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  1. Yeah I hope so too. Hope his best version is staying on the field.
  2. Yeah I mean I didn't know whether to be pissed or laugh at the fact they took Surtain before us. I mean great you got a CB1 but the Justin Fields disrespect is real, I want him to ball out. If we didn’t sign Dak, I would have lost it if we passed up fields there.
  3. Still feels really weird for Micah to pick 11 but whatever.
  4. Or he could play well this year & cash out big in free agency. & we get awarded pretty well with that comp pick.
  5. People ended up looking at his tape and finding out Jaycee Horn was very impressive also. If we was in a secondary which featured him more it would show, much like how Kelvin Joseph was highlighted more in Kentucky's defense rather than when he was at LSU around a first or second round DB every year.
  6. We are 100% going through a zone defence draft trajectory
  7. He’s not bad but Thompson lacks upside.. in fact he has nothing in that area. Just a very bare bones basic safety
  8. Gregory never really had a problem, the league demonized him for a problem with a specific substance based on their personal discretion.
  9. Yeah I calmed down after and decided to go and watch tape on him. I can see why they were high on him. Very scheme specific kind of player. I see what Quinn is trying to do here with the Oregon state corner & SC corner. We should see to sign Sherman to mentor all these younger guys. We got faster on defence after the draft.
  10. 6-5 deep threat. Big UDFA signing here
  11. This draft gives me a rollercoaster of emotions.
  12. YESSSSSSSSS. love this pick. Jaycee Horn was the stable corner on the other side but Isreal was the playmaker, very raw & unrefined player but a lot of potential.
  13. We could, but we ideally we have much better options at safety on the roster. It really depends on the Xs & Os at that point and who we are playing against. These picks really give us flexibility in that aspect though. Now every game becomes a chess match, but at least now we have pieces to play the game.
  14. SJ literally said in the day 2 press conference yesterday , "another year where we ignore the poor safety position". I laughed so hard
  15. Lowkey love drafting college teammates, they balled out in the SEC together too
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