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  1. Your #1 FA Target

    I find that so hard to be true and I'm not a big fan of PFF. Probably bigger than most here though.
  2. Your #1 FA Target

    C is a much cheaper position in both FA $ and draft cost than OG. I don't like Whitehairs snaps and we can get a quality C in the draft to start day one.
  3. Your #1 FA Target

    With how much better Daniels played at OG and Whitehair also being better at OG, I think C is the interior position we need to address.
  4. Kyle Long retiring/cut?

    Not the highest of roads as I would've expected but he's a great guy.
  5. Eddie Jackson inks huge extension

    If Deon Bush is the 2nd best safety on our team then how bad is the 3rd? Good God imagine if Eddie got hurt? Bush and someone worse both starting 😂😂😂
  6. Around the NFL Thread

    Nagy needs to be the guy to fix the QB. That's what we paid him to do. I don't care either way but PR wise I think that's the way they go. My guess is heavy OL investment. Anyone know the cost to cut Leno?
  7. Around the NFL Thread

    I hope our OC is an OL coach or was. What does the OC do when the coach is the OC?
  8. Ryan Pace Presser

    I see him more of an on the line Sam
  9. Ryan Pace Presser

    What I got from it. I like them both. They see what we all see in Mitch but they feel (for now) that if we upgrade the OL (not just tackle) and TE that will be enough of a benefit. I don't understand the love in Floyd and I feel all of those great traits can be had for a million a season. Not 13. I seems like we could see us move a contract/player for a pick or to move up with. That's fun. They didn't mention Gabriel when talking about WRs. Also didn't mention Leno or Haha.
  10. Around the NFL Thread

    There OL is really bad too outside LG. As bad as ours. I love Fournette and the Jags are my local game where I live so I focus on him. He's good. He's not what I thought he was going to be though. I would love him here for 10-15 carries a game with Montgomery getting 10 +/- and Cohen getting 5 touches.
  11. Around the NFL Thread

    I was just giving you ****. You're right so far. I'll still take Fournette though. Just realized Fournette also had 76 receptions this season.
  12. Around the NFL Thread

    Henry is overrated. He won't do it again.
  13. Season Finale GDT: Bears @ Vikings

    Cohen has value. He has to be accounted for in different ways so as a Sproles type of guy I still like him. He's that flex guy who should be our #whatever RB/WR/returner. We need 2 real RBs though. Montgomery is either good or just a guy. I see him one way others may see him another way, but at the end of the day we need another RB who can do it all.
  14. Is Khalil Mack overrated?

    If you box score scout yes. He's been playing the 87 technique. Coming off the edge from the sideline basically or dropping in coverage. There's a reason our entire D looks worse. Bad D play design.
  15. Season Finale GDT: Bears @ Vikings

    If you're a RB1 I'd like to see you make the OL look good every once in a while. I don't think he did that. He's just a guy. Patterson has looked better than Montgomery. If Montgomery is our starter then our RB rotation looks meh imo. If we get a quality starter with Montgomery as our 2 and Cohen taking Pattersons return duties and being our #3 I'd be much happier with that.