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  1. not even close dude. brees has.. count 'em. 0 mvps. 0. fewer than nearly every QB we've discussed in this thread. how can someone be "not far behind brady and manning" with 1 ring and 0 mvps. ludicrous.
  2. zero competitive advantage.. what? then why do you think they did it. for fun?
  3. bucs need a veteran presence at corner if he wants to come win superbowls for a team friendly deal.
  4. wouldn't it just be the top 4 nfl QBs of all time? brady, montana, manning, otto
  5. this level of salt should be a war crime. enjoy irrelevancy for the next 20 years without a franchise QB.
  6. let barrett get paid somewhere else. he disappeared when vita was out. i don't think the dropoff will be huge to the next guy as long as they have vita up front. besides, just way too much money. david >>> shaq. - restructure Evans - restructure or cut Donovan - cut Brate - let Godwin go - let Shaq go - let Lenny go - resign Suh - resign AB - resign David - resign Gronk - resign Succop - sign James White - draft tackle, edge, corner
  7. time to switch it up then. this superbowl window could close at any time.
  8. can bucs just cheat the cap like the Saints do every year? kick the can and resign everyone for peanuts.
  9. stop comparing basketball and football it doesnt even make sense
  10. defensive players cant win it apparently so brady was a fine choice, wouldve been cool with gronk as well but im not picky
  11. it's louisiana bro. i think "far worse" could be an exaggeration.
  12. held him back. he is an elite deep passer & has never had real weapons outside of moss and gronk. and gronk blocked half the time.
  13. aaron donald seems to be dodging the voter fatigue. going to need a DPOY chart like manning had for MVP 😆
  14. easier schedule. you said it yourself? they were the 1st seed. (easier schedule once again) so because rodgers looked great against teams not named the bucs, he is the reason the packers are better than the bucs? interesting take. we shall see.
  15. How is a team better than another team that beat them twice head to head in the same season. I'm eagerly awaiting the mental gymnastics required for this one. 🍿
  16. maybe a bit harder rebound if they lose picks look at it this way, less players to pay.
  17. yah easy just have a tyreek hill and mecole hardman
  18. any team can do it by mortgaging their future. most teams want to stay competitive every year, so they don't. the proposed cap moves are terrible for the saints imo. they have no realistic shot of competing right now without a franchise QB. win now mode, but they can't win?
  19. so fake that you guys have to cut 7 players, hope brees retires, hope players agree to extensions, and hope players agree to restructure. 😕
  20. ah so just keep kicking the can until the organization is forced to dissolve because it can't afford to pay all these people's salaries.
  21. alright so we'll go down the road. 2014 brady had a very good year and also had one of the best playoff runs in history with multiple 2-possession comebacks. oh yeah he happened to beat the legion of boom in the superbowl too.
  22. i'm confused. so, are we counting post season success here or not? do we wanna try this road?
  23. manning i'll give you, but the rodgers take is dumb. you even discredited yourself.
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