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  1. You even down for Waddle plan? That'd be one nutty WR core
  2. I'm so excited for this draft. So many game changers
  3. I'd be pretty pumped if we walked away with surtain/fairley and then a safety combo in the second maybe cisco/moehrig? We can fix a lot of skill talent issues in the secondary in one off-season.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLEw_UKlGDP/?igshid=nv8co3orajb5
  5. I'm sorry am I supposed to be impressed with 2/4 playoff experiences? What are we? The Jets? Browns? Jags? I'm a cowboys fan of course I have high expectations
  6. And what was our reason for missing the other two seasons? I'm not saying this to discredit Dak, I'm pointing out the results of lack of coaching under the previous regimes. So our reality now is 2/4 playoff appearances & not even NFC conference championships? What are we trying for exactly? If Superbowl expectations are indeed there then clearly we have been far away from it. From 1995. The BUCS have gone to the superbowl more than we have since then. THE BUCS. Are we supposed to bathe in our mediocrity?
  7. Matt are you serious? When was the last time the NFC East was actually good? The outlier Eagles team?
  8. I'm tired of our linebacker picks man. Let's try the secondary for change.
  9. so what was the excuse when the NFC East sucks every year as usual and we couldnt make the playoffs w Dak
  10. I think coaching was our issue tbh. Its actually pretty insane McCarthy got this squad almost in the playoffs without Dak.
  11. I'm going to bookmark this page for when our depth suffers in the future because of Dak's contract if it is indeed big.
  12. I think we can learn a lot about the Dak debate from the Texans & Watson this year..
  13. Do we have any shot at Gregory Rousseau or did our pride get in the way our draft position again? Did we potentially miss out on a Gregory Pass Rush Brothers meme?
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