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  1. GDT [Divisional Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

    Apparently Antwan Woods played with a torn Labrum for most of the game. 275 rushing yards makes a lot more sense now
  2. Gearing up for next season

    FA is gonna gut us fellas. Heads up
  3. Gearing up for next season

    isn't he a FA? he's gonna get a huge contract somewhere
  4. T.O. Was Not The Problem.

    Bengals don't win playoff games
  5. T.O. Was Not The Problem.

    we are the chargers of the NFC.
  6. Season Recap

    How about we just came up short in the playoff game vs the Rams. Jerry Jones doesn't have anything to do with that.
  7. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    I'm just a Mahomes fan. Chiefs the easiest to root for right now
  8. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    "babe..no...come on not that hole" "op..oh sorry slipped" "all good...."
  9. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    Nah I think our season was dope.
  10. That's not a bad height dude lol. What exactly do you waana do with your height that you think 6 feet people can only do?
  11. Club 5'8 coming in strong in this thread.. Didn't actually believe that was the average. Dad's 5'2 and mom's like 5'0 maybe under 4'11. Hit the jackpot with 5'9 and couldn't be more thankful. I guess it really is relative to how you compare to your family. I know plenty of friends that feel they are black sheep in the family cause they are like 5'11 and rest of the fam is like 6'4. I've been seeing women the same height all my life and the girl I'm seeing right now is like 5'1 and man it a different kind of comfort.
  12. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    To come back from 3-5 to 10-6 to a playoff win..to being one of the last teams to be out in the league...and we aren't even a good team. Am I summarizing how ridiculous you sound right now?
  13. I was doing a part time shift for a buddy at his front desk for his hotel and the whole reason I had to be called in last minute to help him out was being the guy who was supposed to be there, got fired because he would show up partly drunk everyday to work. I'm checking these two sweet old women into their rooms, the fired dude comes in pretty wasted , stands beside me on the front desk and starts opening discussing his alcohol abuse problems in front of the old women WHILE im standing in front of them to check in. I wanted the world to swallow me whole in that moment.
  14. There should be only one debate!!!

    Yeah but you don't draft a player 4th overall and don't expect for him to be on a second contract ESPECIALLY when he has been doing his job.