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  1. he just sucks at drafting. brady raises the scrub level talent around him. HOF coach otherwise.
  2. bleh im done with football today. go raiders, but we all know it'll end with a steelers game winning FG. that kind of day. deuces.
  3. did u miss the part where we turn into a dysfunctional mess on the road? KC will actually hang 50-60 on us.
  4. i have chargers beating pittsburgh and baltimore beating houston. edit: scratch that. forget HOU is #3 right now.
  5. welp we're playing in arrowhead boys IF we can even get by the chargers.
  6. at least this loss was expected. lessens the sting. also, HOU lost and KC might lose
  7. someone needs fired after that tough. embarassing.
  8. yep thats about right. can't win at miami.
  9. run game is AWFUL vs this bad run defense. typical.
  10. lol team stopped caring. heat too much.
  11. brady back to decline mode. dolphins getting away with holding as well.
  12. would we rather face tannehill or GOATweiler? cant do much better than tannehill was doing.
  13. damn he had no chance at a 1st down. gotta throw to the sticks.
  14. another score here is huge. lets goooooooo!
  15. brady is going god mode rn. perfect throws. he's tired of losing here.