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  1. I'd rather give a conditional pick for Thomas from Denver.
  2. Sub 800 yard per season avg with a good sized injury risk. Giving him #1 money isn't ideal at all. I'd prefer we focus on guys that arent missing games.
  3. Not looking at Watkins with blinders on isnt rolling him out with unproven players. You wanna give Watkins $15mil per to be Kevin White?
  4. It doesn't say we're interested. It says we need WR help and Landry is a WR.
  5. This. I'd rather look at the round 2 group in the draft or even the tier 2 WRs if he's going to get a lot of money.
  6. The light didn't turn on. I hope we never see Jones is a Bears jersey every again. Signing DJ isn't like I'm saying sign every good player and trade for the rest. He'd be a good starter to split reps with on the inside and we have Kwit too. I'd prefer a bump at ILB these invest in a top tier FA or 1st/2nd round pick. I think DJ would be a good get by guy at a position where that's ok to have imo.
  7. I agree but I think we could make an exception in some places. ILB being one. I don't think we're gonna fill all ours needs with ideal situations
  8. I really hope we look into Derrick Johnson. He's still got some left in the tank and is a great scheme fit
  9. His attitude is a 100% non issue for me. I like firey guys. I don't think he's ever been suspended and I think he missed like a few mins of the Buffalo game over the punch?
  10. You need athleticism to consistently separate from NFL CBs and Landry has proven that at the end of the day. He can produce. We need that. I agree we also need speed but I'd take Landry and look elsewhere for that speed as well. Landry may not be the player that KC used but he can still be effective in any scheme imo. I know the pro bowl is a joke but he ran some deeper routes there and showed he can do it. With our love of play action I think he'd be a great fit. We need a guy that can do what Landry does. We can't rely on a converted RB or Meredith coming off an injury to be the
  11. MJD wanted $100 mil. If it takes top 5 WR money then you move on. I wouldn't pay him that. Wasn't he hurt when he ran that 40? Sorry but he's not a 4.8 guy on the field. If he was I don't think he'd be a 100 catch guy every season.
  12. Ward projects as more of that hip pocket CB I agree. When you look at the guys we've drafted and the 49ers drafted I'd say tall and long.
  13. Ya we all know. That doesn't mean he can't run deeper routes. Also keep in mind we are developing and need to protect Tru. I'd gladly run more 3 step drops and get the ball out of his hands and into Landrys. If Landry is a limited as everyone thinks he is then why are we worrying about some mega contract? If he ends up getting 20% more then Marvin Jones is that bad?
  14. You weren't but he was. I agree that's how Cohen should be used but he's also very inexperienced at WR. Landry does his job. Can't blame him for that. He shows the ball skills to win against the best CBs wherever he is lined up. He just happens to excel at a role that we don't think is a good fit. If we're going to run a lot more 3 WR sets then why wouldn't the best slot receiver in the NFL be a good addition? If you don't think he threatens defenses then there's not much to argue there other then I disagree.
  15. What the NFL is predicated on does not dictate what our DC likes to do. We're not a heavy blitz scheme. His confidence is probably based off his knowledge of what our DC likes to run and how the 2 players fit into that. Kyle Fuller excelled when healthy this year so saying a similar type of CB can't doesn't add up to me. I'm a much bigger fan of Ward then most Bears fans seem to be but I still think that Jackson brings more of what we want to the table then Ward does.
  16. As far as scheme fits it looks like Fangio likes long CBs with zone skills. We don't blitz a lot and I don't know the stats on zone vs man but I'd guess it's far more zone or press man where taking the kid with big time ball skills and the height/length/ball skills projects more to what I think we want from our CBs. I also think it's a moot point since we're imo very likely to address the CB position before the draft. I went with Davenport/Ridley.
  17. I understand the premise. But being fast doesn't always take the defender out of the box. If it did Al Davis would have put together some great offenses. Landry absolutely can bring that element because you don't need speed to be a deep threat. A lot of the best deep threats are guys with great ball skills like Landry. If Landry is requiring double teams regardless of where they're coming from that's a big help. Especially when he's still going to produce despite the doubles. We have to stop thinking that Cohen is going to be an outside receiver. It's not that easy of a position. It s
  18. If it was just that easy. So our top 2 outside receivers are Wilson and Cohen?
  19. That's a really bold assumption that signing Wilson and moving Cohen to WR will make defenses change there gameplan. Our O with those guys looks like a DCs wet dream. Gameplan to stop the run and no top pass catchers worth rolling coverage towards. That's a great way to boost the confidence of every D coming in to town.
  20. We're really reaching with all these projections. I know everyone is technically a projection but just because he had a decent stretch for 1/3 of a season once; doesnt make me do a backflip to sign him. He was the #4/#5 passing option on KC and those numbers don't blow me away. If he is this #2 WR then he could command similar money to Marvin Jones or other #2's without the production to back it up. Also I don't remember KC being a WR powerhouse so him not having more of an impact over his career is a concern. His YPC is what 1 yard higher then Landry had last season before they went thro
  21. I don't hate Wilson as a player. His production has clearly been off the charts. The whole "lets get the guy who used to play for our new coaches old team" smells a lot like our Roy Williams/Mike Martz signing.
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