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  1. On any given Sunday Ya. We are. We made the playoffs with Mitch. What else needs to be said? 😂😂
  2. Ya. You said what everyone says. Sign the best FA and spend an early pick. Cool. What I was commenting on is why you have players playing positions they're not good at and benching our one new bright spot.
  3. 100 yards and a score isn't bad.
  4. Wow are they not better. Cutler and Foles is a wash. Forte is so overrated. Montgomery can actually run the ball. Bennett is a headcase who was regressing. Marshall was old. Jeffrey proved he wasn't worth resigning. Allen Robinson is better then either was is 2014. Bushrod and Long were guys we needed to replace. We had a good offense for one season when the Canada coach was here. Leno is better than Leno?
  5. Our D got worse two years ago. Playmaker aren't making plays on D. Sacks and ints just aren't there. Also when Pagano came in. Yes Pagano is Paces fault but he also turned around a team with the arrow down and moved it up. It's hard to evaluate our O with Mitch at QB. Everyone is worse when he's in the game. Coincidence maybe but it appears that we can have a running game, we can have receivers and TEs make plays when we play bad Ds. When we get something out of our QB we have playmakers. Yes he drafted Mitch and Mitch is the reason why we want to fire everyone cause he's embarrass
  6. So you're talking about like a decade or so of cherry picked performances? I meant the roster that Pace was handed.
  7. If Ifedi takes the minimum again I'd have him back as a swing guy. LG Daniels. C Must. RG Whitehair. The OTs aren't on the roster right now.
  8. What did the roster and staff look like pre-Pace? Ya he missed on the QB position but lots of teams do. This isn't a NE drafting WRs thing yet. Id let him swing away again before we cross our fingers and hope the next guy will get it right like we've done ever since this team was assembled.
  9. Move Ifedi to a position he can't play? Move Daniels back to a position he's much worse at? Bench our now 2nd year C who played well? Good call.
  10. 2 years to late but great. Crossing my fingers Danny T follows him.
  11. When you think you can build around Mitch Trubisky.
  12. Mingo needs to fold Lizard in half there
  13. Down our 2nd and 3rd CB it's nice we at least had a successful last to D drives.
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