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  1. 7 minutes ago, Pool said:

    Mitch is not nearly as bad as you are trying to make him out to be. Camp arm is a laughably bad take.

    Then why did he get less than Flacco?  Mitch doesn't improve the QB room. Is he gonna help Allen develop?  He's shown he can't be developed into more than he is now. Every team could use a quality backup. That's not Mitch. The contract doesn't lie. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, blkwdw13 said:

    And in you scenario he isn’t going to replace Montgomery, Cohen, or Williams. It would be a wasted pick that could go to depth or other holes that need to be filled. 

    Williams isn't long term.  Will Cohen even be ready?  A mid-late round pick I never really consider wasted. That's where you take RBs.

  3. 35 minutes ago, Tk3 said:

    I'll be honest when I say I haven't watched a TON of Trubs. But if you have that take then I have to imagine you didn't watch much of Manuel

    I'd be shocked if Manuel even had a 1:1 TD:Int ratio or a 60% completion rate

    Manuel could never have had the relative success that Mitch had

    Bortles still feels like a better comp for me

    I actually did. My brother who's my roommate is a die hard Bills fan.  I agree they're different but the talent is similar. Both have the physical ability but just don't get it.

  4. 38 minutes ago, Tk3 said:

    His numbers are reasonable, even in his "bad" years. I agree he is a bottom quartile starter, and the fact that they chose Dalton over him is damning - but he's an above average backup

    He's more of a "Blake Bortles bust" than he is an "EJ Manuel bust". He's usable in a backup function

    Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% 1D Lng Y/A AY/A Y/C Y/G Rate QBR Sk Yds NY/A ANY/A Sk% 4QC GWD AV
    Career       51 50 29-21-0 1010 1577 64.0 10609 64 4.1 37 2.3 543 70 6.7 6.5 10.5 208.0 87.2   111 698 5.87 5.64 6.6 5 7 35
    2017 23 CHI QB 10 12 12 4-8-0 196 330 59.4 2193 7 2.1 7 2.1 100 70 6.6 6.1 11.2 182.8 77.5 32.4 31 196 5.53 5.05 8.6 0 1 7
    2018* 24 CHI QB 10 14 14 11-3-0 289 434 66.6 3223 24 5.5 12 2.8 163 70 7.4 7.3 11.2 230.2 95.4 71.0 24 143 6.72 6.59 5.2 1 2 13
    2019 25 CHI QB 10 15 15 8-7-0 326 516 63.2 3138 17 3.3 10 1.9 156 53 6.1 5.9 9.6 209.2 83.0 41.5 38 234 5.24 5.04 6.9 3 3 8
    2020 26 CHI qb 10 10 9 6-3-0 199 297 67.0 2055 16 5.4 8 2.7 124 53 6.9 6.8 10.3 205.5 93.5 61.3 18 125 6.13 6.00 5.7 1 1 7

    I'd say he's more EJ Manuel than he is Dwayne Haskins. Manuel is actually a good comparison. 

    Mitch can't do anything you ask a QB to do to help win the game.  You just hope he doesn't lose it. Which he's been OK at.  Every OK game he had this year was against a bottom 5 D.  You defend Mitch the same way you do Lamar Jackson.  Let him sit in the pocket and throw. He can't. He had some decent stretches when we were down big but once it's not prevent he wets himself. It's truly hard to watch. 

  5. 1 hour ago, blkwdw13 said:

    How much deeper should the Bears go than four players. Unless it’s an UDFA I don’t think they should add anymore. 

    Who's 4?


    Cohen off a serious injury. 


    Pace is good at some things. One of those is finding mid round RBs.  

  6. 1 hour ago, LinebackerGod said:

    Nobody said he was a good QB lol. You said he was a camp body, which is hilarious. He’s a high end backup. The Bears were held back offensively? Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be a juggernaut now that the problem is solved. 😆

    The entire NFL had a chance to pay him like a high end backup and no one did. He did get a high end K/P deal though. 

    If you don't think he held the team back then you're talking just to talk. Never said juggernaut. Take your hyperbole somewhere else. 

    Did your mom give you too much computer time?  This is how Mitch won that Nickelodeon award 😂😂

  7. 22 hours ago, Superman(DH23) said:

    This is just sooooo bad.  You said he's a camp arm, which by implication means you believe there are at least 64 QBs in the league better than him.  I give you facts that show he is an average NFL starter ( somewhere around 20 or so, I would say) and you fire back with I'm making excuses.  Here's some more I guess.  The other 4 QBs who started games for the Bears won a combined...checks math...4 games.  4!!! Out of 15.  The best of which Chase Daniel went 2-2 while throwing for 6 TDs and 4 INTs.  Mitch is clearly better than 2 high level backups in Daniel and Foles and you are trying to say he doesnt belong in the league.  

    I think, and I think the 2nd half performance for him last year backs it up, that he would really excel in a Shanahan style offense.  Its taylor made for the things he does best, playacting, rollouts, boots.  Allow him to be on the move where he seems to be most comfortable.  Hes not a drop 5 steps, and let it rip when the back foot hits guy.  That's why my nightmare scenario was him ending up in Minny bc he fits what they want to do so well.  I thought maybe Denver might bring him in as the contingency plan for Locke, similar to Tannehill and Mariota.  I will not be shocked if he gets traded before the start of the season to replace somebody's starter who suffers a catastrophic injury in camp.  

    Mitch is in the 20s!  How do I make this quote my signature?  Around 20 😂😂😂  This is the greatest quote I've ever read on a forum in close to 20 years. Well done. 

    You're right. I'm slightly exaggerating but not much. Compare Mitch to guys who were brought in to play. Why compare him to Chase Daniels.

  8. 1 hour ago, Heinz D. said:

    I'm not a big Lance fan, either. But that's just because he's an unknown from a small school. Meaning--I'm not convinced he'll be a bust or anything, he's simply a guy the Bears should stay away from. That doesn't mean Pace will, though.

    Right now, I'm thinking the (most realistic) best case scenario is drafting an O lineman at #20, then trading up into the last of the first (or beginning of the second) for Trask or Mills. Even if it costs this year's third, I think it would be worth it. 

    Lance is a lot like Mahomes.  It's a 1 in a million but if it hits. Look out. Mac Jones just doesn't look the part. His year was too easy to risk it.  I would take Trask before Jones. 

  9. 21 minutes ago, Heinz D. said:

    Lance might fall, Pace could trade up and get him. Trask, Mills, and Mond should be within reach, even if he needs to do a trade up in (or from) the second round. 

    I don't like Lance in a trade up cause it's gonna cost. I'll lie to myself if we took him but I'm not sold. I would take a QB at 20 if it's not Mac Jones. I'll "reach" I don't care. Risking it for a QB is worth it.

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  10. 3 hours ago, WindyCity said:

    There is only 3 ways that  this season does not turn into another mediocre mess

    1. Waton

    2. Wilson

    3. Hit on a 1st round QB

    If this is anyone's mindset then of course you're going to be greatly disappointed. Watson is in the middle of a rape allegation and isn't even available.  Wilson also isn't available. Where we pick it's going to be very hard to get that. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, beardown3231 said:

    So a tiny upgrade at QB, losing a good corner for an oft-injured one, relying on Hicks to be healthy, hopefully seeing Goldman perform at a high level still, and maybe losing Robinson classifies as "not that bad?"

    It's more than tiny. Fuller wanted out. That's life. We still have Hicks who is elite and Goldman with a year off can play well. He always has. Will he be great without Hicks who knows but we still have Hicks. Robinson, like Fuller, is what it is.  Having 20mil cap hits hurts just as much as seeing our guys walk but it happened. 

  12. 20 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

    AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Sanu, Gresham, Efiert, Benson, Bernard, good OL, great defense.

    They weren't busts at all. Well....that depends on your definition. They just couldn't stay healthy.

    Andre Smith too I think. None of those players were give or take better than par for the course at their positions other than Green and Whitworth. Dalton also played well with those guys. 3 pro bowls. He's always been solid.

    I agree with your premise is but I think Dalton is in a different tier. He's a guy that with the same roster Mitch had we can win 1-2 more games and be a solid wildcard candidate with a chance to get lucky in the playoffs.  With Mitch and Foles we got in cause they added an extra team to the playoffs and we knew we were losing round 1. 

  13. 4 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

    See his first 3-5 early years in Cincy.


    Whitworth AJ Green 

    Didn't they have Gresham and Eifert and they both were busts. Sanu proven he was a bust (like Juju) the second he left. 

  14. 5 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

    Dalton is a turnover machine.

    The differences between Mitch, Foles, and Dalton are so minute that it doesn't even really matter in the scheme of things since neither are good enough to make any significant difference without a loaded roster.  The results will be the same.

     All of them are career backup QBs, and none of them are starting quality.  Mitch has the most potential but only because he's the youngest. Other than that though....





    When has Dalton ever had a loaded roster?  He's had the exact opposite literally his entire career. Other than AJ Green the Bengals did nothing to help him, ever. 

  15. The more I think about it I don't think our off season has been that bad. Wilson/Watson weren't a real option. We didn't trade a 2st or multiple 1sts for a last hoorah QB. We got a QB who's a clear upgrade and isn't getting a lot for a QB. Fuller wanted out and we replaced him as best as we could. If Hicks wants out that sucks but if we're gonna lose guys at least they're 30+ years old. Never hurts to get younger and cheaper. Eddie Goldman gets the chance to sink or swim as far as seeing if he can be great without Hicks.  We can't afford to keep Robinson on the tag so I hope we extend him or trade him. We have some options.  

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  16. His new contract 100% takes this off of "fire Pace" for me.  He refused to renogiate to take less money. He basically forced his way out. I love him. Wish he was here but I understand why he did it. Not Paces fault though. 

  17. 7 hours ago, Superman(DH23) said:

    You are insane if you think a guy with Trubisky's level of talent is a camp arm.  We are talking about a guy with 40+ NFL starts, who completes 67% of his passes, is a 2:1 guy, wins more games than he loses and has taken his team to the playoffs 2 out of 4 years in the league.  There are certainly other places he could have gone that would have given him a better chance to start.  Definitely seems like a move he made to get separation and get some good coaching.  Cant say as I blame him, he clearly hasnt been coached well, and the media has spent the last 4 years killing him for things that are not his fault.

    I just threw up in my mouth. This is every excuse I've read for the last 4 years. Their's a reason he sprinted to sign a contract worth less than our K.  Because that's clearly the best offer he will ever get. Trubisky is terrible and I hope all the excuses for horrible play leave with him and never come back.

  18. 26 minutes ago, topwop1 said:

    Scenario #2 - soft rebuild, seems the most likely based on the moves made to this point.  The Wilson dream seems done..at least for this year.  Watson may be in a heap of trouble and it doesn't appear he will be getting traded any time soon and even if he does Bears are still longshots to get him.

    I don't think they would cut Fuller and now maybe Hicks too just because they panicked about the cap.  There's got to be a reason behind it.  Something tells me they are trying to shed cap for next offseason, which also tells me they have more job security than we think

    A soft rebuild is what it's looking like and that's the absolute worst idea possible. Basically the Chicago Bulls approach. Let's guarantee we never have a team worth watching and can't make the playoffs but let's also not get a high enough pick to get a franchise qb. 

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