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  1. As I said Wilson's play hasn't been that great this year, it's okay maybe he has been dealing with nagging injuries and some IR time should help him out. I don't think we would need him for at least 4 weeks.
  2. Career wise or this season wise? I'd be safe to say your statement is true in one context and false in the other. I am very excited to see Dak go against Mahomes though. The first game that caught my eye when the schedule came out. The better QB will win this game, very excited to see this matchup, a classic.
  3. He hasn't been bad by any standards. I do want to emphasize that actually. Definitely been reliable and hasn't lost any of his physicalness from last year. I don't want anyone running away with my comments and take it down that route. But, he just took over games last year, he set his own bar, which was honestly some of the best safety play in the league last season, at times even an elite defender overall. It just seemed like something bad always happened for opposing teams when Wilson was anywhere near. I just want teams to be more scared of testing Diggs. I feel like recently team
  4. Yeah, I do think my analysis is a bit early once again, just something to keep an eye on if we want to compete with the best of the NFC. But, last year he was just one of those players, whenever he was on the field, it was very easy to see our defense was different instantly, like night and day different. I think he's was really special last year. Fun to watch too. We need him to turn it up second half of the season. We got some explosive offenses coming up in our schedule & a gritty december filled with NFC East games which i'm guessing will just be slugfests regardless of reco
  5. I might be nitpicking a bit here and I know it's still a bit early but I'm expecting more out of Donovan Wilson this year. Diggs took the next step and we need Wilson to do so from the safety position for this defense. With teams starting to recognize Diggs being exploitable with double moves we need Wilson to take advantage of that. I just have really high expectations for him after last year.
  6. Cooper Rush & Mike White. Dak's 2 backups finally get some game action and let the league know they ain't bad
  7. I don't care what anybody says, but we aren't winning these games with Jason Garrett.
  8. Yup, more importantly showed we don't have to just have turnovers to win. Even though Diggs didn't get an INT tonight, Cousins was scared to air it down the field cause of him.
  9. Personally think this is an impossible metric to construct and evaluate? I think mental health issues can arise at anytime for anyone. Actually, I believe at our current times mental health awareness is stronger than it has ever been, and who knows what personal tragedies could have been avoided by past players if all players took this approach. Wish Calvin Ridley the best and appreciate him being honest about his personal life with the public.
  10. Interesting season for the raiders
  11. Hey can we actual sensible football discussions in here? I thought this forum was for logical football discussions and not parroting off ESPN bogus journalists and their snake oil sales which we seem to accept as modern day sports journalism. So @stl4life07 what do you have to share with us about the relevant information from THIS season so our wonderful football fanbase here can critique it? Yours, not Stephen A. Smith.
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