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  1. This isn’t a walkthrough Shaheen. Push him.
  2. If Stafford wants to fake a head injury let’s see the concussion protocol
  3. I would really like to see 1 if not 2 new WRs. Landry, Adams, Pryor and another guy. Personally I’d go after Landry and Pryor if available. A new OT. Prefer a LT so we can cut Massie and move the wasted money over to RT before we can move on from him unless he improves. Sadly we need a TE still.
  4. Watch Christian Jones. He looks great in shorts but when it’s not an easy play to diagnose you get the Saints game.
  5. This sucks. He seems like a great guy. Need Nick to step up.
  6. Feel bad for Mitch. He’s not playing well but hard to
  7. Ok. You’re right. Even though you’re not. You need it.
  8. Yet neither say the more they make the more likely they are to get hurt.
  9. If you can’t read sure. Could say anything then
  10. How much money do we have invested in the OL for these guys to underperform or get hurt
  11. Big 3rd down stop. It’s too late in the game not to adjust on O.
  12. This offense is a great reminder I’m ADD.
  13. Do we have 5 skill position players on O that we trust to know the play? What else excuses this play calling
  14. It’s almost like there D is thinking run first....
  15. Who wants us to cut Freeman for garbage Jones
  16. Not really a move to get a lot better but for the cost it makes sense. I wish we would’ve paid a little more for a WR will a little more but it’s whatever
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