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  1. Although I wholefully agree with everything in this post. I will say out of respect for Dak, QB talent and development in prospects is plentiful in the top of the draft these days. It has less to do with Dak and more to do with the talent available in the draft at the QB position. Once we start winning with a young QB and more resources to spend around the roster all this dead horse - Dak talk will solve itself.
  2. Pretty much only tune into see our rookie class now tbh. One thing that has been my saving grace this season. Very good cornerstone players for the future we found in this draft.
  3. I see this RG3 comparison flying around and although he CAN run the ball when asked , it not where he has been making his money this season.. He's been every good as Trevor Lawrence this season if not better. He has as many incompletions as TDs so far this season which is 11, with a ridiculous 86.7% completion rate. I get it Trevor Lawrence has been the golden boy of college football since he stepped on the field in death valley. Justin Fields has made a huge statement with his limited opportunities, and more importantly progressed his game very very quickly. IF and only IF he keeps on playing he way he does now, he's going to make the #1 pick a very hard decision.
  4. I do want to say although I'm talking about QBs alot, I hope we trade down and retool our secondary. I'm just very entertained at the current moment with all the options we have at the top of this draft. Surtain at CB & Cisco at S can be game changers if paired up with Diggs & Wilson. Our CBs/Safeties can also play more aggressively if our weak links in our secondary just had better talent.
  5. I think Fields can get into the conversation of #1 overall after this season is all said and done. We'll find out the answer in the college football playoffs. It's looking like Ohio St. vs. Clemson at this point.
  6. True but it would be a huge scouting mistake if they weren't interested in 2 generational talents at the QB position.
  7. Yeah, cause they are playing for their jobs at this point
  8. This next draft is going to be very entertaining so say the least. A lot of Elite generational talent at the top.
  9. no I love weapons that's why I want Pitts in a tradedown scenario. If we bring back Dak and give him a weapon like Pitts along with Jarwin & Schultz, it'd be insane. Coop, Gallup, CeeDee & Wilson at WR? I don't know, that sounds like one of the most sound our skill position has been for years. Oh and we have Pollard & Zeke at RB too if that helps. I can't see a single major weak link in Dak's set of potential 2021 weapons.
  10. all lies and cover up tbh. There would be 0 positive for them in announcing their interest in a prospect(s) this early. Meanwhile our scouts have been at all these games
  11. Same. I waana see some Red Rifle chaos picks one more sweet time.
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