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  1. wasn't pretty out there like 1/5 but the saints have the best defense in the league imo.
  2. this wwhichok guy has been spouting nonsense all night and hasnt watch more than 1 bucs game. its silly really. just be honest when u dont know what you're talking about.
  3. slim chance mahomes plays with a concussion of that magnitude (knocked out & dazed). I know everyone wants him to but it isnt up to the fans or him.
  4. brady doesn't play defense nor does rodgers. who cares.
  5. dumbest thing i've seen posted so far and I don't have kirill blocked yet
  6. stats are a farce. this saints defense is the best in the league by the eye test. they are ball hawking insane people.
  7. dillusional. mahomes will not be playing next week that was a terrible concussion.
  8. after a concussion like that? likely no. some concussions take players out for weeks. most take them out for 1 week.
  9. any QB would have success with reid, hill, kelce, and a good set of backs
  10. try this exercise with me. put your hands up as high as you can. now tell me, are your hands higher than your hand? yes? good. now imagine using those hands to push someone out of bounds.
  11. RB controversy, yes. the huntley guy did the same thing that lamar does. run around, throw a few times (unsuccessfully). both had the same amount of success, although huntley didn't throw a game ending pick 6 in the redzone. i voted gadget player and maybe they draft someone who can throw the ball.
  12. by the way we havent seen 1 turnover today in 6 quarters and change of football
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