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  1. 49ers sign CB Richard Sherman

    I never said I was in favor of releasing him. I wanted to keep him and move him to safety after trading Thomas. For him to go to my least favorite team is extremely disappointing. If he is healthy enough to play in our matchups next year i expect him and Baldwin to get real into it, possibly an ejection. They have been so competitive in practice since 2011 it will be fun to see how it plays out in a meaningful game. Still a damn shame he went to them.
  2. 49ers sign CB Richard Sherman

    Well that's the last place I wanted him to go.
  3. Richard Sherman Released

    Sad day indeed. Wouldnt have won the 2013 NFC Championship game without his amazing game that day. I hope we can bring him back. I dont want to see him on another team. Especially not in the NFC.
  4. Kam Chancellor - LB?

    If he comes back i would like him down in the box at SLB with McDougald and Thomas at safety. Puts our best players on the field at all times really. When we have to go to nickel then he and K.J can rotate so they get some rest since they play a lot of snaps. Im sure theres a good reason the coaches havent done this yet though.
  5. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    The Seahawks will never play a home game away from Century Link unless they stop selling out games consistently.
  6. OC Brian Schottenheimer

    Well. This sucks. He hasn't been an OC for a few years. Maybe that will give him a different perspective on what he needs to do as a playcaller. From what I have read he gets waaay to cute and doesn't play to the strengths of his offense. Which sounds like a worse Darrell Bevell. Gotta give him a chance I guess.
  7. Seahawks Fire OC Bevell

    I read somewhere that Cable had a loooot of influence on the O-line draft choices. Which has obviously been quite terrible.
  8. Darrell Bevell Fired

    He should have been gone after the 2014 season really. I'm cool with a pass play being called but who calls a slant play to your #5 receiver with the game on the line in the Superbowl? The offense only does anything because of Russell being Russell since 2015. Maybe two games a year its because of the gameplan from Bevell. Good riddance.
  9. Well.... what should they do?

    https://247sports.com/nfl/seattle-seahawks/Bolt/Report-Seahawks-dont-plan-to-make-change-at-OCOL-113231846 According to Seahawk insider John Clayton we are stuck with Bevell and Cable. This sucks for Russell the most IMO. Ruining the dudes chance to be even better than he is. Shame.
  10. Week 17: Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

    Good job team. Better luck next year.
  11. Week 17: Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

    Lol. Once again its 3rd and 2. 4 WR and Graham do three yard curls. What the **** Bevell.
  12. Week 17: Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

    Bennett has whiffed so many times this season. Clark has been hit and miss. DTs have been awful except Naz Jones who is on IR. Need a change up front.
  13. Week 16: Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

    Yeah maybe 4 seconds. Russell has that long of protection now. It doesnt look like he does because he cant step up in the pocket when everyone runs a hitch and he knows it isnt open. So he goes backyard football style and we see how that has worked the past few weeks.
  14. Week 16: Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

    How about a stop and go? How about a quick slant to Richardson? How about an out route at least a few yards PAST the yard to gain instead of right at it where every defense jumps it. How about a roll out for Russ and somone does an out and up? Any double move will work. Every defense we play plays our receivers so tight its embarrassing Bevell cant figure it out after 7 years.
  15. Week 16: Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

    The line isnt great but bull crap on them being the problem. There are no plays called that are actual routes. Everyone is on a hitch or a go. Then Bevell only calls read option run plays. Its on Bevell. It always has been.