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  1. i know you're daft and all but having a bad defense would help his numbers tremendously. imagine having to throw as much as dak but being tom brady.
  2. can't complain when AB takes all your targets because u can't stay on the field *shrug*.
  3. hard to say how good leftwich is with this much talent. I will say that the 1st down patented runs need to end. also, the WR screens are very frustrating sometimes. this team is as its best when it is passing to setup the run. i don't think they run much shotgun, which is odd because brady threw out of the gun nearly his whole career. more shotgun, play-action, and 2nd down runs (instead of 1st) and then i couldn't complain.
  4. the true winner here is me for sleeping through 3/4 of this game during my nap
  5. that bears offense is as bad as the pats offense yikers.
  6. the bears are who we thought they were and we didn't let them off the hook.
  7. mother of god. that larry allen run down was like metcalf speed but at what looks like 400 pounds. that takes the cake for me.
  8. The weekly screen to demaryius for a TD still pisses me off to this day. those pick plays were bogus and are why manning's '13 season is a joke.
  9. i don't think anyone thinks it is remotely close. brees is a hard sell at top 5 all time QB and tom is the undisputed goat.
  10. jamel dean and carlton davis are both better this season than SMB and it's a sizeable gap. carlton is looking like a top 10 corner.
  11. alright hero, shall we go back and look at your post history when AB was on the pats?
  12. k bro but tyreek is still on a team and ray lewis made it pretty well. what say you now?
  13. as the season has progressed, it's gotta be brady so far.
  14. ab has nothing to do with mvp talks at this moment. hold your bias and think rationally. this is football, not an off the field awards ceremony.
  15. the fact that y'all even comparing these prime QBs to 43 year old brady is an accomplishment in itself. take a step back and think about it.
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