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  1. Too much ego. Just too much ego to get anything done here.
  2. Going to be a very interesting draft coming up. QB is not off the table. I might sound insensitive but the closer we get to the draft process the more real what I said will seem.
  3. I had a dream last night we won the superbowl boys. Just wanted to share that.
  4. Jarwin still hasn't proven he can produce consistently for a whole season. Adding a big play threat at TE in the top 3 rounds could make this offense insane also.
  5. I was thinking that but I thought I'd be crazy jumping the gun on that but its true. I waana see some more of Glifford too.
  6. Oh btw. Joe Thomas might be our 2nd best LB on our roster right now. and thats no knock to anyone else
  7. I mean a win this week is great but I need to see some consistently. This team wins big games in the regular season all the time only to drop the next one. Get a win against the Seahawks and I'll feel good. I don't think it'd be the same giving Russell Wilson 5 turnovers in the first quarter.
  8. Cool Dak! Do it again next week again against the Seahawks. I want us to beat good teams
  9. Oh so we gonna act like Gruden gave him a fair chance last season.....why dont you call it as it is? You guys lost to Dwayne Haskins
  10. Obv we are all excited for the Eagles & Wentz losing but I think the bigger story is that Washington D-line. Kinda saw this coming this year with all that high round talent they have invested in that unit, they will be causing a lot of issues for offenses this year. And now Dwayne Haskins has an off-season under his belt and a coaching staff that doesn't throw him under the bus. Washington looking pretty good.
  11. I think he had many other issues mentally besides just the plant.
  12. It’s ok. We’ll need him fresh late season to crank up that 3rd down pass rush. and under the new regulations weed consumption is ok right or is it next season? So he technically shouldn’t ever get banned for that again especially if it benefits his play?
  13. I'm one of them and ill stand by it. Cowboys need to sign him
  14. I don't think anyone said the Hurts pick was bad, it was bad considering they were pretty much forced to do it because of Wentz's injury history, which by the way is looking pretty bad.
  15. bootycall > team health. what a call. guy is committed to the game though. which game i cant say
  16. Im sorry the last season we haven't made the playoffs with a loaded roster. I'm not against Dak but I can see both sides. Idk what your short term is but mines making the post season. We didn't become america's team by winning SNF in week 12.
  17. I'm pretty even on the whole dak debate. But I don't understand the supreme optimism of the pro Dak side and their inability to see any single fault for paying him 30+m. If he was really worth that much why didnt we make the playoffs? Its almost like people have gotten dementia from what happened this past season.
  18. damn @Matts4313 you got ripped into. But it's true, I hate that our FO is being painted as villans because we refused to give him the big money, truth is he needs help and thats okay but we can't get him that help with his huge *** contract.
  19. Draft a new one and pray hes good. There are no promises. It's like rolling a dice and expecting your roll everytime.
  20. Although I hate to see off the field stuff like this. Rivalries are always best when both teams are in relatively good state to compete with eachother. I can't imagine being a skins player next year, so much off the field distraction.
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