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  1. Taco on the trade block?

    is Reshad Jones even good anymore? I mean hollywood brown torched thier deep coverage twice last week.
  2. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    I mean we have been developing Collins for years now and Antwan Woods is a staple in our defense. Theres only so much talent we can field while giving us the best chance to win. I'd not be too concerned. He's more a future development pick. Big potential.
  3. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    So Les Snead did nothing? arm chair GM? I'm curious then what his job responsibilities included at that time?
  4. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    We just gonna pretend Les Snead isn’t a great drafter and coaching wasn’t the main issue during your terrible years? Free Agency complimented your drafting.
  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    So pretty much every other QB is allowed to have weapons to succeed in the league minus Dak. But we don't rely on FA to get our weapons, we rely mostly on the draft. Hence, why our approach is sustainable.
  6. Canada's heart is broken

    I'm too brown to be russian man tsk you know this
  7. Canada's heart is broken

    Ahhhh I've been one for so long I forget it isn't the norm
  8. Canada's heart is broken

    Tragic. He gonna lose his canadian mojo magic
  9. Canada's heart is broken

    Wait the US doesn't do dual citizenship?
  10. Amari Cooper has fixed Dak!

    Why aren't we mentioning the fact Dak fixed Amari Cooper's Career? This argument works both ways
  11. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    Chuba Hubbard is from my hometown lol. Sherwoodpark, Alberta Canadian Talent baby
  12. Canada's heart is broken

    Can we change the thread title. I'm getting my heart broken repeatedly when I check the forums
  13. Dolphins grant Minkah Fitzpatrick permission to seek trade

    I mean doesn't sound like MF is giving you much choice here
  14. Dolphins grant Minkah Fitzpatrick permission to seek trade

    Apparently there are trade rumours we are vouching for Taco Charlton and 2nd for Minkah?
  15. Taco on the trade block?

    whose gonna play slot CB next year after AB departs in FA? why not the best rated slot corner in the NFL last year?