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  1. So sounds like we are trying to trade up with ATL for...ya know
  2. Jesus, my guy throws Kelce in the mix. Trying to make D-coords sleepless.
  3. Yeah, but on the other hand it could create the scariest TE duo in NFL history so far since Gronk-Hern. I'd love Kyle Pitts on the cowboys though. Its easy to see why Jerry would have to heavily market that. He'd bring some hype and energy back into the franchise though. Felt like CeeDee brought that this year. but yeah our defense is gonna suck like usual or be middle tier if we make that Pitts pick though.
  4. What if this whole time the 49ers had us fooled and they wanted to pair up Kyle Pitts with George Kittle
  5. We seem to have an annual draft milestone of missing out on the premium pass rusher just right before our pick. For once I feel like we are in reach. What scares you about Philips? His tape has been fun to watch so far
  6. 9/5/20: If Holland were larger, I would have him as the top safety for the 2021 NFL Draft, as he is a tremendous coverage safety with the ability to play some cornerback. His listed numbers, however, could be inflated according to team sources, and those who have seen him in person say he is undersized for the NFL walterfootball.com I do feel like there is some truth to this. Even on tape he doesn’t look like what he is listed. Im not worried with size for A. Washington because he plays bigger. Don’t feel the same way about Holland.
  7. I think we can grab him in the second. Would be a good place to justify his value. I do feel like there are other pass rushers we can look at. Honestly I’m not opposed to the idea of Jaelen Philips at 10.
  8. We do have to look into Farley and his injury history. Seems like every ******* year our defence is decimated by injuries , we also actively need to start projecting and picking healthier players. He is special though, there’s no question about that. But the back problems really scare me tbh
  9. dont get in bar fights with canadians😇
  10. Haven't had too much time to keep up for this draft season. If we were nitpicking why isn't Surtain unanimous pick among everyone over Farley the CB from VT? What are Surtains concerns?
  11. Washington rolling a lot of dices. but if they work out its a scary team.
  12. Meh. I rather give the spot to a rookie WR. He already had tons of time to develop.
  13. Dak contract lined up. I'm going Kyle Pitts. Zeke. Cooper. Gallup. CeeDee. Pitts. Jarwin. Now its just a Kellen Moore hey bro go to work kind of lineup.
  14. If $160 million for 4 years is what it took to get @Matts4313 & @DaBoys to never talk about this again for the next 4 years. It's worth it
  15. We'll see. He has to perform now first. And im talking playoffs
  16. Team throw resources at Dak. Hes got no excuses now. Hes got the money
  17. I hope this thread steers the conversation into Dak as a player and his incredible work ethic as a person and player. I feel no ill about our FO and their patience to get things done with time.
  18. Good. We needed him to improve to where he is today. 3 Years ago that wasn't the case. Money talks. Money makes things happen. This contract is a testament to Dak's work ethic to improve and not the fault of the cowboys FO to overpay when they had no reason to do so at that time. I hope all front offices conduct things the way the cowboys have with Dak.
  19. Yeah and on what basis would have we signed him on? We only saw his full progression as a QB last year. Hindsight is 20/20 but it doesn't excuse giving blind unwarranted contracts. Keep in mind we didn't throw away all our draft capital while still having our QB1 unlike the Rams. Contracts and assets need to be justified. This is a performance based business. As fans of the NFL overall lets stop pushing this narrative.
  20. We have been trying. His party just wouldn't move.
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