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  1. We need to get Moses here now. Tell him to get back to 210-220 lbs and reep the benefits of him for a few years.
  2. Is Dylan Moses still available? I don't care about long term this late in the draft. If he can get through his rookie contract it's worth it. DT should not be seeing the field
  3. This is the best draft I've seen in 20 years of being a draftnik. It's hilarious how the dumpster fire that is Mitch Trubisky is what's keeping the "experts", I just threw up in my mouth saying experts, from realizing it. Fields should have went #3 and the OT is a top 20 pick in a lot of drafts.
  4. I assume we'll be there to watch Dalton practice....yah.....Dalton...
  5. Dalton also got royally screwed by the Bengals. Cut so late that he had to take the only job he could. No time to learn the offense and less time spent with the 1s.
  6. People forget that before one of the best TE prospects to ever walk through earth decided not to play in the bowl game Trask was considered a potential 1st round pick. Everyone wants to hate on him but I'd we drafted him everyone will soon forget.
  7. All that is for pro days and meeting's and stuff you and I will never know til it's on ESPN. Prospect wise imo it's a decent comp.
  8. This was everything I said about Stephen Morris from the U. Played in a pro system for 4 years. Under center a lot. Rocket launcher. Then mid senior season I finally started seeing what everyone else did. Josh Freeman might be a better comp.
  9. This is why I really started liking PFF because it's not just a few stats to make it look like something it isn't.
  10. Are you Mitch Trubisky? Seriously.
  11. Why do you feel it's already been proven that way though?
  12. Greg Roseau (sp*?) Just confirmed he's not an option at 20 and I'm on the fence about round 2.
  13. We rarely run a 3-4 and when we are in base we aren't very good. But again, why do you feel Goldman has proven he's clearly more important? FYI Hicks is our nickel 1 tech and Goldman plays the 3.
  14. You don't think Nick Williams, Mario Edwards and Nichols all being more successful pass rushers shows anything?
  15. Just curious as to what made you think this was even on any level slightly true?
  16. The things you say have nothing to do with anything haha and your use of hyperbole is hilarious 😂😂
  17. Imo that's the worst way to use mid to late round picks. You don't draft positions. Take who's fallen and acquire talent anywhere.
  18. We sprinted to the fire station to dump baby Mitch off as fast as we could. Dalton happened to be the best option that was actually available that wasn't going to cost us picks. Dalton is in a different tier than Mitch. Dalton gives us a chance to stretch the field and keep a D honest. He at least can do some of the things we want our QB to do. With Mitch once we had to throw down field it got ugly. Dalton at least moves the needle inside the pocket. It's like if Alabama went from Jalan Hurts to Mac Jones.
  19. Well put and I 99% agree. A lot is being a sour Bears fan. I also don't think the signing helps your QB room. He doesn't help Allen at all in the QB room and any time taken away from Allen to help Mitch is not time well spent. If you look at your receivers, TEs, OL and RBs; it's not a huge difference between Chi and Buf. As far as contracts go typically guess tend to wait a bit longer before settling for a prove it deal. Also he has no chance to prove anything on the field. If I'm signing Mitch it's if I have. A TB12 he can learn from and not take that time away from another young QB. Also if
  20. Which of those positions do we get a contributor in round 5-6? You're making more of this than needed. Im not talking about a valuable resource
  21. The more things happen the more I like our team.
  22. We've known for a while the draft starts at pick 4 after the 3 QBs are gone but now it's in stone.
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