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    Seattle is pretty bad except Wilson. I expect it to be 31-10 going into the 4th with Russ getting a couple garbage time TDs to make the score look closer than it was. Similar to the Saints game. 34-24 9ers. Unfortunately.
  2. Week 8 GDT

    The Falcons uni's look too good for them to be so bad.
  3. Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks - Week 5

    You think so? I've seen him and Ifedi whiff or just not block somebody multiple times a game this season watching the game live. I dont have the access to rewatch games so i cant go back and see. Brown has been the best in my opinion. Especially in pass protection
  4. Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks - Week 5

    Iupati needs to be benched. He is worse than Ifedi. I thought Jones did a solid job coming in for Fluker. A lineup of Brown - Jones - Britt - Fluker - Ifedi would be an improvement.
  5. New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks -- Week 3

    So because most fans want more than to be embarrassed in the wildcard or divisional round we are in the wrong? I have no idea why there aren't a lot of fans on this site. Most Seahawk fans i know just like them because they live in the same state and like being part of the "12" community. They dont care enough to go in depth about the team or argue with others about why they think Seattle is superior. I personally dont feel like they are superior in any facet of the game because they dont use their best offensive player to his potential until its too late. They think they have a bad *** defense that can get the stops when they need them which allows the pathetic offense to be exactly that but they just dont anymore. They look the same as every year Pete has been here but without the play makers of past years and we just have not and don't seem like ever will adjust to that.
  6. New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks -- Week 3

    Its hard to be excited with new fans when its the same old Pete Carroll Seahawk team that makes it to the playoffs but isnt quite good enough to go all the way because of the lack of scheme around Wilson on offense and the persistent terrible read option. Unlike the Rams who were constantly hyped to take the next step as a team that would draw in the Missouri lunatics and now the brain dead Californians. I'm just glad we were able to score some touchdowns in the Superbowl two years in a row rather than focusing on beating a division rival twice a year like other teams ambitious season goal. That's just me though.
  7. New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks -- Week 3

    Yeah I'm sure they will. I expected them to happen against Andy Dalton, Mason Rudolph when he came in, and Teddy Bridgewater was my point. I'm not sure why that's unreasonable
  8. New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks -- Week 3

    Wagner has been disappointing so far this season for me. He has missed more tackles in 3 games than he had all of last year (going off watching the games, i didnt look up stats). He is solid for sure but i expected him to make more splash plays against the lesser offenses we were against.
  9. New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks -- Week 3

    He's a hard runner so opponents are going for the ball more because of that and its paying off. It sucks but it doesnt suck as much as the read option offense. I wish we went back to the Lynch offense in 2010-2013. Wilson has no desire to run it and he shouldnt so its easy to stop. I have no idea the fascination of it by Carrol and Schottenheimer. Wilson is too good a QB to have THAT be the focal point of the offense.
  10. New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks -- Week 3

    It's hard to be mad though. Kind of amusing at this point.
  11. New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks -- Week 3

    This is terrible
  12. Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Week 2

    Bad trade. He excels in press and man. We dont run that. We should have just paid Sherm if we wanted a great corner. A first for Minkah would have been better for our scheme.
  13. Week 1: Bengals (0-0) @ Seahawks (0-0)

    Well it's finally here. All of our 2019 draft picks made the team, added Clowney, a year of the O-line together. I think it comes down to coaching if we have success this season. I dont know how much faith i have in Schottenheimer and Norton. Looking forward to seeing the young WR and DB groups and how they do.
  14. Week 1: Bengals (0-0) @ Seahawks (0-0)

    I just dont understand the fascination with the zone read. Why our offensive line doesnt communicate pre-play. Why we play soft cover three ALL the time. And cant stop screen plays. Lets get back to power I Formation runs. Maybe play the underneath stuff tighter once a drive? I dont know. I feel like i can call out where the Bengals are going to throw before they snap. Its just pathetic we have done the same thing since Pete got here and dont adjust according to our worse players. We dont have Earl or Kam or Sherm anymore. Start playing to the new players strengths.
  15. Week 1: Bengals (0-0) @ Seahawks (0-0)

    Luckily Dalton runs their offense. Lol. New coaching though so who knows. They could be a solid team this season. Weeks 1 is always a bad indicator on how the season will be.
  16. Week 1: Bengals (0-0) @ Seahawks (0-0)

    Green is still in a walking boot. Even if he plays i dont know how effective he will be. Im more worried about Mixon and Bernard since we have had problems with running backs for the past 9 years.
  17. 49ers release Super Bowl XLVIII MVP Malcolm Smith

    Was a joke he got MVP ahead of Chancellor. Im glad it was the Niners who overpaid him though.
  18. Bobby Wagner Contract Situation

    I hope they sign him. I will be very disappointed if they dont. On a separate note. Is anyone else tired of the LOB nickname? Kam, Thomas, Sherman, Browner, Maxwell, and Lane were the LOB. They are all retired or gone now. It bugs me to see articles or talking heads ask 'who will be part of the new LOB for Seattle'. That era is gone man. Time to move on.
  19. Seahawks release WR Doug Baldwin, S Kam Chancellor (failed physicals)

    Probably because, unlike you, your team knew he was our best pass catching option and slid the coverage to make sure Baldwin didnt beat you. They made the 1st or 2nd year guys do it. No need to pretend like you watch Seattle play 16 games a year. You watch them twice when they play the Rams. Baldwin was a top 5 slot guy for years here. Its not like Seattle was known for their crazy passing numbers. For the opportunities he got he made them count.
  20. Antonio Brown

    Absolutely not. Baldwin has repeatedly said that being a receiver here means giving your all in the run game and making the most of limited passes going your way. The exact opposite of Antonio Brown in my opinion. He would call out Schotty every week even if we win the game because of the lack of throws. Call out Wilson for not throwing to him every pass. Waste of time. We need playmakers on defense more than offense by far.
  21. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Trade down like usual. Hoping for the best Guard or pass rusher available at the beginning of the 2nd round.
  22. Arizona Cardinals (3-12) @ Seattle Seahawks (9-6)

    Jacob Martin is probably my favorite rookie. Cant wait to see how he progresses.
  23. Arizona Cardinals (3-12) @ Seattle Seahawks (9-6)

    I can not believe we still have that play in the playbook. Same play we lost the superbowl with. Are you serious right now? Im livid.
  24. Arizona Cardinals (3-12) @ Seattle Seahawks (9-6)

    If the vikes win and we lose we are the 6 seed. Carroll never rests players unless we are up by 20+. So hopefully the Cards are shooting for that #1 pick and lay an egg. I dont see Fitzgerald and Peterson letting those guys quit like that though.
  25. Seattle Seahawks (4-4) @ Los Angeles Rams (8-1) -- Week 10

    It sucks Wilson lost his clutch jean this season. But when we give up 33 points at home to these Rams and 36 today i dont expect a win. There is no excuse for the 'defense mastermind' Carrol to have those kind of results on the defensive end. I understand they are top 3 on O but as a defensive minded team its pathetic.