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  1. Why the hell would they sign a backup to Wilson who would bring extremely unnecessary distractions to the team? He is not a position of need on this roster. So the distraction would just be a distraction. I dont like the signing of Kendricks but with K.J. Wright and Wagner both injured, Cilatro being a 2nd year man, and Griffin being god awful it makes sense to deal with the distraction. Have your beef with Buffalo or TB or Miami who have a need for a QB competition. Or better yet. Get over the fact the Kaep sucks at football and needed a steller defense and a run heavy offense to be somewhat successful in this league.
  2. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    I dont think Lockett is a good return man.
  3. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    Schotty hasnt been terrible but he does what Bevell did and never runs on short yardage. Pretty infuriating. We have yet to be stuffed on a run play so we are doing PA on 3rd and inches?
  4. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    Why Mingo has been in coverage every time he is on the field is beyond me. He isnt great but if he and Jordan are on the edge with Clark and Naz jones at DT it is our best bet for a four man rush to get to Keenum IMO
  5. Week 1 GDT: LETS GO!!!

    Why we have Ifedi blocking 1on1 with Von Miller is the biggest of many reasons why the Pete Carrol should be over.
  6. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    No one on the D-line is doing a thing. Wagner has been invisible. Guys out of position. Defense is so hard to watch. With no D-line creating pressure our soft cover three will get eaten alive and has been the past couple years. Norton needs to start sending some pressure. Also, Mark Schlereth is a homer. Get on the Broncos radio call you prick.
  7. Week 1 GDT: LETS GO!!!

    Janikowski is a man.
  8. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    Griffin is completely lost out there. I miss K.J.
  9. NFL Changes Catch Rule

    So since he was in the endzone when he caught it and established possession that is immediately a touchdown and not a touchback. I suppose that is consistent for when runners dive for the pylon and cross it before losing control, so I guess it's a better version of the rule.
  10. NFL Changes Catch Rule

    If that wasn't in the endzone would that be a fumble then?
  11. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    That's the best party.
  12. 49ers sign CB Richard Sherman

    I never said I was in favor of releasing him. I wanted to keep him and move him to safety after trading Thomas. For him to go to my least favorite team is extremely disappointing. If he is healthy enough to play in our matchups next year i expect him and Baldwin to get real into it, possibly an ejection. They have been so competitive in practice since 2011 it will be fun to see how it plays out in a meaningful game. Still a damn shame he went to them.
  13. 49ers sign CB Richard Sherman

    Well that's the last place I wanted him to go.
  14. Richard Sherman Released

    Sad day indeed. Wouldnt have won the 2013 NFC Championship game without his amazing game that day. I hope we can bring him back. I dont want to see him on another team. Especially not in the NFC.
  15. Kam Chancellor - LB?

    If he comes back i would like him down in the box at SLB with McDougald and Thomas at safety. Puts our best players on the field at all times really. When we have to go to nickel then he and K.J can rotate so they get some rest since they play a lot of snaps. Im sure theres a good reason the coaches havent done this yet though.