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  1. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Yeah I remember it very clearly. There was also another detail about that incident I won’t mention because of the social climate of the US right now. Glad he turned it around for you guys. Still don’t want him on my team though because of this incident but glad!!
  2. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Isnt Higbee the same guy that punched a guy right before the draft and got arrested?
  3. TACT XX: One X Short Of A Good Time - Thanks Corona

    normal or....tinder
  4. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    we all hope we can. but then december hits and the pats are in the playoffs again
  5. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

  6. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    His disdain for the Jets is but wierd though. Reminds me much of Taco Charlton, no matter how much ever you try hard to make some of your own drafted players happy and improve them they always sometimes just don’t want to play for your team. and Honestly just cause. I think it was good for the cowboys to part ways with Charlton, it worked out for both of us. Adams might sadly be that case for the Jets. But hey it’s ok. It happens to every team.
  7. Jamal Adams

    I'd upgrade that to a third or second. We got too much depth in the O-line anyways.
  8. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    It his dog, come on. Just a bad situation he can take care of.
  9. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Why do we keep pretending that Adams has been asking for contract extensions from the Jets only during the pandemic exclusively? I think he's been asking for money for forever it feels like. It's amazing they have ignored to discuss this with him as front office management for so long. It okay to be shrewd with contracts but atleast have open conversation with your players to manage expectations.
  10. Jamal Adams

    **** no. Are you kidding me? a RT in his prime on a bargain contract? I'd ask for an additional 3rd or 4th on top on Adams.
  11. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    So it basically comes down to which league he is in that dictates how people feel about his decision to ask for more money? Trust me I know very well right now about a player asking more money than he is worth but market value never lies. Im mostly been pro player so I actually do support the NBA and it's players mentality to play wherever they wish to play because honestly this isnt a dictatorship. If a player decides he/she current organization is not treating them well they have every right to speak up and demand their requests. Their careers only last given few years and the organizations will continue far and above beyond them. ALSO why are we fellow Jets fans so quick to dismiss his claims? @dcat @KingOfTheDot. Aren't you his fans? Yeah I wish to believe the statements Jamal is putting out there. It's fine to NOT believe his statements but if you are not going to fulfill his wishes and hold onto him for spite then that speaks volumes about your organization. He's always been a player that has been honest about his claims and opinions since he entered the NFL draft. Long list of why the Jets organization does not indeed deserve a player like Jamal Adams. Every day his discontent for the organization continues and everyday it will become a longer issue then it needs to be. You would think the team that has acquired Leveon Bell would know any better to get into a situation like this ala steelers situation. Wake Up FELLAS. Pandemic is NOT an excuse to ignore contract negotiations. Business and player relations can still be conducted through MANY other mediums. Many of us on here have not been devoid of our day to day responsibilities because of the pandemic and if anything our responsibilities as an ADULT to our co workers and organizations have only grown endless. I see very sorry *** excuses and NONE that have been pro player so far. Only builds Adams case. Sure go tell Jamal Adams to F himself. NOT A GOOD LOOK THOUGH JUST SAYING. He's one of the premium young talents in the league at the secondary position. Not pleasing your best players on the roster never goes well. We can all sit here and pretend Juju Smith S & James Conner have succeeded Antonio Brown & Le'veon Bell well but that wouldn't be honest would it. They can't hold a candle to how elite AB and LV were together. Treating your players well goes well above money! Open and clear communication is key! J E T S
  12. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Yeah sure it does.. if its given. Thats Jamal Adams point here
  13. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    coming from a team that cant draft properly and goes off the scouting school of "hey lets copy the cowboys"
  14. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    1. literally your best player is unhappy. (which is pretty hard to do) 2. lies to said star player 3. 0 communication with star player Doesn't sound like a great team to pitch to a FA does it?