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  1. Gaskin vs 49ers or Kelley vs Saints? Flex ppr. Shenault vs Texans or Deebo Samuel vs Miami?
  2. Wouldn't it mess with the Olympics every 4 years?
  3. While I agree it should have been Griffin on him, any other safety in the league would have shaded on Adams on that play to help Amadi. Hill was atrocious that last drive. As he has been all year. No logical reason that Blair isnt in instead of him. Boils down to Pete being Pete.
  4. Lano hill again. God damn man. What a scrub. Blair should be in there.
  5. Theres a 1% chance anyone gets fired next year. Maybe Norton but i really doubt that since the players love him. A blow out loss would just help others see what i see. I dont know why most are happy just making it in the playoffs. We have been in the mix for 7 seasons now with this regime and obviously have been to two SBs. But being content with just making it the post season seems backwards to me. The thought of 'anything can happen in the playoffs' is true, but not a recipe for championship contention in my opinion.
  6. I do. I dont like how the team is coached. Personnel decisions are pathetic. I can only assume Hill is starting because he 'knows the system' more than Blair. But I dont remember seeing Blair actually do anything wrong or be out of position. I only watch the games live though so who knows what they see on tape. Meanwhile, Hill is out here missing tackles and blowing coverages because he is a worthless player who cant even play special teams. That is obvious live AND on tape but it doesnt mean anything apparently. Trying to establish a respectable running game and then hoping our t
  7. Delano Hill is the worst safety in the league. Why he is starting over Blair is baffling.
  8. I hope Philly smokes this team next week. Get Schottenheimer out of town and spend all the money we can on O-line. What a joke.
  9. I dont think our offensive coordinator is smart enough to try that. A 2 yard loss on the read option it shall be.
  10. I hate that we can win the division. We dont deserve it. I have no idea how Pete thinks King and Hill are the best options at corner and safety. Blair should be starting. Amadi should be outside unless we are in nickel. Just pathetic offense. Making the Cardinals D look like the 00 Ravens. I get that fans can be happy about making the playoffs and winning games but i care more about HOW we win. If all our wins are by 1 possession and all our losses are by 2 possessions we really are not a good team. We have no business being a top 12 team this year. I blame it all on
  11. Well look at what Mack has done since returning. He doesnt get any passes thrown his way or seem to be the go to guy again yet. Chubb will at least get more touches to do something even if its against a better defense. I have both in the finals in my league too and not sure who to start.
  12. Its hard to trust Mack. Especially if the colts play from behind. I'd go Lockett and Chub
  13. Ive got Chubb vs Baltimore, Bell vs Pit, Mack vs Carolina, and Gordon vs Oakland. Can only use 3.
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