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  1. It's crazy to me how Pace thinks this is how you build a RBBC. We're a retweak by Montgomery from only having a returner at RB.
  2. I don't feel like Mitch has been that bad. He's been better than avg Mitch today. If you liked him before you should like him a smidgen more now. Don't let one overthrow change that.
  3. I hate that common sense can't override the exacts in these BS calls.
  4. Our talent level isn't going up but at least for the players their salaries are.
  5. We ran the ball 25 times for 125. 0 turnovers and only 1 sack. You can win that way. If we can continue to win the TO differential we will compete against most teams. We can't expect to win down 2 scores late in the 4th often though. Mitch needs to come out the gates a bit faster.
  6. Tolliver was always considered a talented athlete for the position. This seems obvious as to why nothing has come of it.
  7. I feel that was more on the coach. HHCD wasn't bad against TEs. I agree Gipson is a rich man's Haha
  8. He played OK here but teams must really not like his lack on consistent physicality. Still 200x better than Bush so I'd love to have him back on a vet min.
  9. I'd love if we brought in Ronnie Harrison from Jax. We need a #3 SS and we'd have 3 safeties finally. A rotation of Ronnie and Gibson would be good and they both can be on the field as well.
  10. So Foles was a PR stunt like Glennon? I bet a lot of guys in the locker room are questioning what our coaches #1 priority is. Tru is not better and doesn't look like he's even worth the time. Who are we tanking for?
  11. Why can't he run out of shotgun?
  12. Does Eddie Goldman go against the cap since he decided to quit on the team. Sorry to hear about that asthma. Bum.
  13. FYI no one is saying that.
  14. Another benefit of renting him, like we should, is its a win win. If he has a good year a comp pick becomes a possibility. If he doesn't at least he's quality depth if Monty becomes something. Also these player comps are terrible and no udfa is gonna be better. Fournette is very unique in the fact that he has elite long speed for his size, one of the top mph speeds by any NFL player multiple times. He can block at an elite level. He has very good hands despite not being a great route runner. Solid check down option. We want to run the ball more but we have no RBs especially with Monty hurt. PFF says he can't break tackles but the same day says he's 8 in the league in YAC. Fournette doesn't have to be a world beater to be a good pickup for us now. Joe Mixon just got 12 per and I'd say his baggage is 10x that of Fournette.
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