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  1. He should have been gone after the 2014 season really. I'm cool with a pass play being called but who calls a slant play to your #5 receiver with the game on the line in the Superbowl? The offense only does anything because of Russell being Russell since 2015. Maybe two games a year its because of the gameplan from Bevell. Good riddance.
  2. https://247sports.com/nfl/seattle-seahawks/Bolt/Report-Seahawks-dont-plan-to-make-change-at-OCOL-113231846 According to Seahawk insider John Clayton we are stuck with Bevell and Cable. This sucks for Russell the most IMO. Ruining the dudes chance to be even better than he is. Shame.
  3. Lol. Once again its 3rd and 2. 4 WR and Graham do three yard curls. What the **** Bevell.
  4. Bennett has whiffed so many times this season. Clark has been hit and miss. DTs have been awful except Naz Jones who is on IR. Need a change up front.
  5. Yeah maybe 4 seconds. Russell has that long of protection now. It doesnt look like he does because he cant step up in the pocket when everyone runs a hitch and he knows it isnt open. So he goes backyard football style and we see how that has worked the past few weeks.
  6. How about a stop and go? How about a quick slant to Richardson? How about an out route at least a few yards PAST the yard to gain instead of right at it where every defense jumps it. How about a roll out for Russ and somone does an out and up? Any double move will work. Every defense we play plays our receivers so tight its embarrassing Bevell cant figure it out after 7 years.
  7. The line isnt great but bull crap on them being the problem. There are no plays called that are actual routes. Everyone is on a hitch or a go. Then Bevell only calls read option run plays. Its on Bevell. It always has been.
  8. Maybe. Hes had an off 2 years in my opinion. Looks lost often and doesnt seem to trust himself to make plays. Most games you dont even see him come into frame until its too late. I would take a 2018 2nd and 6th and 2019 3rd for him and one of our 5th round picks.
  9. I think we pay him too much for the limited plays he makes. I understand he is supposed to be the last line of defense but with his range he should be able to play closer to the line and still be that last line. But apparently he cant. He has whiffed a lot the past two years on tackling. He cant find the ball on the deep routes. Why pay him elite money when we can use that money to better the team elsewhere and pay someone else less to do that job. He makes a great play every now and then like at the Rams and against the Texans. But what else has he done? I think its time to move on and get the value we can for him.
  10. We have a 1st, 4th, three 5ths, and two 7ths right now. I imagine we will trade out of the first round again to pick up a 2nd and 4th. Then move back in the 2nd again to get a later 2nd and a 5th. Which gives us 9 total picks. I hope we let Jimmy walk, trade Earl and Bennett, sign Brown, Clark, and Richardson, hope Kam and Sherm can come back strong. Avril retire. Sherman was never a fast dude obviously. I'm curious to see if he legit loses a step and they try him at safety. He would be amazing coming down covering TEs. Draft a CB in round 2 to play outside opposite Griffin with Sherman, Mcdougald, and hopefully Chancellor at safety? Unlikely but interesting to think about. Maybe go after Ansah to replace Bennett. Eifert to replace Graham. Running backs we should roll with Carson, Mcissick, Davis, and a rookie. Cut the fragile, fat, and jackrabbit. Hopefully sign a legit RG. I think a line of Brown - Pocic - Britt - Legit guard - Ifedi would be above average next year. Hell. Maybe try Fant at RT.
  11. If it is the case it is pretty sad to think about. One play against the Pats changed so much. Now our team is aging poorly, injured easily, and loses its cool during the game. All that emotion is ok for the guys when they are winning. But when they lose it comes out petty and disappointing as a fan. Agreed on the good run. A defense for the ages. Time to build around Russell.
  12. Congrats guys. What an *** whooping. I hate that you are a rival but really like what McVay has done with the Rams Im hoping this finally means changes for the Seahawks. Tired of relying on Wilsons lucky plays determining our season. Good luck the rest of the way.
  13. I would feel so bad if anyone had to watch Seattle play in January
  14. Its gonna be a long night listening to Colinsworthless talk up how great a job Cable has done with a 'make shift' O-line (all guys Cable hand picked). How great a playcaller Bevell is (lol). And how up and coming Richard is (sigh). I hope Russ has a great night. Maybe he can win OPOY if Brady or Wentz slows down a little. It doesnt look like they will right now though. We need Earl to show up big. He looks lost and always has without Kam there with him. He needs to play at the same level or higher than Wagner for us to have a chance. 34-17 Eagles.
  15. With all our issues as a team, we can not compete at the level we should be competing at without Sherm. Huge loss. Especially with this pedestrian pass rush.
  16. Lol. 3rd and 18 and everyone runs a 10 yard curl or out? What is going on.
  17. Too bad Russell cant throw the ball accurately for Lockett. So many missed chances for TDs the past couple years because its either too short or too far
  18. Good job Seattle. Typical 2 minute defense. Typical penalties all game. Typical blocking. Typical experimenting on offense. Typical playing at their competitions level. Tired of this. Maybe they think these lesser teams are a good opportunity to try something different on offense. Which then makes the games way closer than they should be. Which ends up in a close win or pathetic loss. Who knows. Changes need to be made if they are serious about contending this year. The field is wide open under Graham when they send him on seam routes. Send the damn RB behind him and its an automatic 8 yards at least. Stop calling short curl routes. When have we ever had success with those the past 5 years? Never. Ever. Not even kidding. Crossing routes and streaks are the bread and butter of the passing game. Not the roll out flat routes that never work for us. Not the 10 yard curl that is NEVER open. Not the zone freaking read that has not worked since 2012. What a joke man. Screw Cable. Screw Bevell. Screw Caroll for keeping them on. I hope they make it in the playoffs and get wrecked like they did against Carolina two years ago and Atlanta last year. Rub it in their face that they are a pathetic excuse of a team that will not make it back to being a force any time soon. Undisciplined scrubs.
  19. Why do these make shift O-lnes we play against dominate our D-line multiple times a game? While ours has been the same all year besides Aboushi and now an all pro LT and are scrubs against awful D-lines. What a joke. GTFO Cable.
  20. I'm happy. Farewell Lane. Never the same after Superbowl 49 injuries.
  21. Lol. Dominant defense against scrubs. No pass rush. No coverage. Kam is a liability in the open field. 400 yards allowed to a rookie QB? Gotta give Watson credit. He has been amazing. This defense should be better than this though. No excuse.
  22. 1 rushing yard as a team with 11 minutes to go in the 4th. This is real life.
  23. With Alex Collins having success in Baltimore, with an equally awful O-line, doesnt wake up this coaching staff that their philosophy is the problem with our run game then I dont know what will.
  24. Its been reported that Seattle is interested in Duane Brown. They have worked out Brandon Albert to possibly sign and trade him to Houston to lessen the asking price of Brown. He is in a contract situation with Houston so who knows how it will work out, if it even does. I am all for it. Huge upgrade from Odhiambo. Crossing my fingers on this. https://247sports.com/Bolt/Report-Seattle-Seahawks-have-inquired-about-LT-Duane-Brown-108686147
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