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  1. Duane Brown?

    Its been reported that Seattle is interested in Duane Brown. They have worked out Brandon Albert to possibly sign and trade him to Houston to lessen the asking price of Brown. He is in a contract situation with Houston so who knows how it will work out, if it even does. I am all for it. Huge upgrade from Odhiambo. Crossing my fingers on this. https://247sports.com/Bolt/Report-Seattle-Seahawks-have-inquired-about-LT-Duane-Brown-108686147
  2. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    The problem with Rawls is he tries way too hard to prove himself. He isnt patient. He looks like a jack rabbit out there. Agreed on Lacy being twinkle toes. McKissic looks okay. Just new to the position. I like him though.
  3. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    Kam had a bad game as well. Made a play on that last one though. Seeing Aaron Donald and Russell show respect to eachother after is cool. Those Rams are gonna be good.
  4. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    Justin Coleman is hot garbage. Wtf man. Put Thorpe in there.
  5. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    Winning the TO battle 5-2 and have a 3 point lead? Sad.
  6. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    Definitely a different culture for the Rams. Mcvay is doing something special down there for them. Which sucks.
  7. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    Swiss cheese defense
  8. Week 5: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams

    Quit being so nice, Showtime. Rams fans dont deserve decency.
  9. 12th Man Rise Up - Introduce Yourself!!!

    Your life Username: ThirtyOne-EightyNine Age: 25 State you were born in: Oregon State you live in now: Washington Something unique about you: I was SupeRG00F before they changed the forum. Your love of the Seahawks When did you start following the Seahawks: around 8 years old What made you become a fan: I loved watching football. Asked my dad who my favorite team should be. He said his was Seattle because he was born and lives in Washington. So i started following them too. Favorite current Seahawk(s): Kam Chancellor All-time favorite Seahawk(s): Kam Chancellor/Bobby Engram Favorite moment in team history: That first super bowl snap that went over Mannings head. Your interests Other favorite teams: None. They should all lose. Hobbies outside of football: Video games Favorite movie: Emperors New Groove Favorite TV Show: South Park Favorite band: Meh