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  1. Which games cause I rarely saw him even be asked to do it? The sacks I saw were him spying the QB.
  2. To all the people who want Edmunds to play OLB and rush the QB against OTs, have you seen him do this in games? If so what did you think?
  3. I think he can play both positions. He’s just not the athlete Ramsey is.
  4. I’ve seen a more athletic OG. He’s on our team.
  5. Using the #8 pick for his replacement would be expensive. I think he'll be fine. I don't want to open up a huge hole just to replace it with the #8 pick. Especially when were talking about OGs.
  6. My main issue with drafting the ND OG is Sitton is playing at a high level. We'd have to cut him for he pick to make sense. I wouldn't prefer a hopeful upgrade (no pick is a lock) if we have to use he #8 pick to get younger and maybe / maybe not an upgrade.
  7. When I think of getting deep/drag routes the guy that could be good at those is Terrelle Pryor.
  8. For the best player in the draft, a great scheme fit and a big position of need that's too much?
  9. There's a lot of QBs. Most GMs like trade downs. It's definitely gotta fall that way but if it does I'd be all over it.
  10. If Chubb is there at #6 I'd jump Tampa for him.
  11. I went Ridley but a trade down, up , left, right would be better.
  12. What I'm saying is there's a lot of guys with a similar value.
  13. Look what Wheaton and Wright got from us. If we’re gonna run more 3 WR sets; Landry is a great run blocker too. We likely want quick reads and throws for Mitch. All huge strengths of Landry. If we can’t find a role for Landry I’d question our OC
  14. This seems like a class where we’re not gonna get the blue chip guys. Very few. A guy with a round 2 “grade” might not be bad value at 8
  15. I’d say $13 or under would be good.
  16. If that trick is leading the league in catches. Never missing a game due to off the field or injury issues. Going to give you 100+ catches and 1100 yards (unless you're playing musical QB and lolCutler is one of them) good blocker. I'll take that trick. Everyone else you listed is a different type of player in a very different scheme asked to do something very different. None are good comparisons. Since you don't like Landry who do you feel will give Mitch a 100+ catch WR who's going to bring all the qualities, like a higher YPC, better athletic numbers in FA or the
  17. One season with garbage at the QB position and he still led the league in receptions and had 9 TDs. Sure he’s not Julio but he’s not gonna get what Julio is worth.
  18. With all those numbers thrown around you’d think Landry wasn’t an elite NFL receiver.
  19. Landry is one of the best receivers in the game. He doesn't fit the mold so I don't he'd make sense. I'd love to have him if we run more WCO. I really hope Detroit lets Ansah walk. He's do $18 mil if they tag him. Can they afford it?
  20. I wouldn’t want him in my D line. He doesn’t pass rush a lot now. If I’m looking for a true 3-4 OLB I’m not taking him at 8
  21. Edmunds is an ILB for us. Unless he’s replacing the Acho role.
  22. I don't see the movement skills to play well at LT and he's not a road grader. He's a solid overall RT\OG for me.
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