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  1. Rebuilding the Patriots

    i've heard mohamed sanu rumors... im hoping they're false.
  2. Gronk Retires

    you're not gunna find very many people that agree with that and fortunately, that's what matters.
  3. Gronk announces retirement

    can we get this brady guy someone not named Edelman to throw to? we are taking a TE at 32 now right?
  4. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    best TE to ever do it. if your go to argument is longevity then gronk has already won.
  5. poor brady... gets no shiny toys in his twilight years ;(
  6. Revamping WR - Who should we target?

    well seeing as we are letting our good players go.. better get OBJ to make amends
  7. maybe because its more recent but 2013 hurt to watch
  8. Pats acquire Eagles DE Michael Bennett

    hope the bennett brothers can pull a few more years and help get us a ring. win now mode.
  9. AB makes little sense with the Raiders as I said a few days ago. This team isn't competing any time soon with the Chargers and Chiefs.
  10. Rebuilding the Patriots

    looking at overthecap.. cut Adrian "never see the field" Clayborn - save 4 mil cut james "fullback" develin - save 1.2 mil cut nate "I never play" Ebner - save 2.2 mil cut kyle "sorry bro u aint worth 5.1 mil against the cap" van noy - 5.1 mil devin "old" McCourty - 9.5 mil boom we have money to resign mr flowers and trent brown.
  11. Rebuilding the Patriots

    can anyone tell me why we aren't paying flowers? he's essential to this team.. why we gotta be bogus with our vets.
  12. i'll never understand bottom dwelling NFL teams. trade draft capital for a 31 year old diva WR when your teams have MUCH bigger needs.
  13. Eagles and Graham Reach Three-Year Extension

    every NFL team has a "cap guru".. the salary cap being a problem really is a thing of the past. I made a thread on this earlier in the year.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    any chance we match the tender on Robbie Anderson? super young, proven commodity
  15. General Talk Thread

    who could be a bigger name than a billionaire nfl franchise owner..?