might be optimistic to get the first three players but it is focused on obvious needs and meets them. Well done.
  3. Play calling Is Stefanski calling all plays I wonder.
  4. The Cowboys have 3 excellent wide receivers, one very good wide receiver and a strong and strong arm quarterback. What to do if they decide to go West Coast and send 4 against our dB group. I don’t think Myles would be enough to stop them.
  5. Back to marijuana and Becton Disclaimer: I am old; you probably are not. However, I also have followed and studied all drafts since 1966 and have seen some clear patterns emerge over that long time. But first to Becton and the failed test. First issue: did he know he would be tested and did he know he would test positive? Unless his use was the he first time in his life and he did know, then it seems two choices are possible. First, he has a lower IQ than Swagger on a bad day. That probably is not the case. Second, did he feel entitled, that the rules don't apply to him or it doesn't matter if they do? I believe this is the basis of Mind Character's concern. That is, can his future coach or GM trust him? Will he learn, improve and stay in football shape, etc.? Also, it doesn't matter if weed is legal now because the issue wasn't legality, it was NFL rules. My proof text is this: many dramatic busts over the decades have followed one clear pattern. That pattern comes from players with total natural ability who did not have the drive, will or attitude to use it. They were either lazy or problems in too many areas. Two Classic examples out of many more are Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf. Becton obviously is naturally very talented, but a real issue can arise as to what he will do with that talent in the hard times of the NFL. Hence, probable concerns among others being how long might his career be, not just how he will start it. Thank you.
  6. Very, very good. Reasonable and sensible moves IMHO.
  7. Mind Character: please comment on one of your criteria When you determine a prospect is highly rated in the "TOUGH" category, are you considering injury history or a greater injury probability as an NFL player? For the example, you in the past noted some knee concerns about Kinlaw's knee and John Ross of the Bengals probably never was of sufficient size to avoid injuries. Actually, the same could apply to prospects with character, drug or alcohol problems such as Manziel, Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell My point is that shortcomings either known in advance or likely foreseeable have stopped or prevented careers of many players. Thank you.
  8. A Question for MC or others Greetings to all. I have closely followed all NFL and AFL drafts since 1965 and have always enjoyed the drama, risks, good moves and inexplicable stupidity which can come in it. Almost every year, some team will make an Early first round foolish choice from seemingly out of the blue. Examples include Tyson Alualu, Leroy Keyes and many, many other names which were drafted earlier in the round than Manziel. So my question this year is who will do it and when in the first round. Thank you.
  9. Thanks everyone It is good to hear the consensus is that the grim days of idiocy are over here. I hope Baker will get the kind of support you identify as needed for him, and it also is surprising that a number of mock sites recently have Herbert falling as low as to the Patriots. Onward.
  10. Plain Dealer: “Make or Break year for Mayfield”. Jordan Love to Chargers to sit a year behind Tyrod Taylor. Mayfield was not drafted by any managers of this team. if Justin Herbert is available at 10, the Browns......: Before you answer, remember the Haslams still own the team. Thank you
  11. A Serious Question. What is the Minumum we will accept from our new Tackles in 2020? Slightly better than last year's trash? Better protection for Baker and run blocking be damned? Just above average and upgrade the right guard? One much better tackle and a little better stiff for the other side? Point is I don't see how we can fix both sides without leaving bad roster holes elsewhere Thank you.
  12. Thank you Mind Character. So much information at no cost to us.
  13. Mind Character: what will happen if the Browns draft Wirfs and make him left tackle?
  14. Either fix the OL now or buy Mayfield a plot in Lake View Cemetery. Trading down for lesser talent, other positions or future picks would be deadly for the QB and the team. IMHO
  15. 202020 Browns First Draft Choice: Scotty Poindexter, WR from Cogate. 6’0”, 165, 4.8 speed but Magna *** Laude graduate.
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