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  1. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    I think the only thing Ro is trying to tackle right now is calories
  2. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    NFL player and mild user of any coke doesn’t sound like a likely combo to me, Heavy user if anything. Also he in my eyes is a three peat leading season rusher, that warrants a lot of extra drug tests we aren’t aware of from the league if I know them any better
  3. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    But where is he now Matts? Chances are if you take coke before the game, it isn’t just one game. It is almost a pregame ritual . If that is the case he most would’ve definitely been caught considering Goddell has a sick twisted get off for trying to get Elliot suspended for anything
  4. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    I don't think any of this would be possible in 2019 though.
  5. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Matts I'm not one for the small details BUT if we are to question the legal actions of a person, specifically one of my favorite player... A person with a full on addiction to coke will not have proper work standards in place to lead the NFL in rushing all four years. Yes he is talented but the work ethic in the off-season to achieve that would never be possible with the consistent drug habit. Now we can say Zeke did coke to a degree that night that contributed to his agression to the overly-dramatic security falling down? Perhaps thats a more likely assumption. Let's not make stuff up about zeke. non-sense like this leaves this sub-forum and could spread quickly to the general fanbase if we are not careful. End of the day I only really care if our players win on the field as long as they aren't doing ill harm to anyone else. Btw a wet tissue stands firmer than that security guard, guy was baiting for a lawsuit. crooked but smart I guess. This Dak-Zeke contract debate is going places to where it shouldnt be going
  6. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    yup thats a prime non-factor off-season article right there. They made the playoffs and won a game, like it matters
  7. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    oh here go. Dak Debate Time
  8. Redskins QB situation

    Let's be honest. If we lose Prescott our season is over anyway.If we don't have an idea backup QB after FA and draft I don't see why we could have it now
  9. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    Lived in Edmonton for a year. That new stadium construction took fooooooorever. Good location though, it's literally facing the bars district
  10. Ranking the East - Master Thread

    Sorry I haven't been keeping up much these threads guys. School and work leaving with small sparetime
  11. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

  12. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Might as well end this off-season with a Big Bang on the Dak debate
  13. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    If international reach is what he is really aiming at, then Toronto shouldn't really be out of the question at this moment. It is a very multicultural city. The city prides itself on that very aspect. We have millions of people working in the city supporting their families abroad across the world. As someone that grew up in Toronto, and now lives on the west coast of Canada, I honestly don't see what he will be missing out on playing on the coast rather than the East, especially in our age of social media. Toronto is a basketball city. We love our Maple Leaf's because the first generation of immigrants here grew up watching championships with them. Heck we even love our soccer team Toronto FC because we have so many immigrants from soccer countries. That all being said, even before Kawhi came we were turning into a big basketball city. Kawhi winning the chip just cemented that. Thats why this championship is so important to us! Toronto already LOVES basketball, but now the world gets to see how much we love it. We even crashed the NB site with the "fun guy" shirts. New generation of immigrants witnessing a NBA championship + constant inflow of immigrants = World popularity. e.g. I have a co-worker in Toronto whose family from Italy is asking him to buy Marc Gasol jerseys before he visits them for vacation.