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  1. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    We can talk about Dak & Qbs all we want. But end the day what these playoffs have taught me is coaching trumps everything as usual.
  2. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Same. We literally lost games because our kicker couldn't make chip shots.
  3. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    He doesn't like Delpit but I do. If we are serious about our safeties being ballhawks...
  4. Coaching Staff

    Weren't we leading the league in drops even when we had Dez? Sure, we haven't invested that high of resources into the WR position. A 1st in Coop, 3rd in Gallup. Both 1k Wrs under him. Cobb had a resurgence under him also. Besides Coop, Gallup & Cobb who else did we even have anyway?
  5. Coaching Staff

    where? regardless he produced two 1000 yard WRs. It's not like we were doing that every year prior to his arrival
  6. Cowboys Staff: OL J Philbin (+STC, OC, DL)

    We are letting go of a very very good WR coach in Sanjay Lal after McCarthys request. He developed Micheal Gallup and Amari Cooper with 1k yards each this past season. Any teams looking for WR coaches should be jumping to grab him.
  7. Coaching Staff

    Not happy about this move. He'll find a job somewhere very quickly.
  8. Mike McCarthy hired as Head Coach for Cowboys

    but like....what does a foxhole...I give up. His analogies always make me feel uncomfortable and confused
  9. Mike McCarthy hired as Head Coach for Cowboys

    As predicted our boy JJ never fails in this department.
  10. Cowboys Staff: OL J Philbin (+STC, OC, DL)

    Not quite. We will be running the hybrid like we always have.
  11. Mike McCarthy hired as Head Coach for Cowboys

    Incoming Jerry Jones weird public analogy
  12. Draft watch 2020

    I want another WR. Specifically Justin Jefferson from LSU. So I'm looking at round 2-3 WRs. Or another TE.
  13. Draft watch 2020

    We might actually get a DT for once after the coaching change. I totally see us finally investing in one and seeing our defense take off and we’ll all be saying I told you so. It’d be the most cowboy personnel thing to do.
  14. Jay Glazer: new hc is mccarthy

    Much of the packers fan seem to echo that Ted Thompson was the problem because he wouldn't supply talent to MM. Thoughts? Bit unfair to MM that after he was canned they went out and relived TT and splurged in FA and found immediate success? I'd like to hear your thoughts again on this. You could be right but so far all the reasoning to your conclusion sound shaky at best.
  15. Jay Glazer: new hc is mccarthy

    I would have loved LR. But is it crazy to have an experienced NFL HC?