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  1. Seattle Seahawks (4-4) @ Los Angeles Rams (8-1) -- Week 10

    It sucks Wilson lost his clutch jean this season. But when we give up 33 points at home to these Rams and 36 today i dont expect a win. There is no excuse for the 'defense mastermind' Carrol to have those kind of results on the defensive end. I understand they are top 3 on O but as a defensive minded team its pathetic.
  2. Raiders cut Bruce Irvin

    Irvin was a fan favorite here in Seattle. Not sure where you read about that. He played outside LB for us so dropped in coverage the first two downs and rushed on 3rd. Not sure how he was used in Oakland but he is limited in pass rush moves so having him use his speed rush in obvious pass situations during the game worked OK for us. I hope Seattle signs him. He loves Ken Norton so I wouldnt be surprised.
  3. Seattle Seahawks (3-3) @ Detroit Lions (3-3)

    The first two plays Harrison comes in we try running right at him. Lol.
  4. Seattles secondary surprisingly is not bad. Our linebackers are bad. Deep crossing routes by the slot receiver destroys us multiple times a game because of the zone coverage we use. Our linebackers take the underneath instead of the deep every time. No doubt our pass rush is hot garbage though.
  5. Los Angeles Rams (4-0) @ Seattle Seahawks (2-2) - Week 5

    Thank you Jesus
  6. Los Angeles Rams (4-0) @ Seattle Seahawks (2-2) - Week 5

    I hope we try throwing +10 yards this drive. Its only been one and a half games since we have tried. The defense shouldnt suspect a thing! What a joke.
  7. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) @ Arizona Cardinals (0-3) - Week 4

    Now watch this utterly pathetic Seahawk 2 minute drill.
  8. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) @ Arizona Cardinals (0-3) - Week 4

    Now earl gets carted off. Bye bye trade. **** Arizona. Every year we go there we lose players.
  9. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) @ Arizona Cardinals (0-3) - Week 4

    Wilson double clutches EVERY outside throw now.
  10. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) @ Arizona Cardinals (0-3) - Week 4

    Bleeh. Should have paid Haushka if we were serious about being contenders. Crazy how bad our kickers have been since his departure. Offense is so frustrating. Same **** as Bevell pulled. The worse we look the better chance we blow it up though. Bring on the trades.
  11. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (0-2) - Week 3

    I still want to blow it up. A good home game against Prescott doesnt make me feel any different. Im glad Earl is having a good year so far. Up that trade value before the deadline.
  12. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    I think Wilson is ruined. He has been hit so many times since we traded Unger for Graham I dont think he will ever be a consistent pocket passer. He is amazing when he stands tall (ha) in the pocket but he gets happy feet and starts moving around for no reason and ends up sacked or throw away. Hardly ever checks down. I believe it has to do with Bevells play calling where it was so predictable that the first and second reads were never there so he improvised. Defenses have figured that out and contain him quite easily unless we are in hurry up. But Carroll wants to run the ball and control TOP so they try to be what they suck at doing and end up having 1:30 drives. Might as well go no huddle and score some points in 3 minute drives. Wilsons magic is fun to watch but I dont want to build around him. He gets solid protection yet isnt confident in his linemen or his receivers and i doubt he ever will be again so what is the point in building around him? Carroll is out of touch now and Schneider hasnt had a good draft since 2012. Time to trade it away and rebuild with a new GM and HC. I appreciate everything they have done for my favorite team but I dont want to be a 10-6 wildcard team at best who gets bounced in the first round every year because our HC cant get over his ego and adjust. Teams have figured out how to stop his offense and move the ball on his defense. If the Bears had just about any other starting NFL QB we would have lost 40-17. Bring on the trades.
  13. Why the hell would they sign a backup to Wilson who would bring extremely unnecessary distractions to the team? He is not a position of need on this roster. So the distraction would just be a distraction. I dont like the signing of Kendricks but with K.J. Wright and Wagner both injured, Cilatro being a 2nd year man, and Griffin being god awful it makes sense to deal with the distraction. Have your beef with Buffalo or TB or Miami who have a need for a QB competition. Or better yet. Get over the fact the Kaep sucks at football and needed a steller defense and a run heavy offense to be somewhat successful in this league.
  14. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    I dont think Lockett is a good return man.
  15. Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos - Week 1

    Schotty hasnt been terrible but he does what Bevell did and never runs on short yardage. Pretty infuriating. We have yet to be stuffed on a run play so we are doing PA on 3rd and inches?