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  1. Cowboys looking at Robert Quinn Trade

    It's not that I would be disappointed with us giving a 3rd for him. It's just that it seems like we pay a premium price for player trades while the rest of the league keeps getting bargains.
  2. Cowboys Reportedly Agree to Deal with Randall Cobb

    Theres no way he does it without a lil chuckle behind the screen @D82
  3. Cowboys Reportedly Agree to Deal with Randall Cobb

    ????? that gave me a good laugh at work
  4. Cowboys looking at Robert Quinn Trade

    A 3rd? Hahahaha
  5. Free agency - who is left.

    sometimes I feel like hell needs to freeze over before we get to our winning ways. but dont you worry I'm be waiting for that day
  6. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    man we almost had a meme going in the forums that Gallup would be a 1k receiver if dak threw his way right every time. This rookie was out there making NFL CBs look like fools. I'm not saying its was fully Dak's fault I'm just saying they never seemed to connect properly.
  7. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    Cowboys tried to trade for emmanuel ogbah. wooo mmm love a good desperation for pass russ feeling https://insidethestar.com/cowboys-show-interest-in-browns-de-emmanuel-ogbah/
  8. D-Law contract negotiations

    considering we tried trading for emmanuel ogbah a cowboys days prior..I dont think the talks are going all that well. https://insidethestar.com/cowboys-show-interest-in-browns-de-emmanuel-ogbah/
  9. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    Always felt like Washington players are teasing us only to be picked couple picks before.
  10. Free agency - who is left.

    Cowboys & redskins favourites to land Eric berry
  11. Cowboys sign former Texans' DL Christian Covington

    Guess what. He’s Canadian
  12. Free agency - who is left.

    I mean our WR group isn’t the greatest but you can’t start the blame with Micheal Gallup. Beasley could’ve done better. Noah brown could have. T. Austin. Allen Hurns. The list goes on and on. But why single out Gallup? What were you expecting out of a 3rd round rookie WR exactly ?
  13. Free agency - who is left.

    Seriously? Are we really just going to forget that Gallup had a million missed throws where he was in perfect position? Come on Matts. We can't throw out boy under the bus that quick and forget what he could've done in his control
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I don't think a lot of people talk about it but when it comes to DB's it's good to be borderline cocky. Can't play that position scared