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  1. General Talk Thread

    who could be a bigger name than a billionaire nfl franchise owner..?
  2. General Talk Thread

    welcome our new owner Johnathan kraft. was gunna happen sooner or later.
  3. Patriots draft

    I would be so happy if we could land an actual star WR whether it be OBJ or Green.... Don't tease me boys.
  4. What coaches currently have trade value?

    the question is would bill b net more draft capital than mahomes (say bb wants to coach another 10+ years)
  5. Rebuilding the Patriots

    what are the chances we trade for a youbg qb like rosen?
  6. How much trade value do the following have right now

    wentz injury concerns definitely do not justify three 1sts but hes an eagles (I think) fan so
  7. 2000’s Patriots or 2010’s Patriots

    2010's patriots comfortably after they win in 2019
  8. romo for commissioner you heard it here first.
  9. How much trade value do the following have right now

    here's my awful attempt. Jamies Winston - 3rd Marcus Mariota - 4th Jared Goff - multiple 1st Carson Wentz - 1st & 2nd Mitchell Trubisky - 2nd Patrick Mahomes - untradeable, three first rounders? Deshaun Watson - multiple 1st Baker Mayfield - multiple 1st Sam Darnold - 2nd Josh Allen - 2nd Josh Rosen - 3rd Lamar Jackson - 3rd
  10. funny thread seeing how a good number of us pats fans don't even want ghost next year. he's a fine kicker for us, but probably wants too much money. ill give him a 10% chance of HoF if he plays another 10 years.
  11. Rank the Super Bowl Champions this decade

    2018 Rams 2017 Patriots 2016 Falcons 2015 Panthers 2014 Seahawks 2013 Broncos 2012 49ers 2011 Patriots 2010 Steelers 1. 2014 Seahawks 2. 2017 Patriots 3. 2016 Falcons 4. 2010 Steelers 5. 2015 Panthers 6. 2018 Rams 7. 2013 Broncos 8. 2012 49ers 9. 2011 Patriots something like that
  12. Patriots draft

    the QBotF is not in this class ... we need to draft WR, LB, DL in that order hard. maybe safety if devin is gone.
  13. Who stays? Who goes?

    if gronk retires, wouldn't that open space for both flowers and trent?
  14. 6x super bowl champion.. no one will ever top that. brady allll day